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JAS Brazil Welcomes Karin Schöner, Managing Director/President

May 9, 2024
JAS Brazil announces the appointment of Karin Schöner as its new Managing Director/President.
JAS Brazil announces the appointment of Karin Schöner as its new Managing Director/President.

JAS Brazil proudly announces the appointment of Karin Schöner as its new Managing Director/President, effective May 2, 2024.

Karin Schöner is a native Brazilian executive recognized for her extensive expertise and leadership in the logistics industry. With a distinguished career , Karin has held key roles in sales, general management, and strategic leadership across various countries and sectors, including airlines, freight forwarding, contract logistics, and maritime operations. Prior to joining JAS Brazil, Karin served as the President for a company in the East Coast of South America, where she successfully led transformation initiatives.

Karin's track record is a testament to her exceptional capabilities in navigating complex challenges, fostering strategic partnerships, and driving innovation in supply chain management. Her deep understanding of market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and industry best practices positions her as a leader in the logistics landscape.

Throughout her career, Karin has demonstrated a commitment to developing and empowering her teams. Her leadership philosophy emphasizes mentorship, collaboration, and continuous learning, resulting in high-performing teams that consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results. Karin's passion for nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence aligns seamlessly with JAS's core values and vision for sustainable growth.

"Karin's unparalleled expertise, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence make her the ideal leader to propel JAS Brazil forward. We look forward to her transformative leadership and contributions to our continued growth and success in the region," Adrian Emmenegger, Executive Vice President of JAS Americas, expressed with confidence.

Karin Schöner's appointment as Managing Director/President reinforces JAS's commitment to delivering superior logistics solutions, driving innovation, and exceeding customer expectations across Brazil and beyond.

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