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News From JAS Worldwide - Americas Focus

JAS Americas HQ

6195 Barfield Road

Atlanta GA, 30328

United States


Business Development Manager Joins JAS Colombia

JAS Colombia Welcomes John Saavedra as Business Development Manager at the Cali Branch

JAS Staff
September 14, 2021

JAS Colombia is glad to announce that John Saavedra has joined the Cali Branch, as Business Development Manager. With the office strategically located in Colombia due to its proximity to Buenaventura, Columbia's main port city, JAS was in need of an experienced person.

John brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the local market, great expertise in maritime transport, and almost 20 years of experience in logistics acquired when working for several large freight forwarders.

With these years of experience in Freight Forwarding and his knowledge of cities’ market, John brings great value to JAS Colombia and the Cali Branch.

JAS is excited to welcome John and looks forward to working alongside him.

JAS Colombia Names New Business Development Manager

JAS Colombia welcomes Nubia Torres as Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific-Colombia

JAS Staff
September 10, 2021
Nubia Torres, JAS Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific-Colombia
Nubia Torres, JAS Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific-Colombia

JAS Colombia is pleased to welcome Nubia Torres as Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific-Colombia.  

Torres comes with vast knowledge and extensive qualifications as she brings with her over 20 years of experience working for key freight forwarders in a variety of sales and logistics positions.

In her new position as Business Development Manager, she will primarily be responsible for strengthening JAS’ position on the Asia Pacific – Colombia trade lane. Torres will be working out of the Bogota office.


Stay in the know with JAS news relating to
People Making a Difference: Christian Jensen

JAS is always excited to welcome new team members and strives to help them grow and succeed from day one. This is exactly what happened for Christian Jensen when he joined JAS Germany as a Business Development Manager in 2016. In his role, he took advantage of the resources and support found from both local colleagues and the global JAS network. By late 2017 he was effectively managing large accounts and developing worldwide contacts as he worked to help clients meet their goals while providing them with the highest level of service.  

Christian’s success continued as he became a Trade Lane Manager for Southeast Asia. In only three and a half years, his enthusiasm and commitment, combined with support from the JAS team, led to another promotion. As the new National Account Manager/Director he found continued success growing JAS’ presence on the Southeast Asia trade lane.

Recently Christian was presented with the opportunity to join the Asia Pacific team (APAC) as a Global Account Director. He knew this position would allow him to work with some of the most talented and dedicated people in the industry, increase his day-to-day responsibilities and provide continued opportunities for personal development.  With these opportunities in mind, he eagerly accepted the position and moved to Malaysia where he continues to provide the personalized service JAS is known for.

The past five years have moved quickly as he went from a local office to Global Account Director. Looking back, he gives credit to JAS and the people who helped him along the way. “We know JAS is known to our clients as a place where people make the difference, but it holds true within JAS as well. The people here really do make the difference and that kind of environment encourages success for team members and clients alike.”  

JAS can give you the opportunity and support to learn and grow. If you are ready to make a difference like Christian, JAS is the place for you.

Business Implementation Manager Joins JAS Brazil

JAS Brazil is pleased to announce Renata Yamada has been named as the new Business Implementation Manager.

Yamada has extensive qualifications and professional experience with over 20 years of experience in foreign trade (import/export - air, sea, and road) and logistics (national and international transport). She has held leadership positions in past roles as the implementation manager. In this role she worked to advise teams on the best use of project management disciplines and approaches as they launched new projects.

In her new position as Implementation Manager, she will assess business opportunities and markets, work with customers to create tailor-made solutions, studying how necessary and the best solution for each profile and case. Yamada will be working as a part of the JAS São Paulo team under the direction of Elder Apolinário.

Leandro Gonçalves Named Branch Manager of Curitiba Branch

JAS Brazil is adding to its leadership with the appointment of Leandro Gonçalves as Branch Manager of the Curitiba (CWB) Branch.

Gonçalves brings with him more than 10 years of experience in the foreign trade, experience in operational sectors, and a strong commercial career.

In his new role, Gonçalves will be working alongside the commercial and operational teams to expand the business in the Curitiba area. They will be primarily focusing on the automotive, industrial, food and beverage, and electronics industries.  

With his background, Gonçalves brings great value to the JAS Brazil team and excellent experience as he leads our CWB Branch and works to strengthen JAS' positioning in the local market.

An Inside Look at JAS Seattle

This month, JAS Worldwide shines a light on JAS Seattle. As the home of the first USA corporate location, JAS Seattle holds a special place in JAS timeline. It was the location for a lot of “firsts” for the JAS USA family.  

The JAS Seattle team previously oversaw the Anchorage, AK operating branch until 1996. It also was where JAS’ Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) license resided and where the first Director of Ocean Services was based.  

Located in Kent, Washington, JAS Seattle is strategically placed just east of the airport and halfway between the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. It includes a 30,000 square foot fully racked warehouse. Its location and on-site storage capacity allow the JAS Seattle team the opportunity to work with a diverse cargo base. Among the products transported:

  • Aircraft parts
  • Brakes
  • Carbon fiber
  • Explosives
  • Expresso machines
  • Probiotics
  • Raw materials
  • Snowboards
  • Toys and games
  • Water skis

The JAS Seattle staff are experts at handling detailed export projects. Currently, they are working in partnership with an industry leader in cooling systems slated for installation in a facility currently under construction in Ireland. The flawless execution of this project has supported JAS Seattle in winning the bid for another facility that soon begins construction in Singapore. It is slated for a two-year construction timeframe and consists of approximately 1,200-gauge flat racks.  

“Seattle Branch Manager Margaret Nieuwhof’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local Seattle market and surrounding areas has allowed JAS to capitalize on many excellent opportunities,” said JAS CEO Eugenio Fumo. “She is celebrating her 15th year with JAS and is responsible for growing and leading the Seattle team. A strong and commercially driven branch manager, much of JAS’s growth is attributed to her direct selling approach and awareness of the Seattle market.” Thanks to Margaret, Eugenio said the Seattle team is known for its innovation. The team takes advantage of many transloading opportunities to avoid the rail delays plaguing the Western United States and to expedite customers’ urgent shipments.

Operations Manager Stephanie Jester is another JAS veteran. She began her career with JAS Dallas in 2010, transferring to Seattle in 2017. “She is an employee who continues to make the difference, reflected by her receiving the Circle of Excellence Award for 2020. Stephanie is a true leader who displays daily an admirable level of commitment through her work ethic,” Eugenio said.  

Today, JAS Seattle is a major gateway to many markets. One of JAS’ future goals is launching DCC boxes from the APAC region – with the expectation this additional service will provide JAS USA with a two-pronged approach into the US – to avoid congestion in the California ports. This new approach also will allow for streamlined services through the Pacific Northwest and Canada, producing a focused product for customers with unique requirements. Additionally, it will become extremely valuable in supporting the advancements and developments taking place within many of JAS Worldwide’s verticals, including Automotive.  

“JAS Seattle’s team is expanding with the addition of our Tigers colleagues, who already have a rather impressive setup in Tacoma,” said Eugenio. “I look forward to learning more about Tigers and discovering how we can expand our presence in the Seattle market.”  

Congratulations JAS Seattle. Our dedicated people in Seattle make the difference!

JAS Brazil Appoints Overland Transport Manager

JAS Brazil is pleased to announce the arrival of Juliana Tereza as Overland Transport Manager.

Tereza brings over 20 years of experience in the industry and extensive experience implementing the National and International Highway Service processes. In her new role, Juliana aims to strengthen JAS Brazil’s position in land transport services in Brazil and countries belonging to MERCOSUR.

Brazil is a rapidly growing market, and JAS continues to offer our clients logistics solutions that meet deadlines, costs, and market demands while providing best-in-class service.

JAS Brazil Welcomes Alessandra Klayn

JAS Brazil is pleased to welcome Alessandra Klayn as Supervisor of the Rio de Janeiro Branch. Klayn brings more than ten years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, overseeing teams in both commercial and operational sectors.

The Rio de Janeiro branch has teams with specific expertise in the various verticals they serve in, assuring best-in-class support. JAS Rio de Janeiro also has unique experience in both the Pharma and Health Care and the Oil & Gas segments.

With the addition of Klayn the JAS team will continue to provide unmatched quality while helping customers reach their goals.

Strategic Laredo Branch Provides Cross-Border Advantage

JAS Laredo opened in 2015 as a sales office dedicated to increasing the JAS cross-border traffic. Laredo offers JAS Worldwide a solid strategic location where the company can grow and increase its presence on both sides of the U.S. - Mexican border. This branch also creates solutions and acts as additional support for the JAS Worldwide network.  

JAS Laredo started as part of the JAS Houston Branch before becoming a satellite office. The move was made in conjunction with JAS McAllen, where their significant efforts contributed to JAS McAllen receiving a nomination for branch of the year in 2019. JAS Laredo focuses on selling cross-border business. Their specialties include transportation and US-Mexico customs brokerage, with a strong footprint in distribution and warehousing services.  

With much operational growth in 2017, Customs Entry Specialist Laura “Rocio” Enriquez joined the team.  She brings with her more than 10 years of experience in US/MX customs brokerage. With the support of JAS Compliance and Enriquez’s natural drive, the team has excelled in this area, building valuable and trusting relationships.  

In February 2021, the Laredo team moved into a state-of-the-art facility with direct access to third-party warehouses. JAS Laredo has two warehouses at its disposal, each one with about 60,000 square feet with 1,000 pallet positions. Under the leadership of Antonio Pastrana, Branch Manager, the Laredo team adopted an admirable understanding of the market and the intricacies of dealing with the United States and Mexican governments. The boutique concept to selling along the southern border and the consultancy approach with JAS Laredo’s customers has brought on new business and a newfound demand for the products and services offered.  

The Laredo team has proven expertise and true skill in establishing cross-border solutions, which has enabled JAS to stand out against its competitors, particularly in this volatile market. The Laredo team currently operates a distribution model for two of its key global customers, utilizing the customers’ systems and acting as an extension of their operations.  

Monica Ortiz, the Operational Supervisor, brings more than 20 years of experience in freight forwarding to the team. She specializes in 4-wall distribution and logistics, which supports JAS Laredo’s efforts in providing these additional services in Laredo while maintaining an impressive 98.5 percent inventory accuracy.  

Tracy Garcia, Transportation Supervisor, was JAS Laredo’s first hire, with years of experience in trucking and ground transportation from the carrier and broker/forwarder side of the business. Tracy’s impact on the JAS Laredo operation became clear immediately. Her level of dedication and enthusiasm is commendable. Regularly going the extra mile to ensure that our internal and external customers are satisfied, she provides a level of contagious positivity. Garcia is a team member who makes a difference.  

The JAS Laredo team is incredibly pleased with the developments taking place within the branch. JAS Laredo handles a vast customer portfolio of locally controlled and developed businesses. JAS Laredo provides trucking services, together with US and MX customs brokerage via multiple border crossings.  Similarly, JAS Laredo provides ground transportation services from multiple pick-up points in Mexico.

Like JAS Miami, the Laredo team has access to an FTZ (Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc.). This activation also allows JAS Laredo to provide specialized services related to FTZ operations. For legal purposes, this space is outside the customs territory of the United States, which provides the opportunity to offer weekly entry services, duty deferral for import goods, and duty eliminations for some export goods while also providing cost-saving measures. These are major benefits when operating along the border.

The Laredo team has gained a unique perspective from our Mexican brokerage side, truly operating in a cohesive manner, which has certainly allowed for the development of detailed and targeted solutions for our clients. The Laredo team is expanding by exceeding the industry standard. I am grateful to the team for their efforts in continuously remaining innovative and committed to our customers.
Congratulations JAS Laredo, what an inspiring branch! At JAS People Make the Difference!" Eugenio Fumo, CEO JAS USA

Superior Customs Brokerage Services with JAS Peru

JAS Peru is the main provider of freight forwarding and logistics solutions in Peru. As part of JAS Worldwide, JAS Peru is committed to continuous improvement and integration of services.

Customs brokerage services are a specialty and include resources for providing personalized solutions under a single contract that manages end-to-end operations. The JAS Peru team uses custom technology solutions designed for flexibility, with a focus on sustainable operational development.  

JAS Peru’s first-class service includes:

  • Global operations expertise.
  • Extensive portfolio of products aligned to meet client needs.
  • Service integration.
  • Dedicated staff.
  • Customs, tax, and legal advice.
  • Permanent security advice.
  • Cost optimization and added values.
  • Standardization of processes and management indicators.

JAS Peru provides enhanced customs brokerage services under the guidance of Tatiana Flores, the branch’s Customs Broker Manager. She joined the JAS Peru team on April 1. A lawyer by profession, Flores graduated from the Catholic University and is a titled Agent from the National Customs School. She earned a master’s degree in law with a mention in international economic law and holds a post-graduate degree in taxation.  

Before joining the JAS Peru team, Flores served as general manager of the Association of Customs Agents of Peru. She also served as a customs manager at AUSA Solutions Logistics, Panalpina Aduanas, and Bertling Logistics. Flores has extensive experience in customs, foreign trade, legal, and operations.

Strengthening the JAS Sales Team

JAS Peru is pleased to announce Johana Rodriguez as the new National Account Manager for the commercial department. She is not a new member of the JAS Peru family. Before her new appointment, Ms. Rodrigues served as JAS Peru’s Business Development Manager. In that role, she exponentially grew her portfolio and developed JAS Peru’s main accounts.  

With more than eight years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, Ms. Rodriguez spent most of her time in sales. In her new role, she is focused on strengthening the JAS Peru sales team. Under her guidance, the sales team will grow the country’s main account and build JAS Peru’s regional and global accounts, with a focus on vertical integration.  

Ms. Rodriguez has extensive qualifications and professional experience to lead JAS Peru and its sales team to the next level:

  • She studied International Business at the Institute of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), where she earned an Administration in International Business.  
  • She holds a Certificate in Foreign Language – Advanced English – from CIVIME.
  • She completed two international seminars with the ESAN Executive Bootcamp: “Agile Approaches in Uncertain Times” and “Post COVID Digital Marketing.”  

She is working toward earning her master's degree at ESAN Graduate School of Business. The program is certified by the ESAN University in PADE International in Business Management. Ms. Rodriguez also earned double international certification from the Tecnologico de Monterrey – University of Mexico.  

JAS Peru is the main provider of logistics solutions in Peru and is part of JAS Worldwide, an award-winning global freight forwarding and logistics provider.

JAS Brazil Strengthens and Expands

With over 30 years of solid credibility, 12 branches, and 3 gateways at the main airports in the country, JAS has been expanding its operations throughout the Brazilian territory. By improving their services and processes as well as spending the time on training and qualifying the entire JAS Brazil team to be able to handle a multitude of customer needs the JAS Brazil team intends on building initiatives that align with the JAS mission.

As with all national operations at JAS Worldwide, JAS Brazil is a key network country in the complex world of freight forwarding. They also have the competitive advantage of being OEA, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certified, having a team of dedicated professionals, and perfecting the technology for data collection and systems in order to provide the best in market service to customers. JAS Brazil also boasts specialists in air freight, sea freight (FCL and LCL), and customs clearance, with expertise to serve the main market sectors including Industrial, Automotive, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Pharma, Oil and Gas, and Chemical.

In addition to their excellence in service and certifications, JAS 'growth in the Brazilian market is also due to data quality and process management.
The JAS team is prepared to offer logistic solutions that meet deadlines, costs, and market demands through management systems and visibility. Additionally, JAS Brazil is able to run detailed performance reports by combining these abilities with the team's efficient communication throughout the JAS network.

JAS Brazil knows that supporting and strengthening their network means supporting and strengthening their team. Aiming to provide customers with the best service available, JAS looks forward to continuing to grow in Brazil.

Com mais de 30 anos de solidez e credibilidade, 12 filiais e 3 Gateways nos principais aeroportos do país, a JAS Brasil vem ampliando sua atuação em todo território brasileiro aperfeiçoando os serviços e processos, capacitando e qualificando nossa equipe, além de  construir  iniciativas que alinhem nossa performance com nossa missão.

