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News From JAS Worldwide - Americas Focus

JAS Americas HQ

6195 Barfield Road

Atlanta GA, 30328

United States

JAS Customers

Strategic Laredo Branch Provides Cross-Border Advantage

JAS Worldwide Leverages the Power of JAS Laredo to Grow and Increase a Cross-Border Presence

Eugenio Fumo
June 11, 2021

JAS Laredo opened in 2015 as a sales office dedicated to increasing the JAS cross-border traffic. Laredo offers JAS Worldwide a solid strategic location where the company can grow and increase its presence on both sides of the U.S. - Mexican border. This branch also creates solutions and acts as additional support for the JAS Worldwide network.  

JAS Laredo started as part of the JAS Houston Branch before becoming a satellite office. The move was made in conjunction with JAS McAllen, where their significant efforts contributed to JAS McAllen receiving a nomination for branch of the year in 2019. JAS Laredo focuses on selling cross-border business. Their specialties include transportation and US-Mexico customs brokerage, with a strong footprint in distribution and warehousing services.  

With much operational growth in 2017, Customs Entry Specialist Laura “Rocio” Enriquez joined the team.  She brings with her more than 10 years of experience in US/MX customs brokerage. With the support of JAS Compliance and Enriquez’s natural drive, the team has excelled in this area, building valuable and trusting relationships.  

In February 2021, the Laredo team moved into a state-of-the-art facility with direct access to third-party warehouses. JAS Laredo has two warehouses at its disposal, each one with about 60,000 square feet with 1,000 pallet positions. Under the leadership of Antonio Pastrana, Branch Manager, the Laredo team adopted an admirable understanding of the market and the intricacies of dealing with the United States and Mexican governments. The boutique concept to selling along the southern border and the consultancy approach with JAS Laredo’s customers has brought on new business and a newfound demand for the products and services offered.  

The Laredo team has proven expertise and true skill in establishing cross-border solutions, which has enabled JAS to stand out against its competitors, particularly in this volatile market. The Laredo team currently operates a distribution model for two of its key global customers, utilizing the customers’ systems and acting as an extension of their operations.  

Monica Ortiz, the Operational Supervisor, brings more than 20 years of experience in freight forwarding to the team. She specializes in 4-wall distribution and logistics, which supports JAS Laredo’s efforts in providing these additional services in Laredo while maintaining an impressive 98.5 percent inventory accuracy.  

Tracy Garcia, Transportation Supervisor, was JAS Laredo’s first hire, with years of experience in trucking and ground transportation from the carrier and broker/forwarder side of the business. Tracy’s impact on the JAS Laredo operation became clear immediately. Her level of dedication and enthusiasm is commendable. Regularly going the extra mile to ensure that our internal and external customers are satisfied, she provides a level of contagious positivity. Garcia is a team member who makes a difference.  

The JAS Laredo team is incredibly pleased with the developments taking place within the branch. JAS Laredo handles a vast customer portfolio of locally controlled and developed businesses. JAS Laredo provides trucking services, together with US and MX customs brokerage via multiple border crossings.  Similarly, JAS Laredo provides ground transportation services from multiple pick-up points in Mexico.

Like JAS Miami, the Laredo team has access to an FTZ (Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc.). This activation also allows JAS Laredo to provide specialized services related to FTZ operations. For legal purposes, this space is outside the customs territory of the United States, which provides the opportunity to offer weekly entry services, duty deferral for import goods, and duty eliminations for some export goods while also providing cost-saving measures. These are major benefits when operating along the border.

The Laredo team has gained a unique perspective from our Mexican brokerage side, truly operating in a cohesive manner, which has certainly allowed for the development of detailed and targeted solutions for our clients. The Laredo team is expanding by exceeding the industry standard. I am grateful to the team for their efforts in continuously remaining innovative and committed to our customers.
Congratulations JAS Laredo, what an inspiring branch! At JAS People Make the Difference!" Eugenio Fumo, CEO JAS USA

JAS USA Puts the Spotlight on Miami

Eugenio Fumo
February 8, 2021
JAS Miami warehouse December 2020
JAS Miami warehouse December 2020

March 2020, Miami, and many of the surrounding counties in Florida (USA) faced new mandates and government regulations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which posed a difficult challenge for JAS Miami. Like many JAS branches the work environment changed suddenly- as did the needs of customers. With some adjustments, endless enthusiasm and positive karma, JAS Miami was able to grow considerably in 2020, gaining more business through some major existing clients, as well as launching new projects and strengthening the JAS network into Latin America (LATAM). That network is important for JAS overall because JAS Miami is the main access point into LATAM and through this JAS USA Gateway almost 4.5 million kilos of cargo are moved from APAC (Asia Pacific) and Europe to LATAM and the Caribbean.

