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Over a decade ago JAS decided to set up a team of people dedicated to the handling of food products. Since that first idea was implemented we managed to grow substantially our presence in this very important market and now we handle thousands of ocean and airfreight shipments yearly.  

Food sales are constantly exceeding previous records and have been growing steadily through these years of international economic crisis. All the statistics show that the demand for fresh or gourmet products is strong and will continue to expand. For this reason JAS has been developing special services for this industry and is now in position to offer a broad ​variety of unique services that range from the shipment of dry and canned food to fresh and frozen FCL and LCL orders, to the handling of fresh fruits coming from various origins. We handle also daily air shipments of fresh and super-fresh products to many worldwide destinations.

JAS also focuses on providing safety, reliability, competitiveness, and innovation in alcoholic beverages international logistics to support you in growing your business.

In business with importers and exporters for several decades, we are used to providing special care to the your delicate products. Our wine and spirits dedicated service list includes air and sea door-to-door temperature controlled services, specialized teams in export and import countries, state-of-the-art order tracking, a worldwide presence, and passion to serve you in the best manner possible.


Food & Beverage

Italy-American Chamber of Commerce Digital Event

JAS Participates in the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast digital event

April 9, 2021

The Italy-American Chamber of Commerce Southeast is promoting a digital event that aims to provide valuable information to Italian PMI in the Region. Specifically, this event is geared for companies interested in exploring new opportunities in the United States, related to either the Interior Design market or the Food & Beverage industry.

The event is in Italian and free of charge.

JAS couldn't miss this event, so please join our experts Stefania Poli and Giuseppe Roberto, Route Development Managers dedicated to the American Market, and  Stefano Noè, Product Manager for the Food & Beverage Division.

Our team will explain in detail how JAS reacted to the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, that affected the Supply Chain of our respective industries.

Furthermore, on April 23rd, Companies will have the opportunity to inquire about any specific needs through a speed-meeting session, where our experts will be available to answer to any questions.

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The Airbus A220 sits at the airport

Allure of Airbus A220 Hits New Market

Making its debut in Latin America in mid-April, the Airbus A220 created quite a stir. Prospective airline customers were drawn to the A220 as a cost-efficient solution.  

The allure of the Airbus A220 hit the new marketplace as part of a planned tour of the region.  

Owned by SWISS International Airlines, the A220 used for the expedition had planned stops in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The logistics management expertise of the JAS Brazil team was required for the A220’s inaugural stop in Brazil.  

Team members conducted a record operation with the Federal Revenue. In just three hours, the team obtained the required documentation, licenses, and organization of landings for demonstration. JAS Brazil also was responsible for coordinating the A220’s departure from Brazil to its next stop in Miami, Fla. The team is responsible for coordinating the re-export of the Airbus A220 following its departure until its return to its storage yard.  

It's not difficult to see why airlines in Latin America are interested in the Airbus A220. It is the only aircraft built for the 100 to 150-seat market. Additionally, it brings together Pratt & Whitney’s state-of-the-art aerodynamics, composite materials, and turbofan engines.  

The A220 features a 50 percent noise footprint reduction and lower fuel burn per seat compared to the previous generation aircraft. Another attractive quality is the 50 percent lower nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions than industry standards currently require.  

Currently, the A220 is Airbus’ main player for regional operations, with the possibility of a jet for long-haul routes. JAS Brazil is pleased to be a part of this unparalleled introduction into the Latin American marketplace and looks forward to furthering collaboration with Airbus.

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Green Solutions : Short Sea Shipping

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Green Solutions : Short Sea Shipping

Over time, the volume of goods being transported on European roads has steadily increased, leading to congested roads, delays, and unnecessary costs. As shippers look to avoid these issues, many are considering short sea shipping as a viable solution.

What is short sea shipping?

Short sea shipping is essentially container movement within Europe, but with a short time on the sea. Short sea shipping is an excellent alternative to road freight. However, it is not a matter of dismantling road transport. It is about environmentally smart alternatives that improve existing supply chains.

What are the advantages of short sea shipping?