Tal como acontece com todas as operações nacionais da JAS Worldwide, a JAS Brasil é referência no complexo mundo do agenciamento de carga, com o diferencial competitivo de ser certificada OEA, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, e ISO 9001, um time de profissionais dedicados, aperfeiçoamento da tecnologia para coleta de dados e sistemas.  Especialistas nas operações de Frete Aéreo, Frete Marítimo (FCL e LCL) e Desembaraço Aduaneiro, com expertise para  atender os principais setores do mercado, entre eles: Indústria, Automobilístico, Eletrônico, Alimentos e Bebidas, Manufatura, Pharma, Óleo e Gás e Industria Quimica.

Somado  a excelência no atendimento e certificações, o crescimento da JAS no mercado brasileiro deve-se também a qualidade dos dados e gestão dos processos.

Nossa equipe está preparada para oferecer  soluções logísticas que atendem a prazos, custos e demandas do mercado por meio de sistemas gerencias, visibilidade, além dos  relatórios de performance  combinando  isso  com uma comunicação ágil e eficiente.  

A JAS Brasil, acredita que o comprometimento com o nossa equipe e com nossos clientes e parceiros nos leva ao sucesso, aqui as pessoas fazem a diferença!

JAS Focuses on the Asia Pacific - Latin America Trade Lane

JAS is continuing to grow with the addition of Vivian Brunialti as the new Trade Lane Director for APAC x LATAM.

Brunialti has over 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding and logistics industry, working for important global logistics providers as well as shippers, with a particular focus on Asia and the high tech sector.

She will be based at Campinas, Brazil (office) and from there she will be supporting the 9 JAS Latin American subsidiaries.

In her role she will be responsible for the overall growth of this extremely important trade lane, working in very close coordination with the product (both air and ocean), sales, and overseas colleagues.

At JAS people make the difference, and JAS is excited to welcome Vivian to the JAS family.

JAS Brazil Gains Trade Lane Manager

In March, the JAS Brazil Team was pleased to announce the appointment of Juliana Val as Trade Lane Manager for South Europe to ECSA (East Coast South America / Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay). Juliana is located in the Campinas Branch and is responding directly to Ariel Kraft, Sales Director, JAS Brazil.

Juliana had previously worked for DHL as Europe's Trade lane Manager for Brazil since 2015 before joining the JAS Brazil team.

As the new Trade Lane Manager, Juliana will be responsible for managing the pipeline on the runways provided with the aim of growing the business in coordination with the local sales forces and both JAS product leaders (air / sea). She will also actively participate in the RFQs by touching the designated range with in-depth knowledge of the market and pricing strategy.

JAS welcomes Juliana to the family and looks forward to growing and working with her. At JAS, people make the difference.

JAS Brazil Campinas Office Welcomes Branch Manager

JAS Brazil is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Guilherme de Oliveira as the Branch Manager at our JAS CPQ Branch - Campinas / SP office, adding his expertise to the JAS team.

Oliveira is 37 years old and joins us with a 15-year career in Supply Chain Management, with experience in air, sea, and road transport; budget management, P&L, and strategic control; competencies of operational innovation and competitive market intelligence.

Oliveira graduated with an MBA in Business Administration, Logistics and Supply Chain and also a Black Belt in the Six Sigma program during his performance in the Electronic Industry segment, in addition to participating in logistics and consolidation projects in the USA, at the bases of Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

JAS welcomes Oliveira into the team with great expectations, and believes that together we will make a difference.

Com grande satisfação divulgamos a vocês que nomeamos neste mês de março o Sr. Guilherme de Oliveira como o Branch Manager em nossa Filial JAS CPQ- escritório de Campinas/SP, somando forças e sua expertise na equipe JAS!

Oliveira tem 37 anos e se junta a nós com uma trajetória de 15 anos em Supply Chain Management, com experiência no modal aéreo, marítimo e rodoviário; gestão de budget, P&L e controle estratégico; habilidades de inovação operacional e inteligência competitiva de mercado.

Formado com MBA em Administração de Empresas, Logística e Cadeia de Suprimentos e também Black Belt no programa Six Sigma obtido durante sua atuação segmento de Indústria Eletrônica, além da participação em projetos de logística e consolidação nos EUA, nas bases de Miami, Chicago, San Francisco e Los Angeles. Recebemos Oliveira em nossa equipe com grande expectativa, e acreditamos que juntos faremos a diferença.

Desejamos ao Oliveira boas-vindas à Família JAS e sucesso em seus novos desafios conosco.

JAS Brazil Gains Branch Manager

JAS is pleased to announce that effective March 1st, Giuliano Alfredo will be joining the JAS team as Branch Manager of the JAS SJK office

Giuliano Alfredo has more than 25 years of experience in the Industry where he has held several management positions in different companies, and also has a long history within JAS BRASIL, acting as Operational Manager at the SAO branch (1999-2002), responsible for managing automotive accounts in the KAM, SAO E SJK region and Branch Manager at the JAS MANAUS office (2010-2016).

Now Alfredo, returns to JAS to synergize with the current team and build new opportunities for the SJK Branch, he has purpose and knows that at JAS people make the difference!

Join us in welcoming Giuliano Alfredo to the JAS family!

No início de Março a Filial da JAS SJK recebeu com satisfação Giuliano Alfredo como Branch Manager no escritório de São José dos Campos/SP.

Giuliano Alfredo tem mais de 25 anos de experiência na Indústria onde assumiu diversos cargos de gestão em diferentes empresas, e também tem uma grande trajetória dentro da JAS BRASIL, atuando como Gerente Operacional na filial de SAO (1999-2002), responsável pela gestão de contas automotivas na região de KAM,SAO E SJK e Gerente de Filial no escritório da JAS MANAUS ( 2010-2016).

Agora Giuliano, retorna a JAS para somar forças com a nossa atual equipe e construir novas oportunidades para a Filial de SJK, ele conhece o nosso propósito e acredita que aqui as pessoas fazem a diferença!

Vamos juntos desejar boas-vindas a Giuliano Alfredo à Família JAS!

JAS USA Expands Reach to Cincinnati

JAS USA is pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

JAS USA's new Cincinnati branch has a strategic connotation due to its geographic location at the center of the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana region. It is an ideal location for freight movement as it offers an extensive network of roads, airports, waterways, and rail. Interstate 75, which runs through Cincinnati, is one of the United States' busiest truck routes. Additionally, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) in Hebron is one of the busiest airports in the United States for total cargo operations. Of further importance, the nearby Ports of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky move close to 50 million tons of cargo each year. Each day, hundreds of trains come through the region's intermodal terminals and classification yards.

The city also presents new e-commerce opportunities with the recent completion of a massive Air Hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG).  

As a part of this expansion, Tony Masternak joins as the JAS Cincinnati Branch Manager and Bryan Perdue joins as Regional Business Development Manager. Masternak has experience in launching and opening offices in the CVG market and has grown offices to become needle-movers within their respective networks. Perdue has an extensive background in operations, most recently in a commercial role.  

JAS looks forward to utilizing the advantages this new branch offers the entire company network and most importantly, to the JAS client base.

Happy International Women's Day 2021

The JAS commitment to equality for women throughout our organization has never been stronger. From the warehouse teams to the C-Suite, JAS women truly make the difference. This year, JAS continues to recognize the instrumental value of women’s contributions not only within the company but of its many women-owned and managed customers around the globe. We celebrate the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, Choose To Challenge as JAS women continue to make the difference.

Introducing Blue World Pacific

With a 56% reduction in passenger flights since this time last year, the overall global air freight capacity is down about 13% from this time last year.   

Limited space on remaining flights means frequent delays and interruptions of supply chains globally.  

With the unpredictable availability of cargo space, how do we regain control of air freight to ensure service in such a critical time?   

The traditional air freight model is no longer a realistic option, instead, alternative approaches are the key to maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted supply chain by providing door-to-door control of the shipping process.  It is crucial that every step of the process - from the time the cargo is picked up to its final delivery - is meticulously managed by the service provider with shipments processed through facilities controlled by the service provider, both at origin and destination, avoiding the typical congestion at airport hubs, reducing overall transit time, and increasing control.  

 Lastly, a prime network of delivery options carries the cargo to its ultimate destination.  

In late 2020 JAS introduced BLUE WORLD PACIFIC, weekly flights between Shanghai and Chicago and a second route from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. The BLUE WORLD PACIFIC prime schedule is the best solution for supporting customers in the Asia – North America air freight corridor!  

If your business could benefit from a regular service in the Transpacific corridor contact a local JAS representative for more information.

JAS Brazil Acquires Sonave Logistica

Atlanta, USA. JAS Worldwide today announced that its subsidiary, JAS Brazil, has acquired 100% of the shares of Sonave Logistica. The acquisition closed on Jan 1st, 2021.

Sonave has been JAS Brazil’s exclusive Agent in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) and Curitiba (Parana) for the past 10 years, providing freight and logistics services.  The two companies have successfully expanded their global business during the ensuing years. Sonave Logistica, founded in 1983, has been owned and managed by Leonardo Abreu and Ricardo Nunes, both of whom will remain with the company in executive functions.

“Joining JAS Worldwide is the logical outcome of a successful relationship, opening new opportunities for our employees and customers”, said Leonardo Abreu, President of Sonave Logistica.

“The integration into JAS Worldwide, especially as we take advantage of JAS’ strong suite of global IT solutions, will bring better visibility and reporting capabilities for our clients and increase our competitiveness in the market”, said Ricardo Nunes, President of Sonave Logistica.

The two companies have similar values and complement each other in their geographical footprint.  

Of the acquisition, Adrian Emmenegger, Executive Vice President of the Americas at JAS Worldwide said, “We are pleased to welcome the Sonave team to the JAS family and look forward to the growth the combined company will bring - because people do make the difference.”

About JAS Worldwide

JAS was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy. Over the last four decades, JAS has grown from regional roots to a global force. Today, JAS covers 90+ countries with 335+ offices and official agents and has over 4,000 employees globally.

JAS Argentina Certified as "Great Place to Work"

JAS Argentina is proud to announce that it has been certified as a "Great Place to Work" for the December 2020 to December 2021 period.

Great Place to Work is an independent research and consulting company that evaluates an organization's company culture and team members' experiences while at work through an annual survey.

The Great Places to Work certification shows that JAS Argentina has a strong commitment to teamwork and is continuing to develop a strong work culture based on values and purpose.

Patricio Pranzetti, managing director of JAS Argentina, said about the certification, "I am very proud to be part of this journey, and we are all looking forward to continuing to grow and contributing to the amazing JAS Americas team."

Congratulations, JAS Argentina!

JAS Colombia Continues to Grow

JAS Colombia is excited to announce the official opening of the new JAS office located in the City of Cali - Department of Valle del Cauca.

This new JAS Colombian Branch has a strategic connotation due to its geographic location. The Department of Valle del Cauca is classified as a logistics platform in the Colombian territory, with preferential access to the Pacific Region, where the Port of Buenaventura is located, the main Maritime Port of the Country that connects directly with 360 Ports and indirectly with another 920, mobilizing about 1.8 TEUS per year.

The Port infrastructure of this region is perfectly aligned with a wide logistics infrastructure of (7) Free Zones, which contributes to about 45% of the total exports of all Free Zones enabled in the Country.

The competitive advantages presented by the Valle del Cauca Region, makes this area one of the fastest growing in the logistics sector, classifying it as a multimodal zone that offers the appropriate conditions for nearshoring opportunities.

We look forward to utilizing the advantages this new branch has to offer the entire JAS Network and JAS customer base.

Parker Recognizes JAS : Freight Forwarder of the Year

JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce that Parker Hannifin has awarded JAS Worldwide its coveted Forwarder of the Year award. Parker Hannifin, founded in 1917, supplies the globe with precision engineered solutions. They are a Fortune 250 global leader in industries ranging from aerospace and climate control to filtration and automation.

In past years, this commendation has been awarded to various leaders in the forwarding industry including JAS in 2017; which makes this year's selection of JAS for the second time in 4 years, all that more significant. Parker scored JAS for its numerous attributes including operational KPIs, innovative solutions & continual improvements, compliance, and overall market competitiveness.

As the recipient of the 2020 Forwarder of the Year award, JAS is proud to support Parker Hannifin by providing global multi-modal solutions.

JAS Chile: Trade Lane Director Named

JAS Chile has announced the appointment of Sandra Castaño as Trade Lane Director for Intra-LATAM in/out of Chile.

Castaño has more than 15 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry in Chile and Colombia.  She comes to JAS with a strong background in business development, commodities, and dry cargo along WCSA and México.  In her last assignment Castaño held the role of ocean business development & product manager – exports.

In her new role, Castaño will be 100% focused on Intra-LATAM development, supporting all initiatives related to this key pillar on the JAS Chile 2021 sales strategy.

Please join us in welcoming Sandra to the JAS family!

JAS Mexico Announces Expansion into Perishables

JAS Mexico is excited to announce the appointment of Luis Chavez as the JAS Mexico Head of Perishables.  

With rapid growth occurring in the Perishables sector in Mexico, JAS has decided to retake and pursue this industry by offering more diverse options for our customers with new destinations available around the world.

Starting in September Luis Chavez joined JAS Mexico in the new role as Country Head of Perishables, reporting to Hugo Cardenas, Head of Airfreight for the organization, both being located at JAS Mexico Headquarters in Guadalajara.

Luis brings over 30 years of experience to the company with a degree in International Commerce. He started very early on in the forwarding industry with his career and now has 32 years of experience, specializing in Air Operations. Luis has experience with the operation & administration of charter flights and ACMI (27 years of experience/aircrafts:  727/DC-8, 747-4F and 747-8F). He has managed country operations for global accounts, including air, ocean, cross dock, and logistics. He specifically has 11 years of experience with Air Perishables, handling a diversified product portfolio; berries, avocados, limes, mangos, asparagus, etc to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Luis also has 15 years of experience with the overland local and USA, to build up business demands, as well as 7 years of ocean experience.

With Luis's background and other related business strengths, JAS is very excited to have Luis joining the team.

Please join us in welcoming Luis to the JAS family!


[BETIM, BRAZIL, Sept. 29, 2020] JAS has announced that its Brazilian partner, JAS-SONAVE, has been given the top award for Supply Chain Management, IRF by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The award was presented during the Annual Suppliers Conference and 2020 Suppliers Awards Ceremony, held at its facility in Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The annual event is hosted by FCA to award the Best Suppliers of the Latin America Division. The event considered the partners of the year 2019/2020. More than 100 companies competed in the category: SCM IRF (Supply Chain Management Inter-Regional Flow). Of those, JAS-SONAVE rose to the top spot.

JAS-SONAVE has been closely collaborating with JAS Worldwide since 2010 as the two companies have worked together to accomplish FCA needs. This strong relationship made it possible to bring cost reductions and logistic solutions to FCA.

The factors that led JAS-SONAVE to receive this award were several. According to FCA, JAS-SONAVE was responsible in 2019/2020 for the implementation of an innovative global import data management platform, which contributed to the improvement of logistic processes, identification of opportunities to reduce commercial and operational costs, and sharing of best practices for the assessment of sea and air flows. It was essential for an improvement in risk management, anticipating problems, and proposing robust action plans to avoid major impacts to the FCA group.

JAS-SONAVE CEO - Leonard D.M. Abreu, accepted the award at the event. Said Abreu, “I would like to thank the entire JAS-SONAVE team. Their dedication and sense of responsibility, combined with expert knowledge, offered the FCA Group cost reductions and added supply chain efficiencies. FCA, thank you for recognizing JAS-SONAVE as one of your best logistics partners. Count on us to continue improving our processes to bring innovation to future challenges.”

Watch the event (with interpreters) HERE. JAS-Sonave's award is presented during second part of the award ceremony at the 1:30:10 mark).

Sales & Marketing Director Joins JAS Chile

We are glad to announce that Ricardo Ortiz has joined the JAS family as Sales & Marketing Director JAS Chile.

Ricardo had more than 16 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry in Chile and the Latam region. He has a strong background on Sales Development, Product and P&L management. During the last 6 years held the role of Country Head of Ocean Freight and previously had several positions on the Sales area.

We are sure that Ricardo will be key to generate a boost on Chile growth.

Please join us in welcoming Ricardo to the JAS family!

Appointment of Regional Account Director for Latin America

JAS is proud to announce that Ariel Kraft has joined the JAS Family as REGIONAL ACCOUNT DIRECTOR – LATAM, starting July 1st.

