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News From JAS Worldwide - Americas Focus

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Corporate Responsibility

JAS Brazil Collects a Ton of Food

JAS Brazil Spearheads Local Food Drive

JAS Staff
June 10, 2021

JAS Brazil thanks all collaborators that participated in the planning and successful mobilization of the “JAS Solidaria – Food Collection” campaign, held from May 3-28, 2021. Thanks to our collective efforts, the JAS team amassed close to 1 ton of food in its fight against global hunger. With the amount of food gathered during the drive, we can feed 1,550 people for one day, 220 people for one week, or 50 people for one month.  

Our drive was not limited to food items. Much-needed clothing items also were collected for men, women, and children. JAS Brazil plans to donate all clothing and food items to philanthropic associations for distribution where needed. Low-income families who live in JAS Brazil branch regions benefit from direct distribution.  

JAS Brazil is part of JAS Worldwide, the international forwarding and logistics group, offering its customers a personal level of care. JAS is a firm believer in providing a custom level of attention to its clients. This commitment to care extends beyond the professional services JAS Worldwide delivers and into the communities in which its branches serve.  

Since 1990, JAS Brazil has partnered with local and international organizations to make a difference through community service. The JAS Worldwide team believes in paying it forward to make the world a better place.

AJAS Brasil agradece a todos os colaboradores que semobilizaram para osucesso da campanha “JAS Solidaria - Arrecadação de Alimentos”, realizada de 3 a 28 de maio de 2021. Com  esforço coletivoa EquipeJAS arrecadou aproximadamente 1 tonelada de alimentos em sualuta contra a fome global. Coma quantidade de alimentos recolhida durante acampanha, podemos alimentar 1.550 pessoas por dia,220 pessoas por uma semana ou50 pessoas por um mês. 


Nossaação não se limitou a alimentos. Itens de roupas e higiene pessoaltambém foram coletados para homens, mulheres e crianças.A JASBrasil planeja doar todas as roupas e alimentosarrecadados para associações filantrópicas epara famílias de baixa também nas regiões onde a JAS Brasil possui filiais.


A JAS Brasil faz parte da JAS Worldwide, nossa missão éoferece aos seus clientes um nível de atendimento dedicado e personalizado.

Este compromisso como cuidado se estende além dos serviços profissionais quea JASWorldwide oferece e nas comunidades em que suas filiais atendem. 


Desde 1990, a JAS Brasiltem parceria com organizações locais e internacionais para fazer a diferença por meio do serviço comunitário.

A equipe JASWorldwide acredita que juntos podemos transformar o mundoem um lugar melhor.

Building The Green Way

JAS Stays Committed to Sustainability Year Around

June 5, 2021

While every June the world celebrates World Environment Day, at JAS, we are committed to sustainability year around. One way JAS does this is through our eco-friendly buildings and warehouses located throughout the world.

JAS Germany’s Extensive Green Roof:

Located just 5 minutes from the Frankfurt Airport, JAS’ multi-user warehouse in Frankfurt, Germany, is JAS’ first to feature an extensive green roof system. The green roof spans close to 11,000 sqm and is characterized by its shallow-rooted and hardy plants such as grasses and succulents. The green roof also helps with energy savings by protecting the warehouse from direct solar heat when it is hot and minimizing heat loss through the roof due to the extra insulation provided by the plants on the rooftop when it is cool.

JAS Italy Roof Top Solar Power: 

When constructing the JAS Segrate site, sustainability was of high importance. Therefore, solar panels to harness sunlight and generate electricity were installed. The solar panels allow the office to replace most of its electricity usage with renewable energy, creating a more sustainable energy solution. By utilizing this energy-efficient renewable energy source, JAS is able to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, from which traditional electricity is sourced.

As the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day this week, JAS is continuing its commitment to promote environmental sustainability by creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere within every aspect of our organization. We believe that with the implementation of sustainability globally, we can work together to effectively reduce concerns such as pollution, the use of natural resources, and harmful greenhouse gasses.


