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News From JAS Worldwide - Industries Focus


JAS Aerospace Mexico Transports Helicopters

Francisco Robles
July 21, 2020

In late June and early July 2020 JAS Aerospace Mexico transported 3 Helicopters from a Helicopter School located in Veracruz Airport (General Heriberto Jara) to Mexico City, Benito Juarez Airport, Terminal 2.

This moved took place between June the 30th 2020 & July the 1st 2020. This transport required 2 flat bed trucks to be used to transport the 3 Helicopters. Besides managing logistics of the domestic trucking required to make this transport possible, JAS Aerospace Mexico was also in charge of handling the crane required to load the cargo at the origin as well as unload at the destination. The loading took around 4 hours of operation time, plus 3 hours for unloading.

The mission was a total success, the 3 Helicopters were delivered on time and without any issue. These Helicopters are used for training and have 2 passengers cabin seating in each. With maximum take off gross weight of 794kg, empty weight (standard configuration) 500kg, with a useful load of 294kg. They are 6.76mt long, 1.99mt wide, and have a height of 2.65mt.

"Supplying this type of service is always a challenge. We can´t afford any damage to the Helicopters. We must do things slow, with all the planning done in advance, making sure to have the right vendors, and we  always have JAS personnel on site to make sure we do everything in the safest manner possible. Failure is not an option." Francisco Robles, National Aerospace Manager, JAS Mexico

These type of shipments are part of the Aerospace services JAS Mexico have been promoting since August 2019. Allowing JAS customers to achieve their goals, on time, and without concern. These are some of the characteristics of the Helicopters:

JAS India Moves Airbus H-125 Helicopter

Amit Selot
January 17, 2020

After a month of precision planning and coordination, JAS India and JAS Spain synchronized their efforts and moved an Airbus H-125 helicopter from the Barcelona airport to the Delhi airport.

The Helicopter is the Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil, now known as Airbus Helicopters H-125, is a single-engine light utility helicopter which was originally designed and manufactured in France.

The customer in India was very happy with the service and were delighted with the on time delivery of the helicopter on schedule and with no issues. This was a result of the detailed planning and coordination of the JAS India team with the JAS Spain team as well as with the local service providers like the client's customs broker, transporter, and customs authorities. All the necessary documentation was processed in accordance to the local laws and well in advance of deadlines so that there was no room for any delay at any point.

Because of this detailed and precise planning, JAS India delivered the helicopter to their customer on time as indicated at the time of delivery at the time of quotation which was almost 20 days prior to the execution date.


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JAS Lands Safely at AIA Fort Worth

JAS is proud to have had the opportunity to participate in the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Fall Supplier Management Council Meeting, hosted by Bell.  As a new  member to the AIA, this meeting allowed JAS to listen and learn from many experts in the field and to also contribute our knowledge as it relates to supply chain and logistics.

This meeting was a platform for various industry leaders to discuss issues that impact the aerospace and defense logistics networks and better understand the challenges that lay ahead for the industry.  The meeting covered topics ranging from cyber-security to vertical lift and on demand mobility.

This council meeting provided JAS the opportunity to continue our expansion into not only a key sector for us, but a growing and important fundamental tenet of the US economy. It was a pleasure to be part of this event in Fort Worth. JAS is investing heavily in this sector with dedicated personnel and tailored services to support ongoing global demand for reliable and dynamic supply chain partners.

John Brennan, Vice President - Aerospace, JAS Worldwide

JAS Mexico Welcomes New Aerospace Manager

JAS Mexico is excited to announce the hiring of new Aerospace Manager, Mr. Francisco Robles. Francisco joins the JAS team in Mexico City, reporting directly to JAS Mexico Managing Director, Claudio Testa. While also working in cooperation with the Mexico sales team, VP of Aerospace - John Brennan, and VP of Sales & Marketing LATAM - Manuele Mazzacurati to expand JAS reach further into the rapidly growing aerospace industry market in Mexico.

Francisco earned his degree in Marketing from ESCA Tepepan IPN. He has almost 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry internationally, having worked with and in several countries including the United States, Germany, Italy, and France. He is also familiar with Central America and has worked in offices in both Mexico and Costa Rica.

