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JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers Collaborate to Support Human Bridge

December 27, 2023
JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers join forces, donating over 1300 pairs of shoes to Human Bridge.
JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers join forces, donating over 1300 pairs of shoes to Human Bridge.

JAS proudly shares its commitment to sustainable business practices through a partnership with client Vagabond Shoemakers. In an effort to minimize excess stock while contributing to charitable causes, Vagabond Shoemakers donated over 1300 pairs of shoes to Human Bridge, a non-profit organization specializing in redistributing surplus goods for humanitarian purposes.

Vagabond Shoemakers, recognized for its dedication to sustainability, actively seeks to ensure that unsold footwear finds purpose beyond its original inventory. The collaboration with Human Bridge aligns with both companies' values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

"We are so thankful, and it is just fantastic when we can go beyond our daily operations and also join our supportive actions,” said Anna Fahle Björcke, Sustainability Manager at Vagabond Shoemakers.

JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers share a close partnership, and when the opportunity arose to support Human Bridge's mission, there was no hesitation. The donated shoes will be resold through selected channels, with the generated funds earmarked for the purchase of healthcare equipment for designated countries, with a special focus on Ukraine.

This initiative not only showcases the commitment of JAS Worldwide and Vagabond Shoemakers to sustainable business practices but also emphasizes their dedication to making a positive impact on communities in need. By supporting charity through the donation of shoes, these companies are demonstrating the powerful role that corporate responsibility plays in shaping a better and more equitable world.

JAS Chile Achieves Great Place to Work Certification, Reinforcing Commitment to Employee Well-Being and Excellence

November 11, 2023
JAS Chile is proud to announce that it has been certified as a Great Place to Work.
JAS Chile is proud to announce that it has been certified as a Great Place to Work.

JAS Chile is proud to announce that it has been certified as a Great Place to Work. This recognition is a testament to its  commitment to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

The Great Place to Work certification is awarded based on employee feedback and an in-depth analysis of the organization's workplace practices.  

"At JAS Chile, our people are our greatest asset, and we are thrilled to be recognized as a Great Place to Work," said Rodrigo Bustos, Managing Director at JAS Chile. "This certification is a reflection of our dedication to fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where our employees can thrive both personally and professionally."

The certification process involved an extensive survey of JAS Chile's employees, evaluating key factors such as leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, and workplace culture. The positive responses from employees underscore its efforts to prioritize a people-centric approach.

"We believe that a great workplace is built on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to success," added Rodrigo. "This recognition energizes us to continue fostering an environment where our employees can excel, grow, and contribute to our overall success."

As JAS Chile celebrates this achievement, it remains focused on continuous improvement and innovation, with a dedication to providing an exceptional workplace experience for its employees.

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In recent years, corporate volunteering has gained prominence as a powerful force for positive change. JAS is an advocate of this approach, as demonstrated by our commitment to the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" program.
The Transformative Power of Corporate Volunteering: JAS and the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" Program

Corporate volunteering has emerged as a potent force for positive change in recent years. Companies are increasingly recognizing their role in supporting local communities and contributing to the greater good.

At JAS, we are advocates for this transformative approach, and our commitment is exemplified through the Bruni Foundation's "Pay It Forward" program.

The Significance of Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering transcends charity; it embodies corporate responsibility and a commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond the company's direct business and operations. Companies possess the unique capacity to leverage their resources and expertise to support causes that matter most to the communities they serve. This proactive approach aligns with a broader vision of corporate citizenship, where social and environmental stewardship are integral components of a company's identity.

The Bruni Foundation: A Catalyst for Change

The Bruni Foundation is an integral part of JAS Worldwide, and its mission around supporting social and environmental causes. Rooted in the belief that businesses should be agents of positive change, the foundation primarily focuses on four key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Quality Education, No Poverty, Clean Water and Sanitation, and Zero Hunger. Yet, understanding the essential role and current challenges towards the environment and the well-being of societies, the Bruni Foundation also actively supports initiatives that promote responsible environmental stewardship.

Under the Bruni Foundation's guiding principles, the "Pay It Forward" program empowers JAS employees to take the lead in becoming ambassadors of change. We encourage and provide resources and support for their volunteer proposals. Moreover, employees can use up to 16 hours of their working time to carry out these projects. We aim to cultivate a culture of empathy, social responsibility, and community engagement within our organization and beyond.

In Times of Crisis: The Need for Corporate Volunteering

During times of crisis, such as the challenges posed by environmental degradation and social inequalities, the "Pay It Forward" program takes on even greater significance going forward. The Bruni Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting the communities and environment in which JAS operates. By doing so, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our organization.

Are you curious to learn about some of the projects supported by the Bruni Foundation? Stay tuned for inspiring stories of positive changes and empowerment in our communities. Here are some of the most recent ones: JAS Team Members Take Action for the Planet on Earth Day and JAS and the Bruni Foundation Provide Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine.

