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JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers Collaborate to Support Human Bridge

December 27, 2023
JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers join forces, donating over 1300 pairs of shoes to Human Bridge.
JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers join forces, donating over 1300 pairs of shoes to Human Bridge.

JAS proudly shares its commitment to sustainable business practices through a partnership with client Vagabond Shoemakers. In an effort to minimize excess stock while contributing to charitable causes, Vagabond Shoemakers donated over 1300 pairs of shoes to Human Bridge, a non-profit organization specializing in redistributing surplus goods for humanitarian purposes.

Vagabond Shoemakers, recognized for its dedication to sustainability, actively seeks to ensure that unsold footwear finds purpose beyond its original inventory. The collaboration with Human Bridge aligns with both companies' values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

"We are so thankful, and it is just fantastic when we can go beyond our daily operations and also join our supportive actions,” said Anna Fahle Björcke, Sustainability Manager at Vagabond Shoemakers.

JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers share a close partnership, and when the opportunity arose to support Human Bridge's mission, there was no hesitation. The donated shoes will be resold through selected channels, with the generated funds earmarked for the purchase of healthcare equipment for designated countries, with a special focus on Ukraine.

This initiative not only showcases the commitment of JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers to sustainable business practices but also emphasizes their dedication to making a positive impact on communities in need. By supporting charity through the donation of shoes, these companies are demonstrating the powerful role that corporate responsibility plays in shaping a better and more equitable world.

Supplying the Future of Pharma

JAS China Meets Rapid Growth for Pharma Logistics Services

Hans Li
October 18, 2021
JAS China meets the rapid demand for pharma
JAS China meets the rapid demand for pharma

Since the pandemic began, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid growth. As the need for quality pharmaceuticals to treat diseases of all kinds continues to increase, logistics services and solutions also must keep up with the rapid pace. According to market data, China’s temperature-controlled expert increased 16 percent on a year-over-year basis between January and July 2021.  

In partnership with DoKaSch, JAS China has positioned itself to serve pharma’s expanding needs through the launch of a new successful logistic project managing airfreight temperature-controlled containers in Beijing. Thanks to the recent service expansion, JAS China can confidently provide full domestic services. Customers can request warehousing, trucking and container management, and air freight services to cover the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to benefit global consumers.  

JAS China’s pharmaceutical logistics team received training on temperature-controlled container transport with its partner company. The collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for JAS China’s team to share the new service with potential pharmaceutical customers in need, adding extra value to its customers in the future.  

In addition to the official training from its new partner, JAS China’s staff completed additional training on temperature-controlled cargo to fortify its understanding of the general process involved with transporting temperature-controlled containers. JAS China’s leadership plans to continue professional development to help the team stay abreast of industry trends for temperature-controlled container logistics.  

Pharmaceutical companies interested in learning how JAS China can meet their rapid growth needs can reach out to the team today for more information.

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JAS China Proud to be E-Commerce Solution Provider for Outdoor Sports Client

JAS China has always gone an extra mile in servicing customers with a personal level of care, and this time JAS is pleased to announce the development of a customized E-Commerce solution for a well known outdoor sports client, one of the most popular brands in Europe.

To cope with the brand’s on-going market expansion in China via e-Commerce platforms (e.g. T-Mall and JD), the JAS China logistics team displayed its professionalism by tailoring the customized warehousing and delivery solution for the client’s B2C demands. The e-Commerce solution includes the most complex process among all; system linkage – wherein JAS works closely with the client’s 3rd party system provider in linking up 21 data-interfaces between WMS system and client’s 2 ERP systems. This system network works on 24/7 end-to-end basis in order to enable orders generated and transmitted on real-time basis, where order status can be also monitored transparently. This enables our client to optimize its logistics planning and bring the best and smoothest online purchase experience to its customers.

The e-Commerce solution has been kick-started at JAS China’s Shanghai warehouse starting toward the end of June 2021. JAS is confident that projects like this will bring success to the brand in China’s ever-growing consumer market.

JAS China is AEO Certified

We are delighted to announce that JAS China is now certified as an Authorized Economic Operator – AEO.

The certificate covers the whole Mainland China and its accreditation encompasses a high level of security and legality in trade compliance. It is recognized globally as a mark of quality which strengthens JAS' capability in offering a full range of premium Value-Added Services to our clients in China.

A well-deserved accreditation for the excellent work that the JAS China professional Customs Solution Team has worked so hard to achieve.

If you would like any further information, please contact us!

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