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JAS India Holds Country Management Meeting

Sonal Singhal
April 20, 2022
Ajitabh Rathor (Branch Manager), Sushil P.A. (Sales Manager – Pharma & Healthcare), Deepak Kumar Gupta (Financial Controller), Sagayaraj D.A. (Branch Manager), Sarvar Bharti (Air Freight Director), Rajesh Kunder (Ocean Freight Director), Jai Saurabh Banerji (Branch Manager), Stefano Olmi (Vice President Sales & Marketing – APAC), Sonal Singhal (Managing Director-India), Anisha Das (Human Resources Manager), Sijukumar M. (Regional Sales Manager-South), Ankur Bhardwaj (Regional Sales Manager - North), Hariharan D. Vaniyer (Regional Sales Manager - West)
Ajitabh Rathor (Branch Manager), Sushil P.A. (Sales Manager – Pharma & Healthcare), Deepak Kumar Gupta (Financial Controller), Sagayaraj D.A. (Branch Manager), Sarvar Bharti (Air Freight Director), Rajesh Kunder (Ocean Freight Director), Jai Saurabh Banerji (Branch Manager), Stefano Olmi (Vice President Sales & Marketing – APAC), Sonal Singhal (Managing Director-India), Anisha Das (Human Resources Manager), Sijukumar M. (Regional Sales Manager-South), Ankur Bhardwaj (Regional Sales Manager - North), Hariharan D. Vaniyer (Regional Sales Manager - West)

In March, JAS India hosted an Offsite Country Management Meeting, with the aim of bringing together people, creating better understanding through collaboration and open communication.

During the meeting, the JAS India Management Team was joined by the Regional Sales Managers as they gathered together in - person in Mussoorie, India, located in the Himalayas.

Team members had two action packed days focusing on strategy and achieving future growth plans. Aside from the agenda, the team engaged in experience sharing, discussion, and healthy debates. The positivity and energy were commendable as the team took the opportunity to not only celebrate the festival of colours together and participating in team building activities.

The JAS India team would like to give a special “ thank you “ to our Asia Pacific , Vice President for Sales & Marketing – Stefano Olmi for joining us and making the difference with his valuable guidance and direction.

JAS Pharma & Healthcare Conducts Webinar

JAS Conducts Webinar on the Coming Era of Pharma & Healthcare Logistics

David Bang
February 22, 2022

JAS’ webinar was one of the most anticipated webinar series for pharma and healthcare logistics.

Merck & Co (known as MSD outside of North America), Sonoco ThermoSafe, and JAS are all three very different companies, but they gathered together on February 22, 2022, to discuss the coming era of pharma and healthcare logistics. Moderated by David Bang, EVP Pharma & Healthcare at JAS, the panel consisted of David Komjati, Director Logistics Transformation at Merck & Co, Ben VanderPlas, Director of Engineering and R&D at Sonoco ThermoSafe, and Graeme Robinson, EVP Operations and Product at JAS.

Major disruptions are followed by an accelerated increase or decrease of specific policies, technologies, practices, and even human behaviors. As we are at the pivot point in between the last two years of pandemic and the next years of recovery, the panelists shared how they see the breakdown of the barriers to respond to lack of visibility into inventory status, location, and production process for pharma and healthcare products across the entire ecosystem. Also, practically speaking, we must deal with the upfront challenges such as congestion, capacity, labor shortage, supply shortage, etc. that are expected to continue in 2022 and well into 2023.

Merck & Co has been in the forefront of transformative development using IoT devices, clouds, and other technologies for some time and will share what the next evolution will be at Merck & Co. Sonoco ThermoSafe, from research and engineering perspectives, is working on numerous projects that have themes of sustainability, autonomy, real-time, and integration as well and added nicely how a company like Sonoco ThermoSafe has been navigating so far and is planning to adapt to a new norm.

JAS, as a global logistics provider connecting many dots with data and physical touches, has critical roles to play in the coming years and shared how it is preparing for future disruptions based on lessons learned and how it is reimagining the world of pharma and healthcare logistics in the next few years to come, closely collaborating with customers and partners.

Asia Pacific

Stay in the know with JAS news relating to
Asia Pacific
From the left: Wing Chan, Peter Troy, Andrea Azzimonti, Catherine Tam

JAS Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that the APAC Regional Ocean Team, together with the newly incorporated Tigers Global & APAC Team, has moved to its brand-new office at The Octagon, Hong Kong. While remaining in the same office building as JAS Hong Kong and Corporate China the JAS APAC Region Ocean Team has moved 8 floors up to a new office which incorporates over 4000 sqft of space to accommodate recent growth. This includes the incorporation of our new colleagues from the recent Tigers acquisition.

The grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the 25th of October 2021. The ceremony was attended by Peter Troy (Vice President, Ocean Freight – Asia Pacific), Andrea Azzimonti (Vice President Sales & Marketing - China and Hong Kong), Wing Chan (Hong Kong Branch Manager and Director of Supply Chain - China and Hong Kong) and Catherine Tam (Global Director HR & Training for Tigers eCommerce & Contract Logistics).

I am proud of our achievements and expansion of the Regional Ocean Team these past few years. This investment has put us in good stead for the very dynamic and unprecedented times we face at the moment. These challenges will continue well into 2022, and we look forward to continuing to serve the group to the best of our ability. We extend a warm welcome into the JAS family to our new Tigers colleagues.” -Peter Troy (Vice President, Ocean Freight – Asia Pacific)

The new office address can be found here:

JAS Forwarding (H.K.) Limited

Unit 3110-3115, 31/F., The Octagon,

6 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong

Andrea Azzimonti, Vice President Sales & Marketing, and Wing Chan, JAS Hong Kong Branch Manager & Director of Supply Chain of China including Hong Kong, represented JAS China and Hong Kong in the pig-cutting ceremony.
Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox from JAS HKG

Chinese roast pig-cutting ceremony is one of the most iconic traditions in Chinese culture. As the tradition goes, if you are able to cut through the pig in one strike (remember, there are bones in the way), you will enjoy a smooth and prosperous year. Thus, the pig-cutting ceremony can be often seen at the beginning of the year, or at the opening ceremony of new companies, etc. in China.

Of course, the JAS Hong Kong team is not an exception in following this tradition. Thanks to the support and trust from customers, JAS has overcome the unprecedented challenges faced by last year and successfully reached our business goals in 2020! In order to send gratitude to and thank customers for such a good year of the Rat and to also welcome the year of the Ox, a Chinese thanks-giving ceremony was hosted at the JAS Tsing Yi Warehouse. Andrea Azzimonti, Vice President Sales & Marketing, and Wing Chan, JAS Hong Kong Branch Manager & Director of Supply Chain of China including Hong Kong, represented JAS China and Hong Kong in the pig-cutting ceremony. In the world of freight forwarding and logistics, speed and smooth delivery are one of the key goals to hit. Hence, the belief that the smooth one-strike of the cutting ceremony will bring smooth traffic in air, water, road, and so forth to the continued journey to success!

JAS takes this opportunity, to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Year in the Year of the Ox!

JAS China in CIIE 2019

China’s 2nd Internal Import Expo (CIIE) 2019 successfully opened its doors on November 5th to 10th, 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). CIIE 2019 has expanded its exhibition area from 270,000 to 300,000 square meters this year, and attracted over 100 countries and regions to participate in this national event. Companies from automobile, hi-tech equipment, lifestyle products, medical equipment and healthcare products, food and beverage, and many other industries joined the expo, providing great opportunities to bridge Chinese business around the world.

CIIE is one of the most important international business events in China, and following last year’s success, JAS China once again participated as an exhibitor in CIIE to showcase our global one-stop freight-forwarding and logistics solution provider, and share their ideas and perspectives on global solutions with insights on China’s logistics and freight-forwarding development, with customer-centric concepts and cross-country, cross-product solutions to visitors from around the world.

JAS China strives to provide a consistent level of the highest quality service across our freight forwarding and logistics services. At present, JAS China has 18 branch offices with 600+ staff, including Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Yunfu.

Front row ( Left to right): Stefano Redditi, Kevin Ong, Tomas Sonntag, Shane Ravel, Daniele Iussa, Nina Katsuki, Stefano Olmi, Stefano Battan, Isabella Ng, Sareeya Heebtamai, Vivien Ng, Hai Nguyen Back row (Left to right): Franceschino Menconi, Michael Chu, Bob Tan, Oliver Drewniok, John O’Connor, Gary Ferreira, Peter Troy, Jens Grimpe, Yousuk Kim, Andrea Azzimonti, Raymond Phua
JAS Asia Pacific Regional 2018 Sales Meeting

Mr. Stefano Olmi, JAS VP Sales & Marketing- APAC, was excited to host his very first APAC Regional Sales Meeting on the 2nd & 3rd of October 2018 in Regent Singapore. Mr. Olmi took this opportunity to share the spirit of the slogan – “Elevate Your Game” into the meeting’s expectations. “In order to increase our chances for success (ELEVATE THE GAME) the company has to have ONE SALES STRATEGY + ONE GOAL = ONE SALES BUDGET “  – Stefano Olmi

During the meeting, the Head of Sales from all APAC country offices were encouraged to share their current setups and actions to improve their local performance and ability to aid their customers. Mr. Tomas Sonntag (EVP – APAC) also shared APAC performance and key issues as well as the current market situation presented by Head of Products. JAS APAC were also pleased to invite special guests -Mr. Stefano Redditi, JAS Worldwide EVP Sales & Marketing, and Mr. John O’Connor JAS Worldwide EVP Strategic Development to share with JAS APAC corporate news and updates, keeping the entire company together on the same page.

