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Throughout our forty years in the freight forwarding business, JAS has handled a wide variety of transactions of all sizes. We understand the special requirements that arise when working within various industries and market sectors including yours.

​JAS is adept at catering to each of our customer's particular requirements so that you can be assured that you are getting best-in-class support. Our staff members have specific expertise in the industries with which they work. Our people treat each project with the attention to detail that gets your goods where they need to be with unmatched quality of commitment.


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Various Industries

JAS competes on a worldwide basis using a combination of specialized knowledge, experienced carriers, and keen sensitivity to the regulatory and compliance issues that others often miss. This permits an advantage to our customers which allows them to out perform their competition. And if this isn’t enough, JAS Worldwide operates in one of the most competitive arenas imaginable. Competing in this environment requires a visionary approach to logistics and forwarding techniques.

The Essence of the JAS vision

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  • Be a Best-in-Class forwarder as evidenced by our satisfied customer base
  • Employ an involved and empowered workforce able to identify and solve problems impacting forwarding performance
  • Be a good member of the international community
  • Protect the environment ​

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