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JAS Insures Successful Delivery Despite Restrictions

Luxury vehicle customer trusts JAS to secure transport and delivery amid difficult to navigate COVID restrictions

Mark Evans
August 20, 2021
JAS hauls luxury vehicle for customer
JAS hauls luxury vehicle for customer

When a client needed to ship a luxury vehicle from Belgium to Japan while facing challenges due to COVID restrictions, they knew they could turn to JAS to get the job done while still receiving best-in-class service.

The client, who is located in the UK, needed to ship a valuable luxury car from Belgium to Japan. Under normal circumstances, the client would be there in person to oversee the loading and collection of the vehicle. However, COVID restrictions limited their ability to travel since Belgium recognizes the UK as a high-risk country for COVID. Therefore, the customer asked our JAS team to step in for them at the collection and delivery of the car.

The first step was planning so the customer knew the names of the JAS representatives in Belgium who would be there that weekend to collect the car from the car shop. This allowed the car shop to know who would be collecting the car for transport to prevent unauthorized trucks from collecting the vehicle on behalf of the buyer and stealing the car.

The weekend the shipment occurred, members of the JAS Belgium team went to the actual loading site to check the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) and send the client pictures of the luxury car. In addition, as per the customer's request, they made sure the proper car cover was on the vehicle, ensuring the car would not be scratched or damaged during transport.  JAS team members kept the client informed throughout the process as they followed the vehicle's loading onto the plane.  

This challenge demonstrates the importance of the collaboration and communication between JAS teams and the client to ensure best-in-class service despite the challenging situation posed by COVID restrictions. Congratulations to our team members on another successful delivery!

JAS U.A.E. Delivers in the Time of COVID-19

Shemeem Ismail
December 7, 2020

In January of this year, prior to the onset of the new COVID-19 era, JAS U.A.E. received a call from a client managing operations for the prestigious Abu Dhabi Marine Equipment and Rodan Sports.

He had a consignment of boats to be home-delivered to Kuwait from Abu Dhabi. However, nature had other plans. By the time the shipments were ready, COVID-19 had struck the world, changing the way we function. The borders to every country were closed, literally bringing the GCC to a lockdown, and this project got held-up.

However, using the extensive JAS Network and our expertise in the logistics and transportation industry, JAS U.A.E carried out daily follow-ups to check the constantly changing COVID rules between the countries whose borders would need to be crossed in order to reach the final destination for this project. Maintaining constant vigilance, JAS maintained high spirits that this project would be allowed to proceed as needed.

Finally, after 9 months of waiting and shifting environments, October offered a chance to allow this project to begin transportation via Road.

Without wasting any time, the JAS U.A.E. team reached out to the Shipper in Abu Dhabi to move the consignment which were to cross the borders of UAE, Saudi, and ultimately Kuwait.

This project presented additional transportation challenges as there were roads that were being tested that had to be traveled over. Therefore our JAS team of experts set out a strategy in order to complete this journey successfully while traversing the test roads while using Concord Transporters.

With a spot-on schedule and constant checks with various Govt. authorities, the project began to move. First, JAS used 12 Tonne trucks in order to transport the boats from the city bound showroom to the trailer yard.

With cooperation and assistance from an Abu Dhabi Police escort, the operation was carried out at night when traffic was at it's lowest and the project could be most safely and efficiently carried out.

Once Loaded & dispatched, on the 10th of November, with everyone's prayers and hopes, and as scheduled, the consignment had to cross four check-posts one by one. Meanwhile, most GCCs were experiencing rising COVID numbers and tensions of border shutdowns were on the cards again. However, with an optimistic outlook, our trailers pulled through the vast desert roads. A 24-hour checklist was prioritized with analytics in case of any contingencies. Plans for a U-Turn too was in place if inflicted with a worst-case scenario. Plan for everything, even if you expect your original plans to work out. JAS top priority is always our client's and therefore having a plan for every possible outcome is a requirement for success.

Clearing Sila on the 11th November, Batha on the 12th, and finally the boats reached Nuwaiseeb on the 13th. Upon handing over the complete set of documents at Sulaibiya, the JAS team had to await clearance. The procedures at borders had by the time become fairly testing. The safety and security measures were exacting, everything must be handled perfectly. On November 15th clearance was received.  The green signal was on, and our consignment rolled through the vast gates of the Sulaibiya border. Within the next few hours, the whole convoy of trailers reached its final destination.

A project that started in the month of January and did not see daylight until the month of October demonstrates the trust and conviction a customer had in JAS. And JAS is honored to have that level of trust and conviction from our customers. At JAS people do truly make the difference, and our clients loyalty and trust reflect that.

Even in these uncertain times, JAS continues to deliver for our clients.


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