It was a fruitful meeting and the takeaways from Mr. Olmi were very valuable to everyone. JAS APAC will elevate their game  continuously and are looking forward to a successful 2019!

JAS in China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2018

Being the second largest economy and second largest importer and consumer around the globe, China has entered a new development stage during which consumption keeps increasing, indicating an enormous potential for the growth of consumption and import. To boost trade between China and other countries, as well as further open China market to the world, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal Government hosted China International Import Expo (CIIE), the first-ever import-oriented expo in Shanghai China, on November 5th – 10th 2018. The expo is jointly sponsored by the World Trade Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. JAS China is proud to be invited as one of the 2,800 exhibitors in the Shanghai expo, attracting global distributors in inquiring importing service to China.

According to source, China is estimated to import more than 10 trillion US dollars’ worth of products and services to meet the need of its 1.4 billion people in the next five years. It provides a historic opportunity for global companies to enter this massive market. JAS China has developed its business presence along the coastal gateways and major cities in China, and continues to succeed in meeting customers’ expectation of fast and efficient one-stop solution of air freight, ocean freight, rail freight, local trucking, warehousing and logistics services. Customers who sell products to China could entrust their pallets to JAS China with a peace of mind, as the professional team will help customers distribute their products not only in top-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing, but also further into lower-tier cities.

China's huge demand for imported products and services will continue to provide a historic opportunity for global companies to enter its massive market for the long run. During CIIE, JAS China has met a lot of clients, potential clients and suppliers and discussed possible cooperation in and out China.

“JAS has been and will continue to be a strategic and important partner to help clients and suppliers connecting China to the world.”, added Andrea Azzimonti, Sales Director of JAS China and Hong Kong.

From left to right: Emil De Rosairo - Aitken Spence Shipping Limited, Haider Ali - Swift Shipping, Dirk Ravensteiner - JAS, Katrina Jenners - Jenners Worldwide Freight, Ahmad Omar - wift Shipping, Nalin Sampath - Ace Bangladesh, Brahim Jarmache - JAS, Roedrich Hoffmann - JAS, Rajendra Chhetry - Brisk Forwarding, Jens Grimpe - JAS, Eli Balolong - Inland, Rajesh Kunder - JAS, Tomas Sonntag - JAS, Stefano Olmi - JAS, Bralee Pimolvichayakit - JAS
JAS Agents Elevate Their Game

JAS Worldwide recently held a workshop for JAS agents in the Asia Pacific region. The meeting was the first of its kind as part of the company’s commitment to expand its global reach. The workshop was an open forum exploring how JAS APAC agents could further elevate JAS metrics for 2019 and the years to come.

Participants came from New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

Joining the gathering from JAS included Asia’s EVP, Asia’s Air VP, Asia’s Sales VP, the Managing Director of JAS Thailand, and JAS Worldwide Management’s VP of Agent Relations.

Special invites to the meeting included Israel’s Reuven Krief who spoke about his valued experience as a JAS agent, India’s National Manager Ocean Freight, who provided valuable information and offered support in the Indian sub-continent, and USA’s Senior Director of Air Freight who presented the USA’s Air Product and solutions.

All participants left the workshop enthusiastic about elevating their game.

Million Dollar Sales Award Goes to JAS Taiwan

It was Philip Huang, Managing director of JAS Taiwan, who had the great honor of representing JAS in receiving the 2017 Million Dollar Sales Award from Mr. Jack Chin – Deputy G.M. of China Airlines Taiwan on May 9, 2018.

Mr. Huang had to say this upon receiving the award:

"This annual award represents JAS Taiwan's solid business relationship with the number one national flag airline in Taiwan as well as their appreciation of JAS Taiwan for contributing to the large amount of air cargo tonnage exporting from Taiwan to worldwide destinations in the last year."

China Airlines in-service fleet has 87 aircrafts, including 69 passenger jets and 18 freighters that fly out to 151 destinations in 29 countries/districts (as of April 2018). Their overall air cargo loading tonnage is ranked within the Top 10 in the world annually. In terms of their reliable service, flight frequency, competitive rate, and space availability in peak season, JAS Taiwan selects China Airlines as one of its strategical business partners and have been offering their services to our valued customers since 2007. JAS is more than happy that our clients always gain the commercial advantage by using this  JAS partnership with China Airlines.

