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JAS Moves Critical Covid Relief Equipment

USA and India subsidiaries provide air shipping services to supply hospitals in India

JAS Staff
May 25, 2021

JAS USA and JAS India recently tackled a significant humanitarian Covid Aid relief project on behalf of an important customer. JAS moved a large air shipment of Oxygen concentrators & accessories for distribution/donation to government hospitals in India.

These facilities are treating Covid patients in socioeconomically weaker areas of the country. The Indian population of low income and migrant laborers have little or no access to medical health benefits from an affordability standpoint. JAS is proud to support in helping to meet the needs of this portion of the population.

The JAS USA Los Angeles team arranged collection from the supplier of 5 pallets of O2 concentrators and accessories, each weighing 1,000lbs. The LA team reconfigured the incoming pallets to allow for the needed flexibility required to place the shipments on various air freight carriers.

Our JAS India team at the destination was able to clear customs and deliver the medical equipment the same day.

JAS India & JAS USA Create Opportunities

Dhanuja Sentilvel
November 19, 2019
(From left to right) Mr.Alberto Bruni - COO JAS USA, Mr Soman Rajiv Nair - Managing Director JAS India, &Mr Eugenio Fumo - CEO of JAS USA
(From left to right) Mr.Alberto Bruni - COO JAS USA, Mr Soman Rajiv Nair - Managing Director JAS India, &Mr Eugenio Fumo - CEO of JAS USA

JAS India was proud to have had the opportunity to welcome the JAS USA Management Team to their incredible country for the first time this past August, from the 27th to the 31st. These dates coincided with the annual JAS India Country meeting held at the JAS India Headquarters in Gurugram. This meeting brought together Mr.Eugenio Fumo - CEO of JAS USA, Mr.Alberto Bruni - COO of JAS USA, Mr.Tomas Sonntag - EVP of APAC, and the India senior management team which was hosted by the Managing Director Mr.Soman Rajiv Nair.

The meeting was centered around the rapid development between both subsidiaries and the opportunities the market continues to lead to. Deliberations during the meeting helped both countries gain insights into how customers from both countries can benefit from what each subsidiary has to offer.

With the ongoing global trade wars, India is being looked at as a potential sourcing base, something JAS USA and JAS India spent time delving into and exploring during this time of collaboration. As customers seek new solutions, JAS is on the forefront to investigate and find those answers. With a global network that spans 90 countries, including India and the United States, with more than 323 individual offices, JAS is able to use this expansive network to provide unparalleled service to clients. This focus on delivering and developing the best opportunities for clients is what drives JAS to continue to collaborate and develop new and existing trade lanes to better serve our clients.

JAS India and JAS USA are excited to build stronger bonds and provide the best service to their customers needs.

Asia Pacific

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Asia Pacific
Vivien Ng
New Southeast Asia Trade Lane Director

JAS USA is excited to announce the new Southeast Asia Trade Lane Director, Vivien Ng.

A message from Vivien:

Hello Colleagues,
My name is Vivien Ng. I am the newly appointed Southeast Asia Trade Lane Director.

​I am excited to be the pioneer in driving the Southeast Asia Trade Lane Initiative with support from JAS management.

My previous position was as a Transpacific BD manager for DB Schenker. Before that, I was located in Singapore where I started my career in the freight forwarding business.  I moved to the United States in 2010.

My language fluency includes English, Mandarin, Malay, and local Chinese dialects, Hokkien and Teochew.  I am a native of Singapore.

It is my pleasure to join a young and dynamic company like JAS who is open to ideas and remains focused on change for the better.

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years.

Best Regards,

Leon Kouyoumdijian
Meet the New Transpacific Trade Lane Director
JAS Argentina Promotes Asia Trade Lane

This year, JAS Argentina had the opportunity to host two events with clients to promote the Asia Trade lane in Argentina. During these events, JAS Argentina was able to showcase that our People Make the Difference, and that is what makes JAS different.  JAS Argentina has a very solid team to give clients the support they need, and they are effective at helping them to see value.

Back in March, JAS Argentina hosted a Wine Tasting with some Air Freight clients. Stefano Olmi – Vice President Sales Asia Pacific, and Gregor Vrhunc – Vice President Air Freight Americas, were traveling in Argentina and were able to interact with these clients as well.  This created a great opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to help these clients see the value JAS can bring to them.

In addition to the above event, at the beginning of May, JAS Argentina held a cocktail event with some Ocean Freight clients.  Lars Huebecker, Vice President Ocean Freight – Americas, and Gabriel Lopez, Procurement & Trade Lane Manager – South America & Ocean Freight, APAC, were visiting in Argentina also.  It was a priceless opportunity to bring them closer and have them interact directly with clients. Being able to share views and prospects for the near future and what to expect going forward.  The goal was to help clients create long-term plans and make informed decisions with first-hand knowledge of what is coming.

Attendance and participation was great at both events.  Clients found it extremely useful and appreciated the time and opportunity given.

February 2018: Andrea Azzimonti, Sales Director - JAS China and Hong Kong visits with JAS Mexico Sales and Management teams.
JAS China Visits Mexico

JAS Mexico extended a warm welcome to Mr. Andrea Azzimonti, Sales Director for JAS China & Hong Kong, while visiting Mexico in February 2018. ​

China and Mexico have been strong partners for ages, especially during recent years with collaboration increasing, the business and the Trade-Lane volume has been growing substantially thanks to dedicated resources, excellent interactions, constant business trips, and most importantly because of a successful team of young and passionate sales people!