Students pose in front of the Air Canada Cargo plane as they delve into the world of logistics and supply chain management.
JAS Worldwide Helps Host Educational Day for Students from Auburn University and Clark Atlanta University

JAS Worldwide proudly hosted nearly 30 students and faculty from Auburn University and Clark Atlanta University earlier this month for an immersive educational experience. The event provided a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable insights into the industry through behind-the-scenes tours and engaging presentations.

One highlight of the day was an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into air cargo operations at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta's International's Cargo Terminal, one of the busiest cargo hubs in the United States. There, students were able to witness the unloading of air cargo from an Air Canada Cargo plane, providing a firsthand look at the precision and efficiency required in global logistics operations.

Additionally, students and faculty were able to step onto the aircraft and explore its interior setup. This rare opportunity allowed them to better understand the intricacies of cargo loading and unloading, emphasizing the importance of logistics in the aviation industry.

Following the air cargo tour, participants were treated to an informative visit to an AGI warehouse, gaining insights into warehousing and distribution processes. Additionally, students were given a demonstration showcasing how K9s at the warehouse help detect illegal items such as explosives coming into the United States. This hands-on experience helped students connect classroom knowledge with real-world applications in supply chain management.

The educational day continued with a visit to the JAS Worldwide campus in Atlanta, where students enjoyed lunch and a Q&A session with JAS leadership and representatives from Air Canada. The students had the chance to engage in meaningful discussions and gain valuable industry perspectives.

This day marked a significant opportunity for the students of Auburn University and Clark Atlanta University to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical industry knowledge. JAS Worldwide remains committed to fostering the growth and development of future leaders in the supply chain and logistics field.

"As leaders in the aviation community, it is incumbent upon us to invest in the leaders of tomorrow and promote their stewardship," said Jared Azcuy, CEO of AGI. "We were honored to welcome students from Auburn and Clark Atlanta into our facilities and grateful that JAS gave us the opportunity to participate."  
"We are delighted to have partnered with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, AGI, Global K9 Protection Group, and Air Canada cargo to host these students from Auburn University and Clark Atlanta University for this educational day," added Matthias Frey, VP Airfreight Operations, JAS Worldwide. "We believe in investing in the future of our industry by providing students with valuable experiences that will prepare them for successful careers in logistics and supply chain management."
The third shipment of humanitarian assistance from JAS and the Bruni Foundation reached Ukraine where it is being distributed.
JAS Worldwide and Bruni Foundation Successfully Provide Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

The humanitarian aid provided by JAS Worldwide in partnership with the Bruni Foundation "Charity Across Borders" in April of this year has successfully reached those in need in Ukraine. The aid was safely discharged at the warehouse and has been gradually released to two official charity organizations for further distribution at their charity points or individual visits.

The aid consisted of various products, including food, medical supplies, and clothing, which have been distributed to individuals and families affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The aid has been a source of relief for many people who have struggled to find basic necessities.

The charity organizations responsible for distributing the aid have reported that it has been successfully delivered to those in need, including disabled individuals, veterans, and families who have migrated from occupied or damaged territories. The aid was distributed through a well-organized and effective system, ensuring that it reaches those who need it the most.

The generosity and support of the JAS community and the Bruni Foundation reflect the company's commitment to the greater community and highlight the fact that at JAS, people really do make the difference.

JAS Team Members Across the Globe Take Action for a More Sustainable Future.
JAS Team Members Take Action for the Planet

JAS is committed to a sustainable future, and as part of this commitment, JAS team members all across the globe participated in local sustainability initiatives. As part of our Earth Day initiative employees were encouraged to take action and make a positive impact in their communities.  

In Mexico, team members spearheaded a recycling initiative in partnership with ECOCE, collecting PET bottles and cans. The recycled materials were exchanged for an electronic voucher, which was donated to a local public institution in exchange for food that could be distributed to the community. Similarly, in Guangzhou, China, JAS held a clothing recycling collection to reduce their environmental impact.

JAS team members and their families also participated in coastal clean-up events across the globe, collecting hundreds of kilograms of plastic debris, litter, and other waste. By preventing these materials from polluting oceans, rivers, and lakes, the team is helping to preserve animal life and the beauty of our planet. For example, in Qingdao, China, over 20 team members cleaned up 16,000 square meters of public space and removed 20 kgs of garbage.

Andrea Goeman, SVP of Sustainability at JAS, emphasized JAS’ proactive approach to sustainability and its dedication to environmental initiatives. "We believe in taking a proactive and approach to sustainability and creating a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. This Earth Day, we are proud of everyone’s efforts to create a sustainable future for all," she said.

These global initiatives are just a few examples of JAS' commitment to sustainability and our efforts to make a positive difference in their communities. Together we are creating a greener and cleaner tomorrow!

The JAS Panama staff prepare gifts to be donated to the local Children's Hospital burn unit.
JAS Panama Gives Back to Local Community

JAS Panama recently teamed up with the National Children's Hospital to help Sponsor its Burn Awareness and Prevention Week.