JAS Northern & Central China GM Speaks to Students

On the 11th of April, Mr. Bruce Ning, General Manger for Northern and Central JAS China, was invited to conduct a talk to a group of MBA students from Vlerick Business School in Belgium. Vlerick Business School is a triple-accredited, international business school at the heart of Europe – ranked number one in the Benelux for executive education.

The venue was held at the JAS Shanghai office where more than 35 MBA students attended the talk. The topics covered by Mr. Ning included company introduction, snapshot at trade in China, export and import market, e-commerce market and case studies. The group was extremely interested in the topics and asked a lot of questions related to the forwarding industry. Some participants raised the question about AI and the potential role it may play as a game changer in the logistics and freight forwarding industry.

Mr. Ning concluded by saying “it is an honor for JAS to be able to share with Belgium’s best and brightest minds about how things work in the logistics business and freight forwarding’s role in global trade."

JAS PO&G Australia & JAS Australia Get Awarded

In 2018, JAS Projects Oil & Gas Australia and JAS Australia were awarded ongoing trusted trader status by the Australian Border Force (Customs). The Australian Trusted Trader logo is an internationally recognized mark of quality that signifies a business has met or exceeded international supply chain security and trade compliance standards.
Benefits of Australian Trusted Trader
The Australian Trusted Trader program (ATT) rewards accredited businesses with a growing range of trade facilitation benefits to improve international market access.

These benefits currently include:

  • A dedicated Account Manager - the single point of contact between your business and the Australian Border Force
  • Priority Trade Services when requesting duty drawbacks, refunds, and advanced rulings on tariff, valuation and origin though our National Trade Advice Centre
  • A lighter touch at the border when importing goods
  • Use of the ATT logo, which is also recognized by international customs administrations
  • Access to Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs)

Trusted Traders have access to differentiated examinations in countries where Australia has signed a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).

ATT has established MRAs between the Australian Government and some of our key trading partners including:

  • New Zealand Customs Service
  • Republic of Korea Customs Service
  • Canada Border Services Agency
  • Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.

​MRAs provide Australian Trusted Trader exporters with faster access to international markets through reciprocal arrangements with our MRA partner countries. Recognition of the ATT logo in these countries builds confidence in Australian businesses and the security of their international supply chain.

MRAs are currently being pursued with a number of other key trading partners including Singapore, Thailand and China.\

  • A monthly report on all goods imported and exported under the business’ ABN
  • Streamlined processes to become an Accredited Sponsor under the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457) Programme
  • A ‘seat at the table’ to work in partnership with the Department and ABF
  • An invitation to the annual ATT Symposium - an invitation only event for accredited Trusted Traders
  • Consolidated Cargo Clearance enabling Trusted Trader importers, or their licensed customs brokers’, to lodge a single import declaration for consolidated cargo for all sea cargo types and for air cargo.

JAS Hong Kong Provides Insight to COOP

Established in 1980, JAS Hong Kong is an expert in offering professional freight forwarding service for clients in various business fields. One of those fieldS is food and beverage, one of the verticals in which JAS excels among others in the industry. COOP is a system of Italian consumers' cooperatives which operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy. Buying products directly from associated companies – mainly for food,  and sourcing all household items/ accessories from the Far East to Italy (approximately 5,000/ TEUS per year). In November 2017, the Members of the Boards from COOP Italy decided to arrange a tour, visiting in China and Hong Kong to better understand the supply chain process and export logistics procedure. JAS Hong Kong was honored to be appointed by COOP Far East to arrange onsite port visits, as well as provide market insights on the Chinese freight forwarding business.

To allow our COOP visitors from Italy to have a real vision on our industry capabilities, an onsite visit to Hong Kong MTL terminal was arranged by JAS Hong Kong, which provided them with a detailed idea of how our local process works, e.g. vessel loading/unloading procedure, terminal workflow and timing. In addition, Mr. Gabriele Benedetti, CEO of JAS China and Hong Kong, was also invited by COOP to be one of the spokespersons in a conference co-organized by COOP and the  Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong on the 13th of November 2017. The audience was inspired by Mr. Benedetti’s professional overview on the current Chinese freight forwarding system, and also his insight on the future development of China, especially the One Belt One Road System.

Going forward, JAS Hong Kong and China will continue to strive to explore business opportunities in the food and beverage market, and are happy to answer any questions you may have!

