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Jenna Naylor: A Shining Example of JAS's "Homegrown" Talent 

May 14, 2024
Jenna Naylor
Jenna Naylor

Meet Jenna Naylor, a luminary at JAS Charleston, whose journey from a customs entry writer to an award-winning business development manager represents the boundless opportunities for growth within JAS. 

Jenna's path into logistics was more serendipitous than planned. Initially set on a career in journalism, envisioning herself as a frontline reporter or news anchor, she pursued this track through her college studies. However, a pivotal moment a month before graduation saw her reevaluating her aspirations. "I understood the communications industry, I had success in my work in college, but I didn't want to be a reporter anymore," she reflects. So, in what many can describe as "typical Jenna fashion," she embraced change and dared herself to explore new uncharted waters, literally.  

As fate would have it, her first post-college interview landed her a role at a logistics company, where she started as an ocean import specialist. After mastering this role in 1 year, she eagerly transitioned to export, driven by her innate thirst for new challenges.  

In 2014, Jenna joined JAS as a customs entry writer, eventually expanding her responsibilities to manage the Charleston branch's air imports while also diving into the intricacies of the quoting process. Her growing expertise across various domains fueled her hunger for growth. "I had worked in customs entry writing, ocean import, ocean export, air import, and quoting. So, I asked myself again, what can I do next?" 

Fueled by her desire to tackle new challenges, Jenna set her sights on sales, leveraging her deep understanding of JAS's services. Her dedication was unmistakable as she pursued and earned her customs brokerage license, underscoring both her ambition and JAS's commitment to nurturing internal talent. She continued her path of success, earning new business and slowly growing her client base.  

In a proactive sales approach, Jenna launched the #JavawithJenna series on LinkedIn, leveraging her communication background to attract new audiences and generate leads, flipping the traditional cold-calling approach on its head. 

Now, in her newly acquired role as the Head of Country Sales for the Automotive Vertical, Jenna continues her quest for growth, always seeking the next challenge to conquer.  

In her nearly ten years at JAS, Jenna has flourished in an environment that she describes as eclectic and welcoming—a true melting pot of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. She credits the unique culture of JAS for fostering an environment where collaboration and growth thrive.  

Jenna's leadership style is marked by patience—a quality she believes is integral to navigating the complexities of the logistics industry. Her mentor, Brandon Miller, Vice President of Automotive Sales - Americas, has played a pivotal role in shaping her journey, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and passion in achieving success. 

Looking ahead, Jenna's focus is on expanding the automotive vertical, a challenge she embraces with enthusiasm, of course. She finds fulfillment in the dynamic nature of logistics, a field that demands constant learning and adaptability. Her advice to aspiring salespeople echoes her own journey: always be closing, challenge yourself to grow, and find joy both in and outside of work. 

Jenna Naylor's story embodies the spirit of Women@JAS, showcasing not just her individual achievements but also the collective strength and support that define the JAS culture. Congratulations, Jenna, on your well-deserved recognition as JAS USA's 2023 Salesperson of the Year and the #1 Global Business Development Manager Earner. Your journey inspires us all to reach greater heights and embrace every opportunity for growth. 

JAS Worldwide Wins ZF Supplier Award for Digitalization Excellence

January 9, 2024
JAS Worldwide proudly received the ZF Supplier Award for Digitalization, celebrating excellence in logistics innovation and the implementation of a standardized process for digital container ordering.
JAS Worldwide proudly received the ZF Supplier Award for Digitalization, celebrating excellence in logistics innovation and the implementation of a standardized process for digital container ordering.

JAS Worldwide has been honored with the ZF Supplier Award in the Digitalization category. The award  acknowledges JAS’ commitment to excellence as it implemented a standardized process for digital container ordering, an initiative that has helped streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

As a key player in the logistics sector, JAS Worldwide operates in over 100 countries, with a widespread network of offices and official representatives. The company has emerged as the primary sea freight forwarder for ZF, one of the world's leading technology companies in the automotive industry.

The award is a testament to JAS’ commitment to innovation and its ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize logistics processes. The standardized digital container ordering process implemented by JAS Worldwide has not only garnered industry recognition but has also strengthened the partnership between JAS and ZF.