Mr. Ariel Kraft has Business Administration degree and  MBA in Customer Experience Management,  with 18 years’ experience in global  forwarding. He started his professional career in Air & Sea Operations, Customs Clearance  and moved to sales  to develop Trade Lane Germany to South America  before he took  the responsibility to  manage the automotive vertical  and National  sales structure in Brazil  in two different Germany freight forwarders during the last 10 years.

Mr. Kraft started his career in Brazil in 2003 and left 11 years later after being responsible for the Automotive Vertical and Sales Management of the subsidiary. On his last company prior to joining JAS, he had the role of National Sales Manager and Key Account Manager for the Americas, their most relevant Automotive clients.

Ariel is going to be based in our office in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will be working on business development of large accounts in the region, with focus mainly on new logos.

JAS is excited to have Ariel Kraft Join the team. Please join us in welcoming him to the JAS family!

JAS Brazil Announces Sales Director

JAS is proud to announce the appointment of Marcus Harwardt as Sales & Marketing Director JAS Brazil. Markus is joined us on July 6, 2020 and will be based in the Sao Paulo Corporate Office.

Marcus was born and raised in Brazil, with German parents, and graduated in International Transport with a Master Degree in Foreign trade. Has 25 years’ experience in the Logistics market, and has held different leadership positions as District Manager and Head of Sales, in companies such as Hamburg Sud, Kuehne+Nagel, Itapoa Port Terminals, and most recently at Panalpina.

His expertise and vision on strategic development, business planning and sales management will certainly be great value added for JAS Brazil in the future.

Please join us in welcoming Marcus to the JAS family!

JAS VP of Air Freight Featured in Air Cargo Magazine

JAS Worldwide’s Mario Tenebruso, VP of Air Freight - Americas, recently sat down with Air Cargo FOCUS Magazine to discuss his background and his current role at JAS Worldwide. Among the topics discussed by Tenebruso; working with JAS customers during the pandemic, meeting cargo customers’ needs, the effect of trade wars on forwarders, and JAS Worldwide's “single system” software approach.

Read the full interview (begin at page 18 of the published PDF)

Air Cargo FOCUS is the official publication of Cargo Network Services (CNS). Published quarterly, the magazine is dedicated to the air cargo industry and showcases editorial columns, feature articles, news and relevant economic data critical to the industry.

JAS Supports the Medical Industry

On March 31st the HARTMANN GROUP began utilizing JAS’ charted flight operations to facilitate the supply of masks throughout Europe. Based in Heidenheim, Germany, HARTMANN is a leading provider of medical and hygiene products, with its core expertise being in wound treatment, infection prevention, surgical supplies, and personal healthcare.

HARTMANN turned to JAS to help it supply critically needed N95 masks to the governments of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.  These shipments are flown by JAS from Shanghai to Frankfurt for distribution to not only government entities, but also to pharmacies for wider distribution to non-governmental organizations and the public at large.

JAS continues to leverage its expertise in chartered flight operations, export and import clearance, and general distribution services for HARTMANN as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on supply chains throughout the globe. JAS is committed to supporting efforts of customers like HARTMANN as they work to provide medical supplies when and where they are needed most.

When asked to comment on PPE supply chain challenges, Thomas-Garry Stiller, Senior VP of Procurement at HARTMANN remarked, “Sourcing those masks is one thing, but how to get them to Europe? Answer: JAS.”

JAS offers ongoing chartered flight operations between Shanghai and the cities of Frankfurt, Milan, and Chicago. In support of these air corridors, JAS also maintains distribution networks via its locations in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

JAS Responds to Air Cargo Shortage

On Sunday, March 22nd, JAS Worldwide launched flight operations between Frankfurt (FRA) to the Rickenbacker International Airport near Columbus, Ohio (LCK) with on-forwarding services continuing to LATAM. JAS Worldwide is dedicated to meeting customer demand during the Covid-19 situation by launching additional flight operations in the most important air corridors:

  • Europe to USA and back to Europe
  • China to the USA
  • China to Europe

JAS, the Atlanta-headquartered global freight forwarding and logistics provider, maintains that the goal is to help address the immediate needs of customers who had previously relied on routine air cargo flights between the US and Europe. JAS is enhancing its air service offerings as a result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, which is having a dramatic impact on capacity in the airfreight market.

“Because of the volatility of the situation, JAS is bringing its considerable air freight experience to bear to meet the needs of our customers” said Gregor Vrhunc, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Air Freight.

JAS utilizes 747 freighters to meet the heightened demand in key air corridors.

For more information contact your local JAS office.

JAS Mexico Welcomes New Air Freight Director

​JAS is proud to announce that Hugo Cardenas has joined the JAS Family as the JAS Mexico Air Freight Director this past December.

Mr. Cardenas has an Industrial Engineer degree with almost 30 years of career experience, 15 years with a global technology company where he managed different positions in engineering, finance planning, domestic logistics, warehousing, corporate audit and import/exports operations. Hugo has 15 years of experience in global forwarding, leading in positions such as Branch Manager, flight operations, perishables development, global accounts, and country head of Air Freight.  Additionally Cardenas has managed air freight trade and trade lane development for global and regional accounts throughout his career in Mexico.

JAS is excited to have Hugo Cardenas join the team. Please join us in welcoming him to the JAS family!

JAS Appoints New CCO

​JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce the appointment of Carol Kijac as Chief Commercial Officer.

With more than 25 years of industry and management experience, Carol has increased sales performance by creating and implementing programs that focus on the development of business acumen and client solution design.  An effective team builder adept at fostering top performance, her approach includes identifying individual and team capabilities and optimizing their strengths through continuous coaching, training and customized development plans.

She has held positions with increasing responsibility throughout her career, providing extensive field support to build market presence and drive revenue growth throughout domestic and international markets.  The programs she’s led consistently produced double digit growth annually, both as a sales executive and in management, throughout her impressive career.   JAS is excited to have her expertise and talents joining the team.

Carol previously worked with JAS as a consultant in 2015 on projects related to delivering the best solutions to our clients. Our business relationship developed into a strong partnership and eventually led to Carol joining JAS to work more closely with the team.

​Please join us in welcoming Carol to the JAS family!

JAS Leading into the Future

JAS is excited to announce the graduates of the 2nd Edition, 2019, Leading Into The Future Management Program. in Latin America.

This program lasts several weeks and puts participants through simulations, experiential activities, and case studies. These experiences enable our leaders to flourish and reach their full leadership potential, giving them guidelines to operate within while solving problems and thinking on their feet.

This program not only teaches real life scenarios, but also enables our team members to self-analyze themselves and discover more about how their leadership styles impact others and their team. This helps leaders to better understand others needs and improve upon their style of management. This self evaluation leads to better synergy within and throughout departments as well as greater successes over time.

JAS Leading Into the Future - Management Program, has 4 modules that each participant must complete before graduating. They are You as a Leader,  My team, Our Organization, and  Integrated View. Congratulations to our new program graduates as we look forward into 2020, ready to take on new challenges.

JAS Peru Welcomes New Sales Manager

Starting February 1st 2020, Jetsys Lavado assumed the position of National Sales Manager for JAS Peru. Jetsys has been working in JAS as Customs Broker Manager for the last 3 years, growing this product exponentially.

​Jetsys Lavado  has been a logistics professional since 2001 where she started work at PESQUERA PIZARRO (Seafood Exportation – perishables cargo) when she was 19 years old, as a Management Assistant, her main function was to support the sales team in purchase order generation, developing quoting and negotiation skills with the Logistics suppliers to improve rates whit in supply chain. Then she started working at GLOBAL PHOENIX TRADE, a trading company that operates in China (where the head office is) and Perú, dedicated to the sale of steel coils and plates, her main achievement was the acquisition of top customers for the company.

The conjuncture of the changes in customs regulations and being in the last cycles of her studies in Foreign trade and Customs at ADEX (Institute of the Exporters Association) made her interested in knowing more about that process, it was then in 2005 she started working at AUSA ADUANAS S.A, the first in the ranking of customs agencies nationwide in Perú, where she started as a commercial assistant and made that a professional career until becoming the Commercial Chief and having a team of 20 people under her leadership, her main achievement was the development and implementation of the integral Logistic Service department, services implemented for TIENDAS PERUANAS & SUPERMERCADOS PERUANOS, (HOME CENTER), COMPAÑÍA INTERNACIONAL DEL CAFÉ and PERHUSA- ALTOMAYO putting into practice her knowledge of management development and applied Logistics acquired from her studies in Business Administration at the Private University SJB, and also Supply Chain Managment program at CENTRUM, consolidating her knowledge in Door-to-door service, warehousing, distribution and 4PL.

After 10 years in AUSA, she was hired by Antares Logistics (NYK Carrier Network) as Senior Sales Executive, where she managed the APAC trade lane and obtained important results such as the acquisition of the back to school campaigns, after that she was hired by MIQ Logistics (now Noatum Logistics, it was Complete Acquisition of the Multinational MIQ Logistics) as Business Development Manager, having as main responsibility be the implementation of the integral logistics department.

Jetsys has been part of the JAS team since 2017, developing door-to-door services, consolidating local negotiations and managing cross-selling with the sales team. JAS is proud to have Jetsys as the new Sales Manager for Peru. Please join us in welcoming her.

JAS Enlists Man's Best Friend

In November of 2018, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced their consent for explosive detection canine teams to become registered Security Program holders under the Certified Cargo Screening Program-K9.   This program allows airlines and freight forwarders to utilize private sector canine teams as a primary screening resource, essentially reducing time and costs compared to other screening methods.

JAS Forwarding (USA) has long been a member of the TSAs Certified Cargo Screening Program and currently has CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) locations in all major gateways.  “While we currently utilize XRAY and ETD technology as our primary screening methods, there are still inefficiencies in the screening process that can slow down a CCSF and add unnecessary labor costs and time,” explains Sommer Sampson, Corporate Principle Security Coordinator at JAS.  “Most palletized cargo must be screened at the individual piece level. Therefore, it’s taken apart and screened piece-by-piece, then put back together.  With a dog…this all goes away,” says Sampson. The 3PK9 Program allows canines to screen entire pallets without being broken down, reducing screening time from hours to minutes.

Whether a loading dock, aircraft, warehouse, or Unit Load Device, canines are specifically trained to quickly assess any and all areas for potential explosive threats without business disruption. Canines have proven to be the most effective means to screen shipments comprised of multiple commodities.  In some cases (e.g. drums, perishable products) they are the ONLY effective means available.

JAS Forwarding (USA) has been working closely with TSA on implementing this new program, by inviting them out to JAS stations for live demos and trials. While canine screening has been present with passenger airlines for years, it is new to the air cargo arena and, therefore, new to TSA inspection authorities as well.  JAS was one of the first freight forwarders approved to conduct trials in its major Gateways and is now successfully using canines as a primary screening method.  Sampson remarks “This will no doubt be a game changer for the industry and we look forward to being a part of that.”

JAS Order Management Solutions

JAS Worldwide knows that the further upstream your company's visibility is with your supply chain, the more opportunities there are to make decisions to alleviate or even avoid pain points caused by uncontrollable factors in your supply chain. Giving companies more control and power over their supply chain can lead to reduced costs, increased visibility, reduced manual processes, reduced errors and reworks, and most importantly meeting your customer expectations.  

Order management(OM) is the administration of business processes related to purchase or sales orders for goods or services. OM promotes automation and the streamlining of order processing for businesses. OM service provides upstream visibility to order related activity from order inception to delivery at line item level.

Using OM can provide visibility and control to the upstream part of the supply chain process, allowing for decisions to be made to mitigate or even avoid uncontrollable downstream factors such as supplier & vendor discrepancies, manufacturing issues, and giving more visibly to the supplier processes. These upstream decisions can include adjustments in lead times for purchases, changes to purchase activity, and managing problem supplier activity.  Without OM, visibility is limited to the the downstream part of the process, limiting or possibly even eliminating the opportunity to make decisions that would mitigate against uncontrollable factors or issues that arise.

The benefits of upstream visibility are fewer shipments, improved consolidations, timing to meet expected date requirements, container utilization, planned consolidation, less LCL and more FCL, less Air Freight, all leading to reduced costs for JAS customers.

JAS provides a single portal for all visibility to all modules via JASTrack, increasing visibility. This offers customers standard and customized reports, order integrated bookings, online order administration, upstream milestone tracking, and order details and activity tracking that includes expected dates, quantities, shipment details, and container details.  The JAS OM includes online bookings tool with copy function, integration of order, booking, shipping, and receiving data, as well as the automation of documents, reducing manual processes.

To reduce errors and the need for reworking JAS uses EDI integrated Order Management, an integration of order, booking, shipping, and receiving data. This allows for the automation of documents and the re-use of data throughout process. Saving time, and generating more efficiency. This enables JAS customers to meet their customers expectations. Giving them expected dates management, expected quantity management, and quality control support processes.

Some additional benefits of JAS Order Management include identifying bottlenecks in the supply chain through visibility, communication, and reporting. All of which can help identify singular or repetitive issues that may be causing bottlenecks in the process. This visibility also lends to removing supply chain "black holes" making sure that there is no lack of visibility to any section of the supply chain process. Along with visibility, JAS Order Management also keeps logs of historical data in an organized and reportable fashion, providing empowerment to your company to make important decisions to resolve issues within your supply chain

Why choose JAS Order Management?
Being a global company, JAS has the presence available at origin to help you manage your orders directly with your suppliers. JAS is also able to levy the cost of advantages of consolidating your cargo into fewer containers through upstream visibility for better load planning. Additionally, with SKU level visiblity JAS OM allows you to manage your orders at the part level with seamless integration of order data in our web-based order and shipment tracker.

JAS Chile Office Gets a Facelift

JAS Chile is happy to announce that the Santiago branch recently got a complete upgrade to their office space. Adding more modern style to the workspace as well as giving the office an overall more comfortable atmosphere. The new design allows for increased natural light and common spaces that can be utilized for open meetings and collaboration.  These upgrades improve not only the aesthetics of the office but allow employees to more efficiently, and enjoyably, communicate and work together to achieve their goals.

Congratulations to JAS Chile on their new office setting.

JAS Mexico City Management Appointment

JAS is proud to announce that Rogelio Terrones was appointed as Head of the JAS Mexico City branch. Rogelio has been with JAS for 2 years as a Global Account Director and is now in charge of one of the most important branches in Mexico and one of the biggest offices of the entire region.

Along with the appointment of Terrones, JAS Mexico is also happy to announce that the Mexico City Branch has also moved to a beautiful new location.

With excellent new leadership and an all new office location, JAS Mexico is re-enforcing its presence in business development in the central region of Mexico.

Congratulations to JAS Mexico.


ICC has launched Incoterms® 2020, the newest edition of the trade terms for the delivery of goods. Incoterms provides certainty and clarity to business and traders globally.

According to the International Chamber of Commerce, publishers of Incoterms:

  • Incoterms® 2020 provides for demonstrated market need in relation to bills of lading (BL) with an on-board notation and the Free Carrier (FCA) Incoterms® rule.
  • Incoterms® 2020 aligns different levels of insurance coverage in Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) and Carriage and Insurance Paid To (CIP).
  • Incoterms® 2020 includes arrangements for carriage with own means of transport in FCA, Delivered at Place (DAP), Delivered at Place Unloaded (DPU), and Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). There is a change in the three-letter name for Delivered at Terminal (DAT) to DPU.
  • Incoterms® 2020 includes security-related requirements within carriage obligations and costs.
JAS Partners with Netflix

JAS Corporate Headquarters partnered with Netflix to film multiple episodes of upcoming production, Raising Dion. Many of you may be familiar with Executive Producer, Michael B. Jordan from Black Panther and/or the Creed movies. We were privileged to have the show’s original creator, Dennis Liu, onsite contributing to the action. It was an exciting five days having cast, crew, and multiple tractor-trailers on site.

We are happy to announce Raising Dion will be available on Netflix Friday, October 4, for any who have a subscription. The teaser, just released, features a brief shot inside JAS. Once the link is open, you may position your cursor at the bottom of the screen; at second-counter :24/1.42, to see a brief shot taken inside our World Wide Headquarters lobby.

​Remember to tune in Friday, October 4. Will be fun to look for JAS scenes throughout the series!

