Short sea shipping provides great environmental, social, and economic advantages and plays a key role in sustainable shipping.
May 18, 2022

Over time, the volume of goods being transported on European roads has steadily increased, leading to congested roads, delays, and unnecessary costs. As shippers look to avoid these issues, many are considering short sea shipping as a viable solution.

What is short sea shipping?

Short sea shipping is essentially container movement within Europe, but with a short time on the sea. Short sea shipping is an excellent alternative to road freight. However, it is not a matter of dismantling road transport. It is about environmentally smart alternatives that improve existing supply chains.

What are the advantages of short sea shipping?

  • Increased Reliability: One significant benefit of short sea shipping is that shippers receive goods in a reliable, consistent, and timely manner. Unlike road transport, which is prone to delays and irregular logistics flow due to congestion, short sea shipping allows for scheduled departures and arrivals.
  • A Sustainable Choice: Short sea shipping provides great environmental, social, and economic advantages and plays a vital role in sustainable shipping. Moving a significant volume of goods from road freight to short sea will positively impact road congestion, road safety, and noise levels. One feeder vessel carries the equivalent of 500 truckloads. Compared to using trucks only, this solution provides increased both in terms of cost and CO2 emissions.
  • Buy What You Need: The size of a container often determines the quantity purchased, but it is important to buy and transport only what is needed. A short sea solution enables shippers to avoid producing excess merchandise with no demand and risks being destroyed. Short sea shipping affords the opportunity to book smaller quantities resulting in fewer containers being utilized.
  • Cost-Efficient Alternative: Sea freight rates are considerably lower than road freight rates, especially when transporting larger freight volumes and heavier cargo. Transitioning from road freight to short sea allows shippers to circumvent the high freight rates associated with road transport. In the long term, moving large volumes to short sea and away from the roads of Europe would help restore the capacity imbalance in road freight and eventually remove lack-of-capacity surcharges.

For more information about short sea shipping solutions, contact your local sales representative.

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Jordy Romeijn, Pharma & Healthcare Customer Experience Director
May 10, 2022

JAS Worldwide EMEA is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordy Romeijn to the position of  EMEA Pharma & Healthcare Customer Experience Director as of 09 May 2022. Working in this pivotal role from his home base in the Netherlands, together with the region’s Pharma & Healthcare teams Jordy will champion customer experience and operational excellence for the region.  

Jordy has more than 20 years’ experience in the logistics industry, starting when he was just 15 years old, and has hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of freight forwarding, “from warehouse to sales and everything in between.” He joined JAS in  Rotterdam in 2007, and was quickly promoted to Branch Manager. After guiding them through significant growth, in 2017 Jordy relocated to the USA to manage the JAS Chicago branch, which at the time was “fairly small” in the JAS organization. Fast forward five years, under Jordy’s leadership the JAS Chicago branch is now the largest in the US, handling multiple own freighters per week and preparing for the grand opening of a new state-of -the-art 80,000 square foot pharma and healthcare logistics facility in summer 2022.

Of his appointment, Jordy says: “During my years working with JAS I have witnessed the company continuously grow and develop itself – JAS today is vastly different then JAS 16 years ago. My long tenure and experience on both sides of the Atlantic will allow me to contribute toward growing the Pharma & Healthcare vertical, and I am truly looking forward to this exciting new opportunity.”

JAS is delighted to welcome Jordy to this new position and is confident he will play a key role in upholding and continuously improving the service quality provided to our valued clients as we continue to invest in the pharma and healthcare logistics industry.

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From left to right: Bjoern Morzineck (Branch Manager), Ellen Rackow (Import Specialist), Isa Melchert (Operations Manager), Danilo Loewe (Business Development Manager).
May 10, 2022

In line with its current growth strategy, JAS Germany is pleased to announce the opening of its newest branch in Dresden (DRS).

JAS’ established presence throughout Germany, and now in Dresden emphasizes, its commitment to growth while still providing best-in-class service as the global and local freight forwarder of choice.

