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JAS China Proud to be E-Commerce Solution Provider for Outdoor Sports Client

River He
July 19, 2021

JAS China has always gone an extra mile in servicing customers with a personal level of care, and this time JAS is pleased to announce the development of a customized E-Commerce solution for a well known outdoor sports client, one of the most popular brands in Europe.

To cope with the brand’s on-going market expansion in China via e-Commerce platforms (e.g. T-Mall and JD), the JAS China logistics team displayed its professionalism by tailoring the customized warehousing and delivery solution for the client’s B2C demands. The e-Commerce solution includes the most complex process among all; system linkage – wherein JAS works closely with the client’s 3rd party system provider in linking up 21 data-interfaces between WMS system and client’s 2 ERP systems. This system network works on 24/7 end-to-end basis in order to enable orders generated and transmitted on real-time basis, where order status can be also monitored transparently. This enables our client to optimize its logistics planning and bring the best and smoothest online purchase experience to its customers.

The e-Commerce solution has been kick-started at JAS China’s Shanghai warehouse starting toward the end of June 2021. JAS is confident that projects like this will bring success to the brand in China’s ever-growing consumer market.

JAS Korea is Chosen by Vestas

Sungwon Koh
June 30, 2019

VESTAS is the energy industry’s World Class company on sustainable energy solutions. They design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with 101 GW of wind turbines in 80 countries, they have installed more wind power than anyone else.

When JAS sought to gain partnership with VESTAS the competition was fierce, but during a presentation given by JAS APAC management, and specifically the JAS Korea Team, in February of 2019 Vestas decided to put their confidence in JAS. Knowing that JAS always puts customers first, and the flexibility of our JAS Korea owned facility and management capabilities were strong influencers in VESTAS final decision to choose JAS.

JAS is now responsible for the housing of all VESTAS Korea's products and handling 3,000 sku's and circa 1,000 cbm at the JAS Korea warehouse per month.

JAS is proud to be chosen by VESTAS to be their supply chain solutions partner and looks forward to ensuring a long and mutually beneficial relationship together.

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JAS Projects - Oil & Gas China Break-Bulk Success
JAS Hong Kong is Proud to be a Partner to Prada

The Italian heritage of JAS has equipped the JAS team with profound understanding on the unique nature of luxury fashion logistics, and JAS Hong Kong has successfully extended its services from GOH (Garment On Hanger), inventory control, pick & pack services, etc. to marketing showcase projects for luxury fashion brands.

Prada, one of the top Italian luxury fashion brands, sees JAS as the trustworthy partner, and JAS Hong Kong has carried out Prada’s itinerant marketing project, which involves both the freight forwarding and installation service of a Pop-up Showcase in several major Far Eastern countries, including Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

The Prada Pop-up Showcase project involves 53 cargo loads of total 230cbm, completely made in Italy. The showcase cargos were shipped by air to Hong Kong and then transferred to Macau for the first stage of the installation. The shipment, as soon as it arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, was transferred to JAS Hong Kong’s Ocean Freight Warehouse for loading onto containers and flat rack platforms, and then transferred to Macao.  

The main structure of the Prada Pop-up Showcase – a full-size railway wagon with window display and marketing areas – was handled by JAS Hong Kong with night deliveries to facilitate unloading and installation operation as per the installation plan provided by Prada. After the Macau showcase, JAS will continue the itinerary of Prada Pop-up Showcases in the Far East touching Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore until September 2018.

JAS Hong Kong Wishes Clients a Happy New Year

In Chinese society, it is tradition for companies to show gratitude to their clients for their continuous support all year round before the Chinese New Year. In 2018, JAS Hong Kong organized its first customer luncheon that welcomed the top clients and JAS management team from all over the world to the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui on February 2, 2018.

