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Office interior

"Singapore, The Lion City”

JAS Singapore was established in 1982 and has developed into a strong, competent team of 50 employees who are equipped with the best knowledge in both international air and sea services.

Services that we provide:

  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Sea/Air
  • Air/Sea
  • Air/Air
  • Gateway & Groupage Consolidation
  • Warehouse Distribution

Our Vertical Markets:

  • Project Logistics
  • Oil & Energy

Expertise in various Industries:

  • Prestige lifestyle (Fashion, Camera, Sportswear)
  • High Tech – Semiconductor
  • Marbles/Tiles
  • Government Logistics Solution
  • Telecommunication

Thank you for visiting JAS Singapore and see you soon!



JAS APAC Headquarters New Office Grand Opening

June 19, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that JAS Asia Pacific have moved headquarters to their brand-new office at TripleOne Somerset, situated in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier business district. JAS APAC has spent the past five years at Mountbatten Road and have made many great memories there. However, they couldn't be more excited about the new office space, where they look forward to making many new memories. The new office has more space to work with, it is more modern and fashionable, and most importantly it allows all the departments to work together in the same office.

After months of renovation, JAS APAC held their Office Grand Opening on the 29th of May 2019. To celebrate the successful move to the brand-new Asia Pacific Headquarters, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony, roasted pig and lion dance performances, these were the must see items on Grand Opening Day. Luncheon were provided for guests and staff after the ceremony.

Mr. Tomas Sonntag, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific hopes all the staff are enjoying working in the new office and together they will achieve all the success the future has to offer. This marks the start of another chapter in JAS WORLDWIDE ASIA’s history.

New office address:
JAS Asia Pacific Headquarters
111 Somerset Road #06-20 TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164

our top story

JAS Introduces Blue World Atlantic

The current pandemic has caused shipping disruptions across the globe.  

With a 70% reduction in passenger flights since February 2020, the overall global air freight capacity is down about 25% from this time last year.  Limited space on limited flights means frequent delays and interruptions of supply chains globally.

With the unpredictable availability of cargo space, how do we regain control of air freight to ensure service in such a critical time?  

The traditional air freight model is no longer a realistic option, instead Flight Operations are the key for maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted supply chain by providing door-to-door control of the shipping process. With a Flight Operation, every step of the process - from the time the cargo is picked up to its final delivery - is meticulously managed by the service provider.  

Shipments are processed through facilities controlled by the service provider, both at origin and destination. This system avoids the typical congestion at airport hubs, reduces overall transit time, and increases control.

The aircraft themselves offer unmatched flexibility to meet all cargo needs. Freighters have the capability to move normal and specialized cargo such as dangerous goods, oversized pieces, and shipments requiring refrigeration such as perishable and pharma.  

Lastly, a prime network of delivery options carries the cargo to its ultimate destination.

In early August JAS introduced BLUE WORLD ATLANTIC, a weekend roundtrip Flight Operation between Chicago and Frankfurt, utilizing B 747 – 400 F Nose-Load for optimum loading capabilities. The BLUE WORLD ATLANTIC prime schedule is the best solution for supporting customers in the transatlantic air freight corridor!

If your business could benefit from a regular flight operation in the transatlantic corridor contact a local JAS representative for more information.

more news from jas

JAS Chile Welcomes New Trade Lane Director

JAS Chile has announced the appointment of Sandra Castaño as Trade Lane Director for Intra-LATAM in/out of Chile.

Castaño has more than 15 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry in Chile and Colombia.  She comes to JAS with a strong background in business development, commodities, and dry cargo along WCSA and México.  In her last assignment Castaño held the role of ocean business development & product manager – exports.

In her new role, Castaño will be 100% focused on Intra-LATAM development, supporting all initiatives related to this key pillar on the JAS Chile 2021 sales strategy.

Please join us in welcoming Sandra to the JAS family!


Workers moving a large object

Our Team has many years of combined experience handling shipments that are time sensitive, require special attention due to size, weight or value. Some of our shipments require document switching, shipments that must adhere to free trade agreements, letter of credits or guarantees, large sea to air movements, merge and kitting in transit.

