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JAS China Honored with "Service Provider" Award at Panda D'Oro 2024

June 27, 2024
JAS China received the prestigious Service Provider Award at the Panda D'Oro 2024, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the Sino-Italian business community
JAS China received the prestigious Service Provider Award at the Panda D'Oro 2024, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the Sino-Italian business community

JAS China, a leading logistics service provider, proudly announces its recent triumph at the Panda D'Oro Awards, where it received the prestigious Service Provider Award. This accolade highlights the teams commitment to excellence and its significant contributions to the Sino-Italian business community.

The Panda D'Oro Awards, presented by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), celebrate companies that have made remarkable strides in strengthening economic ties between Italy and China. This award ceremony recognizes those who have excelled in their respective fields, contributing to the growth and prosperity of bilateral relations. The Service Provider Award distinguishes exceptional service providers who have demonstrated efficiency, best practices, and outstanding results. It honors those who have enhanced their competitiveness in the Chinese market through innovation and sustainable business strategies.

JAS China's innovative LCL reefer product, developed in collaboration with the CICC Logistics Working Group, has revolutionized the export, transportation, and clearance of Food and Beverage goods. From frozen to fresh food, including chocolate and wine, this service has enabled Italian and Chinese Food & Beverage companies to access the Chinese market with competitive costs and timely delivery, even for small quantities or test marketing campaigns. The introduction of the co-loading option has created a product that can be utilized by other logistics providers within the CICC, serving their clients without the need to establish a new implant. This innovative approach has not only catered to the sector's needs but has set a new standard in the logistics industry.

"International trade between China and Italy is a dynamic landscape, where the future is determined by current bold moves. When we deal with the opportunity of cross-border reefer service, we need to be agile and build partnerships that go beyond borders. This is how we support flourishing trading between two countries while enabling the success of our customers at both ends," said Marco Civardi, CEO, JAS China

JAS China's vision is to deliver lasting value to its clients and shareholders by meeting and exceeding expectations, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of products, and upholding the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

JAS Worldwide Showcases Innovative Solutions at Transport Logistics China 2024

June 25, 2024
JAS Worldwide attends Day 1 of Transport Logistics China 2024.
JAS Worldwide attends Day 1 of Transport Logistics China 2024.

JAS Worldwide, a global leader in freight forwarding and logistics, is thrilled to share its participation in Transport Logistics China 2024. The event, taking place from June 25-27 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, is the premier gathering for the logistics and supply chain industry in Asia.

Today marks the first day of this event, and JAS Worldwide has already made a significant impact. Located at Booth # W5.185, JAS is showcasing its latest innovations and comprehensive logistics solutions designed to optimize supply chains and enhance operational efficiency for businesses worldwide.

Day 1 Highlights Include:

  • Onsite Interview: Moderated by Jennifer Jinadu-Wright, Global Marketing VP at JAS Worldwide, this session featured discussions with key leaders such as David Bang, Chief Commercial Officer, JAS Worldwide; Manuele Mazzacurati, Global EVP Sales & Marketing, JAS Worldwide; Tero Ahonen, Chief Strategy Officer, JAS China; and Cissy Lu, Chief Commercial Officer, JAS China. The interview explored the latest logistics and supply chain industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Live Stream: Hosted by Tina Zhou, Ningbo Branch Manager, JAS China, this interactive session explored the intricacies of international cold chain logistics packaging for pharmaceuticals. Guests Carine Cai, Managing Director, Genxin Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd, and Hardis Ding, Head of Pharma & Healthcare, JAS China, shared their expertise on technical principles, best practices, and innovative strategies in cold chain logistics.

JAS looks forward to engaging with industry leaders and showcasing how its solutions can help businesses navigate the complexities of the global supply chain throughout the event.

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From aspiring doctor to JAS India Managing Director, Sonal's journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and dedication.
From Summer Job to Managing Director: Sonal Singhal's Journey in Logistics

Sonal Singhal never planned to work in freight forwarding. She had always aspired to be a doctor. Fate, however, had other plans for her when she stumbled upon a summer job in a freight forwarding company. Little did she know that this serendipitous opportunity would lay the foundation for her inspiring career in logistics. 

Fast forward more than 20 years, and now a seasoned veteran in the industry, Sonal joined JAS in 2020, where her initial days were met with many challenges. With no time for doubt or hesitation, she faced them head-on. Stepping into the role of Director of Sales & Marketing for India, she embarked on a journey of building a team from scratch during a global pandemic, and leading sales – something she had never done before. "While I couldn't travel and meet teams and customers in person, I was able to use that extra time to double down on the behind-the-scenes work," she recounts. 

Sonal's abilities and talents did not go unnoticed. In less than a year, she was named as Managing Director of India – making her one of just two female Managing Directors at JAS. Under her leadership, JAS India has experienced a change of culture coupled with remarkable growth and has become a pivotal player in the logistics space.  

She is humble in all her accomplishments but recognizes there is still work to be done.  

"I take pride in my role, but I also feel like I have a responsibility to mentor more women in this space, for leadership roles," she affirms, emphasizing the importance of mentorship, representation, and empowerment. As a woman navigating a predominantly male-dominated industry, Sonal acknowledges the challenges she's faced. "There are certain gender biases that still exist, it takes time to break those stigmas," she observes. Despite these obstacles, Sonal remains resilient, offering words of encouragement to aspiring women in the field. "Don't give up, and just keep doing your best," she advises, embodying perseverance and determination. 

She is passionate about the powerful role of encouragement and mentorship, as she knows first-hand how it feels when someone believes in you more than you believe in yourself. She recalls what made her stay on at her first freight forwarding company, "I actually didn't want to stay, but the head of the organization loved my work and encouraged me that I could succeed. I think the faith and belief he showed in me then was something that influenced me to stay. And history repeated itself at JAS, where leadership has entrusted the same confidence in me and gave me an opportunity which I couldn't have dreamed for myself, at least not so soon. This is a great sign at JAS with male allies promoting inclusivity and driving the change." 

Sonal remembers how that empowerment made her feel and now ingrains the same sentiment into her leadership philosophy. "Failures are yours, and success belongs to the team," she asserts, embodying a collaborative approach to leadership. She champions democratic decision-making and fosters a culture of open communication and feedback, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives. 