JAS Mexico New Aerospace Manager

JAS Mexico is excited to announce the hiring of new Aerospace Manager, Mr. Francisco Robles. Francisco joins the JAS team in Mexico City, reporting directly to JAS Mexico Managing Director, Claudio Testa. While also working in cooperation with the Mexico sales team, VP of Aerospace - John Brennan, and VP of Sales & Marketing LATAM - Manuele Mazzacurati to expand JAS reach further into the rapidly growing aerospace industry market in Mexico.

Francisco earned his degree in Marketing from ESCA Tepepan IPN. He has almost 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry internationally, having worked with and in several countries including the United States, Germany, Italy, and France. He is also familiar with Central America and has worked in offices in both Mexico and Costa Rica.

Throughout his career Francisco has worked closely with vertical markets such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, High Technology, and Aerospace, the last of which he has 7 years of previous experience.  Francisco has broad experiences in his career, varying from customer service to business development and the specialized handling of helicopter transportation via air, ocean and truck, including support at ports, airports and customs offices.

At JAS people make the difference, and JAS is pleased to welcome Mr. Francisco Robles to the JAS family. We look forward to continuing to grow with him!

JAS Brazil Becomes AEO Certified

JAS Brazil is proud to announce that they have become certified as an AEO - Authorized Economic Operator.

Over the past couple of years countries in Latin America such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Peru have started adopting higher level security standards to stay in alignment with the global trade industry's movement towards higher security for international commerce.  One way of implementing higher security standards is requiring exporters to be AEO certified. An AEO certified party is able to move goods in a way that has been approved of on or behalf of a national Customs administration as complying with World Customs Organization (WCO) Supply Chain Standards (or equivalent standards).

JAS is proud to be able to offer the highest levels of security to our customers. Congratulations to the JAS Brazil Team!

JAS MX Name Automotive National Account Manager

From 2001 until today, the automotive industry in Mexico has received more than 40,000 million dollars of Foreign Direct Investment, which represents an important driver in the economic activity of the country.

This sector has become strategic for the national economy and has gained a great reputation internationally, due to the fact that its exports contributed to the increase of foreign currency revenues in 2015 by 114,493.4 million dollars, almost 4.8 times the income from oil exports during the same period.

In concrete figures:

  • Mexico is the largest automobile producer in Latin America since 2014 and ranks seventh globally; by 2020 it is estimated to produce more than 5 million units per year and be the fifth producer worldwide.
  • Mexico is the 5th worldwide producer of auto parts and 1st in Latin America. 90% of the TOP 100 auto parts manufacturers in the world are installed in Mexico.
  • Of each 100 vehicles manufactured in Mexico, more than 80 units are exported, having trade with around more then 100 countries. Mexico is 1st light vehicle supplier of the USA.
  • 4th Worldwide producer of German Luxury Vehicles for 2020.
  • 2 of 5 top Producing Plants in North America (VW Puebla & Nissan Aguascalientes).
  • More than 30 Automotive Design Centers.
  • Mexico has 13 free trade agreements with 52 countries, exporting 79 billion in auto parts.

Its evolution has been such that, at the end of 2018, the automotive and auto parts sector represented approximately 3.7% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 20.2% of the Mexican manufacturing GDP, according to information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

As comparative figures, in 2008, the sector contributed 2.1% of the national GDP and 12.7% of the manufacturing GDP.

Based on the above information and in order to achieve and go beyond the expectations of our customers in such a large industry in Mexico,  JAS Mexico has decided to name Ms Martha Jazmin Garcia as the new National Account Manager. Martha will be the main contact for the Automotive Industry in JAS Mexico. Martha, under Mr Jim Ryan who leads the JAS Automotive Industry globally, is responsible for the strategic creation and execution of solutions that can provide solutions and improvements to customers throughout all JAS Mexico offices.

Part of this strategy will include the JAS specialized portfolio services which will be made available at all operation desks at every branch in Mexico. Martha will be a main point of reference for other JAS personnel around the globe, being in charge of the development of business among automotive customers.

Martha Jazmin Garcia has been a professional in the Freight Forwarding Industry since 2006, when she started working as sales support, issuing quotations and dealing with customers that let her have her first contact in the area of sales; based on that experience and the rapid speed she excelled to the regional level of sales, she was promoted upward within the company through the sales department, but in China as a Mexican Help Desk associate where she was the main channel of communication with the Chinese market and her Mexican counterparts. After three years she returned to Mexico where she was enrolled as a Sales Executive in the Bajio Area, located in Queretaro, where she increased her contact with Automotive Customers. After that, she was promoted to a Sales Supervisor in the same region thanks to her hard work and determination, she was then promoted to Sales Manager in Puebla, where VW & Audi suppliers are steadily growing cargo operations.

Based on that experience and in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry and atmosphere, she was hired by JAS in 2018 as a Key Account Manager, attending to more than 20 users located in around 10 plants, between Queretaro, Guadalajara, Ramos Arizpe, Toluca, Durango, Monterrey, and Agua.

JAS is proud to have people like Martha with us making the difference for our customers! Please join us in congratulating her on this new position.

JAS Colombia Opens New Office

JAS Colombia is proud to announce the opening of their newest branch office in Barranquilla, located in the North Zone of beautiful Colombia.

​Barranquilla is a city full of logistics history, being the first port to open in Colombia in 1936. The city also represents a strategic central axis in the growth process of the country due to its close proximity to the ports of Cartagena and Santa Marta, making Barranquilla the natural export hub in the Caribbean.

The port of Barranquilla stands out for its efficient port infrastructure due to the interconnection it presents with the main fluvial ports of the country. JAS Colombia looks forward to leveraging the benefits of such an infrastructure for our customers, giving them the advantages they need to succeed. At JAS people make the difference and JAS Colombia is ready to continue that tradition with their newest branch in Barranquilla.

Congratulations to JAS Colombia. We invite you to get to know more about JAS Colombia and see how they can help you!

JAS in the Top 10 Ocean Exporters for Peru

By the end of 2015, when Mr. Delgado and Mr. Lozano took over the positions of Managing Director and Sales Manager of JAS Peru respectively, JAS Peru had decided to focus on developing the ocean export market, given the tremendous potential still unexplored. At that time JAS Peru was the 52nd forwarder in the market, with a total of 387 TEUS moved over the course of one year.

After 2 years of investing in building a strong export team, both in product and sales, and then over the course of 2018 the results of those efforts ended the year with more than 3,200 TEUS and placing JAS Peru as the 8th largest exporter in Peru.

The driver of this tremendous exponential growth has been the trade lane between Peru & Chile, and as of 2018 JAS Peru remained firmly the number 1 in the market.

2019 has started with the same trend and JAS Peru intends to end it with strong double digit growth. JAS Peru is working hard this year on the development of other destinations in the Americas with untapped potential to explore such as Colombia, Mexico and USA. JAS Peru's strong partnership with key carriers as well as the current position and strength in the market is allowing for growth at a steady pace. And with the addition of the great support from the JAS global network, JAS Peru is ready to continue to show that People Make The Difference!

JAS Americas Announces New VP Airfreight

​JAS Worldwide is proud to announce that Mr. Mario Tenebruso joined the JAS family as Vice President, Air Freight for the Americas this past June, beginning on the 10th.

Mario is an Italian citizen who grew-up in Germany and has been living in the United States since 2011.

During his 26 years career in the industry, he has performed many critical roles for major global forwarders such as Gateway Manager, Key Account Manager, Ocean Import Manager, and Vice President-Airfreight Operation USA;  the most recent role he helpd for the last five years has been the District Head of Air Freight, USA  - East region.

JAS is excited to have Mario join the team. Please join us in welcoming him to the family!

JAS USA Attends Coverings 2019

JAS Forwarding attended the 2019 Coverings Show which took place at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL from April 09th to April 12th.

Coverings Show is the largest event in the vertical sector of Stone, Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Travertine, Quartz and Tiles in North America housing over 1000 exhibitors and 15 thousands visitors in an area of 300.000 square feet. The International exhibitors are visiting from Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, Greece, China, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Spain.

The outcome of the event was a success.  JAS Forwarding was located in the main passage making a high volume of clients passing our greetings. As a result of our past years development, market acknowledgement and support from our long term partnerships with manufacturers, other suppliers and consignees, the event provided a positive numbers of visitors exceeding 60 companies with either existing or potential business partners.  

For more than 30 years, Coverings has been the most predominant event for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry. Year after year, visitors from every facet of the tile and stone industry find Coverings to be the most important event to see thousands of new products, new suppliers and new technology to support future growth.

The exhibitors are divided between:

The next Coverings Show will be in New Orleans, LA as from April 20th till 23rd of 2020.


Mr. Leon Kouyoumdjian – Transpacific Trade Lane Director – USCOR
Mr. Arun NIkkan – India Trade Lane Director – USCOR
Mr. Manoel Versolato – Product Development Manager – BRSAO
Mr. Pablo Talledo – National Sales Director – ESMAD
Mrs. Rishma Patel – CHB Manager – USATL
Mr. Joao Machado – Natural Stone Vertical Director - USCOR

JAS Colombia Celebrates 20 Years

On March 8, 2019, JAS Colombia celebrated its 20 year anniversary.

The celebration took place in the city of Bogota, with enjoyable cocktails with JAS Colombia's most important clients. JAS Colombia was also delighted to be joined by JAS Worldwide Top Management as special guests at the celebration. These guests included Marco Rebuffi (Global CEO), Adrian Emmenegger (EVP Americas), Manuele Mazzacurati, Angelo Simpson, Maria Emilia Davila, Rindo Mariani, and David Gonzalez. All of whom had the opportunity to interact with  local clients as well as JAS colleagues.

Such an important milestone shines light on an important milestone for JAS Colombia, which is led by Maria Paula Eslava, its Managing Director. Many elements were obtained from this event: experience, strategy, internal synergies, and a team that  wants to work hard to make a difference.

JAS Colombia would like to especially thank their global network of colleagues for the support provided during these past 20 years.

JAS USA Welcomes New National Account Director

Joao Machado is the new National Account Director for JAS USA. In his position as Director, he is responsible for directing the sales development, procurement and collaboration strategies activities within the Natural Stone Vertical on a national level.  

Mr. Machado is originally from Brazil and he has over 19 years of experience in the Freight Forwarding industry in the areas related to Sales, Operations, Ocean Procurement and Management. He is specialized in the industry of Natural Stones out of Brazil, Italy, India, Spain, China and many other countries and he will be able to assist JAS networking and customers with any questions or concerns. For many years Mr. Machado was globally responsible for moving the exhibitions of the Granite fairs in Vitoria (Brazil), Coverings (USA) and Verona (Italy). He is fluent in Portuguese and English and he has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil.

Joao Machado started his career with Figwal, a Brazilian based freight forwarder and moved up to multinational companies such as ABX Logistics and DSV Group. Joao originally joined JAS in December of 2009 in Vitoria, Brazil to develop the Natural Stone Vertical. Even though Joao started as the head of the stone division for JAS Brazil, his experience in P&L, sales, operations and product, allowed him to also held other important positions such as Regional Sales Manager, Branch Manager (Santos Office), and National Trade Lane Manager for the Southbound USA-Brazil.  Due to Joao’s very long and established career in this Vertical, in 2015, Joao accepted the challenge to join JAS USA as part of the Natural Stone Development team together with Mr. Leon Kouyoumdjian, to leverage JAS business presence in this specific market, provide customers a competitive advantage for their businesses and improve the value of the industry with respect to capacity and specialized services.  

As the biggest stone market in the world, with total consumption of over US $30 billion in 2018, the US market trends are of the highest importance to many stone processing factories all over the world to mention some: Brazil, Italy, Spain, India, China, Turkey, Greece, Vietnam etc.

With his high level of drive, experience and enthusiasm, we look forward to Joao leading the Natural Stone Vertical.

JAS Named Best Customer Service Provider

The Quest for Quality Awards are the gold standard for customer satisfaction and performance excellence for carriers, ports, and logistics providers worldwide.

“Quest for Quality Awards are uniquely purposeful in our market because the winners are determined by our readers—the buyers of logistics and transportation services who put these carriers and service providers to work on a daily basis all over the world,” said Michael Levans, Group Editorial Director of Peerless Media, LLC., the publisher of LM.  “Logistics Management readers are proud to honor them with the highest vote of service confidence when they do. There is nothing that compares to these awards in the market,” said Levans.

About the Quest for Quality Awards

To determine the best of the best, LM readers—logistics, transportation, and supply chain decision makers—rate carriers, third-party logistics (3PL) service providers, and U.S. port operators strictly on the basis of service quality. One of the most notable elements about the Quest for Quality Awards is that it calls these shippers to vote in the genre of services in which they are customers; therefore, they vote for the providers that they believe have best delivered on quality service in specific niches.

This year, LM had 4,500 ballots cast from logistics and supply chain decision makers resulting in 138 transportation and logistics services providers who earned Quest for Quality gold. Of these, JAS Worldwide was voted #1 in Customer Service for Airfreight Forwarders for 2018.

​Logistics Management magazine and are the leading business-to-business information resources for logistics and transportation professionals in charge of the planning, management, purchase of freight transportation services.

New Southeast Asia Trade Lane Director

JAS USA is excited to announce the new Southeast Asia Trade Lane Director, Vivien Ng.

A message from Vivien:

Hello Colleagues,
My name is Vivien Ng. I am the newly appointed Southeast Asia Trade Lane Director.

​I am excited to be the pioneer in driving the Southeast Asia Trade Lane Initiative with support from JAS management.

My previous position was as a Transpacific BD manager for DB Schenker. Before that, I was located in Singapore where I started my career in the freight forwarding business.  I moved to the United States in 2010.

My language fluency includes English, Mandarin, Malay, and local Chinese dialects, Hokkien and Teochew.  I am a native of Singapore.

It is my pleasure to join a young and dynamic company like JAS who is open to ideas and remains focused on change for the better.

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years.

Best Regards,

JAS Mexico is Celebrating 20 Years

On July 31, 2018, JAS Mexico celebrated its 20th anniversary. Under the leadership of Mr. Claudio Testa, who opened the first office in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1998, JAS México now has 10 branches from north to south covering most of the country and delivering the best in class service to our customers.

A big thanks to all JAS México employees for their dedication and commitment. As our slogan says "People make the difference" and they did and continue to do so, helping  JAS Mexico reach this important milestone.

JAS is proud of the progress made during these first 20 years and look forward to the next 20!

A formal celebration will take place in November in the beautiful town of Tequila, Jalisco to commemorate this very important achievement with JAS customers and colleagues.

JAS Peru Consolidates Its Growth

JAS has strengthened its technological investment under a new platform. JAS is an international freight forwarder with a top 10 ranking in the country of Peru, with the highest growth in air imports. JAS is favored by the implementation of solid market penetration and growth strategies with its clients in respective markets, as well as the development of technology that raise the level of productivity of its operations and quality of information in real time.

JAS Forwarding Peru has tools that include JAStrack and GlobalOne. These are tools that allow the company and its clients to have absolute control over the development of their operations, to have full visibility of the processes, compliance or deviations, and even cost structure from start to finish of your operations.

The user, through a password, can manage tracking, obtain reports, and print shipping documents in their offices, commercial invoices, packing lists, among other things, in real time. With this, one can analyze the performance of your operations with the references you choose. In addition, JAS has implemented various management indicators (KPIs) to measure and evaluate processes and service quality. Both JAS and the client can use this tool according to their needs and what is useful to each user or operation.

This administration, reports, and KPI analysis allow the company and the client to make management decisions from a more strategic perspective. “The main commitment is to provide essential information for decision making, evaluate operational performance and decision making,” states Carlos Lozano, Commercial Manager JAS Forwarding Peru SAC.

In addition to this platform, JAS Forwarding Peru has had an important impact in the consolidation of results for its services, growing outstandingly in the development of its products, both air and maritime.

To deepen the momentum achieved in the growth of JAS and the management of this platform, we spoke with Carlos Lozano, Sales Manager of JAS Forwarding Peru.

What growth figures are there to highlight in your Air, Maritime and Customs operations?