As a WAT Meeting was held in Hong Kong during the same week, Graeme Robinson, Executive Vice President of Operations, was invited to be the honorary speaker and provided air freight and ocean freight market updates to JAS Hong Kong VIP and top potential clients. The luncheon provided an opportunity for the clients to meet and greet the JAS Management team from WW, Americas, EMEA, APAC, USA, Italy, and Germany. It also enabled JAS Hong Kong to closely connect and interact with clients, and explore business opportunities.

The luncheon was successful and the audience was pleased to receive the latest market updates and learn about how JAS is positioning towards the market from Graeme.

​With this opportunity, JAS Hong Kong thanks the participants for their endless trust and support, and would like to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!

Story of Success : JAS Taiwan

Congratulations to Mr. Jenson Pan on winning the 2017 Best Sales of Transcend award!

Transcend Information Inc. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Peter Shu, with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and has been registered as a public company in the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2001. Today, Transcend has become a leading global brand for digital storage, multimedia and industrial products with 14 offices worldwide.

JAS Taiwan has been offering airfreight & customs brokerage services to Transcend Information Inc.  for about 10 years. Since 2014,  JAS  has been receiving more and more air cargo service inquiries from Mr. Jenson Pan, Middle East Country Head for Transcend Information Inc., for his new client development in the Middle East.

Thanks to JAS' strong business network and abundant experience in this area, JAS has always provided various assistance to meet his business promotion needs, not only making sure shipments are on time deliveries, but also with economic rates, as well as providing market consultancy and potential customer referrals.

Therefore, it was no surprise when JAS Taiwan received the good news from Mr. Jenson Pan on February 1st 2018 that he had received the Award for 2017 Best Sales for Transcend from his CEO – Mr. Peter Hsu during their Annual Party. We are very pleased for him and this achievement, and touched at the same time in honor of his success as it proves that we have once again executed our vision of helping customers achieve their business goals.

JAS Supports Parker Hannifin Growth in Indonesia

Parker Hannifin Indonesia (a subsidiary of Parker Hannifin Corporation USA), began its presence in Indonesia in 2008 as a Rep. Office to Parker Hannifin Singapore. In 2013, Parker Indonesia became an incorporated company and began operations as PT Parker Hannifin Indonesia. Today they have grown to a staff of 40, serving customers throughout Indonesia.

PT JAS Worldwide Indonesia has been working with PT Parker Hannifin since 2016 and is supporting Parker with all of their import needs.  JAS has helped Parker with several challenging situations relating to changes in import regulations and helped Parker sustain its flow of product to its customers. On July 19, 2017, JAS was honored to be the only International Freight Forwarder invited to attend the Grand opening of Parker’s new office and warehouse in Tangerang BSD near Jakarta.

JAS Japan Ships New Prada Store Front to Hawaii

Prada Japan nominated JAS Japan to handle the shipping of materials required for the renovation of the external facade of their shop in Ala Moana Center Shopping Mall in Hawaii, USA.

The commodities of the shipment were large marble slabs, windows and fittings whose sizes are considered out of gauge. Unfortunately, there are no carriers in Japan that could offer Open Top containers or RO/RO service from Japan to Honolulu, and this shipment was urgently needed in Hawaii. Despite these challenges, JAS Japan managed to come out with an ideal solution where the shipment not only will arrive in a timely manner, but also came with an affordable price tag.

First, JAS Japan engaged experts to look at each of the items and found that it was possible to fit all the items into normal covered containers with some careful planning. In addition, to ensure all the items were well protected throughout the journey, JAS Japan custom-made some of the crates where the tallest fittings fit perfectly into the containers. During the filling of the containers, Senior Logistics Manager of Prada Japan visited our DC and witnessed the entire operation. He was very impressed with JAS' professionalism and the care that the staff gave in handling these items.

Eventually, all of the items were packaged into two 40’High Cube containers which were shipped out in time to Honolulu for the re-opening of the shop.

JAS Indonesia Moves Firefighting Trucks

When customers in Indonesia need to move large shipments around the world, JAS Indonesia is quickly becoming a preferred partner in the market. With our expertise and ability to find solutions, JAS Indonesia again and again proves to be up to the task. Indonesia’s growing manufacturing industry serves the market of Southeast Asia with many products including custom fit Fire Engines.