As with all of JAS Worldwide's country-based operations, JAS Singapore specializes in the complex world of freight forwarding. Our people are intimately familiar with the process of moving cargo throughout the globe. We're beside you to navigate the logistical maze of carrier relationships, customs & regulatory challenges, risk management, and the hundreds of other issues that face companies seeking to move their goods by air, sea, or land.

JAS Singapore is proud to stand alongside JAS team members strategically positioned around the world. When you choose JAS, you gain the tremendous value of a company that offers high-level forwarding expertise - a company that operates with one of the most advanced information management systems of any forwarder in the world. To find out why JAS is a best-in-class company, contact us through the form at the bottom of this page.

Leverage the expertise we've built for companies like yours. We prove ourselves every day. ​

All business is transacted in accordance with the Singapore Logistics Association Standard Trading Conditions. Copies available on request.​

We endeavor to understand our customers’ challenges, offer solutions that meet their requirements, and consistently provide competitively priced services.

Marc Michelmann

Managing Director, JAS Singapore



Singapore Airport Warehouse

  • 4,500 sqft of managed FTZ warehouse space
  • Free Trade Zone (FTZ) warehouse allow exempt from paying duties/taxes when shipment arrives.
  • High Security areas with alarm and CCTV in place
  • Short term storage for consolidation & deconsolidation
  • Other services (e.g repacking/repalletizing, weighing, fumigation)

Singapore Warehouse

  • More than 15,000 sqft of managed warehouse space
  • Multi-user and single-user warehouses
  • Air Con and non-Air Con with racks
  • High Security areas with alarm and CCTV in place
  • Industry-specific warehouses (e.g. General goods, Fashion/Lifestyle)

Senai, Johor Bahru Warehouse

  • 20,000 sqft managed warehouse space
  • Ambient covered warehouse
  • Commodities: Hoses (Hydraulic & Oil), Fittings, and Pressure Gauges.

Services Provided:

  • Put-away
  • Order picking & packing
  • Local Distribution to Local Market by trucking/courier (Johor, Ipoh, Selangor, Kelantan, Penang)
  • Ocean freight to East Malaysia (Miri, Sarawak& Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
  • Cross-border trucking from Malaysia toSingapore
  • Return shipment management


Account Management
Advanced Reporting Functions
Assembly Groupage Service Cartage and Trade Facilitation
Barge Transportation - Inland Water and Ocean
Bonded Warehouses
Chartering Air and Sea
Computerized Documentation Services
Customer Service
Customs Consultancy
Door to Door Services GOH (Garments on Hangers)
Emergency Air/Ocean Charter Desks
Flexible Routing for Deferred, Lower-Cost Programs
Full Integration with JAS ORBIS System for Value-Added Solutions
Handling of Valuable Goods, LIve Animals and Special Commodities
Handling of Dangerous and Perishable Goods
Heavy Lift Transportation and Handling
Internet Tracking & Tracing
Logistics Studies
On-Time Solutions
Order Fulfillment
Oversized and Dangerous Goods Operations
Pick and Pack
P.O. Management/Technology
Projects: Oversized, Temp-Controlled
Project-Specific Field Offices
Rail Transport
Reverse Logistics
Road Surveys
Security Check: X-Ray Machines at Main Gates
Specialized and Dedicated Customer Service Agents
Subcontractor Management, Subassembly
Training, Trade Consulting
Transport Engineering
Trucking and Barging
Vendor Expediting and Documentation

People are talking about JAS*

*Actual Customer Comments

“ I thank you for all your dedication on our business! Trust a long term Business partnership between the two companies are ahead of us.”

SangGu Lee



"Many thanks for your reporting on a daily basis - excellent service'

Mathilda S.


South Africa

"I want to thank you for the past support and thankful for having you as supplier. Wish you all the best."

Annie L.



"I am satisfied with your trouble-free and appropriate work at all times."

Mayuko I.

Fashion Importer


"I am very satisfied with JAS Sales and Service in charge. We are considering another new import shipment."

Takamasa O.

Print Media Supplier


"Once again JAS has given an outstanding level of support in all areas and I would be grateful if you could pass on our sincere thanks to the whole JAS team for their patience and diligence."

Jo M.

Heavy Equipment

United Kingdom

"You and your team did a great job.  We really appreciate your professionalism and reliability."

Renato Z.



“We’ve been working with JAS for more than a year now, and have always found their service and quality of work to be excellent. We look forward to working together for many more years to come.”

Mihyeun Ko











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