“We have grown substantially in the imported air product this year, with more than 26% of the volume with respect to last year; despite an adverse conjuncture of capacity and spaces towards the second semester of last year, while our exports grew in a smaller proportion. Regarding the maritime product of import, we maintained the expectations of growth. In exports, we consolidated our position in the market tripling the volumes, with respect to the previous year, consolidating ourselves in the development of exports in Latin America, making synergies with the countries of the region which has helped a lot in the negotiations at the regional level.

Likewise, at the customs level, complementing the services in destination to the import and export charges, we managed to grow more than 37% in the number of operations with respect to the previous year.

Our platform has allowed us to make timely decisions, add value to our customers, improve our processes and reduce costs.”

What strategies and service capabilities have helped you achieve this in your services?

“We focus on working hand in hand in the critical points of our clients; improving, for example, in the case of air products, the impact of partial shipments of volume cargo, as a result of the high demand for spaces and low capacity in some markets; through plans of shipments (forecasts) mitigating the partialization. At the same time, we focused on removing the charges at destination, the same day they arrived, avoiding incurring additional costs.

Likewise, we put a lot of focus on strategic traffic, where we were able to develop high value products, optimization and implementation of new consolidated ones, allowing to have safe spaces to competitive conditions.”

Regarding your new warehouse in Miami, what motivated your installation? How is it designed and how will it contribute to the company's objectives?

“Growth in our operations and the excellent results of JAS in the United States and in the world; considering that Miami concentrates 80% of the US export cargo, at the corporate level it was decided to expand our warehouse capacity in Miami to be able to serve our customers more efficiently, with many added values ​​with personalized service. Today we have a warehouse of more than 90,000 cubic feet, we have all the quality and safety certifications, high technology systems, 34 service doors, and 24-hour service to meet air and sea cargo in the same location.”

What improvements have you added to your Customer Service and what impact has it had on the consolidation of JAS?

“The strategy for this year remains in growth and profitability, which is why the Customer Service function is essential for the retention and growth of our businesses, which is why we have reinforced the area with personnel with a high impact profile and have all of the necessary resources to meet the requirements of our customers.

Although we have GlobalOne, this system definitely does not replace people; despite being a powerful tool, we have a very motivated Customer Service team that has allowed us to consolidate our clients under the culture of proactivity and flexibility that characterizes us.”

JAS has a tool called JASTrack. What does this tool consist of and how is its management carried out?

“JAStrack is a very powerful tool that has allowed our clients not only to have a usual visibility and follow-up, but to manage the logistics chain efficiently, allowing an absolute control of the performance of their operations, as well as full visibility into the start-up cost structure to the end.

In JAS Forwarding we establish indicators and commitments with our clients. These agreements allow us to better understand the business and adjust the service according to each need, we assign measurement KPIs that we evaluate periodically.

The level of access of the tool can be offered at all levels, from a daily operational level, to a managerial level, the main commitment is to help the decision making according to operational and compliance performances.”

What features does the JASTrack have and for what operations or specific requirements can it be applied?

“JASTrack allows us to manage the entire logistics chain:

1. Real-time visibility of all online operations.
2. Monitoring at the level of P.O, commercial invoice, reference or the one that the client considers convenient.
3. Review of shipping costs in real time
4. Export documents online: hawbs, hbls, packing list, commercial invoices.
5. Customized automatic reports
6. Visibility of logistics costs (door to door)
7. KPI reports
8. P.O Management
9. Exception Management
10. Booking Management.
11. Targets and kpis of cost reduction
12. One single file (Export / Import)

In which indicators can you measure the improvements or the impact on your clients' operations when using this tool?

The tool allows you to measure operations in different ways, for example, cost analysis in real time, including detail for better analysis: international freight, land transport, terminal costs, customs, rights, etc. We also do cost analysis based on the number of operations, Kgs or TEUs according to periods to understand where we have deviations, this helps our clients a lot because it gives them visibility and control.”

What advantages does JAS offer compared to other companies that use similar technologies?

“A single system worldwide, the access of the tool that has the
The client is the same one that we use in our operations, this allows our clients to have absolute control of all their operations, we also ensure visibility in real time, that means personnel, systems and processes working around the world 24/7.”

Can this tool be customized according to the requirements of its clients?

“It is correct, the tool is designed to fit every need, we or even the clients themselves can program the tool as appropriate, you can implement reports to arrive on certain days and schedules, you can receive according to the events of your choice. Likewise, the tracking analysis can be done according to the reference of each client.”

On average, in the optimal case, how much can logistics costs be reduced with this tool?

“It depends on the type of business, volume and industry, we also know that there is a hidden cost in the logistics chain that cannot be quantified at the moment but often the most important is the opportunity cost, it is the cost of not having the merchandise at the right time, this cost is often more important because it allows us to reduce the commercial impact and commitments that our customers can have.

But answering your question, we have had cases with technology customers where we have reduced their costs by up to 27% on average.”

How many countries are present with this tool, in what parts of the world?

“The tool is active in more than 80 countries where JAS Forwarding has a presence around the world, allowing to have information in real time and absolute visibility of all operations.”

What plans do you have in regard to changes or improvements of the tool?

“The tool is practically new, it has not been more than a year and a half since the implementation, but it is already active all over the world, the changes will be adjusted accordingly.”

Does using this tool in the services provide what impact has occurred on the growth and expansion objectives of JAS?

“Reducing all company systems under a single platform has helped significantly, we have managed to have a very efficient response level for our clients and avoid late status. This has allowed us to consolidate our air and maritime import and export services mainly, rapid response, reservations, consolidation, communication with the network, and online documents; it is key to be able to aim for sustained growth.”

Empresa fortalece inversión tecnológica bajo nueva plataforma “GlobalOne y JASTrack”. JAS es el agente de carga internacional, dentro del top 10 del ranking del país, de mayor crecimiento en importaciones aéreas, favorecidos por la implementación de estrategias sólidas de penetración y crecimiento en sus clientes en los respectivos mercados, así como del desarrollo de herramientas de tecnología que elevan el nivel de productividad de sus operaciones y calidad de información en tiempo real.

JAS Forwarding Perú, uno de los principales agentes de carga, cuenta con la plataforma GlobalOne y JasTrack, herramientas que le permiten a la Empresa y a sus Clientes tener un control absoluto del desenvolvimiento de sus operaciones, disponer de una visibilidad completa de los procesos, cumplimientos o desviaciones, e incluso estructura de costos de inicio a final de sus operaciones.

El usuario, a través de un password, puede administrar el seguimiento, obtener reportes e imprimir en sus oficinas documentos de embarque, facturas comerciales, listas de empaque, entre otros, en tiempo real. Con ello puede analizar el desempeño de sus operaciones con las referencias que elija.

Asimismo, la Empresa implementa diversos indicadores de gestión (KPI ́s) para medición y evaluación de los procesos y calidad del servicio. Además, JAS y hasta el propio cliente pueden adecuar la herramienta, según las necesidades e indicadores útiles a cada usuario u operación.

Con esta administración, reportes y análisis de KPI, permite a la Empresa y al Cliente la toma de decisiones gerenciales desde una perspectiva más estratégica, generando economías a escala, productividad operativa y la optimización de costos. “El compromiso principal es facilitar información esencial para la toma de decisiones, evaluar desempeños operativos y toma de decisiones”, indica Carlos Lozano, Gerente Comercial JAS Forwarding Peru SAC.

Complementariamente a esta plataforma, JAS Forwarding Perú ha tenido un impacto importante en la consolidación de resultados por sus servicios, creciendo de manera sobresaliente en el desarrollo de sus productos tanto aéreo como marítimo.

Para profundizar acerca del impulso logrado en el crecimiento de JAS y el gerenciamiento de esta plataforma, conversamos con Carlos Lozano, gerente de ventas de JAS Forwarding Peru.

¿Qué cifras de crecimiento hay por destacar en sus operaciones Aéreo, Marítimo y Aduanas?

“Hemos crecido sosteniblemente en el producto aéreo de importación más del 26% del volumen respecto del año pasado; a pesar de una coyuntura adversa de capacidad y espacios hacia el segundo semestre del año pasado; en tanto nuestras exportaciones crecieron en menor proporción. Respecto del producto marítimo de importación, mantuvimos las expectativas de crecimiento y en exportaciones consolidamos nuestra posición en el mercado triplicando los volúmenes respecto del año anterior, consolidándonosasíeneltopranking vía desarrollo de exportaciones en Latinoamérica haciendo sinergias con los países de la región lo que ha ayudado mucho para las negociaciones a nivel regional.

Asimismo a nivel de Aduanas, complementando los servicios en destino a las cargas de importación y exportación, logramos crecer más del 37% en número de operaciones respecto del año anterior.
Nuestra plataforma nos ha permitido la toma de decisiones oportunas, agregando valor a nuestros clientes, mejorando procesos y reducción de costos.”

¿Gracias a qué estrategias y capacidades de servicio han logrado esto en sus servicios?

“Nos focalizamos en trabajar muy de la mano en los puntos críticos de nuestros clientes; mejorando por ejemplo, para el caso del producto aéreo, el impacto de envíos parciales de carga de volumen, a consecuencia de la alta demanda de espacios y baja capacidad en algunos mercados; a través de planes de embarques (forecasts) mitigando la parcialización, pero a su vez, nos focalizamos en retirar las cargas en destino, el mismo día que llegaban, evitando incurrir en costos adicionales.

Asimismo, pusimos mucho foco en tráficos estratégicos, donde pudimos desarrollar productos de alto valor, optimización e implementación de nuevos consolidados propios, permitiendo tener espacios seguros a condiciones competitivas.”

Acerca de su nuevo almacén en Miami, ¿qué motivó su instalación?, ¿cómo está diseñado y de qué manera contribuirá en los objetivos de la empresa?

“Aconsecuenciadelcrecimientoen nuestras operaciones y a los excelentes resultados de JAS en los Estados Unidos y en el mundo; tomando en cuenta que Miami concentra el 80% de la carga de exportación de USA, a nivel corporativo se decidió expandir nuestra capacidad de almacenes en Miami para poder atender a nuestros clientes de forma más eficiente, con muchos valores agregados con servicio personalizado. Hoy contamos con un almacén de más de 90,000 pies cúbicos, disponemos de todas las certificaciones de calidad y seguridad, sistemas de alta tecnología, 34 puertas de atención, servicio de 24 hrs, para atender cargas aéreas y marítimas en una misma locación.”

¿Qué mejoras han añadido a su Customer Service y qué impacto ha tenido en la consolidación de JAS?

“La estrategia para este año se mantiene en crecimiento y rentabilidad, es por ello que la función de Customer Service es esencial para el retention y crecimiento de nuestros negocios, es por ello que hemos reforzado el área con personal con un perfil de alto impacto y disponer de los recursos necesarios para atender los requerimientos de nuestros clientes.

Si bien disponemos de GlobalOne, definitivamente este sistema no reemplaza a personas; no obstante de ser una poderosa herramienta, tenemos un equipo de Customer Service muy motivado que nos ha permitido consolidar nuestros clientes bajo la cultura de proactividad y flexibilidad que nos caracteriza.”

JAS cuenta con una herramienta denominada JASTrack. ¿En qué consiste esta herramienta y cómo se realiza su gestión?

“JASTrack es una herramienta muy poderosa que ha permitido a nuestros clientes no solo tener una visibilidad y seguimiento habitual, sino administrar la cadena logística eficientemente, permitiendo un control absoluto de la performancia de sus operaciones, así como visibilidad completa en la estructura de costos de inicio a fin.

En JAS Forwarding establecemos indicadores y compromisos con nuestros clientes, estos acuerdos nos permiten entender mejor el negocio y ajustar el servicio de acuerdo con cada necesidad, asignamos KPIs de medición que vamos evaluando periódicamente.

El nivel de acceso de la herramienta se puede ofrecer a todo nivel, desde un nivel operativo diario, hasta un nivel gerencial, el compromiso principal es que ayude a la toma de decisiones según desempeños operativos y de cumplimientos.”

¿Qué funcionalidades tiene el JASTrack y para qué operaciones o requerimientos específicos puede ser aplicado?

“JASTrack nos permite administrar toda la cadena logística:
1. Visibilidad en tiempo real de todas las operaciones en línea.
2. Seguimiento a nivel de P.O, factura comercial, referencia o la que el cliente considere conveniente.
3. Revisión de costos de embarque en tiempo real
4. Exportar documentos en línea: hawbs, hbls, packing list, facturas comerciales.
5. Reportes automáticos customizados
6. Visibilidad de costos logísticos (door to door)
7. KPIs report
8. P.O. Management
9. Exception Management
10. Booking Management
11. Targets y kpis de Reducción de costos
12. One single file (Export/Import)”

¿En qué indicadores se pueden medir las mejoras o el impacto en las operaciones de sus clientes al utilizar esta herramienta?

“La herramienta te permite medir las operaciones de diferentes formas, por ejemplo, el análisis de costos en tiempo real, incluso por detalle para mejor análisis: fletes internacionales, transporte terrestre, costos de terminal, aduanas, derechos, etc. También hacemos análisis de costos en base al número de operaciones, Kgs o TEU ́s según periodos para entender dónde tenemos las desviaciones, esto ayuda mucho a nuestros clientes porque les da visibilidad y control.”

¿Qué ventajas ofrece JAS en comparación con otras empresas que utilizan tecnologías similares?

“Un solo sistema a nivel mundial, el acceso de la herramienta que tiene el cliente es el mismo que utilizamos en nuestras operaciones, esto permite a nuestros clientes tener control absoluto de todas sus operaciones, además aseguramos visibilidad en tiempo real, ello significa personal, sistemas y procesos trabajando alrededor del mundo 24/7.”

¿Esta herramienta puede ser personalizada de acuerdo con los requerimientos de sus clientes?

“Es correcto, la herramienta está diseñada para ajustarse a cada necesidad, nosotros o incluso los mismos clientes pueden programar la herramienta según convenga, se pueden implementar reportes para que lleguen en determinados días y horarios, lo puedan recibir según los eventos de su elección. Asimismo, el análisis de seguimiento se puede realizar según la referencia de cada cliente.”

¿En promedio, en el caso óptimo, cuánto pueden reducir los costos logísticos con esta herramienta?

“Depende del tipo de negocio, volumen e industria, sabemos también que existe un costo oculto dentro de la cadena logística que no se puede cuantificar de momento pero muchas veces el más importante, es el costo de oportunidad, es el costo de no contar con la mercancía en el tiempo correcto, este costo muchas veces es más importante porque nos permite reducir el impacto comercial y compromisos que pueden tener nuestros clientes.
Pero respondiendo a tu pregunta, hemos tenido casos con clientes de tecnología donde hemos reducido sus costos hasta en un 27% en promedio.”

¿En cuántos países están presentes con esta herramienta, en qué partes del mundo?

“La herramienta se encuentra activa en más de los 80 países donde JAS Forwarding tiene presencia alrededor del mundo, permitiendo disponer de información en tiempo real y visibilidad absoluta de todas las operaciones.”

¿En lo que va del tiempo que utilizan esta herramienta, han realizado modificaciones o mejoras, qué planes tienen al respecto?

“La herramienta prácticamente es nueva, no tenemos más de un año y medio desde la implementación, pero ya se encuentra activa en todo el mundo, los cambios se van a ir ajustando según corresponda.”

¿Utilizar esta herramienta en los servicios que brinda qué impacto ha tenido en los objetivos de crecimiento y expansión de JAS?

“Reducir todos los sistemas de la compañía bajo una sola plataforma ha ayudado significativamente, hemos logrado tener un nivel de respuesta muy eficiente de cara a nuestros clientes y evitar status tardíos. Ello ha permitido consolidar nuestros servicios aéreos y marítimos de importación y exportación principalmente, rapidez en las respuestas, reservas, consolidación, comunicación con el network, documentos en línea; es clave para poder apuntar a crecimientos sostenidos.”

JAS Argentina Makes Additions to Managing Team

​JAS Argentina has faced and overcome many challenges this year, as well as adding many new people into their Managing Team. The new additions have been more than beneficial and made great contributions to the team's growth. Gisela Alamán, the new Sales Team Manager, has helped improve and enlarge the client portfolio through her conscious and active work. Nicolás Rossi, the new Air Freight Manager, has brought with him all of his experience in the field, helping in make JAS' clients confident in the team's reliability. Francisco Mella joined the team as the new Ocean Freight Manager. His drive and innovative ideas have contributed immensely to the team's strength. Lastly, Silvia Santoro, who was previously with JAS, took on the challenge of managing the Operations Department. Her accurate work and diligent search to find solutions has brought the Managing Team closer to fulfilling and exceeding clients' expectations.