In October 2020, JAS announced additional weekly Flight Operations, Chicago – Atlanta & Miami. This new service is provided to further support customers in the Americas Region, which also includes mid-week departures to LATAM. JAS Miami operates diligently with JAS Chicago, as they are both official HUBS for JAS, receiving weekly trucks of consolidated freight destined for many LATAM locations. This process is rather complex and requires some of the finest positioning between all areas, requiring the customer service team to closely monitor freight through C1, where shipments are processed from origin. The warehouse team then receives, segregates, and repacks as needed in preparation for the destination country.

A long time JAS Miami customer approached JAS to handle the deployment & retrieval of all voting machines in Los Angeles County, this task was completed thanks to the support of JAS LAX; additionally, JAS Miami coordinated the logistics for two overseas elections in 2020. These projects were of great significance and importance for JAS USA, and JAS is proud to be a part of this process.

JAS Miami also coordinated the logistics of a major mobile phone launch for LATAM, supporting one of the largest distribution groups in the region. These are the same visionaries who made the Colon Free Zone a reality, the world’s second largest free trade zone.

JAS Miami’s dedication to our customers and capability to meet their growing needs, while operating meticulously to aggressively expand our network is remarkable and receives my utmost appreciation." Eugenio Fumo, CEO, JAS USA

The JAS Miami Branch has recently been activated as an FTZ (Foreign-Trade Zone, Inc.). This activation gives JAS Miami the opportunity to provide specialized services related to FTZ operations.  As an active FTZ, the JAS Miami facility has a section of floor space which is for legal purposes outside the customs territory of the United States, this allows JAS Miami to offer weekly entry services, duty deferral opportunities for import goods and duty eliminations for some export goods.  Weekly entry services may provide significant opportunities for clients to reduce costs and streamline their supply chain. FTZs offer the broadest flexibility for all bonded type facilities in the US.

During the last 3 years, under the guidance and leadership of Maria Emilia Davila (aka MED) JAS Miami continues to advance and evolve, often recognized, and valued by other JAS offices in LATAM as instrumental leaders they can rely on daily. JAS Miami’s collaboration and efforts within the region are exceptional, JAS envisions much success in 2021 from the Miami team!  

At JAS People Make the Difference! #JASTRONG


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JAS Team Hand Delivers Package to Avoid Shutdown

JAS takes pride in going the extra mile and making a difference for our customers. This time, the JAS team was able to make a critical difference for an Automotive Tier1 customer by helping them prevent a plant shutdown and saving them thousands of dollars.

On Tuesday, December 8, at 10:54 AM the customer contacted JAS telling the team that it had moved some parts which were, unfortunately, misrouted by another Air Integrator, and the imminently needed part had end up in Honolulu. The customer needed to expedite another box from Florida to Texas and deliver it across the border to Tamaulipas, Mexico the same day in order to prevent a plant shut down for two of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer's production lines.

Within hours, the JAS team had proposed a solution, on-board courier service, with two routing options to pick-up and deliver the box within the required timeline. The customer approved and at 10:02 PM on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 the package was delivered to the customer and they were ready to take the parts to Mexico.

Having the right team of experts who can communicate and create solutions in time constrained situations is one of the many qualities that keeps customers coming back to JAS, because JAS people truly do make the difference.

Job well done and congratulations to the JAS team! We are proud to continue to make the difference for our customers!

Parker Recognizes JAS : Freight Forwarder of the Year

JAS Worldwide is pleased to announce that Parker Hannifin has awarded JAS Worldwide its coveted Forwarder of the Year award. Parker Hannifin, founded in 1917, supplies the globe with precision engineered solutions. They are a Fortune 250 global leader in industries ranging from aerospace and climate control to filtration and automation.

In past years, this commendation has been awarded to various leaders in the forwarding industry including JAS in 2017; which makes this year's selection of JAS for the second time in 4 years, all that more significant. Parker scored JAS for its numerous attributes including operational KPIs, innovative solutions & continual improvements, compliance, and overall market competitiveness.