Congratulations to Mr. Claudio Testa, Managing Director, Mr. Michel Farah, Sales Director and all of the JAS Mexico team for the 20th Anniversary of JAS Mexico!

Manuele Mazzacurati and Elder Apolinario visit Shanghai, China
JAS Brazil and JAS China Work Together

In the first 6 months of 2017, 25% of Brazilian exports went to China. In 2007, only 10 years ago, that percentage was 6%. This is just another indicator that, besides traditional imports from China, both countries have a lot to gain in constantly farming this bilateral relationship.

With that in mind, the Managing Director of JAS Brazil, Mr. Elder Apolinario, and our Vice President of Sales for LATAM, Manuele Mazzacurati, travelled in August across the world to spend some time in beautiful Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the Guangdong Province.

The China-Latin America trade is a terrific area full of opportunities. JAS is and will continue to invest in dedicated personnel, extensive traveling, and joint commercial development on this promising trade lane.

Map of JAS USA Focused Market
U.S. Customers Offered Unique Product

For many importers who source from Asia, the Trans-Pacific FCL market remains unstable leading into peak season now that 7%-8% of capacity was recently removed due to the Hanjin bankruptcy situation. This has caused disruption in many supply chains and some have come to a screeching halt.

JAS has taken a proactive approach to mitigating this situation and addressing customer needs by establishing the first weekly LCL consolidation box from Qingdao to Memphis starting October 4th.  

This is a very unique product offered in the marketplace and will address some of the current pain points in today’s market amongst importers throughout the region.

Northern China sourcing region is primarily concentrated on the industrial and manufacturing sector. The co-loaders charge a premium for dense cargo either by inflating their per ton charges to double the standard market price or by applying additional charges on the IPI portion of the move by utilizing a much more expensive w/m ratio.

After doing the analysis, JAS found that its customers will be able to average an immediate 50% cost savings vs. the co-load market since JAS is able to apply the standard w/m ratio all the way through to the JAS Forwarding bonded facility in Memphis.  

The total transit time from Qingdao to Memphis is 25 days.  From Memphis, JAS can deliver to any customer in 20+ different states in the US within 1-3 days from arrival.

JAS' customers will also continue to benefit from the safety and security of having the goods move through the JAS network in JAS operated facilities.  If you are an importer who sources from any region in Northern China and would like to hear more, please reach out to the china-desk@jas.com or contact your local sales representative.

China, Germany, and the USA: Always Close Together

The biannual JAS Germany management meeting was held May 12 & 13, 2016 in Neu-Isenburg/Germany. 26 participants from all German branches met to evaluate current national and global programs to share best practices and to set priorities for the coming months.

One key topic was the successful roll out of our CargoWise One (C1) System in Germany, effective April 1, 2016. Our globally used software enables JAS Germany to now provide JAS Worldwide Service Standards to all of our customers. Juergen Erdt (JAS MD Germany) said: “To make this roll out a success, we had the full engagement of the JAS Germany employees, together with our overseas colleagues, supporting this important milestone!”

The stand out of the meeting was to welcome the Management teams of China and USA in Germany. The Chinese team was led by Mr. Gabriele Benedetti (CEO JAS China), Mrs. Lavinia Chan (Sales Director Southern China), and Mr. Andrea Azzimonti (Sales Director Northern & Central China), supported by Mr. Bernd Meyer (VP Sales Asia). The USA team was composed of Mr. Adrian Emmenegger (President & CEO of JAS USA), Mr. Tony Romano (VP Sales & Marketing USA), and Mr. Bjoern Wiede (Trade Lane Director).

​This joined meeting was the ideal platform to present and strengthen two of the most important trade regions for JAS Germany. The encounter enabled German management to meet personally with key managers and allowed for very constructive conversations on our strategies, our best practices and our next actions to develop our services. With full commitment from all parties, this event will positively impact the development of the JAS Worldwide trade-lane strategy, and continue our reach for total customer satisfaction goals.

Map demonstrating the official 2016 Focused Trade Lanes: China -> USA USA -> China Italy -> USA Germany -> USA USA -> Brazil USA -> Saudi USA -> UAE
Key Account Management Program

Each of the above Trade Lanes also has a Country Desk/Sales Analyst team to support development efforts. The team will focus exclusively on Strategic RFQ driven opportunities, Trade Lane Marketing, and Trade Lane Analysis. Each analyst supports their assigned trade lane and provides cross-support to each other for consistency in service to the network. USA Corporate Sales Initiative: In 2016 JAS USA has redirected two key people to take an enhanced corporate sales role that allows the company to target specific, multi-national accounts.

Please join JAS USA in wishing success to the new USA Corporate Sales Directors, John English and Silvia Torres, as they take on this new challenge.  

Key Account Management Initiative: Sandra Manfredi has been promoted to Director of Key Account Management and has officially joined the JAS USA Corporate Sales & Marketing team. With this new role, JAS USA can better manage larger Regional, Multi-National, and Global accounts from the RFQ stage through implementation to ongoing account management.  

The Key Account Management program will serve as the primary contact between the customer, operations, and sales. They will provide customer support, technical support, planning, and optimization for the account. The main goal of this program is to differentiate JAS' services through proactively monitoring the accounts to ensure consistent service execution, as well as drive improvement initiatives that deliver value to customers. With the Key Account Management program, JAS USA is making a commitment to better understand customers’ business needs, objectives, challenges and constraints, in order to provide real solutions.

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