This year, JAS Argentina had the opportunity to host two events with their clients to promote the Asia Trade Lane in Argentina. They wanted to build stronger relationships with their clients and make sure they keep in mind what it is that makes JAS Argentina different. JAS Argentina is confident that their team will give their clients the support they need and help them see the value of JAS.

Back in March, JAS Argentina hosted a wine tasting with some of their air freight clients. Stefano Olmi, Vice President of Sales Asia, and Grego Vrhunc, Vice President of Air Freight Americas, were also present. It was a great time to create a closer bond with clients and help them see JAS Argentina's value.

In the beginning of May, JAS Argentina also held a cocktail party with some Ocean Freight clients. Lars Huebecker, Vice President of Ocean Freight Americas, and Gabriel Lopez, Procurement & Trade Lane Manager - South America, Ocean Freight & APAC, were also visiting at the time. It was a priceless opportunity to bring them closer and interact directly with the clients. The Managing Team was able to share their views and prospects for the near future. The team's goal was to help their clients create long-term plans and make informed decisions with first-hand knowledge of what is coming.

The team's aim is to work tirelessly and consistently to become the best. They trust that they are on the right track.

The newly appointed Managing Director, Patricio Pranzetti, shared a brief comment on what his experience has been so far: “So shortly after my journey with JAS had started, the New Year was bringing new and exciting challenges. Seven months have gone by; and at Jas Forwarding de Argentina, we've had the joy of experiencing great growth, consequence of our hard work and dedication.”

JAS Brazil Celebrates 28 Years of Service

In June, 2018 JAS Brazil celebrated its 28th anniversary of successful service.

JAS Brazil began its journey in 1990 with an office in Manaus, and then expanded to 12 other states with 10 of its own offices and exclusive agents in the nation’s main ports and airports, who take care of imports and/or exports.

Today, JAS Brazil is one of the biggest offices from the JAS Worldwide Group. JAS Brazil is headquartered in São Paulo, the third largest city in the world and South America's main economic center.

JAS Brazil has made incredible progress and achievements over the last 28 years and looks forward to commemorating the next years as well.

Congratulations JAS Brazil!

JAS Chile Welcomes New Managing Director

In April 2018, JAS Chile brought on a new Managing Director, Mr. Rodrigo Bustos.

Bustos is an Industrial Engineer with 15+ years of experience in multinational companies. Over the last 10 years he has worked for DHL in Chile and Mexico in different operational and sales roles.

​“The key goal for JAS Chile is to become recognized for our excellent service level." said Bustos.

Chile has a stable market in the region with a strong and aggressive competitors approach but Rodrigo intends to improve targets by focusing on the following 3 pillars:

To have the best and most talented team
To have a motivated and JAS loving team
To have open and respectful communication

Increase our market share by building a strategic sales team
To develop a strong network and trade lane strategy

To add value to our customers by having a service culture throughlut the whole organization
To take advantage of our state-of the-art IT capabilities

JAS Brazil Announces New Controller

JAS Brazil has a new Controller in the finance department, Mrs. Fernanda Ribeiro.  Fernanda joined the team on July 10th, 2018 with a wealth of experience, including heading Finance & Accounting departments at CEVA and DHL before joining JAS.

She has a strong background in corporate finance, controlling, accounting, and taxation, with over 20 years of experience in our industry.

Welcome Fernanda!

New Sales Manager for JAS Chile

JAS Chile is pleased to announce a new Sales Manager for JAS Chile, Ms. Carolina Matamala.

As part of a new growth strategy, JAS Chile is happy to introduce new Sales Manager, Ms. Carolina Matamala. Carolina has more than 11 years of experience in the forwarding industry. Prior to joining JAS, she held many different roles, including roles at Panalpina and Kuehne Nagel. Carolina is excited to join the JAS Family and looks forward to adding her experience to the team.

JAS Chile and Carolina will implement a strategy based on 4 main areas in the coming months.
-Increasing employee knowledge and satisfaction  
-Increasing market share by developing new and expanding on existing key trade lanes
-Making higher customer satisfaction possible
-Increasing synergy between all departments within JAS Chile.

Carolina shares the JAS belief that "People Make the Difference" and looks forward to the future with JAS Chile.  

​Welcome Carolina!

JAS Colombia Receives Recognition
Meet the New Transpacific Trade Lane Director
JAS USA Introduces New Synergy Product

Within many organizations, there are strong synergies that exist between the Operations, Sales, Product, & Management teams. Nurturing this synergy is the key to obtaining healthy growth within a company. JAS USA is now using what they call “The Playbook”; a process that analyzes opportunities together with Product, Trade Lane, and Sales. The Playbook allows sales executives to evaluate the best or "Top Opportunities" in their region, then bridge the gap between Sales and the rest of our organization more fluidly.

The definition of “Top Opportunities” is not based on volume or GP as one might assume.  Instead, it’s based on accounts within the JAS CRM Database, which, with their current rate support from trade lane & product offerings, these clients would benefit from additional service offerings. Identifying these opportunities allows JAS to reach out to customers more readily with service offerings that can greatly benefit our clients and create more opportunities for our customers.

Note: The current CRM requirements are not changing, and the Playbook is only highlighting these particular “90%” opportunities from the JAS CRM system to include them in the Playbook.

This concept allows JAS to secure LTA’s / Bullet / Commodity or Name Account Rates based on volume by combining accounts from the Playbook, giving our customers more options, as JAS is now able to present 6-7 accounts with a combined volume instead of with the individual approach.

Sales today often utilizes more of a consultant stance in order to satisfy the needs of clients. With the “Playbook” process; the same approach is used internally to bridge potential gaps between Sales and Product interactions, allowing for more meaningful conversations with customers.

Air Cargo Screening Pilot Goes Live at JAS USA

As of Monday March 20, 2018, JAS Forwarding (USA) is now assisting CBP and TSA on its initiative to provide enhanced security for air cargo coming into the United States.

​The Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) initiative was created by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to gather data concerning the parties and commodities involved in air cargo prior to its loading on an aircraft at a foreign port. The initiative is currently in the pilot phase, allowing CBP to collaborate with the air cargo industry to determine the most effective means of achieving the desired regulatory results without affecting the speed of air cargo operations. CBP extended the ACAS pilot program last year in hopes of getting more participation. Government officials have stated that mandatory compliance with ACAS may be expedited due to a recent scare concerning an IED found on a plane headed for the United States. This prompted an emergency order requiring stricter scrutiny of air cargo by TSA Administrator David Pekoske. Growing terrorist concern has already prompted six airlines to comply with this requirement on all cargo originating from certain countries.

"Technology innovation remains a cornerstone of our mission to ensure worldwide transparency and an efficient supply chain for our customers by delivering their cargo on time and securely," said Laurie Arnold, Regulatory Compliance Officer at JAS Forwarding (USA). "As an early adopter and one of the few Forwarders participating in the ACAS pilot program, we are sharing information with CBP further back in the supply chain to help identify high-risk air shipments into the U.S. while accelerating the movement of low-risk shipments."

​JAS Forwarding (USA) has partnered with Descartes Global Logistics Network to collect house bill information directly from its Cargo Wise enterprise system to file directly to CBP without any manual intervention, thereby; increasing data quality and velocity.

​“The majority of ACAS pilot participants consists of airlines and express carriers, but has lacked forwarder participation. Representing the forwarding community, we have the chance to help write the rules before we are subjected to their requirements," says Sommer Sampson, Corporate IAC Security Coordinator at JAS Forwarding (USA). "We're excited to be an active part in the ACAS pilot and committed to enhancing readiness for the regulation when it is issued." Ms. Sampson is the lead 24hr contact with CBP NTS (National TargetingCenter), along with team member Fabienne Jolly Corporate Compliance Coordinator, CCS. Sampson states, “Getting on board with this initiative was no easy task and we could not have done it without the assistance of our IT Special Projects division...... It was truly a team effort.”

New Managing Director for JAS Argentina

​JAS Argentina is pleased to announce a new Managing Director for JAS Argentina, Mr. Patricio Pranzetti.

Mr. Pranzetti has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Commerce, together with a Master Degree in Business Administration, and postgraduate degrees in Marketing & Psychology and Logistics. Having solid experience in the field, JAS Argentina is confident he will be a great asset to our Americas region.

Pranzetti strongly believes in the JAS slogan: “People Make the Difference” and the companty's top priority to have the most talented team in the market and become the supplier of choice for JAS customers.

Every action JAS Argentina takes will be implemented with passion & creativity to focus on 4 strategic blocks:
Increasing profitability through a commitment to high quality service
Increasing market share
Develop higher employee satisfaction
Make possible higher client satisfaction

Pranzetti believes business development, operational excellence, as well as a high performance culture will be the drivers to achieve a sustainable growth in the coming years.

JAS Argentina has a solid marketing and sales team willing to support tradelane development, general sales and GAM business development to support Automotive, Technology, & Consumer/Retail as the region's top verticals. Additionally, JAS Argentina's offices in Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza, and Tucuman will continue to bring their commodities expertise to the arenas of lemons, fresh fruits, peanuts, and olives.

Pranzetti said, "I look forward to working together in the years to come and remember, JAS Argentina is OPEN for Business".

JAS Colombia is Growing

JAS Colombia is happy to announce that since January of 2018, we have began our own operations in the City of Medellin, one of the most  important Industrial Business Centers of the country.

Medellin, known worldwide for innovation, is also an important business center for the textile and automotive industries, both key verticals of JAS Worldwide.

This is another very relevant milestone of the development of our presence in Colombia, a key market for Latin America, and a great focus for the organization in the coming years.

Congratulations to JAS Colombia on this expansion!

JAS Has a New Office in Miami

We are pleased to announce that as of November 20, 2017, we have relocated our office in Miami, Florida, U.S.! Our new office is located at 1900 NW 129 AVE suite 100 Miami, FL 33182.

Centrally located, we are about 13 miles west from the Miami International Airport, 18 miles west from the port of Miami, and 39 miles south west from Port Everglades.

Our new building is 84,000 SQ FT with 35 FT height ceilings. The office space is around 10,000 SQ FT. We have 32 bay doors with 2 truck wells in the warehouse.

This great new location and Certified Cargo Screening Facility are ready to meet all of your shipping needs!

​Contact us today!

Expanding Customer Experiences in Colombia

We are happy to announce that as of August 1st, 2017, JAS Colombia has a new office at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Columbia.

This office will attend to all import and export process needs and will allow JAS Colombia to be more competitive and shorten the response time for both customers and JAS offices.

With this new investment, JAS Colombia is aiming to grow their air product by a significant percentage, taking advantage of Bogota’s booming export market.

In terms of cargo, the El Dorado airport is the biggest airport in Latin America and moved more than 670,200 tons in 2016, has 71,000 warehouses, 63 operations gates on the air side, 214 gates on the land side, and 25 parking spots for aircrafts to help load and unload simultaneously. Because of all of this, El Dorado is an ideal location for the new JAS Columbia office.

The Bogota airport’s main export is flowers, coming in at 28% of the total exports. 15% of the total exports are “others,” and are mainly textiles, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, perfumes, glass, car parts, plastic material, and paper.

We truly appreciate your support and encourage JAS team members and customers around the globe to take advantage of this new asset for JAS. Our team is ready to support you.

Parker Names JAS "Freight Forwarder of the Year"

JAS is pleased to announce that motion and control technologies manufacturer, Parker Hannifin, has conferred upon JAS Worldwide its coveted Forwarder of the Year award. Parker is a leader in industries ranging from aerospace and climate control to filtration and automation.

In past years, this commendation has been awarded to various leaders in the forwarding industry; which makes this year's selection of JAS all that more significant. Parker awarded JAS for its continuous improvement in meeting customer needs and its commitment to operational excellence.

John Oconner, Executive Vice President-Strategic Development, said the following: “We are honored to receive the Forwarder of the Year award from Parker Hannifin. Our two companies have worked together for over a decade and it is a prime example of how partnership works.  My personal thanks goes out to all my JAS Colleagues around the world who work at the operational, product, and sales levels to continue to provide fast, innovative, and market competitive solutions for Parker Hannifin.”

Reed R Tepper, Parker Hannifin Corporation (L), Shawn P Chipner. JAS Forwarding (USA), Inc. (R)

​Each year this award is presented to one of Parker's 7 vendors based on several contributing factors.

These three factors led to JAS earning the esteemed award this year.

  1. A global summary, that is similar to a report card, is sent out to each Parker plant location by JAS. These summaries provide ratings on understanding their business needs and customized solutions that meet Parker's ever-changing requirements. They then report back to corporate with a summary on a variety of subjects that are internal only.      
  2. Continuous Improvement (CI):

   About the Program:

  • A vehicle used to communicate and encourage continuous improvement ideas within their operations
  • Provides visibility (to all PH Supply Chain Personnel, world-wide) on those suppliers/carriers generating efficiencies and increased profitability within our partnership
  • A running tally is kept and used as an item on their carrier scorecard and as a measure to decide who will earn the ‘Carrier Of The Year Award’
  • Ideas/Opportunities can either be soft and/or hard savings, some examples below:
  1. Service improvements (carrier and shipper)
  2. Rate Reductions
  3. Working Capital Reduction (inventory, A/R, A/P)
  4. Efficiencies from ‘packaging improvements’
  5. Consolidations
  6. Mode Shifts, etc

3. Below are the required fields in the Continuous Improvement Portal which is updated on a  weekly or monthly basis as well as on a Global  basis.

  • Expected Savings
  • Savings One time/Annual
  • Project Name
  • Description of the Idea
  • Current Method or Process
  • Description of the Expected Benefits
  • Supplier Investment

Each month JAS runs the report from their CI Portal on the Current Status Report. As it’s up to Parker to accept or reject the any ideas. Not all ideas are accepted and/or implemented.

For these reasons among others, JAS was selected to be Parker's Forwarder of the Year. JAS is honored to receive this award and looks forward to continued success through our relationship with Parker.

Special thanks go out to the JAS Global Account Management Team around the world, most notably Shawn Chipner, Pam Barnshock, and Sharon Shan, who are the key stakeholders. Additionally JAS acknowledges the following team members for their ongoing efforts to provide customers like Parker, best-in-class service :

  • James Andrews - Key accounts Manager USA
  • Karina Muniz - Director Sales/Marketing Director Brazil
  • Linda Hession - Business Development –Australia
  • Katrina Jenners - New Zealand
  • Jamie Parker - JAS Canada
  • Adriana Canseco - JAS Mexico
  • Claudia Gonzalez -  Business Development Chile  

JAS North American Trade Lane

In 2016, JAS Worldwide invested in the cross border trade lane between Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  The new trade lane officially started on January 1st, 2017 and has been operationally supported by the JAS Laredo office which opened on the same day.  The goal and strategy is simple: to provide a one-stop solution for all JAS customers with top notch service and visibility via JASTrack, which will set us apart from our competition.

Overall, North American cross-border freight has steadily increased over the last eight months. Canada/USA freight has increased approximately 6% and Mexico/USA freight has increased 9.4% over this period.  

Over the last nine months, our trade lane has experienced a growth of 48% in the number of shipments, and an increase of 141% Gross Profit compared to the same time period in 2016.  

Our main driver for this growth has been the implementation of our pricing and procurement desk based in Laredo, TX. There, Antonio Pastrana, North American Trade Lane Manager, and Tracy Garcia, Import Supervisor, enable JAS to maintain and build effective carrier relationships. Building these sustainable relationships with our carrier partners allows for strategic alignment of JAS goals, our customers’ goals, and the carriers’ goals in order to continue to offer the best options to our shippers; reducing cost and increasing profit.

One question that is often asked by our sales professionals is:
What are cross-border shipments and how can we identify them when we speak with our customers?

Here is a short list of questions for our sales people to get the conversation started and gather pertinent information to further the sales process.