The newest branch, which began operations on May 2, will provide clients with a full range of air and ocean services as the team works to respond to the needs of the marketplace.

In addition, to the Dresden location, JAS Germany has thirteen additional fully operating strategically located throughout Germany.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services

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Pablo Melo (Managing Director), Victoria García (Business Development Manager), Facundo Haro (Business Development Manager, Vivian Brunialti (Trade-Lane Director), Nicolás Calderone (Business Development Manager), Ariel Kraft (Regional Account Director), Gisela Alaman (Sr. Director of Sales), Manuele Mazzacurati (RVP Sales and Marketing), Patricio Pranzetti (Managing Director) , Randi Tovar (Sales Coordinator), Daniela Cordero (Global Account Director), Nicolás Rossi (Air Freight Manager, Francisco Mella (Ocean Freight Manager).
May 6, 2022

On March 31st all the heads of Sales of the South Cone (Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina) gathered in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the South Cone Sales Meeting.

Gisela Alaman, who was recently appointed sales director of the South Cone Cluster, led this first-of-its-kind meeting. It was a great opportunity to meet again after restrictions on traveling and in-person meetings were lifted.

The sales team was able to share results, review the strategies used in each country and learn about others’ ideas and best practices. This provided the opportunity for everyone to strengthen the network between countries.

Due to this the team was able to develop a joint strategy to continue to efficiently work together across the region. Working as one team will assure that clients’ needs are effectively accommodated, as the South Cone countries work as a team.

Since all the heads of sales were together, the team was able to work closely with local clients. The relaxed atmosphere provided an opportunity to share our views and prospects for the near future and allowed them to see the value of a company that truly cares about the customer experience.

Bringing together local clients, helped create a closer bond, and in return, helped clients see the solid network the countries share, ensuring them JAS can provide them with the support they need to make their own businesses better and stronger.

Event attendees were: Manuele Mazzacurati – RVP Sales & Marketing, Andreas Oetje – Global Account Director, Brazil; Pablo Melo – Managing Director Uruguay; Vivian Brunialti - Trade-Lane Director, Brazil; Maria Jesús Lepe – Sales & Marketing, Chile; Ariel Kraft – Sales Director, Brazil; Victoria García – Business Development Manager, Uruguay; Unai Gallastegi – Director Trade Management Latin America.

Local team: Patricio Pranzetti – Managing Director; Gisela Alaman – Sr. Director of Sales - South Cone, Nicolas Rossi, Francisco Mella, Cecilia Luna, Gala Bagnat, Federico Pons, Laura Ojeda, Facundo Haro, Nicolás Calderone, Fernando González, Randy Tovar, Daniela Cordero, Cynthia Lorenzo

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Carsten Kaumanns joins JAS Germany as Country Sales Director for the Pharma and Healthcare vertical.
May 2, 2022

As JAS continues to expand in the Pharma & Healthcare vertical in Germany, JAS Germany is pleased to announce the appointment of Carsten Kaumanns as Country Sales Director Pharma and Healthcare. Carsten is responsible for further strengthening the Pharma & Healthcare vertical and is focusing on improving JAS’ position within the local market.

Carsten joins the team with over 20 years of experience in the Pharma and Healthcare vertical. In past roles, he has held a variety of sales and senior leadership positions with a focus on Pharma and Healthcare.

Carsten will be based out of the JAS Germany headquarters and will be reporting directly to Manuel Kiessling, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Germany.

JAS is thrilled to welcome Carsten to the team and is confident he will play a key role in improving market share while upholding and continuously improving the service quality provided to clients.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services.

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Cargo ship at night
April 21, 2022

In response to increased demand for Less than Container Load (LCL) services, JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce that it is launching a new weekly LCL service from the Port of Gothenburg (GOT) to Charleston, South Carolina, USA (CHS).  

The global maritime market is continuing to experience high levels of demand while facing a lack of capacity, increased port congestion, and a shortage of empty containers. This environment is driving the need for companies to find ways to optimize opportunities in their supply chains, and one way they are doing so is through LCL services.  

