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JAS After Hours Proves to be a Successful Platform for Building Business Connections

JAS Staff
May 11, 2023
JAS Worldwide recently hosted its JAS After Hours event following the Transport Logistic trade show on May 11.
JAS Worldwide recently hosted its JAS After Hours event following the Transport Logistic trade show on May 11.

JAS Worldwide recently hosted its JAS "After Hours" networking event following the Transport Logistic Munich on 10 May 2023, providing a unique opportunity for their customers to build relationships and network in a more personal setting.

Over 200 attendees were able to relax, socialize, and enjoy an evening of cocktails and conversations. The event provided a more informal setting for customers to connect with JAS representatives, vendors, and other customers in attendance.

"Our goal was to offer our customers a unique networking experience," explained Jennifer Jinadu-Wright, Vice President, Global Marketing. "Everyone is used to coming to a trade show and having meetings at the booth. One thing we have learned over the last few years is the importance of human connections. So we thought, why don't we do something different and allow our customers to connect with us in a more intimate setting and meet other people at JAS."

JAS believes that building strong relationships with its customers is key to its success. The JAS After Hours event was designed to provide an opportunity to take customer relationships to the next level. "At JAS, we firmly believe that being customer-centric goes beyond mere transactions and involves building personal connections with our customers, and JAS After Hours is a clear testament to our commitment to doing so," said Manuele Mazzacurati, EVP Global Sales & Marketing. "We understand that our customers are more than just clients, and are committed to developing meaningful relationships, which drives our mutual success."

JAS USA to Help Sponsor TSA Cargo Consortium

JAS USA announces its sponsorship of the upcoming TSA Cargo Consortium.

Sommer Sampson
September 23, 2022
JAS USA announces its participation and sponsorship of the upcoming TSA Cargo Consortium.
JAS USA announces its participation and sponsorship of the upcoming TSA Cargo Consortium.

JAS USA invites you to join them for the AFIBA TSA Cargo Consortium in conjunction with NCBFAA Airfreight Subcommittee iSAC Workgroup.

TSA, CBP, BIS-OEE and others will be on-site to meet with you, share updates, and answer questions.

Speakers include:

  • Tom Friedman (TSA HQ Industry Engagement Manager)
  • Ronoy Varghese (TSA HQ Air Cargo Policy)
  • Klint Walker (DHS-CISA Cyber Security)
  • Cartice Dye (FAA Hazmat Aviation Inspector)
  • Yvette Mercado-Rehm (PSI 3PK9 TSA)

The event will be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, check-in begins at 7:30 at the Morrow Center in Morrow, GA.

“JAS USA is pleased to help sponsor the TSA Cargo Consortium. It is an important event for export compliance professionals to network with government officials and industry colleagues while getting their questions answered by government representative and local air cargo inspectors all in one place,” said Sommer Sampson, Corporate TSA IAC Security Coordinator (IACSC) for JAS USA.

For more information or to register, please use the link below.

TSA Cargo Consortium Registration


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Since its foundation in 1990, JAS Brazil has steadily grown to include 12 offices and over 275 employees who proudly provide customers with a wide breadth of supply chain and logistics services.
JAS Brazil Celebrates 32 Years

JAS Brazil is excited to celebrate 32 years of serving clients. Since its foundation in 1990, JAS Brazil has grown and expanded its portfolio of supply chain and logistics services. Currently, JAS Brazil has 12 offices throughout the area, alongside two air gateways offices and an ocean gateway office. With offices on all major trade lanes, team members can provide in-depth local knowledge while maintaining access to JAS’ extensive global network.  

Through its extensive global network, JAS Brazil can provide clients with a full range of logistics services, including national and international transport, customs clearance, and integration logistics as well as warehouse, terminal, and distribution services. These services provide customers with LTL and FTL access to surrounding countries as well as weekly charter flights from Asia, Europe and the US. Specialized warehouse services include not only storage and stowage and spawning of containers but also palletizing, unloading, and repackaging cargo.  