In addition to her professional endeavors, Sonal is a devoted mother of two teenage boys and is a loving daughter. Balancing her career with family responsibilities, she finds fulfillment in nurturing her children and maintaining strong ties with her parents – all with the support of her spouse, without which it would have been impossible. "I'm trying my best to raise them as men a society would like to see," Sonal lovingly shares. 

Sonal's journey is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and dedication. As she continues to pave the way for women in logistics, her impact extends far beyond the boardroom, inspiring future generations of female leaders. 

The JAS SmartHub Light version is available December 1, 2023.
JAS SmartHub Launches Light Version for Android and IOS

This month marks a significant milestone for JAS SmartHub as we proudly announce the launch of our light version, available for download on both Android and IOS platforms starting December 1, 2023.

What's New with JAS SmartHub Light Version?

Designed with our users in mind, the light version of JAS SmartHub brings an array of powerful features to the fingertips of logistics professionals. This streamlined and intuitive version ensures that managing shipments, bookings, and logistics data is more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Key Features of JAS SmartHub Light Version:

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Get real-time visibility into shipments, bookings, freight dashboards, contract logistics inventory, and sales orders all in one place.
  • Customizable Notifications: Tailor your experience by setting up notifications for specific events. Receive timely alerts to stay informed about the status of your shipments, bookings, and sales orders.
  • Interactive Chat Bot: Ask our Chat Bot about the current status and location of your shipment or sales order, providing you with instant and convenient information.

How to Get Started:

Download the JAS SmartHub Light Version using the links provided below, or simply search for "JAS SmartHub" on your Android or IOS app store. Once located, log in seamlessly using your existing portal credentials.

JAS China Team Members with HR Asia Awards.
JAS China Clinches Three HR Asia Awards

JAS China proudly announces its outstanding achievements in the realm of workplace excellence, securing three awards from HR Asia this November in Shanghai. 

2023 Best Companies to Work for in Asia  

JAS China has been recognized as one of the "2023 Best Companies to Work for in Asia" by HR Asia, a testament to our commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace environment. This distinguished accolade is a result of our relentless dedication to employee satisfaction, innovative HR practices, and an unwavering commitment to cultivating a positive and empowering workplace culture. 

Most Caring Company  

JAS China's unwavering dedication to employee welfare and well-being has earned us the "Most Caring Company" award. This recognition underscores our commitment to creating a workplace that not only nurtures professional growth but also prioritizes the health, happiness, and prosperity of our employees. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Award  

JAS China is honored to receive the "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)" award, highlighting our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. This recognition reflects our dedication to ensuring equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of background, and cultivating a workplace that thrives on the unique perspectives and talents of each team member. 

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia awards are highly esteemed, attracting applications from a diverse array of companies, including Fortune 500 giants and multinational corporations. JAS China's success in clinching these awards reaffirms our position as an employer of choice in Asia, demonstrating our exceptional HR practices, high levels of employee engagement, and an outstanding workplace culture. 

"This privilege belongs to every one of our associates.  Together we are building JAS China to be the workplace that puts people first, embraces diversity, equity & inclusion, and creates a culture of empathy.  Thank you all for your contribution!  Let’s continue to foster a fulfilling culture that striving for engagement and excellence," shared Daniel Jiang, Head of HR, JAS China.

"We are very proud of these awards as we center our culture around the notion  ‘people makes the difference’" added Marco Civardi, CEO of JAS China.

These accolades reflect JAS China's ongoing commitment to maintaining a workplace that values its employees, promotes diversity and inclusion, and sets industry benchmarks for HR excellence. 

JAS India celebrates the opening of its new office in Ludhiana, Punjab, North India.
JAS India Expands its Footprint with the Opening of a New Branch Office in Ludhiana, Punjab

JAS India is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its journey of growth with the opening of a new branch office in Ludhiana, Punjab, North India.

The expansion into Ludhiana, represents a strategic move by JAS India to tap into the immense potential of the Punjab market, which encompasses ten major industries, including food processing, tractors and auto components, agro-based parts, bicycle and bicycle parts, sports goods, light engineering goods, metal and alloys, chemical products, textiles, IT, and pharmaceuticals. Punjab's substantial contribution to the North India Market, accounting for approximately 20% of the region's volumes, underscores the strategic significance of this expansion.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, JAS India hosted a grand opening ceremony attended by JAS India team member, customers, and business partners. Additionally, they were joined by Stefano Olmi, Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Asia Pacific, who engaged in insightful discussions with attendees, further strengthen the relationship between JAS India and its stakeholders.

The new Ludhiana office symbolizes JAS India's unwavering commitment to providing a modern and efficient work environment. This environment empowers its dedicated team of professionals to thrive and, most importantly, deliver exceptional service offerings to its valued customers.
With this expansion, JAS India is poised to spread the JAS brand across this promising satellite market, becoming the preferred partner of choice for clients seeking reliable and innovative logistics solutions.

In a bold move to address the need for reducing carbon emissions in the shipping industry, the International Maritime Organization introduced groundbreaking regulations concerning energy efficiency and carbon intensity for all ships.
New IMO Regulations: Introducing Carbon Intensity Measures into Ocean Freight

In a bold move to address the need for reducing carbon emissions in the shipping industry, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) introduced groundbreaking regulations concerning energy efficiency and carbon intensity for all ships. These measures require ships to calculate their attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) to determine energy efficiency and to initiate data collection to report their annual operational carbon intensity indicator (CII) and CII rating. 

Understanding the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI):

The EEXI is a score given to ships based on their energy efficiency. Ships attained EEXI will be compared to a required EEXI based on an applicable reduction factor expressed as a percentage relative to the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) baseline. Each ship's calculated attained EEXI value must be below the required EEXI to meet the minimum energy efficiency standard. 

Exploring the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Rating:

The CII is set to rank and monitor the carbon efficiency of each vessel concerning the cargo carried, and the distance traveled. The actual annual operational CII achieved must be documented and verified against the required annual operational CII, allowing the operational carbon intensity rating to be determined. The rating ranges from A to E (where A is the best), and the threshold requirements will become stricter year over year.