  • What type of products/freight do you handle?
  • What are the Incoterms of your shipments and do you utilize any special trade program?
  • What is the volume on your imports and exports for Canada or Mexico?
  • What Customs ports do you use in your import and export operations?
  • What are the points of origin and destination for your shipments and what modes of transport does your company use for your shipments (land, rail, air or sea)?

JAS is able to take the complexity out of our customers’ cross-border shipping.  We can provide a one-stop solution with industry leading visibility and scalability to fit each customer and ensure that all shipments move through customs and routes with reliability we can all count on. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or customer prospects via the buttons below.

Reuben D Botello, LCB
Trade Lane Director
North American Trade Lane (MX-USA-CA)

JAS Mexico Expands

JAS Mexico is pleased to announce the expansion of their office in Queretaro. Queretaro is located in Central Park,  a corporate area in the heart of the city. El Bajio and surrounding areas create a strategic location for the automotive industry. JAS is ready and focused on providing efficient and dedicated service for our demanding customers, and always honoring our slogan “people make the difference”.

During the first quarter of 2017, Mexico exported to the U.S. 90% of its auto parts production, which totaled US$ 11.55 billion. That means 40% of U.S. imports in this segment were supplied by its Southern neighbor, according to the Department of Commerce. Mexico remains a top auto parts supplier for the U.S. followed by Canada which provides 12.2% of the components. China and Japan are next with 11.3% and 11.0% shares respectively. Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom and India all together provide less than 20% of the auto parts demanded by the U.S. market.

Brazil's Economy is Growing Again

Recently-released data indicates that GDP in Brazil grew for the first time in over three years in quarter two (Q2), confirming that the economy has turned a corner.

The economy’s upturn was driven by a rise in consumer spending. Private consumption grew 0.7% annually, the best result since quarter four of 2014.

Also contributing to this growth was the increasing demand and stabilizing commodities prices that were boosted by overseas sales. Exports grew at the rapid pace of 2.5% annually in Quarter two (Q1: +1.9% year over year). Meanwhile, imports dropped 3.3%, reflecting the weakness of the domestic economy and falling investment.

On a quarterly basis, GDP expanded a seasonally-adjusted 0.2%, the second consecutive quarter of growth, meaning the economy exited technical recession (Q1: +1.0% quarter-on-quarter).

The recovery remains tentative despite the good news, and incoming data for Q3 is patchy: consumer confidence fell to a seven-month low in August, while the manufacturing PMI recovered some lost ground.

On the political front, developments have been mixed. In September, a critical reform to reduce subsidized lending for businesses from government-owned bank BNDES was passed, which faced heavy opposition from industry leaders, but should help correct government finances and improve the effectiveness of monetary policy.

While the reform is a win for the government, austerity measures are still facing an uphill battle, as underscored by the government’s easing of budget targets. Unable to convince legislators to support tax hikes, the government announced it would revise its primary deficit targets for all years through 2020.

JAS Worldwide Honored with Innovation Award

Aryaka®, the leading global SD-WAN provider, announced today that it has presented JAS Worldwide with the Innovation and Business Impact Award. This bi-annual award is given to IT organizations who achieve remarkable business outcomes and excellence in innovation with Aryaka’s private enterprise network solutions.

Using Aryaka’s global SD-WAN capabilities, JAS achieved the following:

  • Significant application performance improvements and consistent high-quality user experience for employees in 240 sites worldwide
  • Deployment for new locations and integration with all applications reduced to days instead of two to three months (with legacy MPLS) globally
  • More than 50 percent cost savings on connectivity and networking technology, when compared to MPLS-based offering
  • Over 70 percent savings in executive and employee travel costs with the ability to conduct high performance video conferencing instead of traveling globally

JAS approached Aryaka in 2012 to help improve the user experience of the freight forwarding company’s mission-critical ERP and video conferencing applications. The objective was to streamline operations and increase productivity among the global employee, partner, and customer bases, along with reducing network costs across JAS’ 240 worldwide offices. The JAS IT Department has done a professional job of implementing the latest technology advancements and is a proven, ongoing asset in expanding JAS’ influence in the freight forwarding industry.

JAS Brazil Gets a New Office

With more than 15 years of experience in the Vitória market and a great expertise in the field of granite and maritime import, JAS Brazil is constantly working to improve our structure and strategy and is pleased to announce the opening of its own subsidiary In Vitória.

Follow our new address:
Jose Penna Medina Street, 195 - Rooms 706 and 707
Praia da Costa, - Vila Velha, ES - Zip code 29101-320

Did you know that JAS Vitória also handles its imports?
Although well known for its success in the granite market, our branch in Vitória will start to operate maritime and air import processes, which have always been the flagship of JAS Brazil.

JAS Worldwide Launches New Website


Atlanta, Georgia, USA - JAS Worldwide. is inviting visitors to explore its newly launched website.  The site has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers and other information seekers to see the full service portfolio JAS offers.

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help visitors quickly and easily navigate and find the freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chain service information they need.  New features include:

  • Look-Ahead Navigation to reduce the number of user clicks to navigate the site. always maintains primary navigation available at all times, no matter where the visitor is on the page.
  • Mobile Responsiveness is now easily viewable on any size device. When narrower screen sizes are sensed, a mobile navigation icon is shown in the upper right for easy access to various sections of the site.
  • Location Finder allows visitors to find JAS offices in three primary ways: a.) browse-able maps, b.) keyword search, c.) country-specific menu selection.  Location finding is available on nearly every page of which provides address and phone numbers for all offices and JAS official agents.
  • Contact Forms are now available to site visitors to quickly reach a representative in JAS countries or industry focus areas. contact forms uses an advanced logic in the background to route inquiries in a manner that will provide quality interaction between site visitors and JAS representatives. Note that, for security reasons, JAS Worldwide does not publish employee email addresses on its public website. The contact forms are now the best way to connect with JAS.

Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest JAS and industry news through the regional news pages.  The news section of the site contains rich online content such as technical information, press releases, featured services, and newsletter stories.  This content is easily accessed from the footer of any page, regional landing pages, as well as via the RSS ticker at the top of the home page.

JAS Worldwide is committed to providing service at a level of excellence that exceeds every industry standard and it does so at a competitive price. JAS accomplishes this by creating an environment that encourages and rewards our employees on reaching their full potential by emphasizing quality service to our customers.

JAS Expands to Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK)

While other freight forwarders have recently been focusing on consolidating operations and reducing footprint, JAS has been very aggressive in developing new markets both in the USA and Worldwide while expanding their footprint. As a company, JAS still believes in developing any new markets requiring resources in the specific region dedicated to understanding the needs of our customers and community members within each region.

As it relates to the investment at Rickenbacker, JAS was presented a golden opportunity to move into a new state of the art 90,000 sq foot facility & CFS located adjacent to the runway at LCK airport. The move made sense based upon existing strategic partnerships in the Columbus region coupled with development of consistent airfreight services to and from LCK with best of class carriers such as Cargolux, Cathay Pacific & Emirates.

JAS (LCK), Inc.
2893 George Paige Jr Road-Suite 242
Columbus, OH 43217

​Since JAS has moved to Rickenbacker in January, 2017, the company has engaged the local Columbus business community and has gotten involved in many of the local associations within the area.  The reception has been positive and resources available in the region, specifically in the logistics community, have been a pleasant surprise.

In addition to growing JAS' presence locally in the region, the company is also promoting the product offerings available from LCK that separate JAS from the competition throughout the Ohio Valley corridor in areas such as MI, IN, KY, as well as western PA & NY.  LCK has allowed JAS to reduce airport dwell times from anywhere between six to 48 hours vs the standard gateway hubs.  JAS is also engaging its current portfolio of core carriers by possibly adding flights to the region as the customer reception from the use of LCK has been very positive. As the world continues to be connected globally and e-commerce changes the way consumers buy, the air cargo industry is also evolving and JAS sees the need to be faster to market in all industry sectors in order to compete.  JAS believes LCK will help provide the speed needed in specific verticals such as retail, hi-tech & automotive, which are prevalent in the Ohio valley.  The company believes this strategic move to Rickenbacker will continue to position JAS as a leader in the market driven to innovation that will ultimately benefit JAS' clients.

If you would like to get to know the team at JAS LCK please reach out to Fritz Belinga at +1 (614) 969-7777, or you can email him at

JAS USA Partnerships in Chile and Peru

Three years ago, JAS USA made an official commitment to JAS Peru and JAS Chile promoting Southbound Traffic. With ongoing efforts from two Gateways, JAS has established weekly Ocean Consols from Miami in  JAS loaded Containers, and six Air Consols from Los Angeles and Miami averaging 30 tons per week combined.

In a short time, JAS Peru and JAS Chile have become market leaders, allowing JAS better buying power with Airlines and Ocean carriers, which creates larger consolidations and more attractive pricing options. These two countries have dedicated Sales Persons for JAS USA, serving as in house, market experts.

JAS Peru currently ranks sixth amongst Freight Forwarders, with 1.2M kilos of air freight and over 450 TEUs of ocean freight. JAS Chile is showing a steady 30% growth rate the last two years with 500 tons of airfreight and over 450 TEUs of ocean freight.
Get to know Chile and Peru below!

Population 18 million    
•    Industry: Copper, other minerals, foodstuffs, fish processing, iron and steel
•    Agriculture: Wheat, corn, grapes, beans; beef; fish; timber
•    Exports: Copper, fish, fruits, paper and pulp, chemicals

Interesting Facts
1)    Chile is the longest country in the world from north to south at 2,647 miles (4,620 km) long and extends across 38 degrees of latitude. The Andes Mountain Range extends the entire length of the country north to south.
2)    Chile has the world’s largest reserves of copper—around one-quarter of the global supply—and is the number one exporter of copper in the world. Chile also has the second largest reserve of lithium and has substantial reserves of iron, silver, salt, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, gold, coal, and iodine.
3)    Chile began to export salmon in 1984 and is now the world’s second largest exporter of salmon after Norway. Chile is also the largest exporter of fishmeal in the world.
4)    With over 100 wineries in the country, Chile is now the 5th largest exporter of wine in the world.
5)    Divorce in Chile was legalized only in 2005, and the country has one of the lowest divorce rates globally.

Population 31 million    
•    Industry: Mining of metals, petroleum, fishing, textiles, clothing, food processing
•    Agriculture: Coffee, cotton, sugarcane, rice; poultry; fish
•    Exports: Fish and fish products, gold, copper, zinc, crude petroleum and byproducts

Interesting Facts
1)    60% of Peru is jungle. Most of Peru's Amazon remains unexplored, and hence has some of the best untouched rain forests anywhere in the world.
2)    The finest cottons in the world, Pima and Tanguis are Peruvian.
3)    Peru is the sixth-largest producer of gold in the world. Peru produced 162 tons of gold, worth over US$6.3 billion in 2010. Fourteen percent of Peru’s government revenue is provided by gold.
4)    Second largest asparagus producer after China and Peru exports almost its entire crop yearly.
5)    In 1885, the Coca Cola Company in Georgia began making a wine with coca leaves that was converted into a soft drink known as Coca Cola. By 1903, public outcry over the ill effects of cocaine forced the company to remove the coca leaves from its recipe for the drink, and it became more or less the soft drink millions enjoy today.

JAS Brazil Opens New Office

Keen to offer increasingly better working conditions and extending the capability of its market expansion, JAS Brazil has invested in a new branch office in Itajai.

The Itajai branch opened its doors in 2005, initially as an exit door for wood products, as well as to serve the important textile and machinery sectors. Today, it keeps growing and has seven employees.

JAS Argentina Celebrates 20 Years

JAS Argentina is celebrating 20 years of established trajectory. JAS' commitment to customer service has helped the company grow and move towards its goals. JAS has been able to strategically position itself in the market thanks to the efficiency, responsibility, and quality within the services offered.

These 20 years could have only been achieved with the effort and teamwork of all those who make JAS Argentina the company chosen by its customers year after year. It is JAS Argentina's privilege to celebrate its first 20 years. JAS Argentina's greatest desire is to continue growing and be the partner chosen by its customers.

JAS Uruguay Gains Airport Presence

We are very pleased to announce this investment, which is necessary to keep growing and contribute [to] the air product development in our company. The strong growth we obtained in recent years explains the decision to have a presence at the Airport. This is a competitive advantage, improving the quality of the service we offer to our customers and confirm JAS as an important player in our local market.

Uruguay and, in particular,  Carrasco airport have great potential for the future. Because it not only operates as a reception center for local exports and imports; but also the Uruguayan legislation gives it the “Free Airport” agreement [which is] a very important benefit. This is a good platform for foreign companies looking to establish a regional distribution center for Latin American markets.

The Free Airport regime has been incorporated relatively recently compared to the existing free zone and free port regimes. Therefore, many companies are expected to join this platform, mainly those in vertical markets requiring large parts of their cargo by air. (i.e.Pharma).

Uruguay is a Regional HUB. Through the different logistics platforms that Uruguayan law permits (Free Zones, Free Port and Free Airport), many multinational companies are already operating in our country as a distribution center for the region. In this sense, more than 40% of the total air cargo exports come from these special customs zones and the percentage is increasing year by year. Uruguay will be closing the year 2016 with a total of 13.5 million kilos of export moved by air.

The airport's cargo terminal has just presented [itself as] a very important investment in infrastructure. Within the airport there is a facility designed in compliance with good distribution practices (GDP) established by WHO (World Health Organization), prepared to meet the high requirements of handling and storage of the pharmaceutical industry. The main purpose is to attract new foreign companies in this sector.

Our presence at the airport, together with the successful implementation of our global cargo system (Cargowise), provide optimum conditions to offer this type of integral logistics solutions to our global corporate clients.  We have no doubt this is a very important step in our 15 years of history as [a] JAS WW subsidiary. At the strategic level, we aim to be aligned with the perspectives and challenges that Uruguay as a logistics country has in the upcoming years. The JAS Uruguay team is ready

JAS at Professional Development Seminar

The APICS Triangle Chapter is pleased to host a professional development meeting on Logistics with special guest speaker, Nate May. Seating is limited, so register early to reserve your space.  

About the Topic

Logistics is defined as a business-planning framework for the management of material, service, information & capital flows.  The etymology of the word “logistics” is quickly connected to military and troop support related tasks, however logistics origins go far deeper historically.  For 5,000 years logistics have had a fundamental role in worldwide development.

Being part of the global economy is high on the priority list of most companies today.  Whether it is to capitalize on global sourcing or tap into surging business and developing consumer markets overseas, the focus on global logistics as a value driver  in any supply chain is in the forefront.

The global logistics landscape today will be discussed and its evolution as the world continues to get “smaller” and more “connected.”

JAS will also look at how the global logistics discussion has changed from “rates” & “transit” to “data” & “analytics” as global markets have become transparent. Finally, JAS will discuss how ecommerce is requiring supply chains to be even more agile than ever and how global logistics fits.

About the Speaker:

Nate May is the APAC Trade-lane Director for one of the top privately held global freight forwarders, JAS Worldwide. May has been in the industry for 13 years with a primary focus in bridging the communication & cultural gap between the US and Asia by driving efficiencies across JAS’ Trans-Pacific network through flexibility, market awareness & analytics.

May currently lives in Raleigh, NC and has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from NC State University.  He has won multiple achievements throughout his career in Global Logistics.


Registration:         5:30 - 6:00 pm

Dinner:                  6:00 - 6:45 pm

Presentation:         7:00 - 8:00 pm

Location:  McKimmon Center @ NCSU1101 Gorman St.Raleigh, NC 27606


Early registration through January 6th: $30 for members and $40 for non-members. After January 6th, late pricing applies - which is an additional $10. For student discount codes, contact your university's APICS chapter leadership or send an inquiry to profdevt@apics-triangle. Note: There is a $10 discount for students.

JAS Panama Gets Bigger

JAS Panama was born in 2011 with four employees seated in a small office in downtown Panama City.

Now, four years of spectacular growth later (and after moving in 2012 to a much bigger office in a strategic location five minutes from the Tocumen Airport - Parque Logistico Sur), JAS Panama is a structure of 20+ employees.

At the beginning of 2016, under the leadership of Managing Director, Angelo Simpson, the company had decided to invest in enlarging and re-modeling the office that went from 170 m2 to 245m. This gave JAS Panama the chance to keep on growing in people and business for several years to come.

The new office looks fantastic! Congratulations JAS Panama!

