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The Transformative Power of Corporate Volunteering: JAS and the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" Program

JAS Staff
October 12, 2023
In recent years, corporate volunteering has gained prominence as a powerful force for positive change. JAS is an advocate of this approach, as demonstrated by our commitment to the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" program.
In recent years, corporate volunteering has gained prominence as a powerful force for positive change. JAS is an advocate of this approach, as demonstrated by our commitment to the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" program.

Corporate volunteering has emerged as a potent force for positive change in recent years. Companies are increasingly recognizing their role in supporting local communities and contributing to the greater good.

At JAS, we are advocates for this transformative approach, and our commitment is exemplified through the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" program.

The Significance of Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering transcends charity; it embodies corporate responsibility and a commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond the company's direct business and operations. Companies possess the unique capacity to leverage their resources and expertise to support causes that matter most to the communities they serve. This proactive approach aligns with a broader vision of corporate citizenship, where social and environmental stewardship are integral components of a company's identity.

The Bruni Foundation: A Catalyst for Change

The Bruni Foundation is an integral part of JAS Worldwide, and its mission around supporting social and environmental causes. Rooted in the belief that businesses should be agents of positive change, the foundation primarily focuses on four key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Quality Education, No Poverty, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Zero Hunger. Yet, understanding the essential role and current challenges towards the environment and the well-being of societies, the Bruni Foundation also actively supports initiatives that promote responsible environmental stewardship.

Under the Bruni Foundation's guiding principles, the "Pay It Forward" program empowers JAS employees to take the lead in becoming ambassadors of change. We encourage and provide resources and support for their volunteer proposals. Moreover, employees can use up to 16 hours of their working time to carry out these projects. We aim to cultivate a culture of empathy, social responsibility, and community engagement within our organization and beyond.

In Times of Crisis: The Need for Corporate Volunteering

During times of crisis, such as the challenges posed by environmental degradation and social inequalities, the "Pay It Forward" program takes on even greater significance going forward. The Bruni Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting the communities and environment in which JAS operates. By doing so, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our organization.

Are you curious to learn about some of the projects supported by the Bruni Foundation? Stay tuned for inspiring stories of positive changes and empowerment in our communities. Here are some of the most recent ones: JAS Team Members Take Action for the Planet on Earth Day and JAS and the Bruni Foundation Provide Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine.

JAS Insures Successful Delivery Despite Restrictions

Luxury vehicle customer trusts JAS to secure transport and delivery amid difficult to navigate COVID restrictions

Mark Evans
August 20, 2021
JAS hauls luxury vehicle for customer
JAS hauls luxury vehicle for customer

When a client needed to ship a luxury vehicle from Belgium to Japan while facing challenges due to COVID restrictions, they knew they could turn to JAS to get the job done while still receiving best-in-class service.

The client, who is located in the UK, needed to ship a valuable luxury car from Belgium to Japan. Under normal circumstances, the client would be there in person to oversee the loading and collection of the vehicle. However, COVID restrictions limited their ability to travel since Belgium recognizes the UK as a high-risk country for COVID. Therefore, the customer asked our JAS team to step in for them at the collection and delivery of the car.

The first step was planning so the customer knew the names of the JAS representatives in Belgium who would be there that weekend to collect the car from the car shop. This allowed the car shop to know who would be collecting the car for transport to prevent unauthorized trucks from collecting the vehicle on behalf of the buyer and stealing the car.

The weekend the shipment occurred, members of the JAS Belgium team went to the actual loading site to check the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) and send the client pictures of the luxury car. In addition, as per the customer's request, they made sure the proper car cover was on the vehicle, ensuring the car would not be scratched or damaged during transport.  JAS team members kept the client informed throughout the process as they followed the vehicle's loading onto the plane.  

This challenge demonstrates the importance of the collaboration and communication between JAS teams and the client to ensure best-in-class service despite the challenging situation posed by COVID restrictions. Congratulations to our team members on another successful delivery!


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Italian Protezione Civile Entrusts JAS with Relief Shipment

JAS is proud to say that Protezione Civile trusted JAS with shipments vital to keeping the supply chain functioning. JAS is managing charter flights from and to several countries around the world to ensure continuity of the supply chain during the current emergency situation we, as a species face.

JAS China and JAS Italy cooperated once more in March 2020 to handle another chartered flight of relief supplies and JAS Italy is also providing domestic distribution of relief material to all the Italian regions. Specifically, JAS handled another charter flight (AN124) departed from Pudong Int'l Airport on 31st March, carrying disaster-relief materials. Off-Loading phase of this Charter flight was supervised by a special JAS employee, our own JAS Italy Managing Director, Leonardo Baldi. Baldi was the keynote speaker during an interview done for a national Italian television broadcast. During his speech, Baldi explained how JAS Italy is acting on behalf of the Italian Civil Defense and distributing relief material for many hospitals and regions throughout Italy.

JAS is proud to deliver logistics support to the Italian Protezione Civile, whom work so hard day in and day out to support the entire Italian population, and to provide the aid needed by doctors and nurses working around the clock to save lives.

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