  • Environmental Benefits: The primary goal of these IMO regulations is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). By measuring and monitoring energy efficiency, shipping companies can identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations to minimize carbon footprints.
  • Technological Advancements: These regulations will encourage the development and adopting of cleaner technologies within the maritime sector, fostering innovation and creating a demand for sustainable solutions.


  • Compliance Costs: Implementing the EEXI and CII measures will require investments in ship upgrades, retrofitting, and enhanced operational practices. For shipowners and operators, this could pose a significant financial challenge, particularly for older vessels.
  • Disruptions to Shipping Schedules and Supply Chains: As the cost of technological advancements is high, ships implement fuel-saving measures like slow-steaming, which can lead to longer transit times, affecting the predictability and reliability of cargo delivery.
  • Data Collection and Reporting: The accurate measurement and reporting of a vessel's carbon intensity require reliable data collection systems. Shipowners must adapt to new reporting standards and overcome potential technical barriers in gathering and transmitting data.


Implementing the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) measures marks a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions in the shipping industry. While they offer environmental benefits, they also present challenges, including compliance costs and potential disruptions to shipping schedules. Collaboration among stakeholders, technological advancements, and regulatory support are crucial to navigating these challenges.

JAS recently executed a complex air freight project linking China, the United Kingdom, and France for a major French pharmaceutical launch, demonstrating expertise in handling large shipments.
JAS Successfully Executes Air Freight Project Linking China, Great Britain & France

Recently, JAS successfully executed a large air freight project connecting China, the United Kingdom, and France. The project catered to a prominent French pharmaceutical company's highly anticipated product launch, highlighting JAS's ability to handle large shipments with precision and efficiency. The Toulouse Branch Manager of JAS France, Khalid Aabiza, played a key role in securing the business and overseeing the project's execution.

The French pharmaceutical company's product launch in the United Kingdom required the transportation of a vast number of paper containers/cups from China. With over 400 pallet cargoes divided into three lots, each carrying strict deadlines, the challenge was immense. The urgency to meet these deadlines and the need for high visibility and real-time updates on cargo status presented critical objectives for the customer.

Addressing these challenges head-on, JAS provided a comprehensive solution that showcased its expertise and commitment to excellence. Through effective communication with the shipper in China, the JAS team optimized the capacity plan, ensuring flexibility and streamlined execution. The JAS team offered a full solution within just five days, leveraging optimal carrier combinations and strategic partnerships with multiple large airlines.

To meet the customer's requirements for real-time updates and high visibility, the JAS Shanghai team collaborated closely with teams in France and the United Kingdom, sharing daily planning and monitoring sheets. This seamless communication and coordination played a key role in the project's success.

The project culminated in the safe and timely delivery of over 500 pallets and 700+ CBM of cargo to London Heathrow Airport (LHR). JAS's execution and dedication earned appreciation from the customer, solidifying its position as a reliable partner for complex logistics operations.

With this success, JAS reaffirms its position as an industry leader capable of handling large-scale logistics with precision and timeliness. As the logistics landscape continues to evolve, JAS's commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence remains strong.

JAS India celebrated the successful Grand Opening of its new office in Pune on June 2nd, 2023.
JAS India Celebrates Grand Opening of New Office in Pune

JAS India is thrilled to announce the successful Grand Opening of its new facility in Pune on June 2nd, 2023. This milestone marks the establishment of Pune as an independent branch which is an integral part of the West India Region. Additionally, it further expand its footprint while reinforcing its commitment to be in front of its customers and provide exceptional services.

The Grand Opening ceremony was a momentous occasion for JAS India, as it brought together both customers and JAS colleagues from across the Western Region. They were also joined by Stefano Olmi, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing Asia Pacific, who performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the official inauguration of the new office.

"We are immensely proud to inaugurate our brand-new facility in Pune," said Sonal Singhal, Managing Director of JAS India. "This expansion signifies a significant milestone in JAS India's growth journey, and we are grateful to our customers and colleagues who have played a vital role in making this possible."

Looking ahead, the team is confident that the new office will further strengthen its position as a leading logistics provider in the market. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer-centricity, JAS India will continue to invest in its people, processes, and technology to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

JAS Hong Kong team members attend awards ceremony.
JAS Hong Kong Receives 2023 HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award

JAS Hong Kong is delighted to share that it has been honored with the prestigious 2023 HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia award. This recognition is a testament to the great teamwork and unwavering effort demonstrated by our exceptional team, highlighting our commitment to fostering an exceptional working environment.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards is a highly regarded program that acknowledges organizations identified by their employees as Asia's employers of choice. It celebrates companies with outstanding HR practices, employee engagement, and excellent workplace cultures. This award attracts applications from diverse companies across Asia, including Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, and government-linked organizations.

Commenting on this achievement, Marco Civardi, CEO of JAS China, emphasized the pivotal role played by people within the organization: "People Make the Difference—at JAS, people are the driving force behind our growth, success, and the creation of a better working world. That's why we are committed to building safe, diverse, and inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive."

While JAS Hong Kong takes great pride in this recognition, it understands that the journey toward creating an exceptional working environment is an ongoing endeavor. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, the team remains committed to continuously striving to improve the work experience and the fulfillment of all its employees.

JAS has recently built a new state-of-the-art GDP certified Pharma & Healthcare warehouse in Singapore.
JAS Opens Pharma & Healthcare Warehouse in Singapore

JAS Worldwide has commenced operations in a new Pharma and Healthcare dedicated warehouse in Singapore to further expand its offerings to customers in the industry. The facility is certified to both GDP standards and has Singapore's Health Sciences Authority's GDPMDS certification.  

The newly constructed state-of-the-art warehouse was designed for pharma products and medical devices from inception. Therefore, there is a 1290 m2 CRT(controlled room temperature) spread across two chambers maintained at +15 to+25°C. Additionally, inside the facility are three Cold rooms totaling 260 m2. These rooms are designed to handle temperature requirements of +2 to +8°C. There is also the capability to handle ambient and deep frozen (-20°C) storage. 

As a dedicated Pharma & Healthcare facility, there is the ability to perform a range of value-added services from secondary repackaging and relabeling to last-mile delivery. Furthermore, the facility is strategically located within 45 minutes of both airport and seaports, allowing for quick access, thus acting as both a local distribution point and a Regional Distribution Centre for the area. 