As the recipient of the 2020 Forwarder of the Year award, JAS is proud to support Parker Hannifin by providing global multi-modal solutions.

JAS Worldwide Sends Relief Goods to the Bahamas

In response to the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, JAS Worldwide provided support to and  operated 2 Charters on behalf of one of their VIP customers with relief goods to the Bahamas. The supply contained much needed items like medicine, food items, and water.

JAS Worldwide is proud to be able to offer support together with their business partners in the case of emergencies and for those that are in need during disastrous times. This is the value that the logistic and transportation industry can facilitate for others during times of crisis.

Such an operation wouldn't have been possible without the passionate and dedicated work of the people at JAS  who worked relentlessly and non-stop for two days to design a solution and to follow through with the operation.

"It is great to see how people come together so quickly and help others in need. This was only successful through teamwork. This are the moments where I am proud to be part of this organization and industry" says Dirk Ravensteiner, Senior Director Air Freight for JAS USA.

Thank you also to our customer for entrusting  JAS Worldwide for this dedicated operation.

JAS CEO Interviews with Mail International

To celebrate two decades of operations in the Colombian market, global CEO of JAS Worldwide, Marco Rebuffi, was in the country and sat down to speak with MAIL INTERNATIONAL on the business conditions of agencies in the cargo business and the future of logistics in the world.

What recommendations can you suggest?
One recommendation is to start replicating the good practices of the countries that already have efficiency in this industry, less bureaucracy, greater economic openings, investments in infrastructure and less barriers to foreign investment.

As for your own business, how do you define efficient logistics?
You can talk extensively about efficiency, but the fundamental best practices are presented in terms of moving cargo the best way possible and with the greatest economy from the supplier to the final customer. In addition to that, cost Logistics are essential because its weight percentage is high compared to the final price. We try to be integrator logistics specialists in how we perform. Finally, if each part of the chain is efficient, of course everything throughout  the process will be successful and will result in benefits to everyone.

Will the commercial conflict between China and the United States substantially modify World trade?
These commercial wars are going to be solved at some point is our wish as a global company. In the United States there are some tax rates like those of all countries, however, they are competitive and there are not so many barriers for players who want to have a portion of the import market. In China, however, the conditions are different, there are too many barriers, loads high tariffs, and unless you have direct presence with a logistics partner, doing business is difficult. I think that the governments are acting in a way that is suitable when sitting down and agreeing upon basic rules to get a compromise negotiated and China should agree to some competitive standards.

Do you attract projects like the so-called Silk Road?
For us it is important to be active and recognized in China. Our staff in China exceeds 700 people, we are a well-known company there and we operate with many diverse options of transport available for our clients distribution needs.

What does your company offer to clients that set you apart for the short and long term?
To compete in this market a series of indispensable elements is required. One is the price, ours are competitive, but beyond the traditional methods we have invested in a robust computer platform which is the way we generate value to our customers so that they can track their cargo, traceability, or measure the times of their operations. Although the fundamental thing that truly sets JAS apart is that our people make the difference, JAS staff are thoroughly trained to provide services to our clients according to the highest standards in the world.

JAS Assists Client with New Cruise Line Launch

In 2010 JAS Mexico started working with Mexico’s largest hotel and resort companies as their main supplier in the FFWW business. Helping them with the transportation of supplies for the resort and, of course, for the famous Cirque from Canada which is now based and administrated over from Cancun, Mexico.

The new cruise line had 2 stages of development. The first of which took place in the Mediterranean sea (Napoli, Italy) and second stage will take place at the Mazatlan Port in Mexico. JAS is helping them to bring most of the final products such as tiles, carpets, and some furniture mainly from Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Germany in order to finish the 2nd Phase of construction.

The ship will carry up to 298 passengers in its 149 cabins and suites, as well as offer a crew-passenger ratio of 1-1 instead of the usual 1-5 in order to ensure a private and exclusive experience for customers. The company plans to begin offering cruises in the fall mostly for the West Coast and Caribbean.

JAS is proud to be a part of such an grand endeavor and always strides to offer the best to our customers as they work to move their projects forward. At JAS people make the difference!