Stay in the know with JAS news relating to
Every Day is Earth Day at JAS Worldwide

JAS Worldwide, a leading international freight forwarding and logistics company, is proud to announce that it has successfully achieved the silver certificate by the rating agency EcoVadis, placing JAS in the 78th percentile of those companies evaluated.

EcoVadis, an internationally recognized and independent rating agency, evaluates companies' performance and their supply chains on environmental, social, and ethical topics. The award recognizes JAS's longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Moving forward, JAS is committed to the ongoing improvement of its corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We look forward to continued improvement in all CSR areas throughout 2021.

Delivering Cheer Safely

All aspects of 2020 have undoubtedly been different and challenging. Placing an emphasis on the health of those around us became a primary focus and continues to be so, causing changes to traditions and disruptions to annual plans in order to protect those we care about.

At JAS, People have always made the difference and continue to do so. That is why in 2020 JAS made sure to take every precaution to keep our team and our customers safe, while still delivering good cheer. As we are living and learning to navigate this new era; JAS McAllen knew they had to maintain a safe social distance from the recipients of the annual JAS Calendar, but they still wanted to leave customers with a sense of how grateful JAS is to have them be with us for another year. Therefore JAS McAllen decided to make a caravan to deliver calendars in the parking lots of customers where possible.

There will be time to share again, meanwhile we continue to do business at a safe social distance and create new excitement in doing so.

Happy New Year 2021 from the JAS McAllen Team.

JAS Miami Gifts Toys to Nicklaus Hospital for Children

JAS USA is proud to announce that the JAS Miami team participated in a concerted effort to light the lives of hospitalized children at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, FL.

Children who are struggling with health issues of course need the best medical care, but a dash of happiness in the form of a toy can go a long way. For the children hospitalized at Nicklaus Children's hosiptal and their parents alike, JAS Miami, led by the efforts of Xenia Vazquez, helped strengthen weak spirits and bodies with toy donations gathered by the entire team. Those families combating the sadness and fear associated with being in the hospital and the current pandemic sweeping the world found comfort in the toys donated to them and JAS is honored to be a part of bringing about some light in these times we face.

JAS Miami is glad to be able to give their time and help during this uncertain time to those who need it the most. Their motto throughout this effort was to give a lot, give a little, give what you can, but always give something. They said this knowing that little by little over time can become immense. Each person took a little of their time to give greatly appreciated time and attention to those children who cannot be home during this time. The toys were accumulated over the course of several weeks and created a mountain of energy for both the JAS team and the children receiving them.

JAS Miami continues to show that People Make the Difference, especially when we face the most difficult of times. Thank you JAS Miami for spreading happiness when there is so much worry!

JAS Panama Gives Back to the Community

JAS takes pride in contributing to the communities we live in and share with our customers and neighbors. It is an important part of JAS' Social Responsibility to dedicate time each year to give back to those in need. JAS Panama prides itself rising to the occasion and making an impact in their community and is committed to giving back to the neighborhood that they are a part of and do so annually. This year as a way to give back to those in need JAS Panama joined together to give to children undergoing treatments at the local hospital.

On October 24th, the JAS Panama team joined together to be God-Parents of the week and bring gifts and other donations to children in the hospital during the Week of Prevention against Burns. Preparations for this event went on for over a month prior to the 24th, and it was a privilege to contribute to the happiness and well being of the beautiful children and amazing staff of this hospital. JAS knows that if we all work together, we can make the world a better place.

JAS is proud to be a part of such a wonderful effot and we look forward to continuing to do our part with the communities and people we live and work with! JAS Panama thanks all of the sponsors who never hesitate to support the great work JAS is doing in the community and a special thanks to the collaborators who worked with the hospital to make this possible, especially Licda, Arcadia Quintero, and Nurse Belgica Chiru.

At JAS, people make the difference, and that is what makes JAS different.