"We are thrilled to receive the ZF Supplier Award for Digitalization, which underscores our dedication to embracing and driving digital transformation in the logistics landscape," said Jim Ryan, Senior Vice President, Automotive at JAS Worldwide. "Our team has worked diligently to develop and implement a standardized process for digital container ordering, and this recognition from ZF is a validation of our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services."

David Bang, Chief Commercial Officer of JAS Worldwide, accepted the award on behalf of the JAS team at the ZF Global Supplier Summit. His address highlighted the collaborative efforts and innovative spirit that propelled JAS to this achievement, emphasizing the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of digital advancements in logistics.

JAS looks forward to building on this success and driving innovation in the logistics sector. The company remains dedicated to exceeding client expectations and contributing to the growth and success of its partners.


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Electric vehicle charging.
Electrifying Collaboration: Transporting over 60 Tons of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Production

In a display of cross-functional teamwork, several internal teams at JAS worked closely to execute a seamless transportation operation. The collaborative effort aimed to transport a large number of Lithium-Ion Batteries (UN 3480, Class 9) from Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) to Frankfurt Airport (FRA), supporting a leading European Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) producing electric vehicles (EV).


The automotive landscape is transitioning towards sustainable solutions, with electric vehicles leading the way. However, sourcing the necessary components, such as Lithium-Ion Batteries, often poses significant logistical challenges due to their hazardous nature, requiring compliance with stringent regulations and safety protocols. A leading OEM in Europe required a substantial shipment of batteries from the US to support its EV production. Blue World Atlantic charter flight operations presented an opportunity to avoid relying on a market yielding minimal results with minimum quantities per flight.

JAS's Response: 

Recognizing the urgency and importance of the situation, the JAS teams quickly created a plan. The batteries were carefully packed, labeled, and documented in accordance with local and global regulations. Additionally, a plan using JAS' existing Blue World Atlantic weekly charter was organized, allowing for direct transportation and minimizing the risk associated with intermediate stops. 

Results and Impact: 

After taking over the project as airlines simultaneously announced embargoes on cargo containing Lithium-Ion Batteries, the team successfully transported the Lithium-Ion Batteries on JAS Blue World Atlantic weekly charter, allowing the customer's supply chain to remain uninterrupted.

The automotive sector is experiencing an era of remarkable transformation. This shift is being propelled by the surge in electric vehicles (EVs), the growing demand for ride-hailing and car sharing services, and the increasing emphasis on sustainability.
The Future of the Automotive Industry: How JAS Can Help

The automotive industry is undergoing an era of transformation. Unprecedented changes are occurring as the use electric vehicles (EVs) grows, ride-hailing services and car sharing soar in popularity, and the emphasis on sustainability grows stronger.

These changes are putting pressure on automotive manufacturers and suppliers to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In order to come out ahead, companies need to be able to adapt to these changes and find new ways to operate.

Key Points from Recent Automotive Trends

Recent articles from major automotive players highlight the challenges facing the automotive industry. These challenges include:

  • The rise of EVs: The rise of EVs is putting pressure on traditional automakers to invest in new technologies and manufacturing processes.
  • The increasing popularity of ride-hailing and car sharing: The increasing popularity of ride-hailing and car sharing services is reducing the demand for personal vehicles.
  • The growing focus on sustainability: The growing focus on sustainability is putting pressure on automakers to reduce their environmental impact.

These challenges are forcing automakers to rethink their business models and operations. In order to come out ahead, automakers need to be able to adapt to these changes and find new ways to operate.

How JAS Can Help

JAS can help automakers and suppliers navigate these challenges in a number of ways, including:

  • Reducing costs: JAS can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers reduce costs by providing efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions. Leveraging its extensive global network of partners and resources, JAS empowers automotive manufacturers and suppliers to efficiently transport parts and components.
  • Improving efficiency: JAS can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers improve efficiency by providing warehousing and logistics solutions. JAS has a network of secure warehouses around the world that can store parts and components until they are needed. JAS can also help companies manage their inventory and optimize their supply chains.
  • Meeting sustainability goals: JAS can help automotive manufacturers and suppliers meet sustainability goals by providing sustainable transportation and green logistics solutions. JAS has a number of initiatives in place to reduce its environmental impact, and can help its clients do the same.