JAS Colombia Receives Recognition
JAS Mexico Helps Steren as They Rebuild
JAS Uruguay Finds Logistic Solution for Customer

Week 1, 2018 Montevideo, Uruguay.

When an Expedition Cruise Vessel on route to the Antarctic was in urgent need of a critical spare part, JAS Uruguay was ready to take on the challenge. As per information received from their part supplier, the part would need to arrive in the Falkland Islands, Mount Pleasant Airport (MPN) on Wednesday January 10th in order to be received on time.

There is only one commercial airline operating to MPN once a week and it has a limitation of weight and height per piece transported because of the narrow bodied aircraft that is  used for the route. It was not possible to reduce the packaging size or to split the critically needed spare part into smaller packages for transport.

Therefore, JAS Uruguay chartered a small aircraft to ensure our customer that the transport was carried out as fast as possible, as well as meeting the required weight and height limitations for their cargo. After permits and  approvals were acquired and met, a direct flight was planned using a Lear Jet 35 aircraft.

The pilots removed a few seats to get the space needed for the cargo and used a small crane in order to charge and discharge the piece. After 2 hours and 40 minutes of flight from the origin, the piece arrived safely and on time at MPN Airport.

Orders with short notice are commonplace in this industry and cruise supply companies have to live with them. At JAS Uruguay, we have passion for finding solutions to these kind of problems and acting as a reliable partner for these companies.

Congratulations to our Air Export team, whose hard work and dedication made this happen.

Parker Names JAS "Freight Forwarder of the Year"

JAS is pleased to announce that motion and control technologies manufacturer, Parker Hannifin, has conferred upon JAS Worldwide its coveted Forwarder of the Year award. Parker is a leader in industries ranging from aerospace and climate control to filtration and automation.

In past years, this commendation has been awarded to various leaders in the forwarding industry; which makes this year's selection of JAS all that more significant. Parker awarded JAS for its continuous improvement in meeting customer needs and its commitment to operational excellence.

John Oconner, Executive Vice President-Strategic Development, said the following: “We are honored to receive the Forwarder of the Year award from Parker Hannifin. Our two companies have worked together for over a decade and it is a prime example of how partnership works.  My personal thanks goes out to all my JAS Colleagues around the world who work at the operational, product, and sales levels to continue to provide fast, innovative, and market competitive solutions for Parker Hannifin.”

Reed R Tepper, Parker Hannifin Corporation (L), Shawn P Chipner. JAS Forwarding (USA), Inc. (R)

​Each year this award is presented to one of Parker's 7 vendors based on several contributing factors.

These three factors led to JAS earning the esteemed award this year.

  1. A global summary, that is similar to a report card, is sent out to each Parker plant location by JAS. These summaries provide ratings on understanding their business needs and customized solutions that meet Parker's ever-changing requirements. They then report back to corporate with a summary on a variety of subjects that are internal only.      
  2. Continuous Improvement (CI):

   About the Program:

  • A vehicle used to communicate and encourage continuous improvement ideas within their operations
  • Provides visibility (to all PH Supply Chain Personnel, world-wide) on those suppliers/carriers generating efficiencies and increased profitability within our partnership
  • A running tally is kept and used as an item on their carrier scorecard and as a measure to decide who will earn the ‘Carrier Of The Year Award’
  • Ideas/Opportunities can either be soft and/or hard savings, some examples below:
  1. Service improvements (carrier and shipper)
  2. Rate Reductions
  3. Working Capital Reduction (inventory, A/R, A/P)
  4. Efficiencies from ‘packaging improvements’
  5. Consolidations
  6. Mode Shifts, etc

3. Below are the required fields in the Continuous Improvement Portal which is updated on a  weekly or monthly basis as well as on a Global  basis.

  • Expected Savings
  • Savings One time/Annual
  • Project Name
  • Description of the Idea
  • Current Method or Process
  • Description of the Expected Benefits
  • Supplier Investment

Each month JAS runs the report from their CI Portal on the Current Status Report. As it’s up to Parker to accept or reject the any ideas. Not all ideas are accepted and/or implemented.

For these reasons among others, JAS was selected to be Parker's Forwarder of the Year. JAS is honored to receive this award and looks forward to continued success through our relationship with Parker.