JAS China Celebrates 20 Years

On January 31, 2017, JAS China celebrated its 20th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, JAS Shanghai invited top loyal customers and supporters to the JAS Shanghai Anniversary Annual Dinner to honor their continuous development and dedication to JAS. In addition, Gabriele Benedetti, CEO of JAS China, also thanked guests for coming from all over the world, including the JAS Founder & Chairman, Biagio Bruni, JAS President & CEO, Marco Rebuffi, and several JAS colleagues from Italy, EMEA, Germany, the Americas, and APAC, to enjoy the joyful celebration.

The 20th Anniversary Dinner's theme “Just Always Super” resonates with our company name – JAS, and indicates that JAS China has always been, and will always continue its service to clients with superb quality. JAS China was pleased to celebrate its 20th year of success with special sand-painting shows during a gala dinner, which displayed the history and future of JAS China - the growth of JAS from Milan, Italy and including the transition to the JAS Atlanta Global Training Center, as well as expansion in China across several cities. At the same time, the shows displayed JAS looking forward to another fruitful 20 years with the united efforts of every one in JAS China.

Gabriele thanked all the employees for their diligence and endless support, which contributes to JAS China’s success today with more than 600 people across China.

JAS Hosts Mid-Year Sales Events

Every year, JAS holds mid-year sales events all over the world to evaluate sales efforts for the first half of the year and establish goals for the second half. Executive Vice President (EVP) of Sales and Marketing, Stefano Redditi attends most of these events around the globe. This year he was present for the events in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, United States, China, Japan, Korea, and Mexico.

​"The mid-year sales event is a key meeting for our sales people and me. During these meetings, each sales person has the opportunity to present his or her achievements and indicate the new targets for the remaining part of the year. JAS sales teams are second to none! This year’s events were the best ever” says Stefano Redditi, JAS EVP Sales & Marketing.

For the sales people, this is a great opportunity to “show off” in front of the local management, their peers, and the EVP of Sales and Marketing.

​It is also an opportunity for the entire team to take a moment out of their daily routine and reflect, together with peers and management, on what has been done in the first part of the year and attack the second part at full speed.  

Well Done JAS/SALES team!

Three Subsidiaries, One Big Reunion

Employees from three different JAS subsidiaries in Singapore ushered in the Year of the Monkey with a Lunar New Year dinner on January 27th at Wah Lok Restaurant, Carlton Hotel. Our President & CEO, Mr. Marco Rebuffi kicked off the event with a welcome speech where he expressed his appreciation for the hard work the employees have contributed to the company for the last year.

During the event, we had a special guest appearance by the God of Fortune who presented Mr. Rebuffi a Red Packet symbolizing good luck, prosperity and success for JAS.  

In keeping with the tradition, the dinner was started with a lohei (tossing up good fortune), where everyone at the table jointly tossed the yusheng while ‘shouting’ out loud all the auspicious phrases with gusto. While everyone was enjoying their dinner, we had a Best Dressed Competition where everyone got to vote on the "Best Dressed" from the six contestants Mr. Rebuffi had shortlisted. Congratulations to Desmond and Surianti for winning everyone hearts in the contest! (Pictured below)

The event ended with Mr. Rebuffi taking group photos with each of the subsidiaries.

JAS Hong Kong Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary

About 230 JAS staff members and guests from overseas gathered on January 22nd, 2016 at the Cordis Hotel in Hong Kong to celebrate JAS Hong Kong's 35th anniversary during the Annual Dinner. We are honored to have various top management and friends from around the world, including the Chairman, Mr. Bruni and his family, and President & CEO, Mr. Marco Rebuffi to grace this joyful occasion with their presence.

Apart from celebrating our 35th year anniversary, it also marked an important milestone for Mr. Alex Chau, Airfreight Director of South China & Hong Kong. Alex joined us in 1986 and in the past 30 years, he has proven to be one of our most loyal and diligent pillars of the company. To show our recognition and appreciation of Alex’s hard work, a trophy was presented to him by JAS Management.  

JAS Hong Kong was initially set up as a small office with only 25 staff members. JAS now operates with more than 650 employees within 16 offices in China, including 170 employees in Hong Kong. JAS China CEO, Mr. Gabriele Benedetti believes the Success of JAS Hong Kong goes to everybody involved,  he is sure that everyone is as proud and happy to witness this development as he is. Even though the family continues to grow  bigger and bigger, it is fortunate that the team spirit has never been lost and the fighting spirit that everyone carries in our JAS DNA will only make the JAS future better.

Once again, Mr. Benedetti took the opportunity to thank everyone in JAS Hong Kong for their contribution to the company, as well as the continued support that they have been receiving from JAS Worldwide Management, Overseas Partners, Regional Offices and last but not least its Customers.

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