JAS Worldwide Sends Relief Goods to the Bahamas

In response to the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, JAS Worldwide provided support to and  operated 2 Charters on behalf of one of their VIP customers with relief goods to the Bahamas. The supply contained much needed items like medicine, food items, and water.

JAS Worldwide is proud to be able to offer support together with their business partners in the case of emergencies and for those that are in need during disastrous times. This is the value that the logistic and transportation industry can facilitate for others during times of crisis.

Such an operation wouldn't have been possible without the passionate and dedicated work of the people at JAS  who worked relentlessly and non-stop for two days to design a solution and to follow through with the operation.

"It is great to see how people come together so quickly and help others in need. This was only successful through teamwork. This are the moments where I am proud to be part of this organization and industry" says Dirk Ravensteiner, Senior Director Air Freight for JAS USA.

Thank you also to our customer for entrusting  JAS Worldwide for this dedicated operation.

JAS Participates in Relay Run for Charity

JAS Worldwide is proud to sponsor the efforts of 12 employees as they take on the 200-mile Reebok Ragnar Tennessee Relay Run, March 23-24, 2018.

This event goes on for 48 hours and consists of each team having a member run part of the distance, passing the baton to the next team member as they complete their section of the run. This run is different from others as it requires a team to be dedicated enough to work and train with one another to achieve their goals.

In addition to the time and dedication these JAS runners put into training for the run, they will also be working to raise money for the St. Jude Children Research Hospital through their run. The team goal is to raise at least $4,000 through donations.

This group of dedicated runners will be running as the “JAS Foreign Legionnaires." The group includes Stefano Redditi, Matthew Burgess, Peris Johnson, Scott Kimel, Khuyen Vo, Graeme Robinson, Scott Luchenbill, Sandra Manfredi, Dan Dunlavy, Alessio Profeti, Manuele Mazzacurati, and Fritz Belinga.

Stefano Redditi, EVP Sales & Marketing at JAS Worldwide, spoke about the challenge:

“I am looking forward to this new challenge. This is a complex event. Running 200 miles non-stop, day & night, requires a group of physically and mentally prepared people. The ‘logistics’ of the event is not a joke.  We will split our 12-person team into 3 person sub-teams. We will then use two vans to coordinate transport of the runners. One van will follow the current runner while carrying two additional team members, meanwhile the 2nd van will shuttle the next 3 runners from the base camp located about mid-course to the next point.

What is most important though, is that we are going to raise money for the St Jude Children Research Hospital. St. Jude is a childrens hospital that advances cures and means of prevention for catastrophic diseases that affect children. At St. Jude, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion, or a family’s ability to pay. We are proud to be running to help raise money for this hospital.”

Redditi added, "I would like to thank JAS Worldwide and in particular, our global CEO Marco Rebuffi, for supporting the JAS team!”

JAS is proud to be sponsoring these employees as they take on this challenge.

If you would like to support the JAS Foreign Legionnaires and donate to St. Jude Children Research Hospital, please click the button below.

JAS Automotive Gives Back

The JAS Automotive team is made up of Automotive industry professionals who have worked throughout the industry ranging from Tier 1 to OEMs. With over 50 years of collective automotive experience, the team has used the past as a foundation for the JAS Automotive IV.

Recalling his past days with Ford Motor Company, Vice President Conway Jeffress has ensured that the sense of Corporate Responsibility and community service resonates through the JAS Automotive team. “In order to be a strategic partner with our customers we need to support their philanthropic efforts, both with our financial and human resources.” As such the JAS Automotive team has participated in a number community service projects over the past year.

Below find a few examples of these projects.

Gilda’s Club: Gilda’s Club is a place where men, women and children whose lives have been touched by cancer, as well as their families and friends, can feel they are part of a welcoming community of support. JAS Automotive participated as a Sponsor for “Gilda’s Big Night Out” on May 12, 2016. This key event raised over $177k for this amazing organization. This was in support of JAS' global customer Cooper Standard. The Cooper Standard Foundation strengthens the communities in which Cooper Standard employees work and live through the passionate support of children's charities, education, health and wellness, and community revitalization.