Throughout his career Francisco has worked closely with vertical markets such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, High Technology, and Aerospace, the last of which he has 7 years of previous experience.  Francisco has broad experiences in his career, varying from customer service to business development and the specialized handling of helicopter transportation via air, ocean and truck, including support at ports, airports and customs offices.

At JAS people make the difference, and JAS is pleased to welcome Mr. Francisco Robles to the JAS family. We look forward to continuing to grow with him!

JAS Makes Splash at Mexico Aerospace Summit

JAS is proud to have had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Mexico Aerospace Summit, held in Queretaro, Mexico. In 2004 Mexico had 100 U.S. and European Aerospace manufacturers, in 2017 that number had grown to 330 and is expected to reach 420 by the end of 2020. The aerospace industry is one of the largest industries manufacturing in Mexico today, proving to be a lucrative investment for the country.

Participants at the summit this year had the chance to delve into the specifics of how the aerospace industry in Mexico has grown so rapidly over the past few years. They were also offered the opportunity to visit aerospace manufacturing plants located in Queretaro, as well as a visit to the "Made in Mexico" aerospace products exhibition.  This summit also allowed participants to gain knowledge of the competitive advantages that aerospace manufacturers in Mexico receive, as well as participate in Business-to-business meetings with the leaders of  industry.

It was a real pleasure to join the JAS aerospace team in Mexico for the Queretaro aerospace summit. JAS is investing heavily in this sector with dedicated personnel and tailored services.

- Stefano Redditi, EVP Sales & Marketing, JAS Worldwide

The 2019 Mexico Aerospace Summit allowed for interaction with many experts in the aerospace industry, including product plant managers and OEM's. Those in attendance were also taught the details of aerospace intellectual property protection and BASA (U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement). Which lead to greater insights into the business dynamics of the main aerospace product manufacturers.  

JAS works with a range of companies in the aerospace industry – from Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul) clients.  Beyond our freight forwarding services, JAS also offers Aircraft on Ground (AOG) services, out of gauge services, and engine transport solutions to the sector.  One driving feature of our aerospace success is our JAS technology solutions.  Our ability to put data to work for our aerospace customers so that they can make more intelligent decisions is not only allowing JAS to grow our current customer base, but attracting new clients for our customers. The success of our customers is our success.

JAS has built a worldwide network of Aerospace experts.  Our offices in Bangalore, Dallas, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Queretaro, Singapore, Seattle, Tianjin, and Toulouse bring knowledge specific to the aerospace supply chain to our clients.

JAS to Participate in 2019 Mexico Aerospace Summit

JAS Worldwide is proud to announce its participation in the 2019 Mexico Aerospace Summit taking place in Queretaro on August 14-15.

The Aerospace industry in Mexico is growing exponentially and JAS Mexico, along with a global effort on focusing on this vertical, is making this market a priority that will be upheld as such for years to come. All of the most important organizations in the aerospace industry will be participating in this event. JAS will also have the opportunity to schedule back to back meetings and plans visits with customers and potential prospects.

Our VP of Sales LATAM, Manuele Mazzacurati and the VP of Aerospace Vertical John Brennan will be joining this event together along with the Top Management in JAS Mexico.

Come to Queretaro and find us at Hall 64!

JAS EMEA Develops Aerospace Team

JAS EMEA is excited to announce the creation of the JAS EMEA Aerospace team. The newly developed JAS EMEA Aerospace team is spear-headed by two specialists, Jean-Philippe Borie and Julien Delahaye.

Jean-Philippe Borie is the Account Director for JAS Aerospace and is based in Toulouse, France. Jean-Philippe has a  more than 20 years experience in the freight forwarding industry for a variety of Aerospace companies. He was the Regional Sales Manager of Aerospace for South West Europe for four years and Head of Global Tender Management Aerospace & Defense for six years prior to joining JAS.

Julien Delahaye joins JAS as the Business Development Manager for Aerospace accounts and is based in Paris, France. Julien has solidified experience in the Aerospace Industry, working at a large freight forwarding group as Key Account Manager, and Global Tender Management Aerospace & Defense for four years prior to joining JAS.

We welcome both Jean-Philippe and Julien to the JAS family wish them the best of success.

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