JAS is uniquely positioned to handle these and other ongoing marketplace stressors. Our LCL services are designed to provide the flexibility need in today’s environment helping customers keep their supply chains moving, while offering cost savings when compared to airfreight.  

“Customers taking advantage of our LCL services to Charleston benefit from fixed weekly sailing schedules with secure and flexible service from origin to destination.” said Brandon Miller, CHS Station Manager, JAS USA.  

Additional weekly LCL import services to CHS include:

  • LON (London, England)
  • HAM (Hamburg, Germany)
  • NHV (Nhava Sheva, India)
  • MAA (Madras, India)
  • SHA (Shanghai) and TW (Taiwan) via BUS (Busan)
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Stefano Olmi (Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Asia Pacific) and Sonal Singhal (Managing Director-India)
April 20, 2022
Asia Pacific

Since JAS India began its operations more than 15 years ago, it has established a strong presence within the local market. In line with its current growth, JAS India is pleased to announce the relocation of its Mumbai branch to a new and modern workspace.

Through its relocation to a modern workspace, JAS India continues to provide team members with access to a collaborative and positive work environment. Of further importance, the new branch allows for the freight forwarding and project entities to work together in the same place.

The opening of the new location on March 17, 2022, was presided over by Stefano Olmi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Asia Pacific, and Sonal Singhal, Managing Director of JAS India.

About JAS India

JAS India, a global freight forwarding services provider, has been present in India since 2005. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS India offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service and customs clearance services.

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Ajitabh Rathor (Branch Manager), Sushil P.A. (Sales Manager – Pharma & Healthcare), Deepak Kumar Gupta (Financial Controller), Sagayaraj D.A. (Branch Manager), Sarvar Bharti (Air Freight Director), Rajesh Kunder (Ocean Freight Director), Jai Saurabh Banerji (Branch Manager), Stefano Olmi (Vice President Sales & Marketing – APAC), Sonal Singhal (Managing Director-India), Anisha Das (Human Resources Manager), Sijukumar M. (Regional Sales Manager-South), Ankur Bhardwaj (Regional Sales Manager - North), Hariharan D. Vaniyer (Regional Sales Manager - West)
April 20, 2022

In March, JAS India hosted an Offsite Country Management Meeting, with the aim of bringing together people, creating better understanding through collaboration and open communication.

During the meeting, the JAS India Management Team was joined by the Regional Sales Managers as they gathered together in - person in Mussoorie, India, located in the Himalayas.

Team members had two action packed days focusing on strategy and achieving future growth plans. Aside from the agenda, the team engaged in experience sharing, discussion, and healthy debates. The positivity and energy were commendable as the team took the opportunity to not only celebrate the festival of colours together and participating in team building activities.

The JAS India team would like to give a special “ thank you “ to our Asia Pacific , Vice President for Sales & Marketing – Stefano Olmi for joining us and making the difference with his valuable guidance and direction.

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Diogo Rodrigues joins JAS Brazil as Ocean Freight Manager.
April 20, 2022

This April, JAS Brazil welcomed Diogo Rodrigues as Ocean Freight Manager.

Diogo joins the JAS Brazil team with more than 20 years of experience in logistics. He has held various positions for a wide range of freight forwarding companies in past roles. He brings with him extensive experience with intermodal services, commercial lane to the Americas, sales support, operations, and branch development and growth, IT volume, and growing inbound and outbound flows.

Diogo will manage the ocean product functions in his new position, including purchasing, regional development, and operational/documental support.

Diogo will report to Lars Huebecker, Regional Vice President of Maritime Freight, Americas.

JAS Brazil is confident that it and its customers will benefit greatly from this addition.

About JAS Brazil

Established in Brazil in 1990, JAS Brazil is headquartered in São Paulo. Over the years JAS has expanded to more than 11 offices across the Brazilian region, improving freight forwarding services and providing customers with the best services available.

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Hong Kong Skyline
April 19, 2022
Asia Pacific

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is a significant contributor to China’s steady growth in manufacturing and shipping. With an economy larger than some countries it is seeing increased capital investments in a variety of areas.

