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Navigating the Green Revolution: How the Logistics Industry Helps Drive the Transition to Clean Energy Resources

January 26, 2024
The logistics industry plays a key role in the transition to clean energy.
The logistics industry plays a key role in the transition to clean energy.

In recent years, the global community has witnessed a significant shift towards renewable energy sources, driven by a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and the need to address climate change. This shift is particularly pronounced in the oil and gas industry, where companies are increasingly focusing on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The logistics industry now plays an increasingly vital role in addressing the distinctive freight forwarding requirements that accompany this energy transition.

Supply Chain and Logistics Companies as Key Enablers

Behind the scenes of this shift towards renewable energy, supply chain and logistics companies like JAS are helping the adoption of clean energy become a reality. These companies are responsible for helping facilitate the specialized transport of needed resources.

Key Contributions of Logistics Companies

  • Specialized Transportation: The sheer size and weight of components such as solar panels and subsea cables for electric offshore platforms, wind turbines for on or offshore farms, as well as the specialized equipment needed to capture, transport, and store carbon dioxide in Carbon Capture and Storage Facilities necessitate specialized logistics solutions. This involves careful planning, route optimization, and adherence to strict safety standards.
  • Comprehensive Trade Compliance: Logistics companies also contribute significantly by ensuring comprehensive trade compliance. These large projects often involve sourcing materials and components from around the world which means navigating complex international regulations, managing documentation, and adhering to trade laws. By facilitating seamless and compliant cross-border movements, logistics companies play a crucial role in supporting the global transition to cleaner energy practices.
  • Global Supply Chain Management: When transitioning to more renewable energy resources, the projects often involve coordinating materials and components from various locations worldwide. Logistics companies are adept at managing complex global supply chains, ensuring that all necessary parts arrive on time and in optimal condition for assembly.
  • Supply Chain Visibility through Advanced Technologies: To help companies manage and optimize their supply chains, logistics companies are leveraging smart digital platforms and tools. In the weeks and years to come, energy supply chains will increasingly rely on advanced track and trace tools. This increased enhanced visibility ensures real-time tracking of shipments and better overall efficiency in the supply chain as issues can be identified and addressed proactively, contributing to a more seamless transition to cleaner practices.

Embracing Innovation

In addition to their operational roles, logistics providers also embrace innovation to reduce their carbon footprint. The adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in transportation fleets, the implementation of sustainable packaging practices, and the integration of renewable energy sources into their own operations showcase the commitment of logistics companies to environmental stewardship.

As renewable energy sources develop and expand across the globe, the logistics industry will play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition away from fossil fuels. Supply chain logistics companies' specialized skills and resources will become increasingly important as renewable energy resources become more widespread. As we celebrate International Clean Energy Day, JAS is excited to play a part in creating a greener world, not only today but every day.

JAS Brazil Energy Solutions Team Moves Photovoltaic Modules

JAS Brazil Staff
January 27, 2023
Celine Lachevre, National Account Director; Sueli Oliveira, Customs Broker Manager; and Roberto Araujo Pint, Partner at JAS Agent
Celine Lachevre, National Account Director; Sueli Oliveira, Customs Broker Manager; and Roberto Araujo Pint, Partner at JAS Agent

JAS takes pride in making a difference for our customers. Therefore, when a customer reached out to our team needing to move photovoltaic modules for aircraft the JAS Energy Solutions team in Brazil created a customized solution for this unique shipment.

Photovoltaic modules provide a sustainable energy source for powering aircraft. The team, with the support of the JAS Logistics Agent in Fortaleza, began moving the modules in November 2022 and has since cleared over half of the shipment.

In total, there will be 57 shipments (615 containers), totaling 10,421 pallets of solar panels destined for new solar plants in the state of Ceará.  

Brazil added more than 9 GW of solar power in 2022, which is the best year in the history of the sector, with a growth of more than 80% compared to 2021. Today, Ceará is the second largest energy producer in Brazil.


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JAS Aids Oil & Gas Partner Move Critical Shipment

JAS takes pride in making a difference for our customers. Therefore, when a major oil and gas customer in Saudi Arabia reached out to our team needing to move an oversized and critical shipment from Spain to Jeddah, JAS was able to help with the urgent request.

Working together, the Saudi and Spain teams created a solution to help the customer get the urgently needed cargo on short notice. The teams arranged the load and placed the earliest possible booking utilizing a JAS partner with a sailing from Spain to Jeddah.

Thanks to the collaboration of our teams across the world, JAS safely and quickly moved the critical shipment to the customer's complete satisfaction. At JAS, our people really do make the difference.

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