Through this partnership, the team was able to provide gifts along with a day full of laughter and entertainment to those in the burn unit.

“At JAS we know that people make the difference. This extends beyond the professional services the team provides and into the communities in which we serve,” explained Angelo Simpson, Managing Director, JAS Panama. “We are thankful for everyone who joined us in making this day possible for the kids.”

Kids recieve hug rabbits donated by JAS employees
JAS Brazil Celebrates Children's Day

In celebration of Children’s Day, JAS Brazil has partnered with Projecto Abracinho. This project helped to provide care and treatment for children and adolescents who are fighting cancer.

The “Hug Rabbit” is the symbol of the project and the money from each purchase of the stuffed bunny is donated to various institutions involved in the fight against cancer. JAS Brazil was able to help build a network of good through these purchases and in March the “Hug Rabbits” were presented to employees’ children up to 14 years old.

JAS Brazil was excited to have the opportunity to celebrate Children’s Day by supporting these pediatric patients facing cancer.  

Check out the photos of some of our employees children with their "Hug Rabbits."

Em comemoração ao Dia das Crianças, a JAS fez uma parceria com o Projeto Abracinho.Este projeto foi criado para garantir um tratamento digno no combate ao câncer, especialmente em crianças e adolescentes. O Simbolo do projeto é o Coelho do Abraço que através de seus braços controí uma rede do bem! O valor da compra do coelhinho é revertido em doação paara Instituições em todo o Brasil de Combate ao Câncer em todo o Brasil O Brinde foi distribuído em marco a comemoração do Dia das Crianças no Brasil, os filhos de nossos colabores de 0 a 14 anos foram presenteados com um Abracinho! Confira algumas fotos! Responsabilidade Social JAS Brasil, unindo Dia das Crianças e uma Campanha de Prevenção ao Câncer.

Every Day is Earth Day at JAS Worldwide

JAS Worldwide, a leading international freight forwarding and logistics company, is proud to announce that it has successfully achieved the silver certificate by the rating agency EcoVadis, placing JAS in the 78th percentile of those companies evaluated.

EcoVadis, an internationally recognized and independent rating agency, evaluates companies' performance and their supply chains on environmental, social, and ethical topics. The award recognizes JAS's longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Moving forward, JAS is committed to the ongoing improvement of its corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We look forward to continued improvement in all CSR areas throughout 2021.

Delivering Cheer Safely

All aspects of 2020 have undoubtedly been different and challenging. Placing an emphasis on the health of those around us became a primary focus and continues to be so, causing changes to traditions and disruptions to annual plans in order to protect those we care about.

At JAS, People have always made the difference and continue to do so. That is why in 2020 JAS made sure to take every precaution to keep our team and our customers safe, while still delivering good cheer. As we are living and learning to navigate this new era; JAS McAllen knew they had to maintain a safe social distance from the recipients of the annual JAS Calendar, but they still wanted to leave customers with a sense of how grateful JAS is to have them be with us for another year. Therefore JAS McAllen decided to make a caravan to deliver calendars in the parking lots of customers where possible.

There will be time to share again, meanwhile we continue to do business at a safe social distance and create new excitement in doing so.

Happy New Year 2021 from the JAS McAllen Team.

Amazing team with lots of toys! Pictured left to right: Diana Gonzalez - Export Air Specialist, Leonor Palacios – Export Ocean Specialist, Yulien Rodriguez – Export Ocean Specialist, Liliana Moreno – Export Ocean Specialist, Susan Rivas – Export Air Specialist, Itzel Rey – Data Entry, Bruno Souza – Export Air Specialist
JAS Miami Gifts Toys to Nicklaus Hospital for Children

JAS USA is proud to announce that the JAS Miami team participated in a concerted effort to light the lives of hospitalized children at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, FL.

Children who are struggling with health issues of course need the best medical care, but a dash of happiness in the form of a toy can go a long way. For the children hospitalized at Nicklaus Children's hosiptal and their parents alike, JAS Miami, led by the efforts of Xenia Vazquez, helped strengthen weak spirits and bodies with toy donations gathered by the entire team. Those families combating the sadness and fear associated with being in the hospital and the current pandemic sweeping the world found comfort in the toys donated to them and JAS is honored to be a part of bringing about some light in these times we face.

JAS Miami is glad to be able to give their time and help during this uncertain time to those who need it the most. Their motto throughout this effort was to give a lot, give a little, give what you can, but always give something. They said this knowing that little by little over time can become immense. Each person took a little of their time to give greatly appreciated time and attention to those children who cannot be home during this time. The toys were accumulated over the course of several weeks and created a mountain of energy for both the JAS team and the children receiving them.

JAS Miami continues to show that People Make the Difference, especially when we face the most difficult of times. Thank you JAS Miami for spreading happiness when there is so much worry!

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