"We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new location in Singapore. The market is expected to double in size by 2029, and we target to support clients in the Pharma & Healthcare industry with innovative and digital solutions," says Marc Michelmann, Managing Director, JAS Singapore. "With operations led by GDP-trained staff, this new facility gives clients access to the safe and efficient cold chain handling necessary to meet the industry's most stringent regulatory requirements." 

The facility highlights JAS' continued dedication to its customers and the rapidly growing Pharma & Healthcare industry. "With its prime location, capacity, and ability to serve a range of different temperature storage requirements, the newly opened facility allows us to grow alongside our customers as we continue to meet the region's ever-growing demand," comments Derek Lee, Vice President Pharma & Healthcare, Asia Pacific.  

With a growing network of 35 GDP-certified branches across the globe, JAS has made significant investments in people, digital technology, and infrastructure in support of its strategy to provide the best quality logistics services for customers of the pharma and healthcare industry. 

About JAS Worldwide 

JAS was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy, and its global headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Over the last four decades, JAS has grown from regional roots to a global force in logistics covering all modes of transportation, including contract logistics and other sophisticated and digital-driven supply chain solutions. Today, JAS covers 100+ countries with over 7,000 employees globally and continues to expand with its core culture, "People make the difference." 

Win Wing Foo, Regional Account Manager APAC, High Tech Vertical
JAS Strengthens APAC High Tech Vertical with New Leadership Appointment

JAS APAC is pleased to share that Win Wing Foo has been named Regional Account Manager APAC for the High Tech vertical.

Wing has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He brings with him over 20 years of experience in Logistics and Freight Forwarding, along with extensive knowledge of the High Tech industry.

Starting as a Duty Manager for cargo at Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), he progressed to Marketing Manager – Ground Handling before joining DGF as Trade Lane Manager for Austria, Switzerland, and Iberia markets. He then moved on to Damco as Global Head of Pricing – Air Freight Centre (including a 3-year stint in Copenhagen), followed by CEVA Logistics, first as Head of Field Sales and Route Development, and then as Head of Program Management – SEA Cluster. His last stop before JAS was at Nippon Express as Regional Account Manager for large MNC accounts.

Please join us in welcoming Wing to our team.

Patrick Senn, Vice President of Airfreight, APAC.
JAS Names Vice President of Airfreight, APAC

JAS is pleased to announce that as of January 3rd, 2023, Patrick Senn has joined JAS as the VP of Airfreight for APAC based in Singapore.

Patrick brings over 20 years of industry experience with him, having started his apprenticeship in Switzerland specializing in Freight Forwarding in 1999.

After many years in Switzerland, Patrick had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong, where he worked for seven years in various managerial roles, followed by four years in Vietnam as the Head of Air Freight – South East Asia for DB Schenker. During his time in Asia, Patrick has developed a solid affinity with Asian culture and a strong network across the air freight industry.

In his new position, Patrick reports directly to Tomas Sonntag, Regional Executive Vice President, APAC and with a dotted line to Gregor Vrhunc, EVP Global Head Air Freight, as the newest member of the World Airfreight Team (WAT).

Yong Wee Yap, Head of Account Management Asia.
Head of Account Management for Asia Named

JAS is pleased to announce the promotion of Yong Wee Yap to Head of Account Management Asia.

Since joining JAS in 2014, Yong has been instrumental in developing Strategic Accounts in the High Tech and Aerospace verticals in Asia and globally.

In his new role, Yong’s focus will shift to Program Management, leading a team of ten National Account Managers (NAMs) across nine countries (AU, ID, KR, JP, MY, SG, TH, TW, VN). The Asia NAMs will functionally report to Yong and directly report to the respective National Sales Managers (NSMs).

Yong will be responsible for implementing program methods, tools, and scalable solutions to support the commercial strategy within Asia by driving accountability for the effective management of our client’s business. In addition, he will lead, develop and coach a team of high-performing account managers that fully understand the accounts’ business strategies/objectives while continually focusing on providing solutions to achieving goals and mitigating risks/constraints.

Julio Lopez, LATAM Trade Lane Manager, JAS APAC
JAS Asia Pacific Welcomes Latin America Trade Lane Manager

It is with great pleasure that JAS Asia Pacific introduces and welcomes Julio Lopez to the JAS Asia Pacific (APAC) regional Trade Lane Team.

In past roles working for several large freight forwarders, Julio has worked in Canada, Spain, China, Vietnam, and Thailand in various roles. He brings with him a wealth and knowledge and experience gained from his previous roles, including that of Business Development Manager, where he focused on the development of a perishable inbound program from the Americas and Europe, and more recently, Asia Pacific Trade Lane management program director.

Julio originates from Puebla, Mexico and will be based at the JAS Bangkok office, in Thailand. His hiring came through after full alignment with the Americas region and the JAS Worldwide global team.

Julio will work closely with Vivian Brunialti, Trade Lane Director, JAS Brazil, Stefano Olmi, Vice President Sales & Marketing, JAS APAC, and members of both the commercial and product teams in South America and the APAC regional team, as they work to support and promote further the expansion of the trade in both directions.

Stefano Olmi (Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Asia Pacific) and Sonal Singhal (Managing Director-India)
JAS India Relocates Mumbai Branch

Since JAS India began its operations more than 15 years ago, it has established a strong presence within the local market. In line with its current growth, JAS India is pleased to announce the relocation of its Mumbai branch to a new and modern workspace.

Through its relocation to a modern workspace, JAS India continues to provide team members with access to a collaborative and positive work environment. Of further importance, the new branch allows for the freight forwarding and project entities to work together in the same place.

The opening of the new location on March 17, 2022, was presided over by Stefano Olmi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Asia Pacific, and Sonal Singhal, Managing Director of JAS India.

About JAS India

JAS India, a global freight forwarding services provider, has been present in India since 2005. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS India offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service and customs clearance services.

Airplane flying in the sky at sunset.
JAS Japan Gains Key Pharma Certification

The JAS Kansai Airport (KIX) location (Osaka) has been awarded the IATA (International Air Transport Association) CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics) certification for excellence in pharmaceutical and healthcare air transportation and handling in March of this year.

