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Greencarrier Freight Services, previously part of Greencarrier Group as the biggest private forwarder in the Nordics, is now a JAS company; focusing on sustainable logistics and supply chain management.

Greencarrier Freight Services' history in Norway goes back to 1849, founded in Moss under the name Schianders. Since then, several Norwegian shipping and forwarding companies have merged, creating the current iteration: three companies under the same ownership. These are Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics AS and Greencarrier Projects AS, which together make the “Freight Services division”, currently located in Moss, Oslo, Drammen, Larvik, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen and Hammerfest. The third is Greenport Services AS, one of Norway's main port operators.

Being local and close to market is one of our many strengths.

Greencarrier Freight Services provides international freight forwarding solutions through a variety of services within the core areas of Ocean, Air, Rail, and Road freight. This is supported by our vast experience and competencies in Break Bulk, Projects and Chartering, Ship Agency, Terminal, and Warehouse/3PL services.


Providing Transportation Solutions Throughout Europe

July 22, 2022

JAS now has access to additional green transportation solutions throughout Europe which are all managed by one team, helping customers to create an even smarter supply chain.

JAS now has access to additional transportation solutions throughout Europe, including:

  • Short Sea Shipping Services
  • Intermodal Shipping Services
  • Sustainable Road Transportation Services

With one team managing all transportation solutions in Europe, customers have access to a single point of contact that can manage your flow of goods regardless of transportation method. This opens up a range of alternatives on the same trade lane and allows for tailor-made solutions that best fit your needs.

For instance, for those with sustainability as a top priority, your single point of contact might suggest a shortsea or intermodal solution as a default method of transportation while still having the option of road transport if needed.

Perhaps, you have heavy cargo to be transported over long distances. In this case, a shortsea solution might be the most cost-effective and sustainable alternative. However, road transportation is likely the most flexible alternative if time is critical and planning is complex.

Whatever your needs, our team members are equipped to help customers create an even smarter supply chain.

For more information about how you can reduce your environmental impact by making more sustainable transportation choices, reach out to your local sales representative today.

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Five Ways to Prepare for Tropical Storm Season

June 2, 2022

With the tropical storm season upon us, it is important to plan ahead for adverse weather events to minimize the potential disruptions to supply chains.

Supply chain management is a complicated process even under the best of conditions. When a tropical storm occurs, the process is made even more complex as the extreme weather can not only wreak havoc on homes and buildings; but, the subsequent high winds and flooding, can disrupt and delay freight transportation, potentially causing supply chain delays and failures. As tropical storm season begins, it is important to plan ahead for adverse weather events to minimize potential repercussions.

  1. Know How to Prioritize Your Freight: The severe weather associated with tropical storms can shut down ports and ground flights. When operations do begin, capacity may be reduced, and extensive backlogs are possible. By understanding which freight is most important to maintaining business continuity, you can help prevent further disruptions downstream.
  2. Plan for Inventory Disruptions: During the peak of tropical storm season, it can be wise to plan for additional inventory to be on hand in case your supply chain is disrupted due to significant port and airport closures and delays.  
  3. Keep an Eye on the Sky: Taking a proactive approach to monitoring the weather during tropical storm season is vital. It allows you to stay well-informed of impending severe weather that might impact shipment delivery. While the forecast may change at a moment’s notice, it is essential you are aware of the weather forecast and any precautionary measures taken locally, such as port and airport closures and shelter-in-place orders.
  4. Utilize Technology to Increase Supply Chain Visibility: In the event of severe weather, maintaining supply chain visibility and real-time access to information about paused and canceled shipments is vital. By maintaining supply chain visibility, you can more readily identify potential problems and areas of concern, allowing informed decisions on things such as expediting time-sensitive cargo to be made early on minimizing disruptions.
  5. Maintain a Line of Communication: When severe weather occurs, it is important to maintain a clear line of communication with your service providers. This means ensuring that your provider knows which cargo is of the highest priority and giving as much notice as possible about a needed shipment as canceled flights and closed ports can delay shipments and reduce capacity.

With the start of tropical storm season having arrived, it is important to be prepared for whatever disruptions severe weather might bring. Whether it is developing a contingency plan long before extreme weather conditions occur or rerouting cargo and utilizing air cargo options when severe weather occurs, JAS can help keep your supply chain running smoothly. To make sure you are ready for tropical storm season, contact your local JAS office.

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JAS’s LCL direct consolidated container services help customers keep their supply chains moving even when they are tight on time or do not have enough cargo to fill a full-container-load.

LCL Ocean Consolidation from Genoa: A solution to your urgent shipping needs

Needing to keep your supply chain moving but tight on time or don’t have enough cargo to fill a full-container-load?

LCL (less-than-container-load) service is the answer.

“Our LCL services are designed first and foremost with customers in mind. They can support the most immediate needs of our customers who are working on tight timelines or do not need the capacity or cost of a full container load.” said Stefano Castellazzi, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Italy.

Other advantages of JAS’s LCL Direct Consolidated Container Services Include:

  • Priority boarding
  • Weekly departures
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Service under Blue World Line, JAS’s own NVOCC

Now through September, we are offering reduced rates on our services from Genoa, Italy (GOI) to Singapore (SIN), Hong Kong (HKG), Shanghai (SHA), and Busan (PUS).

Secure your space by contacting your local sales representative or emailing IT-Tradelane@jas.com.


Greencarrier Freight Services knows Norway. Together with our global colleagues in the JAS network, we also know the world. We understand how to handle and move your goods in and out of the country, including optimized first/last mile options and value-added services like customer clearance.

Energy Solutions: Located and ideally positioned close to the Norwegian Continental Shelf, we offer a scheduled service by truck and costal liners between the Offshore Supply Bases from Stavanger in the South to Hammerfest in the North.  As part of the JAS Energy Solutions vertical we are ale able to offer our customers logistics solutions within our own network to and from most of the main global locations where specialist competence is need.

Break Bulk, Projects, and Chartering: The combined expertise of port terminal operator and international freight forwarding, brings add value to the project cargo arena, making us masters in stuffing/stripping cargo to or from any load bearing unit.  Lifting up to 200 tons, lashing and securing any type of cargo, utilizing the spot market or the liner segment for freight options, we can always provide a dedicated solution.

Food & Beverage: Salmon, live fish, and more. Norway serves the world 40 million meals of seafood every day. Greencarrier Freight Services takes part in this adventure offering specialized solutions for fresh, frozen, and processed Seafood and Marine products by airfreight, ocean freight, rail, and road. Other related solutions used by the same industry is bulk shipment, both dry and liquids, offering chartered tankers, container with tanks, and IBCs.

Other areas of expertise: Bulk shipments, stone, wood products, reefer, containerized bulk, bulk liquids, perishables airfreight, order management, and more.

Even though we operate on a sate-of-the-art digital platform, we recognize that this is still a people business. Through our dedicated team of logistics experts, we aim to offer each customer a personalized dialogue and service based on knowledge and being industry experts.

- Gerdt Meyer

​​​Managing Director, Greencarrier Freight Services - Norway



These 5 locations offer:

  • Storage (temperature controlled and dry)
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Cross-docking
  • Palletizing
  • Reporting
  • DG handling
  • Customs
  • Temporary and bonded warehouse,
  • WMS customer interface (EDI/API)


  • 4 facilities close to the port, 20.780 sqm


  • 4 facilities close to the port, 11,800 sqm


  • 7 facilities close to the port, 36000 sqm


  • 4 facilities close to the port, 7000 sqm


  • 2 facilities close to the port, 3800 sqm

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