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JAS China Meets Rapid Growth for Pharma Logistics Services

Hans Li
October 18, 2021
JAS China meets the rapid demand for pharma
JAS China meets the rapid demand for pharma

Since the pandemic began, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid growth. As the need for quality pharmaceuticals to treat diseases of all kinds continues to increase, logistics services and solutions also must keep up with the rapid pace. According to market data, China’s temperature-controlled expert increased 16 percent on a year-over-year basis between January and July 2021.  

In partnership with one of the leading developing, manufacturing, and repair service companies for air cargo equipment, JAS China has positioned itself to serve pharma’s expanding needs through the launch of a new successful logistic project managing airfreight temperature-controlled containers in Beijing. Thanks to the recent service expansion, JAS China can confidently provide full domestic services. Customers can request warehousing, trucking and container management, and air freight services to cover the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to benefit global consumers.  

JAS China’s pharmaceutical logistics team received training on temperature-controlled container transport with its partner company. The collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for JAS China’s team to share the new service with potential pharmaceutical customers in need, adding extra value to its customers in the future.  

In addition to the official training from its new partner, JAS China’s staff completed additional training on temperature-controlled cargo to fortify its understanding of the general process involved with transporting temperature-controlled containers. JAS China’s leadership plans to continue professional development to help the team stay abreast of industry trends for temperature-controlled container logistics.  

Pharmaceutical companies interested in learning how JAS China can meet their rapid growth needs can reach out to the team today for more information.


JAS Staff (written by Dina Bunn on behalf of and approved by Alberto Bruni)
October 11, 2021
Jun Inomata as Director, Warehouse Operations - Pharma & Healthcare
Jun Inomata as Director, Warehouse Operations - Pharma & Healthcare

JAS USA is happy to announce the hiring of Jun Inomata as Director, Warehouse Operations - Pharma & Healthcare.

With responsibility to align and unify handling procedures for JAS USA’s warehouses, including a special focus on Pharma & Healthcare processes, Jun brings more than 25 years of logistics industry experience and numerous impressive professional operations, compliance, and temperature-controlled handling certifications.

As a member of the USA Corporate team, Jun will work out of the Chicago branch office.

JAS is thrilled to welcome Jun and is confident he will play a key role in upholding and continuously improving the service quality provided to our valued clients.


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Laetitia Chery, JAS EMEA Pharma & Healthcare Sales Director
JAS Welcomes EMEA Pharma & Healthcare Sales Director

JAS Worldwide EMEA welcomes this week, the arrival of Laetitia Chery as the new EMEA Pharma & Healthcare Sales Director. With 20 years of experience in worldwide intercultural logistics management, Laetitia has successfully developed a strong customer portfolio, always focusing on providing commercial and operational excellence.

During her last endeavors in a variety of forwarding and logistics companies, Laetitia created healthcare recommendations and support solutions to build strong synergies between product, sales, and operations. Her leadership and engagement are keys drivers to meet customer requirements and constantly develop compelling solutions.

“Laetitia brings a wealth of Pharma & Healthcare business expertise that will promote JAS in the EMEA region, to the level of excellence required by our customers in this industry," said François-Xavier Mollet, JAS EMEA Sales Vice-President”

“By way of Laetitia’s technical and GDP compliance wealth of knowledge, in the pharma & healthcare temperature control sector, we are confident that these qualities, coupled with her customer-centric focus, will strengthen existing partnerships, and build a myriad of new ones throughout our global network," remarked Frank Cascante, JAS Global Pharma & Healthcare Senior Vice-President of Sales.

JAS is thrilled to have Laetitia join the organization and strengthen our EMEA sales management organization to drive the development of our Pharma & Healthcare footprint. Her arrival is in perfect harmony with the investments that the company is currently making to become one of the most reliable logistics providers in this field.

Mauricio Zambrano, National Account Manager, Pharma & Healthcare, JAS Colombia

As JAS Colombia continues to focus on the pharmaceutical market and its important implications for the industry as a whole, the team is pleased to announce the hiring of National Account Manager Mauricio Zambrano. Mauricio will be working out of the Bogota Branch. He will lead the Pharma & Healthcare vertical in Colombia as he focuses on strengthening JAS’s positioning in the local market.

Mauricio has had an extensive career in international trade with over 30 years of experience working in the logistics and freight forwarding industries. He has held various leadership roles in past positions, including Operation Manager, Ocean Freight National Manager, Products Development, BID Telesales, and Sales Support, and National Sales Manager. He has also worked for the Lenovo Asia Pacific Branch in Colombia as Global Logistics Manager.

This wide range of experience has contributed to his expertise in leading both commercial and operative teams while broadening his operational knowledge. Most importantly for this role, Mauricio is a talented business strategies developer which will allow him to play a key role in growing JAS’ position within the local and international markets.

Dina Bunn, JAS Vice President Customer Experience, Pharma & Healthcare
Pharma & Healthcare Team Continues to Expand at JAS Worldwide

JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce the appointment of Dina Bunn as Vice President Customer Experience, Pharma & Healthcare. The addition of Bunn will further strengthen the JAS Pharma & Healthcare leadership team. Holding leadership roles in the air cargo and freight forwarding industries for more than thirty years, Bunn brings to JAS a broad international background in finance, quality management, customer service, and IT service delivery – with particular expertise in logistics for temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

Some of Bunn’s notable successes include spearheading the development of an industry-leading cold chain logistics platform, as well as managing a global project to implement a newly established temperature control service offering for a large logistics provider. A certified IATA instructor and quality auditor, Bunn is passionate about customer experience, employee engagement, and operational efficiency.

Bunn’s joining JAS further solidifies the company's strategic direction for the pharma and healthcare industry, which is very well rooted in its mantra, ‘People Make The Difference.’

We are happy to welcome Dina to JAS Pharma & Healthcare. Her digitally-driven and yet all-about-people leadership to connect our people’s expertise and processes to customer experience excellence will empower JAS people in key markets servicing Pharma and Healthcare customers with strong knowledge, greater transparency, and data intelligence." said David Bang, EVP Pharma & Healthcare.

JAS Expands Pharma & Healthcare Leadership Team

JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Cascante as Senior Vice President Global Sales, Pharma & Healthcare.  As a passionate customer advocate and expert in temperature controlled logistics for pharma and healthcare in all major markets, Cascante has built a reputation for successful implementation of responsive and reliable international supply chains for many global customers.

Over the last 2 decades, Cascante has developed an impressive track record of leading logistics, air freight, and ocean freight teams for companies like DAMCO, Maersk, and DHL. Most recently, he served as the regional head in the Americas for a leading temperature controlled packaging solution provider trusted by many top pharma & healthcare customers. His efforts drove their cold chain operations, network expansion, as well as operational and commercial implementation in the Americas.

Cascante’s expertise in the fields of temperature management and cold chain operations specific to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry helps further solidify JAS Worldwide’s commitment to the pharma and healthcare industry.

Frank’s diverse and broad leadership, deeply rooted in the Pharma & Healthcare industry, makes him a perfect selection. - David Bang”  

EVP Pharma & Healthcare, David Bang said, “We are happy to welcome Frank to JAS Pharma & Healthcare to lead its sales and customer advocacy for all regions. With the clear investment path to become a quality-driven and customer-centric logistics provider in Pharma & Healthcare, everything starts with the right people in the right culture.  Frank is passionate about building the competent, consultative, and result-driven commercial teams within countries and regions”.

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