Special thanks go out to the JAS Global Account Management Team around the world, most notably Shawn Chipner, Pam Barnshock, and Sharon Shan, who are the key stakeholders. Additionally JAS acknowledges the following team members for their ongoing efforts to provide customers like Parker, best-in-class service :

  • James Andrews - Key accounts Manager USA
  • Karina Muniz - Director Sales/Marketing Director Brazil
  • Linda Hession - Business Development –Australia
  • Katrina Jenners - New Zealand
  • Jamie Parker - JAS Canada
  • Adriana Canseco - JAS Mexico
  • Claudia Gonzalez -  Business Development Chile  

JAS USA Supports Partnership Covering LATAM

An official commitment has been made for several years now with JAS Peru, JAS Chile, JAS Panama and INTERMAX in order to promote Southbound traffic.  As of May 2017, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay have been added to this commitment, expanding our presence in LATAM, and helping our overseas colleagues grow their internal market with competitive rates, value added services and strong commercial efforts at both ends.  LATAM countries have dedicated sales people and market experts, supported by top management to grow this traffic.

Chile and Peru are now placed among market leaders and we expect Argentina and Colombia to become top players in this important market.

Argentina has started an aggressive AIR campaign, distributed among top accounts, providing competitive rates, space and top of the line customer service to these accounts. Colombia will replicate this excellent initiative in order to take advantage of the potential this market has.

Uruguay will continue to secure top accounts which will allow us to grow.

Panama has recently secured a distribution center for Central America business.

We invite our USA Colleagues to sell LATAM traffic with confidence.  We are here to support your needs with industry knowledge for each of our lanes.  It is a great opportunity to grow your business with confidence and full support!

JAS Panama Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) is one of three main ports located in Colon, Panamá. The Manzanillo International terminal was the second busiest port in LATAM in 2016, handling 3.258.381 TEUS.

Handling a busy port like this is no easy matter, and that is why in our continuous strive for customer loyalty and a driving strategy of differentiation, JAS Panamá organized a guided visit to MIT with the team of “Distribuidora Trans Pharma” in order to get a deep view of our daily import and export process, as well as to share opinions and knowledge.

JAS continues to put our customers first and keep an open line of communication with them and our ports. JAS knows that People Make the Difference, and we keep that at the forefront of our business practices daily.

JAS Worldwide Honored with Innovation Award

Aryaka®, the leading global SD-WAN provider, announced today that it has presented JAS Worldwide with the Innovation and Business Impact Award. This bi-annual award is given to IT organizations who achieve remarkable business outcomes and excellence in innovation with Aryaka’s private enterprise network solutions.

Using Aryaka’s global SD-WAN capabilities, JAS achieved the following:

  • Significant application performance improvements and consistent high-quality user experience for employees in 240 sites worldwide
  • Deployment for new locations and integration with all applications reduced to days instead of two to three months (with legacy MPLS) globally
  • More than 50 percent cost savings on connectivity and networking technology, when compared to MPLS-based offering
  • Over 70 percent savings in executive and employee travel costs with the ability to conduct high performance video conferencing instead of traveling globally

JAS approached Aryaka in 2012 to help improve the user experience of the freight forwarding company’s mission-critical ERP and video conferencing applications. The objective was to streamline operations and increase productivity among the global employee, partner, and customer bases, along with reducing network costs across JAS’ 240 worldwide offices. The JAS IT Department has done a professional job of implementing the latest technology advancements and is a proven, ongoing asset in expanding JAS’ influence in the freight forwarding industry.

Order Management Plays a Critical Role

As industries in the US are shifting to more “near” sourcing opportunities, companies who source from Asia are under pressure to shorten their supply chain in order to compete. Companies who were looking to shorten their lead time from Asia used to look at finding “faster” vessels with shorter transit time.  Given the environment in the market today with carriers consolidating and shifting to larger vessels, it will leave less “fast” options available in the market and require importers to look elsewhere to shorten lead times and optimize their supply chains.

In comes Order Management which is the new hyped product offering in the market.  JAS now sees Order Management not only as an operating system tool, but also as a concept. Certainly JAS highlights our Order Management tool as a resource, but before doing so we are also investing in training of the process itself first.  Then we can identify our customers who could benefit from Order Management, and in some cases we may find out that there are other adjustments to the process itself that are necessary before we even consider setting up Order Management.

