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JAS Italy Sends Additional Aid to Ukraine

JAS Staff
April 6, 2023
JAS truck carries humanitarian aid bound for Ukraine.
JAS truck carries humanitarian aid bound for Ukraine.

As the conflict in Ukraine enters into its second year, the humanitarian needs remain as many people struggle to find basic necessities such as food and medical care.

In response to these needs, JAS Worldwide and the Bruni Foundation "Charity Across Borders" have come forward to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. JAS has helped provide humanitarian relief to those in the greatest need since the start of the conflict, sending its first shipment of relief items in March 2022 and a second in May 2022. With the help of individual contributions, the team has now sent its third shipment of humanitarian assistance to Odesa, Ukraine.

The latest shipment contains essential items such as food, medical supplies, and other necessities that can help those in need. The aid will arrive just in time for the Orthodox Easter, a holiday that holds significant importance for many Ukrainian families.

The compassionate response of our team members over the past year reflects the company's commitment to the global community and the fact that at JAS, people really do make the difference.

JAS Belgium Honored with Sustainability Award

Belgian Freight Forwarding Association recognizes JAS Belgium with ‘FORWARD GOALS. For sustainable development GOLD’ award.

JAS Staff
March 27, 2023
Mr. Olivier Schoenmakers, director FORWARD Belgium and Mrs. Wendy Smets, BE BPM, JAS Belgium
Mr. Olivier Schoenmakers, director FORWARD Belgium and Mrs. Wendy Smets, BE BPM, JAS Belgium

JAS Belgium is leading the way in sustainable logistics. With over fifteen applicants, JAS was one of three forwarders to be awarded the GOLD award for sustainable development.

The Belgium Freight Forwarding Association, ‘Forward Belgium’ created the award in 2021. It is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations (UN). The goals focus on economic, social and environmental development and the 17 SDGs are divided into categories of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.  

JAS is excited to have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability across 10 of these areas and the Gold award recognizes that JAS Belgium is an excellent example of sustainable logistics. As a leader in worldwide logistics, JAS is proud to receive the ‘FORWARD GOALS. For sustainable development GOLD’ award and of all the team members who worked to achieve these goals.

JAS Belgium Sustainability Award

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