The JAS Pharma & Healthcare team in Japan completed comprehensive preparations and a rigorous audit process to achieve IATA CEIV Pharma certification in collaboration with the KIX Pharma Community. The CEIV Pharma certification addresses this important industry's need for specific and strict standards for safety, security, compliance, and efficiency when transporting biological and medical material by air.

"In addition to the current GDP certification status, the IATA CEIV Pharma certification furthers the team's commitment to delivering the highest quality services to our clients in the Pharma & Healthcare industry," explained David Bang, Executive Vice President, Pharma & Healthcare.

JAS Pharma & Healthcare comprises a dedicated core team covering key regions and countries supported by more than 450 trained and certified team members operating throughout the growing network of GDP-certified locations around the world.

From the left: Stefano Olmi, Tomas Sonntag, Helmut Leibbrandt, Kevin Ong, Stefano Battan
PUMA Partnership Builds Trusted Results

During a special visit to the JAS APAC Regional Office, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management and Logistics for PUMA North America Mr. Helmut Leibbrandt thanked the team for its ongoing support. As part of his acknowledgment for their efforts, Mr. Leibbrandt presented an award to APAC Executive Vice President Mr. Tomas Sonntag.  

The award also marked PUMA North America’s outstanding performance in 2021. During a time when other companies have struggled with supply chain disruptions and other pandemic-induced setbacks, PUMA North America posted strong growth. Brand momentum and operational flexibility contributed to the brand’s impressive performance. JAS APAC has been a vital part of that recipe for sustainability.

PUMA NORTH America has worked with JAS since 2009 when Kevin Ong joined JAS in that year.

JAS APAC Global Account Director Kevin Ong had a previous relationship with Mr. Helmut Leibbrandt that began in 1997.

Seventy percent of PUMA North America’s volume comes out of Vietnam. It is vitally important to have a logistics and supply chain management partner with strong APAC connections. Vietnam was a challenging market to manage, even before adding the complications of a global pandemic. JAS provides innovative solutions to PUMA to keep their products moving smoothly and on time.  

Congratulations to the entire JAS family for its contributions to PUMA NORTH America’s ongoing success!

JAS Appoints New Vice President of Marketing

JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Jinadu-Wright as VP of Marketing.  Jennifer will be driving JAS’ global branding and marketing strategies by leveraging her 20 years of experience with building high performing teams and her philosophy of continuously seeking new ways to connect with customers, keeping the customer experience at the forefront.

Throughout her impressive career, Jennifer has held positions across various product and service sectors in Europe and the US, bringing a multidimensional perspective to her marketing strategies.  A leader in the brand management space, her accomplishments include the development of sales programs and new business initiatives, designing and launching websites, and implementation of digital ad strategies, all of which led to significant increases in revenue contribution and enhanced brand equity.  “While Jennifer’s achievements are very impressive, I am most excited about the energy and passion she brings for coaching, leading, and collaborating with teams to deliver exceptional results”, said JAS Chief Commercial Officer, Carol Kijac. “We know that with her extensive experience and creativity she will be a great asset to our team”.

About JAS Worldwide

JAS was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy. Over the last four decades, JAS has grown from regional roots to a global force in freight forwarding. Today, JAS covers 100+ countries with 380 offices and official agent locations and has over 5,000 employees globally.

Jackie Quah, JAS APAC Director Quality & Compliance, Pharma & Healthcare
Pharma & Healthcare Vertical Expands APAC Leadership Team

JAS Worldwide APAC is pleased to announce the arrival of Jackie Quah as the new Director, Quality and Compliance, Pharma & Healthcare, APAC. Jackie has over 14 years of experience in quality management and compliance across a variety of technical and managerial roles. She has a wide breadth of pharmaceutical and medical device experience spanning from site operations to APAC functions, including extended experiences in the US.

She also has a strong technology background working with various analytics tools, system implementations, and technology automation. Her work experience includes manufacturing quality assurance, quality systems, compliance operations, quality improvement initiatives, deviation or non-conformance investigation, risk management, CAPA, change control, as well as managing regulatory inspections and client audits. Her quest for innovation also leads her to be at the forefront of the industry trends and the key drivers to meeting the customer requirements. Jackie is a certified ISO 9001, ISO 14971, and ISO 13485 auditor.

JAS is excited to have Jackie join the organization and strengthen its APAC organization to drive the development of our Pharma & Healthcare footprint. Her arrival is a part of JAS' ongoing and long-term investment in the pharma and healthcare logistics industry.

JAS Indonesia Accommodates Rapid Growth

JAS Indonesia has recently undergone expansions and renovations at both its Jakarta and Surabaya Branches to accommodate its ever-growing team.

The renovations, which highlight the rapid growth and success of JAS within the Indonesian market, include updated branding throughout both the Jakarta and Surabaya Branches. The Surabaya Branch renovations also involved the expansion of the workspace, which allows staff members to have their own workspace and provides them with additional flexibility.

With the renovation and expansion, the teams in Indonesia are better positioned to accommodate future growth and success as they work to serve and support both current and future clients moving into 2022 and beyond.

About JAS Indonesia

Established in 2006 in Jakarta, JAS Indonesia has dozens of dedicated and experienced team members to support any of your regional and global transportation needs. The team focuses on air and sea (LCL & FCL), imports, exports, domestic services (air, sea, and inland freight), licensed custom house brokerage, and distribution.

P. A. Sushil, Sales Manager – Pharma & Healthcare.
JAS India Focuses on Pharma & Healthcare

As JAS continues to expand in the Pharma & Healthcare vertical across the globe, the team in India is committed to be a part of this journey by bringing in the relevant expertise both in people and infrastructure, dedicated to providing customers with best-in-class service and solutions. As a part of this focus, JAS India is pleased to announce the arrival of P. A. Sushil as the Sales Manager – Pharma & Healthcare.

Sushil will be strategically based out of Hyderabad in Southern India. His past experience and relationships in the industry will help expand the JAS customer base while emphasizing quality and service delivery tailored to the requirements of the Pharma and Healthcare industry.