In the Trans-Pacific market, the gap from the time an order is placed with a vendor in Asia to the time the order actually gets loaded on a shipment vessel can feel like a moving target to most Buyers.  Given the time difference and the language barriers, finding out what truly happens from order to sail is challenging.  This is where Corp Trade-lane’s involvement in Order Management really sets JAS apart.  JAS can collectively dive into the process, which not only helps us at JAS get to know our customer better but more importantly we can make more educated downstream improvement recommendations.

This concept has not only changed the type of conversations we are having with our customers but it is also changing how we operate internally.  There is a greater sense of collaboration today because Order Management impacts all of our departments. Now when we are engaging clients, we are doing so as a team.  Corp Trade-lane works with SCM to work through the upstream process, which in turn effects all downstream actives to where Product, Operations & Compliance have to take the ball and run with it.  It helps in not only driving alignment, but also gives our customers multiple resources from different backgrounds of expertise that they can leverage which helps everyone.

Just like with online track and trace visibility, we believe Order Management will soon become a standard menu offering for the entire freight forwarding industry.  At JAS we are not just making sure we have Order Management on the menu, but we are ensuring the ingredients going into it (people, knowledge & systems) are the best in the industry.

JAS Brazil Hosts Customer Events

Brazil is one of the largest countries in Latin America, with a dynamic and very competitive market. That is why, in a continuous search for customer loyalty and a driving strategy of differentiation, JAS Brazil promoted a series of customer events at the end of the year 2016. These events have become a kind of tradition and many customers wait for them in excitement, not only to fraternize but also debate market expectations for the following year.

These meetings took place in São Paulo, Campinas, and São José dos Campos, bringing together many important global clients.

JAS PO&G Transports High Speed Units

​JAS Projects – Oil & Gas Bremen / Germany and JAS Projects - Oil & Gas Erie / USA took on the challenge of transporting a six EMU train set from Houston port to Avondale, CO, USA.

The train set was shipped from the factory of CRRC SIFANG Co., Ltd., in China (the world largest railway rolling stock manufacturer) at Qingdao.

After long planning and hard work of all parties, the shipment started at Qingdao in August 2016.

SINOTRANS Shandong Co., Ltd. arranged the transport of the six train units, accessories and lifting tackles from the factory in Qingdao to Houston, Texas.

JAS Projects – Oil & Gas (as partner of SINOTRANS Shandong Co Ltd) scope of work was to find the best way to arrange the transport of the six train units and accessories from Houston port to Avondale, Colorado.

After intensive evaluation of all transport options, JAS Projects – Oil & Gas proposed to arrange the transport of the train units by rail. JAS Projects – Oil & Gas staff attended the railcar loading and lashing operation in the port of Houston and had a third party surveyor attending all operations at origin and destination.

Transportation Engineering has been involved to ensure the highly sensitive cargo reaches its destination in sound condition.

Once all technical railway documents got approved by Transport Engineering, the securing operation started and took about four days. The train units left Houston port in the beginning of November 2016 and reached Avondale, Colorado after 18 days of transit.

This project was implemented and executed successfully by JAS Projects Oil & Gas and their team to the highest standard in quality and satisfaction to the client.

The volume of this project was 322,417 mts / 2.906,342 cbm.

JAS Supply Chain Solutions

​2016 marks the beginning of the new Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) product at JAS.  A combined initiative between JAS Worldwide and JAS USA,  JAS now offers consulting services focused on efficiency and agility with regards to order management, workflow efficiency, transportation flow, order to cash flow, and inventory management.  Holly Qualman, newly appointed Corporate Director of Business Development, leads JAS SCS’ efforts through a core competency that is focused on helping customers leverage best practices in organizational, process, and technology methods within their unique supply chain. This allows analyzation of current procedures in order to propose solutions to enhance the overall performance and effectiveness of their value chain, and works as a means to improve the management of fluctuating costs in the current economic environment. Working in close collaboration with JAS customers drives a shared interest in successful results.

JAS SCS specifically targets performance improvements in JAS customers’ supply chains and promotes continuous improvement efficiencies in areas such as order flows, information flows, and inventory flows. Solutions are designed collaboratively with experts from the product and service teams, Sales, IT, Customer Solutions, and Business Process Management.  This combination of contributing expertise yields realistic results that considers customer satisfaction, cost, and feasibility.