In addition, JAS Brazil utilizes local staff to manage on-site customs clearance services at Brazil’s main ports and airports. This ensures customs compliance and security that many local and multinational customers require. Team members can also provide personalized advice on customs legislation and assistance with tax rate classification and cost estimation.  

JAS Brazil is AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified so that customers can be confident of the highest levels of security throughout the entire logistics process. Meeting these high standards reflects JAS’ commitment to best-in-class service and gives customers the confidence they need when shipping even the most complex items.  

Thanks to a team of over 275 employees, JAS Brazil has become a strategic piece of the JAS network, and its continued commitment to customers has resulted in strong growth over the years.  

Reflecting on the growth, JAS Brazil’s Managing Director, Elder Apolinario, commented, “At JAS, we know that our people make the whole difference, and the growth of JAS Brazil has seen over the past 30-plus years is evidence of this. We combine our customs care with a qualified range of services, which year after year, are extending its scope to offer our customers a value-added service (VAS) on services rendered. Therefore, as we look forward to and plan for the years to come, we will continue to invest in workshops, staff training and additional scope of integrated services, as we focus on investing in our people in order to drive better outcomes for our customers. By doing this, we will continue to build history in the Brazilian market.”

A JAS Brasil tem o prazer de comemorar 32 anos atendendo clientes. Desde sua fundação em 1990, a JAS Brasil cresceu e ampliou seu portfólio de serviços de cadeia de suprimentos e logística. Atualmente, a JAS Brasil possui 12 escritórios em toda o país, além de dois polos de gateways aéreos e um polo de gateways marítimo. Com escritórios em todas as principais rotas comerciais, os membros da equipe podem fornecer conhecimento local aprofundado, mantendo o acesso à extensa rede global da JAS.

Por meio de sua extensa rede global, a JAS Brasil pode fornecer aos clientes uma gama completa de serviços logísticos, incluindo transporte nacional e internacional, desembaraço aduaneiro, logística de integração, além de serviços de armazenagem, terminal e distribuição. Esses serviços fornecem aos clientes acesso LTL e FTL a países vizinhos, bem como voos fretados semanais da Ásia, Europa e EUA. Os serviços especializados de armazenagem incluem não apenas cargas em estiva e desova de contêineres, mas também paletização, descarga e reembalagem de carga.

Além disso, a JAS Brasil conta com a funcionários locais para gerenciar os serviços de desembaraço aduaneiro nos principais portos e aeroportos do Brasil. Isso garante a conformidade aduaneira e a segurança que muitos clientes locais e multinacionais exigem. Os membros da equipe também podem fornecer consultoria personalizada sobre legislação alfandegária e assistência na classificação de taxas fiscais e estimativa de custos.

A JAS Brasil é certificada OEA (Operador Econômico Autorizado) para que os clientes possam ter a confiança dos mais altos níveis de segurança em todo o processo logístico. Atender a esses altos padrões reflete o compromisso da JAS com o melhor serviço da categoria e dá aos clientes a confiança de que precisam para as soluções logísticas mais complexos.

Graças a uma equipe de + 275, os funcionários da JAS Brasil tornaram-se uma peça estratégica da rede JAS, e seu compromisso contínuo com os clientes resultou em um forte crescimento estratégico ao longo dos anos.

Refletindo sobre o crescimento, o Diretor Geral da JAS Brasil, Elder Apolinário, comentou: “Na JAS, sabemos que nossa equipe faz toda a diferença, e o crescimento da JAS Brasil nos últimos 30 anos é prova disso, combinando A Alfândega com uma oferta qualificada de serviços, que ano após ano, vão alargando o seu âmbito para oferecer ao nosso Cliente, um serviço de valor acrescentado (VAS) nos serviços que prestamos.... Nos próximos anos, continuaremos a investir em workshops, treinamento de pessoal e escopo adicional de serviços integrados, pois nos concentramos em investir em nosso colaboradores para gerar melhores resultados para nossos clientes. Com isso, continuaremos a construir história no mercado brasileiro.”