Sushil brings with him more than 25 years of experience in foreign trade, holding past roles in strategic and leadership positions not only in commercial/sales but also branch management. In the past, he has demonstrated his ability in leading teams, managing P&L, market development, revenue generation, and profit maximization with his key focus being Pharma & Healthcare.

About JAS India

JAS India, a global freight forwarding services provider, has been present in India since 2005. With a GDP-certified branch in Mumbai, and Hyderabad soon having this certification as well, the team is trained and equipped to meet the needs of customers in the Pharma and Healthcare industry.

Derek Lee, appointed JAS APAC Pharma & Healthcare Sales VP
JAS APAC Welcomes Pharma & Healthcare Sales VP

JAS Worldwide APAC is pleased to announce the arrival of Derek Lee as the new VP, Pharma & Healthcare, APAC. With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare supply chain and logistics management, Derek has a wide breadth of pharma and medical device experience in the region. During his previous endeavors at various healthcare and logistics companies, he has set up and managed multiple supply chains, and developed healthcare recommendations and support solutions that built strong synergies between product, operations, and fulfilling customer needs. His leadership and in-depth knowledge of the industry trends and requirements are key drivers to meeting customer requirements and constantly developing innovative and compelling solutions for future demands.

"Derek brings very diversified pharma and healthcare business expertise that will further strengthen our existing and future GDP certified locations throughout the region," said Stefano Olmi, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific.
"Derek's unique combination of pharma and healthcare industry successful tenures, in a myriad of key catalysts roles ranging from; Supply Chain Logistics/Pharma Manufacturer & Distributor/Digital Platform and Solutions, will allow JAS to provide our customers with a very broad-based compendium of direct values," added Frank Cascante, Senior Vice President Global Sales Pharma & Healthcare.

JAS is excited to have Derek join the organization and strengthen its APAC sales management organization to drive the development of our Pharma & Healthcare footprint. His arrival is a part of JAS' ongoing and long-term investment in pharma and healthcare logistics industry.

From the left: Wing Chan, Peter Troy, Andrea Azzimonti, Catherine Tam

JAS Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that the APAC Regional Ocean Team, together with the newly incorporated Tigers Global & APAC Team, has moved to its brand-new office at The Octagon, Hong Kong. While remaining in the same office building as JAS Hong Kong and Corporate China the JAS APAC Region Ocean Team has moved 8 floors up to a new office which incorporates over 4000 sqft of space to accommodate recent growth. This includes the incorporation of our new colleagues from the recent Tigers acquisition.

The grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on the 25th of October 2021. The ceremony was attended by Peter Troy (Vice President, Ocean Freight – Asia Pacific), Andrea Azzimonti (Vice President Sales & Marketing - China and Hong Kong), Wing Chan (Hong Kong Branch Manager and Director of Supply Chain - China and Hong Kong) and Catherine Tam (Global Director HR & Training for Tigers eCommerce & Contract Logistics).

I am proud of our achievements and expansion of the Regional Ocean Team these past few years. This investment has put us in good stead for the very dynamic and unprecedented times we face at the moment. These challenges will continue well into 2022, and we look forward to continuing to serve the group to the best of our ability. We extend a warm welcome into the JAS family to our new Tigers colleagues.” -Peter Troy (Vice President, Ocean Freight – Asia Pacific)

The new office address can be found here:

JAS Forwarding (H.K.) Limited

Unit 3110-3115, 31/F., The Octagon,

6 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong

JAS Japan Nagoya office
JAS Japan Opens its New Office in Nagoya

JAS Japan is pleased to announce that it relocated its Nagoya branch to a larger and more modern office space to accommodate its business growth at the end of August.

Established in 2001, the Nagoya office began as a small sales branch. However, by 2014, the Nagoya branch became fully operational. It expanded its services with an office at Nagoya Centrair Airport to offer in-house air freight consolidation and customs clearance services to clients.

With the opening of the new location, the Nagoya branch will be serving as a platform for investment and growth with the addition of a brand-new ocean freight export operations team.

The Nagoya branch also offers a strategic connotation due to its geographic location in the Aichi prefecture, the fourth largest metropolis in Japan. As a manufacturing powerhouse, the city represents just over 11% of Japan’s GDP and is the center of the Japanese automotive, aerospace, and machinery industries.

Please note our new address.

JAS Forwarding Japan Co, Ltd,
Nagoya Branch Office ORE
Nishiki 2-chome Bldg. 5F #
1 2-4-15 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0003
Phone: +81-52-218-5112
Fax : +81-52-218-5115

JAS India new headquarters.
JAS India Elevates Its Game with Office Relocation

In keeping with its mission and momentum for growth, JAS India recently announced a move for its corporate office. Investing in a modern workspace at a prime location, JAS India continues to provide team members with access to collaborative work environments with reliable infrastructure.  The new building’s unique architecture, color and design represent the true spirit of JAS India.  

The move to its new location marks the beginning of another chapter in JAS India’s history. A soft opening for the new corporate office location happened on August 20. Tomas Sonntag, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific, Sonal Singhal, Managing Director of JAS India, and Stefano Olmi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Asia Pacific, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  

To celebrate the move to its brand-new India headquarters, JAS India also launched its JAS India Reload Program. This innovative program represents the changed culture and identity of the subsidiary and sets the platform for its ambitious growth plans in India.

It is a pleasure to be a part of JAS India's rebirth, this is what I would like to call it[a rebirth]since the ultimate intention really was to bring the JAS global corporate culture to India too, culture that really never existed before in JAS India. It was definitely a tough endeavor, it is a tough endeavor to change the DNA of a company, [to change]at all how it functions, because naturally every human being is not really so comfortable with change, therefore sometimes Sonal and I had to face some really tough decisions. But the outcome of these decisions ultimately is the results you see today in this organization. This new office with it's unique architecture, colors, and spirit really represents cutting away from the past, it shows the true colors of JAS India, it shows its new identity, and you should be proud of it. You should feel really a part of it because people are the ones who ultimately make the difference. " Stefano Olmi JAS VP Sales & Market, Asia Pacific

L – R:

  Sitting: Rachita Rawat, Counsel; Sonal Singhal, Managing Director; Jai Banerji, Branch Manager; Minal Rawat, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