  • Increased Reliability: One significant benefit of short sea shipping is that shippers receive goods in a reliable, consistent, and timely manner. Unlike road transport, which is prone to delays and irregular logistics flow due to congestion, short sea shipping allows for scheduled departures and arrivals.
  • A Sustainable Choice: Short sea shipping provides great environmental, social, and economic advantages and plays a vital role in sustainable shipping. Moving a significant volume of goods from road freight to short sea will positively impact road congestion, road safety, and noise levels. One feeder vessel carries the equivalent of 500 truckloads. Compared to using trucks only, this solution provides increased both in terms of cost and CO2 emissions.
  • Buy What You Need: The size of a container often determines the quantity purchased, but it is important to buy and transport only what is needed. A short sea solution enables shippers to avoid producing excess merchandise with no demand and risks being destroyed. Short sea shipping affords the opportunity to book smaller quantities resulting in fewer containers being utilized.
  • Cost-Efficient Alternative: Sea freight rates are considerably lower than road freight rates, especially when transporting larger freight volumes and heavier cargo. Transitioning from road freight to short sea allows shippers to circumvent the high freight rates associated with road transport. In the long term, moving large volumes to short sea and away from the roads of Europe would help restore the capacity imbalance in road freight and eventually remove lack-of-capacity surcharges.

For more information about short sea shipping solutions, contact your local sales representative.

JAS Opens New Branch in Dresden

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JAS Opens New Branch in Dresden

In line with its current growth strategy, JAS Germany is pleased to announce the opening of its newest branch in Dresden (DRS).

JAS’ established presence throughout Germany, and now in Dresden emphasizes, its commitment to growth while still providing best-in-class service as the global and local freight forwarder of choice.

The newest branch, which began operations on May 2, will provide clients with a full range of air and ocean services as the team works to respond to the needs of the marketplace.

In addition, to the Dresden location, JAS Germany has thirteen additional fully operating strategically located throughout Germany.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services

South Cone Regions Hosts Sales Meeting

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South Cone Regions Hosts Sales Meeting

On March 31st all the heads of Sales of the South Cone (Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina) gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the South Cone Sales Meeting.

Gisela Alaman, who was recently appointed sales director of the South Cone Cluster, led this first-of-its-kind meeting. It was a great opportunity to meet again after restrictions on traveling and in-person meetings were lifted.

The sales team was able to share results, review the strategies used in each country and learn about others’ ideas and best practices. This provided the opportunity for everyone to strengthen the network between countries.

Due to this the team was able to develop a joint strategy to continue to efficiently work together across the region. Working as one team will assure that clients’ needs are effectively accommodated, as the South Cone countries work as a team.

Since all the heads of sales were together, the team was able to work closely with local clients. The relaxed atmosphere provided an opportunity to share our views and prospects for the near future and allowed them to see the value of a company that truly cares about the customer experience.

Bringing together local clients, helped create a closer bond, and in return, helped clients see the solid network the countries share, ensuring them JAS can provide them with the support they need to make their own businesses better and stronger.

Event attendees were: Manuele Mazzacurati – RVP Sales & Marketing, Andreas Oetje – Global Account Director, Brazil; Pablo Melo – Managing Director Uruguay; Vivian Brunialti - Trade-Lane Director, Brazil; Maria Jesús Lepe – Sales & Marketing, Chile; Ariel Kraft – Sales Director, Brazil; Victoria García – Business Development Manager, Uruguay; Unai Gallastegi – Director Trade Management Latin America.

Local team: Patricio Pranzetti – Managing Director; Gisela Alaman – Sr. Director of Sales - South Cone, Nicolas Rossi, Francisco Mella, Cecilia Luna, Gala Bagnat, Federico Pons, Laura Ojeda, Facundo Haro, Nicolás Calderone, Fernando González, Randy Tovar, Daniela Cordero, Cynthia Lorenzo

JAS Expands LCL Services

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JAS Expands LCL Services

In response to increased demand for Less than Container Load (LCL) services, JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce that it is launching a new weekly LCL service from the Port of Gothenburg (GOT) to Charleston, South Carolina, USA (CHS).  

The global maritime market is continuing to experience high levels of demand while facing a lack of capacity, increased port congestion, and a shortage of empty containers. This environment is driving the need for companies to find ways to optimize opportunities in their supply chains, and one way they are doing so is through LCL services.  

JAS is uniquely positioned to handle these and other ongoing marketplace stressors. Our LCL services are designed to provide the flexibility need in today’s environment helping customers keep their supply chains moving, while offering cost savings when compared to airfreight.  