Pablo Melo (Managing Director), Victoria García (Business Development Manager), Facundo Haro (Business Development Manager, Vivian Brunialti (Trade-Lane Director), Nicolás Calderone (Business Development Manager), Ariel Kraft (Regional Account Director), Gisela Alaman (Sr. Director of Sales), Manuele Mazzacurati (RVP Sales and Marketing), Patricio Pranzetti (Managing Director) , Randi Tovar (Sales Coordinator), Daniela Cordero (Global Account Director), Nicolás Rossi (Air Freight Manager, Francisco Mella (Ocean Freight Manager).
South Cone Regions Hosts Sales Meeting

On March 31st all the heads of Sales of the South Cone (Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina) gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the South Cone Sales Meeting.

Gisela Alaman, who was recently appointed sales director of the South Cone Cluster, led this first-of-its-kind meeting. It was a great opportunity to meet again after restrictions on traveling and in-person meetings were lifted.

The sales team was able to share results, review the strategies used in each country and learn about others’ ideas and best practices. This provided the opportunity for everyone to strengthen the network between countries.

Due to this the team was able to develop a joint strategy to continue to efficiently work together across the region. Working as one team will assure that clients’ needs are effectively accommodated, as the South Cone countries work as a team.

Since all the heads of sales were together, the team was able to work closely with local clients. The relaxed atmosphere provided an opportunity to share our views and prospects for the near future and allowed them to see the value of a company that truly cares about the customer experience.

Bringing together local clients, helped create a closer bond, and in return, helped clients see the solid network the countries share, ensuring them JAS can provide them with the support they need to make their own businesses better and stronger.

Event attendees were: Manuele Mazzacurati – RVP Sales & Marketing, Andreas Oetje – Global Account Director, Brazil; Pablo Melo – Managing Director Uruguay; Vivian Brunialti - Trade-Lane Director, Brazil; Maria Jesús Lepe – Sales & Marketing, Chile; Ariel Kraft – Sales Director, Brazil; Victoria García – Business Development Manager, Uruguay; Unai Gallastegi – Director Trade Management Latin America.

Local team: Patricio Pranzetti – Managing Director; Gisela Alaman – Sr. Director of Sales - South Cone, Nicolas Rossi, Francisco Mella, Cecilia Luna, Gala Bagnat, Federico Pons, Laura Ojeda, Facundo Haro, Nicolás Calderone, Fernando González, Randy Tovar, Daniela Cordero, Cynthia Lorenzo

Attendees of the JAS Brazil 2022 sales meeting. Attendees included: Elder Apolinario (Managing Director), Ariel Kraft (Sales and Marketing, JAS Brazil) , Indianara Ramos (Inside Sales), Silas Higa (Business Development Manager), Carmem Oliveira (Tender Supervisor), Marcelo Teixeira (Sales Analyst), Mariana Probst (Inside Sales), Ana Ribeiro (Marketing Analyst), Vitor Nunes (BRN), Tiago Borges (Business Development Manager), Marluci Canjerana (Business Development Manager), Aline Freire (Sales Coordinator), Guilherme Oliveira (Branch Manager), Alessandro Guimaraes (Inside Sales), Manuele Mazzacurati (RVP Sales and Marketing), Giuliano Alfredo (Branch Manager), José Hoppe (Business Development Manager), Debora Alvarenga (Business Development Manager), Renata Yamada (Business Implementation Manager), João Djalma (Air Product Manager), Simone Schmidt (BRN), Leticia Lagrasta (Ocean Product Analyst), Andrea Lemos (Sales Manager), Diogo Barbanti (Assistant Controller), Julio Leme (Accounts Payable Specialist), Gabriela Maciel (Business Development Manager), Marina Pitta (Sales Analyst), Philippe Kamers (Inside Sales), Carlos Gomes (Pricing Analyst), Marcus Rodrigues (Business Development Manager), Juliana Tereza (Overland Product Manager), Marcel Lopes (Inside Sales), Sergio Gervasi (Branch Manager)
JAS Brazil Holds Sales Meeting

This past March, JAS Brazil held a sales meeting focusing on teamwork and customer service.