Gift of Giving: Gift of Giving is a non-profit organization with the mission to support Avondale, Michigan youth by providing clothing and nutrition for those in need, entrepreneurial experiences to mentor future leaders & classroom enrichment programs to inspire people to go beyond.

Automotive Director, Danette Beltink led the JAS Automotive team in supporting the Gift of Giving holiday fund drive. Working with the Gift of Giving Board of Director, Jeff Lau, JAS was able to contribute $1000 to the organization. In addition to being a Board Member, Jeff Lau is also the COO of Argus Logistics, a Key customer of the JAS Automotive Vertical.

Automotive Golf Classic: Since its inception in 1980, the Automotive Golf Classic(AGC) has grown and flourished to become Michigan’s premier golf event. This highly anticipated annual event, which has raised more than $7 million to date, draws the best and the brightest among leading automotive industry executives who put aside their normally competitive natures to raise funds for the more than 14,000 youth served annually by Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan. The JAS Automotive team in-kind supported the event with on-site volunteers. JAS Automotive VP Conway Jeffress and Key Account Manager Matthew Forster were both hospitality volunteers greeting and photographing participants from over 60 automotive companies and suppliers.

Given the close nature of the Automotive industry, there is a core belief that Customers work with Partners who support their causes. As such, JAS Automotive leads the way in relationship driven partnerships that are long lasting and mutually beneficial.

Thanks to JAS Corporate Leadership for supporting the activities of the JAS Automotive Vertical strategy!

JAS Automotive Sponsors Boys & Girls Club

JAS Automotive is a proud sponsor of the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan.  This highly anticipated and exclusive event, which has raised over $7M to date, draws the best and the brightest among leading automotive industry executives.

The JAS Automotive team was selected as the only International Logistics provider to sponsor the event as well as participate in the Planning Committee.

​In line with the JAS Automotive strategy, this event brings customers and providers together in partnership and philanthropy.  Working with partners in a joint effort to support children builds a bond that carries through the professional relationship.  The JAS Automotive Team prides itself on its reputation and customer relationships.  The team’s unique approach to customer engagement and retention is a combination of our commitment to our customer and our hands on direct approach.  With 24/7 coverage and regular In-Person site visits, the JAS Automotive Team is in tune to the needs of our customers and partners.

JAS Automotive offers a suite of services including:

  • Inbound Materials Management for International Shipments – ALL Modes including Premium
  • Consolidation Centers and JIT Production Delivery
  • PO Management/Supplier Management
  • Finished Vehicle Specialty Transport
  • Automotive Team is MMOG trained and ISO Certified

JAS Panama Makes a Difference In the Community

2015 was an excellent year for the JAS Panama team. The growth they experienced has not only been on the quantity of shipments the subsidiary handled in the past year, but also on the growth of their people within the community.
This year the Panama team did their annual social labor activity for the community, this time with a local orphanage named "Hogar Metro Amigo."

The event hosted approximately 60 children who come from social risk situations or have been abandoned by their parents. The Hogar Metro Amigo is the official institution that operates a small school, has a sustainable small farm, dining place, segregated houses, and recreation areas. This institution unfortunately does not always have the necessary funds to cover all the expenses they incur and must obtain their funds from the government, charity and from the selling of organic eggs. However, this is not always enough and that is where the JAS Panama team got involved.

To help the orphanage this year, JAS Panama assisted with painting the small school that the institution operates from. This has not been a possibility for the orphanage since they must focus on other expenses to stay operational. Not having the building repainted can cause damage to the structure over time, which can lead to more expenses or result in the structure becoming unsafe. In addition to painting the school, JAS Panama provided the orphanage with other donations such as food, clothes, and toys.

The JAS global slogan is "People Make the Difference". This slogan should exist in our workplace and outside of the office. That is why the JAS Panama team takes the steps to make a difference in their community as well as in the office.

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