PT. Ziegler Indonesia manufactures and exports international quality firefighting and rescue vehicles to various countries. They are also a leader in the Indonesian market as a trusted partner of oil, gas, and mining companies. Many government agencies also choose PT. Ziegler Indonesia due to the high quality of their products.

JAS Indonesia is proud to announce that PT. Ziegler Indonesia has chosen us as a trusted partner to handle exports throughout Asia. As one of our VIP customers, we have handled several different sized trucks to countries including Vietnam, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Moving such equipment requires special handling and coordination. JAS prioritizes these shipments successfully delivering them to the port, lashing as needed and loading them to the vessel. JAS partners at destinations and then takes over and helps to conclude the door to door moves. JAS has moved six such vehicles in 2016 and projects the number to more than double in the first half of 2017.

In addition to the vehicle exports, JAS now manages the import supply chain for Ziegler ensuring that parts and materials from around the world arrive in time to meet Ziegler’s production schedules.

With expertise in the Indonesian market, backed by the strength of our network, PT. JAS Worldwide Indonesia continues to grow and keep our diverse customers satisfied.

JAS Helps Customs Develop New Markets

China is the number one mobile device consumer in the world with over 1.2 billion mobile phone users and 370 billion tablet users, which is 19% & 32% of the global market respectively for each product.

A well-established U.S. technology customer with a global footprint and growing market share in China.  Their products are aimed at servicing the mobile device industry, so they decided to partner with JAS Forwarding to further develop their growing China consumer base.  Customs in entries in China can be complex and inconsistent which can cause unnecessary delays, penalties, storage charges & excessive processing fees.

This technology customer consulted with JAS Seattle & JAS Corp Trade-lane to provide a long term solution to a customs challenge in China.  Their challenge was that China customs claimed their products required a CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) in order for their entry to be processed, however the CIQ rejected their application by claiming the certificate was not required based upon the specifics provided.

This grey area between the separate government agencies in China caused lengthy delays, additional cost and most importantly hurt the company’s credibility in the China market place.  JAS China used their expertise in the customs market to apply for a long term binding ruling for the products in question.

Since this customer’s product is very unique in the marketplace, JAS was able to get an exception ruling to the CCC certificate for their products in question.  JAS provided a detailed outline on all documents required, expected processing & delivery timeline so the customer could manage their customer expectations and get to the market faster.  This solution not only saves thousands of dollars per shipment, but most importantly it will help this customer further develop the ever growing China marketplace which is a key to both companies success.

JAS Works to Create Customized Solution

An existing customer of JAS Forwarding, a tech-based Shanghainese  firm, approached JAS to handle an out-of-the-norm business situation for one of their most important customers. The shipment commodity being a storage tank which would be filled with Nitrogen gas upon arriving at it's destination, the interior of which must be ensured to be clean and free of liquid and moisture when it arrived at the consignee destination.

Ray Zhao, Senior Sales Executive and his team took up this challenge and began by analyzing the special requirements and handling concerns of this project. After thoroughly understanding the situation, they decided to work with a JAS Projects Oil & GAS office who have similar expertise in handling such commodities and were then able to develop a customized solution for the transportation of the Nitrogen gas.

First, all the shipments are covered with tarp except for the pressure gauge which is on the surface the tank. Careful handling of the tanks is ensured so that no damage is inflicted on the tank which the consignee can identify via the indicator on the pressure gauge. In addition, both bulk cargo vessel and container vessel are offered to the customers so they have more options and flexiblity to meet their customer’s strict delivery date. With such a detailed proposal, JAS stood out from the other forwarders and won the trust and approval to handle the business.

With a good record track, the consignee who is a US-listed chemical corporation now recommends JAS to their vendors and JAS is now receiving new enquiries from them.

​We believe professionalism and dedication to customers will continue to bring us new opportunities, and the success with this customer is just one of those cases.

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