  Standing: Mandeep Sahani, IT Manager; Nitin Alag, Country Process Owner; Ajitabh Rathor, Branch Manager; Mithun Badola, System Administrator; Anurag Satyam, Ocean Freight Manager; Pramod Sharma, Air Freight Manager; Deepak Kumar Gupta, Financial Controller; Rajesh Kunder, Ocean Freight Manager; Radha Krishnan Nair, Administrative Assistant; Sankalp Shrivastava, Air Freight Manager; Mansingh Naruka, Accounting Manager;

            Ankur Bhardwaj, Sales Manager; Sarvar Bharti, Air Freight Director; Anisha Das, Human Resources Manager

L – R:  

Standing: Mandeep Sahani, IT Manager; Ajitabh Rathor, Branch Manager; Rajesh Kunder, Ocean Freight Manager; Sonal Singhal, Managing Director; Shane E. Ravel, Global Account Director; Anisha Das, Human Resources Manager; Jai Banerji, Branch Manager; Deepak Kumar Gupta, Financial Controller; Sarvar Bharti, Air Freight Director

Marco Civardi, JAS China CEO
JAS China Welcomes Marco Civardi 

JAS Worldwide is pleased to welcome our new JAS China CEO, Marco Civardi. An experienced executive, Marco hails innovation and leads with a dynamic approach.    

Marco began his career in international supply chain industry back in 1997. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, he successfully transitioned from working with a leading UK cargo airline to performing a sales role in Milano for a Swiss multinational logistics firm. In addition, he reached an intermediate level of proficiency in the Japanese language while performing in Japan first as Business Development Manager and, subsequently, as Country Head of Sales & Marketing.  

Marco’s professional background is centered in the Asia Pacific region, where he has held several leadership roles with global logistics firms driving results in mature economies and emerging markets.     

Motivated by his continuous improvement mindset, Marco studied for his MBA in Australia and became an Accredited Certified Coach in Singapore. In terms of leadership style, one of Marco’s key focuses is on nurturing local talents so that the newly acquired coaching skills are relevant to support the ‘’people make the difference’’ core value of JAS.  

His most recent assignment was in the capacity of Area Managing Director for a Danish logistic firm. After an initial accountability for Vietnam and Cambodia, Marco’s responsibility broadened as Myanmar and Laos were also added.  In 2019, after an internal strategic realignment, Marco was selected to lead the newly integrated division of the Danish firm with responsibilities over a team of 2,100 people, logistics footprint of 240,000 square meters and annual revenues in excess of USD $1.3 billion in 2020.   

Marco’s versatility and extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region make him ideal to lead JAS China. “I am confident we have found the right person to lead the China Group through the current market difficulties, but more so to transform and prepare the China Group to master the challenges of the years to come,” said Tomas Sonntag, Executive Vice President of JAS APAC. “With 23 years working in very different markets and organizations across Asia, Marco is a well-rounded leader who aims for excellence by pursuing new paths.”

Christian Jensen, JAS Global Account Director- APAC
People Making a Difference: Christian Jensen

JAS is always excited to welcome new team members and strives to help them grow and succeed from day one. This is exactly what happened for Christian Jensen when he joined JAS Germany as a Business Development Manager in 2016. In his role, he took advantage of the resources and support found from both local colleagues and the global JAS network. By late 2017 he was effectively managing large accounts and developing worldwide contacts as he worked to help clients meet their goals while providing them with the highest level of service.  

Christian’s success continued as he became a Trade Lane Manager for Southeast Asia. In only three and a half years, his enthusiasm and commitment, combined with support from the JAS team, led to another promotion. As the new National Account Manager/Director he found continued success growing JAS’ presence on the Southeast Asia trade lane.

Recently Christian was presented with the opportunity to join the Asia Pacific team (APAC) as a Global Account Director. He knew this position would allow him to work with some of the most talented and dedicated people in the industry, increase his day-to-day responsibilities and provide continued opportunities for personal development.  With these opportunities in mind, he eagerly accepted the position and moved to Malaysia where he continues to provide the personalized service JAS is known for.

The past five years have moved quickly as he went from a local office to Global Account Director. Looking back, he gives credit to JAS and the people who helped him along the way. “We know JAS is known to our clients as a place where people make the difference, but it holds true within JAS as well. The people here really do make the difference and that kind of environment encourages success for team members and clients alike.”  

JAS can give you the opportunity and support to learn and grow. If you are ready to make a difference like Christian, JAS is the place for you.

Novi Indrayanti, Ocean Freight Manager for JAS Indonesia
JAS Indonesia Appoints Ocean Freight Manager

Please join the JAS family in welcoming Novi Indrayanti to the PT JAS Worldwide Indonesia team.

Indrayanti comes with a wealth of experience from a variety of forwarding companies spanning more than 20 years. She is now the new Ocean Freight Manager for JAS Indonesia.

Indrayanti will be based at the Jakarta Branch, but will also help the JAS Surabaya branch to develop and increase the performance of import and export operations as well as shipments to help our customers reach their goals. She will be directly reporting to Franceschino Menconi, Managing Director for JAS Indonesia.

With her experience, JAS is confident that she will bring great value to JAS clients.

Sonal Singhal, Managing Director JAS India
JAS India Signs On Managing Director

We are delighted to inform you that Sonal Singhal has been appointed as the Managing Director of JAS India, effective immediately.

Singhal comes with a wealth of experience, over 20 years, managing Key and Global accounts. Singhal had previously joined JAS in April of last year to lead the JAS India Sales team. With her strong background in sales, Singhal's focused approach towards building up an aggressive new sales team, as well as her keen interest and holistic approach towards JAS India becoming a more highly successful subsidiary with increased locally controlled business, JAS is confident to have found the right person in Singhal to lead JAS India into a promising future.

JAS China is AEO Certified

We are delighted to announce that JAS China is now certified as an Authorized Economic Operator – AEO.

The certificate covers the whole Mainland China and its accreditation encompasses a high level of security and legality in trade compliance. It is recognized globally as a mark of quality which strengthens JAS' capability in offering a full range of premium Value-Added Services to our clients in China.

A well-deserved accreditation for the excellent work that the JAS China professional Customs Solution Team has worked so hard to achieve.