Together, we can drive success in the changing automotive industry!

Nevino Rocco joins the JAS Worldwide Automotive Team as the Global VP of Sales.
JAS Worldwide Grows the Automotive Team

The JAS Worldwide Automotive Vertical is pleased to announce Nevino Rocco as VP Global Sales for the Automotive Vertical. In this new role, he will support developing Automotive Vertical Global strategy and execution. Nevino will also collaborate on the frontline developing teams and customers.

Nevino brings over 25 years of work experience covering Freight-Forwarding as well as Management Consulting and Investment Banking.

In his previous sales leadership role for a large freight forwarding competitor – a post held for over 12 years – Nevino established a successful performance track record at a USA and then The Americas Regional level. Most of his experience involves commercial strategy and organizational development with an emphasis on strategic customers, key account management and solutions selling.

Nevino supported many Automotive customers both as individual lead and executive sponsor providing hands on support to the sales organization.

The Automotive Vertical is one of the strongest verticals within the JAS organization, with long-term global participation and successful, loyal global automotive customer partnerships.

Nevino is based in Los Angeles, California, and reports into Jim Ryan, SVP Global Automotive.

Please join us in welcoming Nevino to the JAS family!

Dominyka Geringsonaite joins JAS Aerospace and JAS Automotive as their Strategic Business Analyst.
JAS Worldwide Grows the Aerospace and Automotive Sectors

The JAS Aerospace and Automotive Sectors are pleased to announce the arrival of Dominyka Geringsonaite as the Strategic Business Analyst for both sectors.

Dominyka is excited to join the JAS team because the Freight Forwarding industry perfectly aligned with her Degrees in International Economics, Business, Finance, and International Business. She also felt fascinated about the limitless growth opportunities in multicultural environment the company has.

Dominyka moved with her family to the United States from Lithuania when she was a teenager. She has always been interested in companies with an international spirit and global learning opportunities. After years of experience in Business Intelligence, the Strategic Business Analyst role for Aerospace and Automotive verticals at JAS felt like a perfect match.

Dominyka enjoys traveling, social settings, outdoor activities, and basketball – (Lithuania’s and not Ireland’s Basketball team).

The Aerospace and Automotive verticals are two of the strongest verticals within the JAS organization, with long-term global participation and successful loyal global customer partnerships. Based in the JAS Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Dominyka will report to John Brennan and Jim Ryan.

Please join us in welcoming Dominyka to the JAS family!

JAS hauls luxury vehicle for customer
JAS Insures Successful Delivery Despite Restrictions

When a client needed to ship a luxury vehicle from Belgium to Japan while facing challenges due to COVID restrictions, they knew they could turn to JAS to get the job done while still receiving best-in-class service.

The client, who is located in the UK, needed to ship a valuable luxury car from Belgium to Japan. Under normal circumstances, the client would be there in person to oversee the loading and collection of the vehicle. However, COVID restrictions limited their ability to travel since Belgium recognizes the UK as a high-risk country for COVID. Therefore, the customer asked our JAS team to step in for them at the collection and delivery of the car.

The first step was planning so the customer knew the names of the JAS representatives in Belgium who would be there that weekend to collect the car from the car shop. This allowed the car shop to know who would be collecting the car for transport to prevent unauthorized trucks from collecting the vehicle on behalf of the buyer and stealing the car.

The weekend the shipment occurred, members of the JAS Belgium team went to the actual loading site to check the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) and send the client pictures of the luxury car. In addition, as per the customer's request, they made sure the proper car cover was on the vehicle, ensuring the car would not be scratched or damaged during transport.  JAS team members kept the client informed throughout the process as they followed the vehicle's loading onto the plane.  

This challenge demonstrates the importance of the collaboration and communication between JAS teams and the client to ensure best-in-class service despite the challenging situation posed by COVID restrictions. Congratulations to our team members on another successful delivery!

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