Current projects that are preparing the region for the future include enhancements of Peral River Delta ports which will lead to the growth of high-end maritime services. Investments in the local air freight infrastructure will be critical to continued growth as well.  

These projects set the stage for flexibility in the future as e-commerce continues to grow and customers needs evolve.  

After entering into the local market more than 40 years ago, JAS currently has over 700+ specialized staff and offers consolidation and logistics warehousing services in dozens of locations throughout mainland China.

“JAS has fully leveraged these advantages by developing a closely connected network in Greater Bay Area (GBA), including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhongshan to provide first-class, comprehensive, and customer-focused services. Our expertise in E-commerce logistics, Distribution and Warehousing service further complements Hong Kong’s high global connectedness and its role as a regional logistics hub in GBA.” - The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao.

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Marco Segantin appointed as JAS Italy Pharma and Healthcare National Account Manager.
April 18, 2022

JAS Italy is pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Segantin as National Account Manager Pharma & Healthcare Division.

Marco brings with him more than 35 years of industry experience and a 20-year personal focus on the Pharma & Healthcare Industry.

In past roles he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience as he worked alongside multinational freight forwarders. More recently, he has worked for a local transportation and freight forwarding company focused on the Pharma & Healthcare Industry.

In his new role, will lead and manage the country Sales Development for the Pharma & Healthcare Industry as he works closely with JAS Global Network that support JAS’ Pharma & Healthcare Vertical.

Marco will be based out of the Milan Head Office.

About JAS Italy

JAS Italy, a leader in the international transport market, was founded in 1978. With GDP-certified facilities located in Milan and Rome, the team can provide customers with pharma and healthcare forwarding, own customs brokerage, and supply chain solutions, all backed by people expertise.

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Luigi Merati, JAS Italy, Regional Account Manager
April 18, 2022

JAS Italy is pleased to announce the promotion of Luigi Merati to Regional Account Manager.

In this new role he will be responsible for the development and maintenance of Strategic Accounts and will be joining the Account Management Program.

“We are sure that he will add a high level of professionalism in approaching complex clients" said Stefano Castellazzi Vice President of Sales & Marketing (Italy Region).

About JAS Italy

JAS Italy, a leader in the international transport market, was founded in 1978. After just 10 years, it topped the IATA rankings and now has extensive experience in the sector thanks to a staff of knowledgeable professionals who can organize and cover with efficiency, the entire logistics chain.

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The Airbus A220 sits at the airport
April 15, 2022

Making its debut in Latin America in mid-April, the Airbus A220 created quite a stir. Prospective airline customers were drawn to the A220 as a cost-efficient solution.  

The allure of the Airbus A220 hit the new marketplace as part of a planned tour of the region.  

Owned by SWISS International Airlines, the A220 used for the expedition had planned stops in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The logistics management expertise of the JAS Brazil team was required for the A220’s inaugural stop in Brazil.  

Team members conducted a record operation with the Federal Revenue. In just three hours, the team obtained the required documentation, licenses, and organization of landings for demonstration. JAS Brazil also was responsible for coordinating the A220’s departure from Brazil to its next stop in Miami, Fla. The team is responsible for coordinating the re-export of the Airbus A220 following its departure until its return to its storage yard.  

It's not difficult to see why airlines in Latin America are interested in the Airbus A220. It is the only aircraft built for the 100 to 150-seat market. Additionally, it brings together Pratt & Whitney’s state-of-the-art aerodynamics, composite materials, and turbofan engines.  

The A220 features a 50 percent noise footprint reduction and lower fuel burn per seat compared to the previous generation aircraft. Another attractive quality is the 50 percent lower nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions than industry standards currently require.  

Currently, the A220 is Airbus’ main player for regional operations, with the possibility of a jet for long-haul routes. JAS Brazil is pleased to be a part of this unparalleled introduction into the Latin American marketplace and looks forward to furthering collaboration with Airbus.