“Customers taking advantage of our LCL services to Charleston benefit from fixed weekly sailing schedules with secure and flexible service from origin to destination.” said Brandon Miller, CHS Station Manager, JAS USA.  

Additional weekly LCL import services to CHS include:

  • LON (London, England)
  • HAM (Hamburg, Germany)
  • NHV (Nhava Sheva, India)
  • MAA (Madras, India)
  • SHA (Shanghai) and TW (Taiwan) via BUS (Busan)
Apples in a crate


JAS takes care of your food and beverage requirements

  • Shipping of FCL and LCL of dry foods of any kind
  • Shipping of FCL and LCL of fresh foods of any kind
  • Air shipments of dry and fresh products with use of proper packing and insulating material upon request.
  • Air shipping of food samples dry ,Fresh and frozen
  • Custom clearance export and import
  • Short time storage of dry and fresh food in our temp. controlled w/house
  • Supply of TEMP loggers and boxing/insulating material.
  • Supply of dry ICE for frozen air shipments.

JAS takes care of your wine and spirits urgent orders by air

  • Specialized teams for you at origin and destination countries
  • Competitive and safe worldwide own consolidations
  • Door-to-door control of your valuable orders
  • Use of dedicated wine insulation devices or reefer service to respect your wine's needs

JAS ships your wine and spirits with dedicated ocean freight services

  • Specialized teams for you at origin and destination countries
  • Competitive Full Container Loads service to support your business
  • Protected capacity during peak times to ensure on time shipping
  • Temperature controlled services available from door-to-door
  • Use of dedicated wine insulation devices to protect your orders
  • Multiple own dry and temperature controlled consolidations to ensure safety to your orders

Integrated global platform for wine and spirits orders

  • Order management
  • Information management solutions  including integration, reporting, and online tracking

JAS offers risk management solutions

  • Insurance, trade consulting, secure shipping
  • Temperature controlled management and case studies

Statistics reveal that the demand for fresh or gourmet​ products is strong and will continue to expand.


Temperature can be registered at each handling stage through temperature recorders, thanks to a wide fleet of temperature controlled trucks, we can collect your cargo anywhere in Italy.

Filling out a form

Once the cargo arrives in our main warehouses located in Segrate (Milan) and Fiumicino (Rome), it is promptly

stowed inside capacious, clean and dry temperature controlled rooms. Each parcel is properly checked to

ensure that nothing could damage your goods and therefore certify that they are in perfect conditions.

As soon as the air booking is confirmed and your shipment approval received, we bring your products to the agreed airport with our temperature controlled trucks. We ensure

prompt storage inside cool rooms and careful handling by the air terminal staff until flight departure.

We exclusively use aircraft provided with temperature controlled holds. By using  the best worldwide airlines, which ensure the highest quality service to our customers and guarantee the prompt storage in cool rooms right after landing.

JAS is an international company. We have branches in 80+ Countries and our 300+ offices support our customers until the very final stage of the shipment, including pick up at the destination airport and import clearance operations.​

Wine & Spirits expertise

  • Passion for the wine and spirit industry
  • Specialized teams who understand wine and spirits-specific logistics requirements
  • Global wine and spirits air and sea services
  • Wine and spirits order management
  • Dedicated air and ocean dry and temperature controlled consolidations
  • Dedicated insulation services to protect against temperature fluctuation and humidity
  • Data registering and control

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People are talking about JAS*

*Actual Customer Comments

People are talking about JAS*

*Actual Customer Comments
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“We express our sincere Appreciation for the proficiency of your good onshore team for Customs Clearance of Project Cargo under the Customs Duty Exemption basis in timely manner, and for keeping the proper Record and Reporting.”


Hideo K.

Oil & Gas

Saudi Arabia

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“Thanks for JAS Projects extensive flexibility and in depth know how the shipments have been executed to our and our clients’ full satisfaction even though these were accompanied by circumstances beyond JAS Projects scope that could have had an adverse effect on the project. JAS Projects acted always in an excellent and professional way and proofed to be a reliable partner for our company.”​


Danny B.



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"I want to thank you for the past support and thankful for having you as supplier. Wish you all the best."


Annie L.



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