As a part of the event, the commercial team was divided into five teams and challenged with a scenario that required them to price a BID, do contract analysis, perform a detailed presentation of the solutions, and propose JAS services. The top-performing groups were presented with a reward.

Additionally, a presentation given by Mayra Caetano (Sylvamo Brasil Supply Chain Manager) emphasized the importance of paying attention to details, the quality of service, and the importance of listening to the customer. In addition to the challenge presented to the commercial teams, the presentation reinforced the importance of teamwork.  

Of the event, Ana Ribeiro, Marketing Analyst at JAS Brazil, said, “At JAS, people make the difference, and the concepts of good practices shared at the event will be reflected in both our external and internal services. Furthermore, at JAS we increasingly seek to improve our performance and care for high-quality customer experience.”

Thank you to everyone who helped this event come together; the team looks forward to the next one!

Como na JAS as Pessoas Fazem a Diferença e o lema do nosso time é ‘TeamWork’, estruturamos o evento com dinâmicas voltadas para o dia-a-dia, e levamos nossa equipe comercial a colocar a mão na massa, dividimos nossa equipe em 5 grupos onde cada um recebeu um desafio para construir uma solução, (precificar BID, Analise de contrato, apresentação detalhada das Soluções e Serviços JAS) o grupo com melhor performance foi premiado com o troféu para agradecer a dedicação, a gestão de tempo e soluções criativas propostas.

A Palestra sobre o Olhar Do Cliente, ministrado por Mayra Caetano ( Supply Chain Manager Sylvamo Brasil) reforçou sobre a importância de dar mais atenção aos detalhes, focar no diferencial, na qualidade do serviço e o principal: ouvir o cliente. Somado os estímulos para aperfeiçoamento técnico e de atendimento que foram abordados, o evento também ressaltou sobre a força do ‘TeamWork’ e como o alinhamento entre Comercial, Operações, Produto, Financeiro, Jurídico, BID e Qualidade é de extrema importância para um resultado efetivo.

O encontro proporcionou ao Time Sales JAS BR um momento para ressignificar nossa forma de atendimento, e assim, juntos conseguirmos nos posicionar de maneira mais assertiva na oferta de serviços, que não só atendem mais vão além da expectativa de nossos clientes. NA JAS as pessoas fazem a diferença, o TeamWork e as boas práticas compartilhadas no evento serão refletidas em nosso atendimento externo e interno, onde cada vez mais buscamos formas inovadoras e nos preocupamos com a experiência do cliente.

Agradecemos a todos que se dedicaram para realização do evento, aos participantes e os avaliadores da banca, e estamos ansiosos para a 2º edição do Sales Meeting JAS BR! Até breve

JAS Attends Career Fair

On Thursday, February 17, the JAS Worldwide and USA Corporate HR teams, enjoyed spending the day in Auburn, Alabama (USA) at the Auburn University Harbert College of Business Department of Supply Chain Management career fair!

The teams would like to give a big ‘Thank you!’ to all those who participated! They enjoyed getting a chance to meet all of you and look forward to collaborating with Auburn University later this year.

If you were unable to attend, visit our careers page to view all of our open career opportunities.

JAS Pharma & Healthcare Conducts Webinar

JAS’ webinar was one of the most anticipated webinar series for pharma and healthcare logistics.

Merck & Co (known as MSD outside of North America), Sonoco ThermoSafe, and JAS are all three very different companies, but they gathered together on February 22, 2022, to discuss the coming era of pharma and healthcare logistics. Moderated by David Bang, EVP Pharma & Healthcare at JAS, the panel consisted of David Komjati, Director Logistics Transformation at Merck & Co, Ben VanderPlas, Director of Engineering and R&D at Sonoco ThermoSafe, and Graeme Robinson, EVP Operations and Product at JAS.