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As a logistics service provider Greencarrier Freight Services is able to assist a company that was struggling with customs formalities for shipments from China to Latvia.
April 12, 2022

Cost savings is no longer the only top priority for companies looking for outsourcing partners. More so, they want a partner who can provide the expertise and knowledge not found in-house. Logistics is a core competency, and also the biggest reason companies choose to outsource their logistics activities: It allows them to focus on their core business. This is precisely what one of our customers did.

In need of a qualified and experienced customs broker

In 2007, an international company, best known for its leading technology in the power, renewable energy, aviation, and healthcare industries, reached out to us. The company was struggling with custom formalities for shipments from China to Latvia. They were in need of a qualified and experienced customs broker that could handle the complex procedures and formalities for their large goods volumes. Together with the company, we looked into the possibilities, and a collaboration was initiated that would turn into a long-lasting relationship.

Logistics as a core competency

In 2018, the company re-nominated us as their customs broker. This time, the scope was a bit wider. Our customer is a large international company with businesses all over the world and large goods volumes that need to be moved across borders. Instead of employing their own logistics experts, they wanted to outsource their customs brokerage to us. Logistics being our core competency, this was a perfect match.

Providing our expert knowledge in customs brokerage

Two of our logistics experts would dedicate their resources exclusively to our customer’s account and work in their name. Thanks to our previous collaboration, we already knew the ins and outs of the company and its import and export requirements. After closing the agreement, including strict disclosure requirements and confidentiality rules, our logistics experts were ready to get to work.

Greencarrier Freight Services took care of customs procedures and formalities, making sure the shipments met all standards and regulations for import and export as well as requirements for customs clearance. We handled all the necessary documentation, duties, taxes, and payments.

Managing the cargo flow from A to Z

In 2020, the company reached out to us once again. They had a similar project in one of the CIS countries and needed our help. However, this time, they wanted us to handle customs procedures and formalities and manage their entire cargo flow from A to Z. This included all transport modes and multiple trade lanes. It also required logistics experts that could speak English and Russian fluently working in international teams.

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Phillip Reid joins JAS Chile as Air Freight Manager
April 12, 2022

JAS Chile is pleased to announce the arrival of Phillip Reid as Air Freight Manager.

Phillip brings with him vast experience in air freight services, gained from working for several large global freight forwarders. In past roles, he has held various positions in procurement, product, and trade lane business development, focusing on new business and verticals such as aerospace, technology, and retail.

In his new position, he will be responsible for developing and strengthening the performance of JAS’ air freight services, building robust relationships with carriers, customs and road transport, and supporting the commercial department.

“JAS is confident that Phillip is the right person to put our team in a position where they can truly make a difference,” said Cesar Gutierrez, LATAM Sales Coordinator.

About JAS Chile

JAS Chile, headquartered in Santiago, is proud to have served the local market for over 25 years. Our people are intimately familiar with the process of efficiently moving cargo throughout the world. We are here to help you navigate the logistical maze of carrier relationships, customs, risk management, and regulatory challenges, along with the hundreds of other issues that companies face when seeking to move goods by air, sea, or land.

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Katherine Durán joins JAS Chile as Customer Service Manager.
April 12, 2022

JAS Chile is pleased to announce the arrival of Katherine Durán as Customer Service Manager.

Katherine joins the JAS Chile team with more than 15 years of experience in freight forwarding. She has held various leadership positions in past roles, such as team leader and regional accounts supervisor, where she managed key accounts for customers in specialized industries such as retail and technology.

She will focus on improving local customer service while building relationships with JAS offices, partners, commercial areas, and colleagues in her new role. JAS is confident that she will provide best-in-class services as she guides the team toward reaching key objectives and KPIs.

“We are confident Katherine is the right person to put our customer service team in a position where they can truly make the difference!” said Cesar Gutierrez, LATAM Sales Coordinator.

About JAS Chile

JAS Chile, headquartered in Santiago, is proud to have served the local market for over 25 years. Our people are intimately familiar with the process of efficiently moving cargo throughout the world. We are here to help you navigate the logistical maze of carrier relationships, customs, risk management, and regulatory challenges, along with the hundreds of other issues that companies face when seeking to move goods by air, sea, or land.