If you would like any further information, please contact us!

Parker Recognizes JAS : Freight Forwarder of the Year

JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce that Parker Hannifin has awarded JAS Worldwide its coveted Forwarder of the Year award. Parker Hannifin, founded in 1917, supplies the globe with precision engineered solutions. They are a Fortune 250 global leader in industries ranging from aerospace and climate control to filtration and automation.

In past years, this commendation has been awarded to various leaders in the forwarding industry including JAS in 2017; which makes this year's selection of JAS for the second time in 4 years, all that more significant. Parker scored JAS for its numerous attributes including operational KPIs, innovative solutions & continual improvements, compliance, and overall market competitiveness.

As the recipient of the 2020 Forwarder of the Year award, JAS is proud to support Parker Hannifin by providing global multi-modal solutions.

China Announces New FTZs to Boost the Economy

On the 21st of September, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued the Notice [GuoFa (2020) No. 10] on “Issuing the General Plan for the Beijing, Hunan and Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zones and the Regional Expansion Plan of the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone”, announcing the increase of the existing Pilot Free Trade Zones to include three new zones in Beijing, Anhui, and Hunan and to further expand the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The recent expansion of the project will bring the total number of Pilot FTZs in China to 21; these FTZs are important pilot projects which assist the development of market reformation in the rest of China. Each of the pilot zones has been attributed specific tasks and has received special market considerations to reflect so.

The Beijing Pilot FTZ will be focused on science-tech innovation, international commerce, and high-tech industries, covering up to 119 km2, and will contribute, together with the existing Hebei Pilot FTZ and Tianjin Pilot FTZ, to promote the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

The Hunan Pilot FTZ will include several areas in Changsha, Yueyang, and Chenzhou, to promote and develop the Central China region and the corridor between the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Greater Bay area in Southern China. The Pilot FTZ aims to become an advanced manufacturing center.

The Anhui Pilot FTZ, the third new FTZ announced in 2020, would include three areas in Hefei, Wuhu, and Bengbu, focusing on the high-tech industries and promoting the further development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The establishment of the FTZs in Hunan and Anhui is seen as a move to enable less-developed provinces to become more appealing to high-quality manufacturing, attract investment and boost efficiency, drawing investment in from their bordering provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu.

The Notice also announces the expansion of the already existing Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone by adding 119 km2 covering three areas in Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Jinyi and aiming to develop an international trading hub for commodities and agricultural products and to become a vital innovation center.

JAS covers the major provinces and cities in China, our team is always here to help our customers in identifying potential business opportunities and help them to face any challenges in supply chain with the best-fit solutions.

JAS Supports the Medical Industry

On March 31st the HARTMANN GROUP began utilizing JAS’ charted flight operations to facilitate the supply of masks throughout Europe. Based in Heidenheim, Germany, HARTMANN is a leading provider of medical and hygiene products, with its core expertise being in wound treatment, infection prevention, surgical supplies, and personal healthcare.

HARTMANN turned to JAS to help it supply critically needed N95 masks to the governments of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.  These shipments are flown by JAS from Shanghai to Frankfurt for distribution to not only government entities, but also to pharmacies for wider distribution to non-governmental organizations and the public at large.

JAS continues to leverage its expertise in chartered flight operations, export and import clearance, and general distribution services for HARTMANN as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on supply chains throughout the globe. JAS is committed to supporting efforts of customers like HARTMANN as they work to provide medical supplies when and where they are needed most.

When asked to comment on PPE supply chain challenges, Thomas-Garry Stiller, Senior VP of Procurement at HARTMANN remarked, “Sourcing those masks is one thing, but how to get them to Europe? Answer: JAS.”

JAS offers ongoing chartered flight operations between Shanghai and the cities of Frankfurt, Milan, and Chicago. In support of these air corridors, JAS also maintains distribution networks via its locations in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

JAS Responds to Air Cargo Shortage

On Sunday, March 22nd, JAS Worldwide launched flight operations between Frankfurt (FRA) to the Rickenbacker International Airport near Columbus, Ohio (LCK) with on-forwarding services continuing to LATAM. JAS Worldwide is dedicated to meeting customer demand during the Covid-19 situation by launching additional flight operations in the most important air corridors:

  • Europe to USA and back to Europe
  • China to the USA
  • China to Europe

JAS, the Atlanta-headquartered global freight forwarding and logistics provider, maintains that the goal is to help address the immediate needs of customers who had previously relied on routine air cargo flights between the US and Europe. JAS is enhancing its air service offerings as a result of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, which is having a dramatic impact on capacity in the airfreight market.

“Because of the volatility of the situation, JAS is bringing its considerable air freight experience to bear to meet the needs of our customers” said Gregor Vrhunc, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Air Freight.

JAS utilizes 747 freighters to meet the heightened demand in key air corridors.

For more information contact your local JAS office.

JAS APAC Announces Trade Lane Manager

JAS APAC is excited to announce Marco Pinzani as the new Trade Lane Manager from Italy to South East Asia, a new role created to enable JAS to better serve the needs of our customers shipping between Italy and SE Asia.

JAS is excited to continue to have Marco Pinzani and his extensive experience as part of the JAS Team. Mr. Pinzani previously served as Route Development Manager for Italy in Hong Kong and Trade Lane Manager for Italy based in Dubai.

From Marco "I’m Marco from JAS Singapore regional office. I’m very excited to be here and ready for this new challenge. Looking forward to work with all of you.  My motto: See the big picture. "

Marco's current area of coverage is Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  

Please join us in congratulating Marco on this new position and opportunity.

JAS India is AEO Certified

JAS is proud to announce that JAS India is now certified as an AEO - Authorized Economic operator.

The certificate was conferred to JAS by Dr. John Joseph, Hon’ble Chairman – CBIC (The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs) during a commemoration ceremony held at the Customs House in New Delhi.

AEO certification provides businesses with an internationally recognized security standard and certifies an entity as a secure and reliable trade partner.

Globally, AEO certification is gradually evolving into an industry standard for claiming eligibility to any administrative and governmental discretions, priority and facilitation. JAS India is on the forefront of this movement, ready to provide customers the best possible service in a secure environment.

Congratulations to the JAS India Team!

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