Major disruptions are followed by an accelerated increase or decrease of specific policies, technologies, practices, and even human behaviors. As we are at the pivot point in between the last two years of pandemic and the next years of recovery, the panelists shared how they see the breakdown of the barriers to respond to lack of visibility into inventory status, location, and production process for pharma and healthcare products across the entire ecosystem. Also, practically speaking, we must deal with the upfront challenges such as congestion, capacity, labor shortage, supply shortage, etc. that are expected to continue in 2022 and well into 2023.

Merck & Co has been in the forefront of transformative development using IoT devices, clouds, and other technologies for some time and will share what the next evolution will be at Merck & Co. Sonoco ThermoSafe, from research and engineering perspectives, is working on numerous projects that have themes of sustainability, autonomy, real-time, and integration as well and added nicely how a company like Sonoco ThermoSafe has been navigating so far and is planning to adapt to a new norm.

JAS, as a global logistics provider connecting many dots with data and physical touches, has critical roles to play in the coming years and shared how it is preparing for future disruptions based on lessons learned and how it is reimagining the world of pharma and healthcare logistics in the next few years to come, closely collaborating with customers and partners.

Happy International Customs Day from JAS USA

Happy International Customs Day!  

2021 has been a year with a newfound focus on the international supply chain. With the backlogs in the shipping industry being on the news headlines, suddenly, our industry has become an everyday topic. Many people had never heard of a freight forwarder or a customs broker a year ago and certainly didn't understand what the jobs entailed. Now they have a better idea.  

In addition to the usual challenges customs brokers face, 2021 brought some new issues to the forefront. While these issues have made customs more complex, the team has been able to help customers navigate the many new rules and regulations. Some of these changes included withholding release orders on cotton products from the Uyghur region, the 301 tariff exclusions expiring, GSP not being in place, and several new AD/CVD orders.  

The withhold release orders have presented issues customs brokers have rarely ever dealt with. CBP will issue a WRO on certain goods, and the importer must then be able to prove the imported goods were not sourced from forced labor. This has proved to be both time-consuming and challenging. Most importers have struggled to provide enough proof, leading to their goods being seized or exported. JAS has worked alongside importers to find solutions when they have held their products. Sometimes this involves requesting products not made of cotton be separated from other goods. Other times we were able to assist in exporting products refused entry.

The expiration of the 301 exclusions beginning Jan 1, 2021, meant that importers who had the exclusions were now going to incur an additional 25% in most cases for their products. A cost that importers must now figure out how to pay. Along with this, GSP and MTB are still expired so the duty keeps adding up. As customs brokers, we have worked with many importers to verify their HTS classification.  

How else has JAS helped with these issues? Information is key, and JAS has kept a steady stream of client advisories and monthly newsletters coming. In addition, the JAS Customs Compliance Team has provided reports and training on duty outlays and how to take advantage of the periodic monthly statement duty process. Having the information to plan and determine the next steps is very important to importers.  

One of the priority trade issues from the Department of Commerce is antidumping and countervailing duties. The DOC works to remedy when imported merchandise is sold in the U.S. at an unfairly low or subsidized price to help level the playing field. The team has guided many importers through the many AD/CVD orders that have been issued and helped them determine if their product falls within the scope or not.  

While these changes have been complex, we appreciate our customs compliance teams efforts as they have guided our customers through the new rules and regulations. We are passionate about providing our customers with best-in-class service and are confident that our people make the difference.

Shining a Light on the Port of Santos

The Port of Santos, located in the city of Santos on the coast of Brazil, is the main port in Brazil and the largest container port in Latin America.

The port has substantial economic influence in the local area and comprises over 65% of the GDP and makes up a quarter of the movement within the Brazilian commercial area. As a key player in global trade and a gateway to many markets, the port is the world’s largest exporter of sugar, orange juice and coffee beans in the world. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the port set a record for handling containers in the first nine months of 2021, with TEUs of 3.6 million.

JAS’ Santos branch is a strategic point for monitoring processes, releases, and movements in the port. The Santos branch has a highly trained operational team with the necessary knowledge to coordinate imports and exports across all verticals. The team analyzes the legislation for each product, and coordinates customs compliance, all while providing best-in-class service to our customers.