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Attendees of the JAS Brazil 2022 sales meeting. Attendees included: Elder Apolinario (Managing Director), Ariel Kraft (Sales and Marketing, JAS Brazil) , Indianara Ramos (Inside Sales), Silas Higa (Business Development Manager), Carmem Oliveira (Tender Supervisor), Marcelo Teixeira (Sales Analyst), Mariana Probst (Inside Sales), Ana Ribeiro (Marketing Analyst), Vitor Nunes (BRN), Tiago Borges (Business Development Manager), Marluci Canjerana (Business Development Manager), Aline Freire (Sales Coordinator), Guilherme Oliveira (Branch Manager), Alessandro Guimaraes (Inside Sales), Manuele Mazzacurati (RVP Sales and Marketing), Giuliano Alfredo (Branch Manager), José Hoppe (Business Development Manager), Debora Alvarenga (Business Development Manager), Renata Yamada (Business Implementation Manager), João Djalma (Air Product Manager), Simone Schmidt (BRN), Leticia Lagrasta (Ocean Product Analyst), Andrea Lemos (Sales Manager), Diogo Barbanti (Assistant Controller), Julio Leme (Accounts Payable Specialist), Gabriela Maciel (Business Development Manager), Marina Pitta (Sales Analyst), Philippe Kamers (Inside Sales), Carlos Gomes (Pricing Analyst), Marcus Rodrigues (Business Development Manager), Juliana Tereza (Overland Product Manager), Marcel Lopes (Inside Sales), Sergio Gervasi (Branch Manager)
April 12, 2022

This past March, JAS Brazil held a sales meeting focusing on teamwork and customer service.

As a part of the event, the commercial team was divided into five teams and challenged with a scenario that required them to price a BID, do contract analysis, perform a detailed presentation of the solutions, and propose JAS services. The top-performing groups were presented with a reward.

Additionally, a presentation given by Mayra Caetano (Sylvamo Brasil Supply Chain Manager) emphasized the importance of paying attention to details, the quality of service, and the importance of listening to the customer. In addition to the challenge presented to the commercial teams, the presentation reinforced the importance of teamwork.  

Of the event, Ana Ribeiro, Marketing Analyst at JAS Brazil, said, “At JAS, people make the difference, and the concepts of good practices shared at the event will be reflected in both our external and internal services. Furthermore, at JAS we increasingly seek to improve our performance and care for high-quality customer experience.”

Thank you to everyone who helped this event come together; the team looks forward to the next one!

Como na JAS as Pessoas Fazem a Diferença e o lema do nosso time é ‘TeamWork’, estruturamos o evento com dinâmicas voltadas para o dia-a-dia, e levamos nossa equipe comercial a colocar a mão na massa, dividimos nossa equipe em 5 grupos onde cada um recebeu um desafio para construir uma solução, (precificar BID, Analise de contrato, apresentação detalhada das Soluções e Serviços JAS) o grupo com melhor performance foi premiado com o troféu para agradecer a dedicação, a gestão de tempo e soluções criativas propostas.

A Palestra sobre o Olhar Do Cliente, ministrado por Mayra Caetano ( Supply Chain Manager Sylvamo Brasil) reforçou sobre a importância de dar mais atenção aos detalhes, focar no diferencial, na qualidade do serviço e o principal: ouvir o cliente. Somado os estímulos para aperfeiçoamento técnico e de atendimento que foram abordados, o evento também ressaltou sobre a força do ‘TeamWork’ e como o alinhamento entre Comercial, Operações, Produto, Financeiro, Jurídico, BID e Qualidade é de extrema importância para um resultado efetivo.