JAS Worldwide Forms "The Americas" Region

On August 15th, JAS Worldwide formally announced the creation of the Americas Region, which incorporates Canada, USA, Mexico, and all Latin American countries.

The regional office, located in Atlanta, GA, is directed by newly appointed Executive Vice President of The Americas Region, Mr. Adrian Emmenegger. Adrian led JAS USA as President & CEO the past seven years, taking the subsidiary to new levels of volume, revenue and profitability.

As Adrian assumes his new position, Mr. Eugenio Fumo undertakes his new role as President & CEO of JAS USA. Eugenio spent the last 21 years working with JAS USA in several key capacities - most recently as its COO - and has been a very important component to the company growth and financial success.

In a statement about the recent transition, Adrian commented, “It has been my sincerest pleasure to be your President for the past seven years and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together during that time. I am very happy to have Eugenio in this role and look forward to see JAS USA continue on its path to even greater success. Eugenio is taking over a healthy company with a strong team at all levels and most importantly a great group of motivated People to make a difference every day! Thank you in advance for your continuous support and efforts to keep our clients happy with what we do for them.”

In addition to the Global Forwarding Air and Ocean Services, the JAS Worldwide Americas Region is very well positioned to accommodate customers with enhanced services between Canada, USA, Mexico and Latin America.  Stay tuned for future e-communications updates in the JAS Currents Newsletter and  Thank you for supporting the JAS Americas Region and all of the Global Subsidiaries.

JAS Colombia Opens New Office in Bogota

On September 5, 2016 JAS Colombia moved its Headquarters to a new location in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Bogota called “El Chico”.

The brand new office can now allocate over 25 people in its 170 m2 (compared to the 108 m2 of the previous location). Congratulations to the JAS Colombia Team for taking this very important step and for preparing their future for continued growth and prosperity.

JAS Develops Border Link Team

Stretching almost 2,000 miles, the border between Mexico and the United States is the most frequently crossed and controlled international boundary in the world. The world’s busiest border is also responsible for over 238 billion dollars in trade. In 2016, JAS Forwarding has taken the initiative to develop a Trade Lane specifically focused on fostering the partnership and collaboration between JAS USA and JAS Mexico.

Reuben Botello heads the JAS Forwarding Border-Link initiative as our Border Development Trade Lane Director.  To further strengthen the JAS Forwarding existing operations in San Diego and El Paso, JAS added full operations to McAllen, TX, headed by Mario Degollado.  Next, JAS added the North America International Pricing Manager, Antonio Pastrana, based in JAS Laredo, TX Sales and Pricing Office.  Since Laredo is one of the primary hubs for overland transportation activity between the USA and Mexico, JAS can better foster strategic relationships with trucking partners on both sides of the border. This has made an immediate impact for JAS Forwarding in the market place.

In an example of JAS' recent success through the Laredo corridor, the Border-Link team assisted Brandon Miller, Branch Manager of JAS Charleston, in moving 10 trailers and flatbeds from upstate New York to San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  JAS was able to provide the right price, allocation of equipment, and end to end visibility via Web-Tracker.  This collaborative effort resulted in a satisfied customer and tied in directly to JAS' cross border strengths.  That is what JAS strives for: a win/win situation for JAS customers and the company.  

The bilingual and bicultural staff at each of the four offices (El Paso, Laredo, McAllen and San Diego) enables JAS to act as an experienced liaison for customers. The team provides a single, seamless point of contact to facilitate management of cross border operations. Now with a strategic presence in all major inland ports along the Southern border of the United States, JAS has positioned itself not just to participate in this important part of JAS customer’s supply chains, but to be an innovator in the marketplace.

​JAS looks forward to the opportunity to prove why it is the best option in Border-Link services!

For further information, please contact JAS!

JAS USA Welcomes New Trade Lane Director

Hello JAS colleagues,

My name is Bjoern Wiede and I recently joined JAS USA as the new Trade Lane Director for our focus trade lane in Germany.

Born and raised in Germany, I have now been living stateside for the last 13 years and in the last five years, I have worked primarily in the Germany trade lane for a German based forwarder and was also involved within the Automotive market.

I am excited to join a young and dynamic team here at JAS that pushes healthy growth and is interested in expanding its service offering and customer base, specifically with my homeland.

Germany is more than beer, brats and autobahn, right? Depending on one's priorities, these are the major attributes of the small country in the heart of Europe, spanning a little more than the size of Texas. However, from a business point of view, Germany has so much “more” to offer.

Being one of the top five trading partners for the USA for many years, “Made in Germany” as a seal of quality is highly recognized amongst US companies driving exports and imports between both countries. Most German companies have since long-established a foothold in the US market and are supplying American companies and consumers with their products. Just last year, the USA became the number one trading partner for Germany whose main markets remain but are not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, chemicals and, of course, automotive. Given these attributes, JAS Germany and JAS USA have committed themselves to push the growth on the Germany trade lane and I am excited and happy to be spearheading this initiative in 2016 and going forward.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain


Bjoern Wiede

JAS Brazil Takes on the Economy

Nine of 10 economic and financial articles in the news have been indicating that Brazil's local economy is not performing within the minimum level to be considered “reasonable.” The scenario for 2016 is predicted to be  worse than the one the country faced in 2015.

Some of the issues Brazil has faced are as follows:
- Intense corruption on different political legends (parties) and Government Companies, being that the top bribery scandals in those Companies were those controlled by the Government
- Low levels of recognition for actual, non-corrupt  Government leaders, inhibiting local and international investment due to lack of confidence by Investors
- High levels of unemployment, reaching record low levels by the end of the year that had not been seen in the last 12 years
- Two digit inflation, deterring consumer power, which during the last years was one of our “locomotives” of GPD growth

Economic statistics and articles show that by the end of 2016, Brazil's economy may be 10% smaller than it was in the 1st quarter of 2014, equating the Brazilian GPD to the same situation of countries such as Greece. Therefore, leading two rating agencies to demote Brazilian financial classifications has not been seen in Brazil for many years. Difficult days have been recently endured in Brazil and lie ahead in the future. It is unfortunate that Brazil must suffer the loss of evident prosperity growth due to the internal politics that have incapacitated the country and left the government in need of assistance.

However, despite these difficulties, Brazil continues to be the 7th largest economy in the world, hitting the population of 200+ million people who are anxious to reach better days. The people of Brazil have been applying their personal efforts and extraordinary creativity, in order to rebuild the economy to its former glory. It is with this spirit that JAS Brazil and their dedicated staff know that the best way to deal with the crisis is to offer the best services with cost savings to customers.

A few months ago, JAS was able to offer cost savings to a global automotive customer when a challenge became evident. They needed to change the logistics of their air cargo from China in order consolidate their shipment in one assembly operation. Since the laws in China would prevent this from happening, JAS found a way to work around the issue that would benefit that customer. JAS Brazil worked with JAS UK in order to bring the cargo over to London from China and prepare all of the consolidation from that point. From there the shipment could proceed as planned. This project required careful strategy and planning in order to ensure the operation was carried out correctly, safely, and on time.

​JAS Brazil did not only handle the customers' needs, but was also able to create significant savings for many clients through customs brokerage, road transport, and all of the taxes they face in Brazil, adding up to considerable savings. This new configuration on the shipment allowed the customer to receive smaller orders, which allowed them to take care of the demand they faced promptly, satisfying their customers and, in turn, satisfying them. This particular company has been an important customer to JAS Brazil, and this operation was the key to opening more doors of opportunity and allowed them to offer JAS services to other divisions within their company.

JAS Brazil knows the importance of satisfying the financial goals of customers and taking into consideration the current state of the organization and its metrics. Therefore, JAS Brazil is doing various analyses to detect the current and future needs of customers and to locate the possibilities of any savings that can be provided for them. With this knowledge, JAS Brazil has started offering customers options to change their road service from Argentina to ocean shipment. This would allow them to save a total of 10% on the economy costs of their logistics expenses.

Despite the doubts for a better scenario in 2016, JAS Brazil knows the importance of working together with customers to better understand their needs. Customer satisfaction cannot be improved simply by delivering on time, but by additional solutions that ensure the processes are fully functional. That is the best way to go through this phase of the current market, and with stronger and more confident relationships with all clients.

JAS USA is Ready for the Transition

U.S. Customs and Border Protection automated systems electronically support the facilitation of importing and exporting goods. By the end of 2016, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) will become the Single Window - the primary system through which the trade community will report imports and exports and the government will determine admissibility. Through ACE as the Single Window, manual processes will be streamlined and automated, paper will be eliminated, and the international trade community will be able to more easily and efficiently comply with U.S. laws and regulations.  Customs and Border Protection has issued a date of February 28 for a large majority of Participating Government Agency entries to take place.

JAS USA has been working diligently for months on the ACE transition and was one of the first brokers to ever file using the ACE system.  The new ACE platform will be a robust system when complete but it has had its share of ups and downs during the production process.  It has been a difficult path getting ACE to fruition. There have been deployments that have not worked correctly and have caused major headaches for the industry, as well as delays in programming being delivered by CBP to the software providers.  This then causes delays to the industry.  Some programming will be delivered by CBP to the software providers the day before the cut over.

JAS will continue to work through these issues and is currently participating in several pilots with CBP such as FDA, DOT, and the Lacey Act. While U.S. Customs & Border Protection has until the deadline of February 28th, JAS Compliance is currently taking part in daily conference calls with CBP, participating in webinars, and attending meetings and classes regularly to ensure that JAS USA is ready.

Key Account Management Program

Each of the above Trade Lanes also has a Country Desk/Sales Analyst team to support development efforts. The team will focus exclusively on Strategic RFQ driven opportunities, Trade Lane Marketing, and Trade Lane Analysis. Each analyst supports their assigned trade lane and provides cross-support to each other for consistency in service to the network. USA Corporate Sales Initiative: In 2016 JAS USA has redirected two key people to take an enhanced corporate sales role that allows the company to target specific, multi-national accounts.

Please join JAS USA in wishing success to the new USA Corporate Sales Directors, John English and Silvia Torres, as they take on this new challenge.  

Key Account Management Initiative: Sandra Manfredi has been promoted to Director of Key Account Management and has officially joined the JAS USA Corporate Sales & Marketing team. With this new role, JAS USA can better manage larger Regional, Multi-National, and Global accounts from the RFQ stage through implementation to ongoing account management.  

The Key Account Management program will serve as the primary contact between the customer, operations, and sales. They will provide customer support, technical support, planning, and optimization for the account. The main goal of this program is to differentiate JAS' services through proactively monitoring the accounts to ensure consistent service execution, as well as drive improvement initiatives that deliver value to customers. With the Key Account Management program, JAS USA is making a commitment to better understand customers’ business needs, objectives, challenges and constraints, in order to provide real solutions.

Country Spotlight : Colombia

Colombia is a developing nation of widely diverse geography with one of the richest cultural traditions in Latin America and a high potential for growth and progress. It’s not a coincidence that JAS settled here 15 years ago to secure a presence in some of the most important cities and ports in the country.

JAS supplies several industries that move Colombia’s economy such as construction, food, and automotive. Two multinational companies, Kimberly-Clark and Avery Dennison, have found the appropriate infrastructure and human resources in JAS Colombia to give them the level of management and follow-up business that they need. JAS' goal in the short and long term has been to begin the exporting of perishables such as fruits and flowers, which are notoriously varied and rich in Colombia and would be highly appreciated abroad. JAS is confident that through our continued expertise and dedication, this goal will be achieved with great success.

In 2015, JAS Colombia faced two particular situations that affected several industries in and around Colombia, including the freight forwarding business. First, the rise in the value of the US dollar against the Colombian peso had a negative impact on the country as a whole. It is currently the highest it has been in more than two decades and has negatively affected imports. This has affected many companies because they have had to reduce inventory in order to maintain business against the rising costs. In turn, this should have boosted exports, as it has in many other regions, but Colombia is not a country like most and its economy does not always react as predicted. Colombia has its own idiosyncrasy and way of dealing with crises, so exports have kept steady but have not increased. JAS Colombia hopes to implement this change in the coming months, as Colombia continues to grow in-spite of the issues its economy faces.

The second situation has impacted JAS Colombia positively: the unexpected closing of the frontier between Colombia and Venezuela. In years past, the trade between both countries’ main way of transportation was terrestrial, an industry in which JAS Colombia had no participation. However, with the closing of the territory, imports and exports between the nations were forced to change to maritime. JAS has been instrumental in this change by opening a new window of a business that has boosted our productivity, and benefited the country as a whole by offering a solution to the frontier closing.

JAS Colombia is not a company that only cares about business and productivity. The JAS Colombia management team is well aware of the effects any industry can cause on the environment and communities at work around them. JAS Colombia has vowed to positively contribute to the communities and environment they call home. Until recently there were no real programs to take care of the Colombian environment, but JAS Colombia has stepped up to make the change they want to see in the world.  JAS Colombia only uses recyclable materials that are energy efficient and enforces strict policies in their offices regarding the reuse of materials and paper. Moreover, Colombia is a country that  has many social issues to deal with and JAS Colombia strives to contribute as much as possible to their society, by way of education, early-childhood care, and sports development. These three areas are close to the JAS spirit. JAS Colombia motivates its employees to achieve higher levels of education by financially sponsoring their initiatives. JAS Colombia also donates significant amounts of money to child care institutions that cater to extremely impoverished areas of Colombian society. Finally, JAS Colombia sponsors young athletes to help them receive proper training and areas to play in.

JAS Colombia is a young company in a wonderfully unique country, which contributes to interesting and original work days. JAS is a big part of Colombia’s dynamic economy and contributes to the country's growth, people, and future.

JAS Peru Welcomes New Managing Director

​Johnny Delgado is the new Managing Director for JAS Peru. In his position as Director, he is responsible for directing the activities within the organization to ensure all business goals and objectives are reached. Based out of Lima, Peru, he oversees more than 40 team members. With his results-oriented, respectful, and “glass full, never half empty” positive attitude, he has implemented strategies to successfully assist in growing sales year-over-year by achieving significant bottom line results, and positioning the brand as “top of mind” within his previous work experiences.

Johnny believes that a carefully planned strategy is crucial to the success of every organization. Therefore, managing effective company-wide strategies that generate value for the business and its customers “is a must." He will drive the culture of the business to “Growth & Profitability," by increasing profit on each operation, leading growth to become profitable by itself.

During his 20-year supply chain career, Johnny held managerial and sales executive positions with various logistics and multinational companies in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. For the past eight years, he served as Sales & Marketing Director for DHL Global Forwarding Peru.

Johnny has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Catolica in Peru and also graduated from the Universidad del Pacifico’s Business Administration Program. Additionally, he has taken specialization courses related to sales management, logistics management, creative negotiations in marketing, and marketing concept and planning as part of the Business Administration Program ESAN University in Peru. He is fluent in Spanish and English and enjoys spending time with family, body boarding, and playing paintball.

JAS USA Celebrates 20 Years

JAS USA recently celebrated 20 years of doing business as JAS Forwarding (USA), Inc., with a festive gala at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. Adrian Emmenegger, President and CEO of JAS USA thanked the Chairman, Management Advisory Board, and colleagues from China, Italy, UK, Germany, Brazil, the Middle East, and Israel for having traveled to Atlanta for the celebration.

​Emmenegger recalled “during the past 20 years, JAS USA corporate offices have moved at least four times to larger offices as the Company grew from fewer than 100 to almost 600 employees.

He believes “it is important to reflect on our past to remember what made us successful and not to forget about this when thinking about our future. There were good reasons why our clients decided to work with us and we should never forget that. The main ingredients for success are still the same - to focus on the needs of our clients and go the extra mile to service them. It is important to keep our eyes on the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

Mr. Emmenegger thanked all employees in 25 branch offices for their hard work and support in making JAS USA successful. “It is only through their tireless efforts and willingness to go above and beyond expectations that we are able to grow our market share in this competitive environment.”

“Our company slogan says, 'People Make The Difference', and I believe in this very much. As only the 3rd President of JAS USA, and having spent one-third of those 20 years in this position, it should also be pointed out that both prior CEOs are here with us tonight.”

Mr. Emmenegger thanked all attendees, customers, corporate executives, branch and regional managers, and guests from Worldwide management for their on-going support in continuing to write the “Story of JAS USA” into the future.

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