O porto de Santos, localizado no litoral de São Paulo, é o principal porto do Brasil e o maior complexo portuário da América Latina.

A área de influência econômica do porto concentra aproximadamente 67% do PIB e corresponde a 25% ou um quarto da movimentação da balança comercial brasileira. É o maior porto exportador de açúcar, suco de laranja e café em grãos do mundo. Mesmo em meio ao cenário de pandemia, o porto de Santos bateu recorde de movimentação de contêineres no acumulado dos nove primeiros meses de 2021, com 3,6 milhões de TEU’s.

A JAS possui um filial em Santos como ponto estratégico para acompanhamento dos processos, liberações e movimentações no porto. A filial de Santos conta com uma equipe operacional capacitada que possui a expertise necessária para coordenar qualquer ação no desembaraço aduaneiro analisando a legislação para cada produto e agindo conforme a regulamentação aduaneira vigente dando todo suporte necessário aos nossos clientes em operações de Importação ou exportação.  

Entre em contato conosco, e conheça as pessoas que fazem a Diferença na JAS Santos!

JAS Argentina Certified "Great Place to Work"

JAS Argentina is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a "Great Place to Work" for the second year in a row.  

Mariano Costa Naum, Human Resources Manager at JAS Argentina, said of the certification, " What makes us most proud is that this year's results confirm the continuous improvement we have made year after year. This also shows the continued team effort continues to make JAS Argentina a better place to work for. We really believe that either we do it together as a team, or we don't do it at all. "  

Great Place to Work is an independent research and consulting company that evaluates an organization's company culture and team members' experiences while at work through an annual survey.  

The Great Places to Work certification shows JAS Argentina's continued strong commitment to teamwork and highlights its success in developing a strong work culture based on values and purpose.  

Congratulations, JAS Argentina!

JAS Chile Team During an Online Team Building Event
JAS Chile Conducts Virtual Team Building Event

JAS Chile believes that team building is key to having a strong company culture as it helps to encourage communication and increase collaboration across teams. COVID restrictions have limited JAS Chile’s opportunities to gather in person. This August JAS Chile had the opportunity to reconnect and get to know some of our new team members through a virtual team building event.  

Rodrigo Bustos, Managing Director of JAS Chile, said of the event, “The online activities gave JAS Chile the opportunity to have fun and engage as a team while boosting morale among team members.”

JAS Chile is proud to have served the local market more than 30 years, providing a reliable service with a focus on customer experience.

JAS leadership program virtual meeting
"Up Leaders" at JAS Brazil

JAS Brazil believes that training is one of the best ways to continuously encourage team members individual growth as well as team growth. Training also encourages synergy throughout the team. To continue this focus on training, in May the 'Up Leaders' development program was launched and focused on strengthening the skills of JAS Brazil leaders. The first meeting was attended by managers and directors, the next round of meetings will include supervisors and coordinators.

With the expertise of Omeltech Desenvolvimento to guide JAS Brazil on this journey, the team is confident and looking forward to learning and growing together. The team is eager to continue on with the program's schedule and looks forward to a successful completion of the training soon.

JAS Leading into the Future

JAS is excited to announce the graduates of the 2nd Edition, 2019, Leading Into The Future Management Program. in Latin America.

This program lasts several weeks and puts participants through simulations, experiential activities, and case studies. These experiences enable our leaders to flourish and reach their full leadership potential, giving them guidelines to operate within while solving problems and thinking on their feet.

This program not only teaches real life scenarios, but also enables our team members to self-analyze themselves and discover more about how their leadership styles impact others and their team. This helps leaders to better understand others needs and improve upon their style of management. This self evaluation leads to better synergy within and throughout departments as well as greater successes over time.

JAS Leading Into the Future - Management Program, has 4 modules that each participant must complete before graduating. They are You as a Leader,  My team, Our Organization, and  Integrated View. Congratulations to our new program graduates as we look forward into 2020, ready to take on new challenges.

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