O encontro proporcionou ao Time Sales JAS BR um momento para ressignificar nossa forma de atendimento, e assim, juntos conseguirmos nos posicionar de maneira mais assertiva na oferta de serviços, que não só atendem mais vão além da expectativa de nossos clientes. NA JAS as pessoas fazem a diferença, o TeamWork e as boas práticas compartilhadas no evento serão refletidas em nosso atendimento externo e interno, onde cada vez mais buscamos formas inovadoras e nos preocupamos com a experiência do cliente.

Agradecemos a todos que se dedicaram para realização do evento, aos participantes e os avaliadores da banca, e estamos ansiosos para a 2º edição do Sales Meeting JAS BR! Até breve

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JAS USA opens new warehouse (stock image)
April 8, 2022

To better address the needs of its rapidly growing customer base, JAS USA is pleased to announce the opening of a second warehouse facility in Houston, Texas, USA.

The new container freight station (CFS) bonded warehouse offers geographic advantages due to its prime location near the Port of Houston (HOU), home to the largest container port on the Gulf Coast.

The attractive location allows for dedicated contract carriage (DCC) boxes and even faster handling of inbound less-than-container load (LCL) cargo. Additionally, the new facility site is ideal for transloads/export container loading.

For importers seeking to re-route cargo to avoid the congestion and risks associated with the East and West Coasts, the Port of Houston is comparatively much less congested. However, it still allows for efficient connectivity throughout the United States due to Interstate Highways 10, 45, and 69.

Of the new warehouse opening, Linday Gambee Regional Sales Director SW, said “This warehouse is a huge strategic advantage for our customers. We look forward to utilizing all the advantages this new warehouse offers to the entire company and most importantly, to the JAS client base.”


JAS USA, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has been present in the United States for more than 25 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS USA offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services.

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JAS News Advisory : Shanghai Lockdown
April 6, 2022

Shanghai will remain under lockdown as it reviews the testing results of the city's residents. The city was originally expected to remain under a staggered lockdown from March 28-April 5 as mass COVID testing was conducted to combat the current wave of coronavirus cases.

Air Cargo: Currently, the Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) continues to operate on a limited basis. Many airlines have announced flight cancellations. Cargo delays continue to be expected due to limited manpower and trucking capacity. Special cargo handling such as physical inspection and on-site documentation process is still suspended.

Ocean Cargo: Widespread delays remain at Shanghai's two main ports, Waigaoqiao and Yanghsan Terminal.  

  • TAO:​ Many cities and areas will need to apply for entrance permission before pickup and delivery.​ When doing pickup/delivery, all drivers are requested to have a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test report and Green Travel code when doing pickup/delivery.​
  • NGB:​ Presently, the only area lockdown is where there are COVID-19 cases. No impact has been reported on exporting and importing cargo in Ningbo. ​A 24-hour negative nucleic acid test report is required.
  • XMN: Xiamen city remains partially locked down, primarily in Quanzhou City​. The port, terminal, and warehouse are operating normally; however, trucking and transportation time have been impacted.

Trucking: The current trucking capacity has been seriously impacted due to drivers' needing to quarantine and extensive traffic jams. Multiple surrounding cities have refused the entrance of trucks from Shanghai until further notice.

For more information, reach out to your local JAS representative.

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Left to right: Julien Pelesic (Director OPS &Product DE), Daniel Baumhoeer (Export Supervisor), Joerg Deparade (Import Supervisor), Stephanie Hanrath (Export Specialist), Dirk Helberg (Branch Manager FMO)
April 6, 2022

JAS Germany is pleased to announce that on Friday, April 1, it opened its newest branch in FMO/ Münster-Osnabrück, to better serve its rapidly growing customer base.

The new branch, located in Northwest Germany, offers a full range of Air Freight and Ocean Freight services.

Manuel Kiessling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Germany, said of the branches opening "By putting another pin on the map we further expand our footprint in Germany and strengthen our position as the local global forwarder of choice.”

During the week of April 4-8 Julien Pelesic, Director OPS and Products, joined the team to help ramp up operations.

The branch will be managed by Dirk Helberg. Dirk brings within him many years of experience within the forwarding industry and in past roles has held a variety of OPS and sales positions. He will be joined by his team which he also led as a branch manager before.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services.

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