JAS SCS examines ways to improve current flow models to leverage a greater degree of automation, improve visibility and communication, and reduce processing time. SCS may also analyze current transportation procedures in relation to demand and inventory requirements to offer solutions to increase speed to market, reduce costs, improve visibility, and minimize waste.  The goal in developing these solutions is for SCS to work in close collaboration with JAS clients to help them get the most out of their supply chain.

The key to success is in defining the project objective, selecting an analytical approach, designing and following a structured process and timeline, and assembling the right group of people to provide the appropriate inputs.

Program recommendations may include but are not limited to:

  • Order management
  • Workflow and process improvements
  • Visibility enablement
  • Optimized transportation flow scenarios
  • Advanced reporting and business intelligence solutions
  • Data-driven predictive insights
  • Current and available technology utilization techniques
  • Optimized physical distribution networks
  • Optimized information and product flow
JAS Brazil Spreads the Knowledge

To maintain a high level of standards, JAS Brazil has started a training seminar series for the Inside Sales Department about “Excellence on Telephone Sales." This session has taken place at the São Paulo branch and has involved all of the Inside Sales Department. This training is important in order to develop the technique for this team and to help the sales team improve their level of success in sales.

"The training in sales by phone was very productive for covering different types of approaches, targeting needs, characteristics and benefits for the same. In this way, a good approach consequently will give the customer the confidence about our understanding and our ability to add value in their operations. "- Gabriela Maciel, Inside Sales at JAS Campinas.

Pamela Ribeiro, Inside Sales from JAS São Paulo said: “Since I came from operations and sales support, I didn’t have a commercial contact with customers before, so this training came on a great moment. After that I certainly felt much more secure (in my abilities) to develop the business within the company.”

This exchange of knowledge is also a new way JAS Brazil has found to conquer the fidelity of customers.  

JAS São Paulo Branch Manager, Sergio Gervasi, has delivered a training session for the main client, a multinational company shipping electronics goods.

‍​Since this customer had many shipments of Lithium batteries refused by the air company due to their challenges on the packing and labeling, Sergio Gervasi and Bianca Xavier (Customer Service dedicated to this account) prepared a presentation about “Dangerous material focused on Lithium Batteries".

All of this material was coordinated with the LATAM Logistic Manager from the customer and presented not only for her team but also to the commercial, engineering, and warehouse teams. To make sure everyone was aware of the importance of the issue, a video with air disaster caused by Lithium Batteries has been shown.​

JAS Brazil also had training given by the Santos Branch Manager, Wagner Guardia, and the Sales Executive from Campinas, Fabio Bonato. They prepared a presentation about all of the steps on the Ocean Import process: since the shipping instruction until the delivery on Santos terminal. After discussing many questions, it additionally clarified questions about the VGM rules, which took effect in July and are still causing many doubts.

Interview with the JAS Colombia Sales Manager

Alejandro Quintero, Sales Manager for JAS Colombia, joined JAS in May 2016 and is quoted as saying "I feel and see that JAS is working on innovation and investment around sales, services, and operations as the main pillars to reach the expected excellency and growth."

Alejandro, please share with us how would you rate 2016 for JAS Colombia?

I believe 2016 is one of JAS Colombia's best moments in history. We are investing and aiming to have quick and sustainable growth in order to become market leaders in the next four to five years.

Although the Colombian market is getting more complicated due to the increased quantity of local cargo agencies, the market is still full of business opportunities.  Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Pereira, and Barranquilla have more than 56 thousand companies with foreign trade activity. JAS Colombia is working on a model that can cover most of that market.

Alejandro, what would be the key to success in order to grow in a market like Colombia?

The key to success is very simple; we must have the best in class service accompanied by smooth operation and fair rates.  With that said, our human resources play a leading role.  Our foundations need to be strong through motivation, knowledge, experience, commitment, and discipline

Everything we do can be measured, only if measured it can be controlled, only if controlled can be directed and only if directed improved

Alejandro, what are the next challenges for JAS Colombia?

We have many challenges, one of those is to position JAS Colombia among the best in the market, but I'm absolutely sure we have the best team to do so. If you meet the years of experience of team operations, sales, back up office and managers, we have more than 250 years, which is why we help transform knowledge into support to address current and new challenges.

Another challenge is the role of those who negotiate our costs to become more competitive at market level. The region is working on trading block level Latin America with the objective of obtaining the best negotiations in order to help close more business and be as profitable as possible. We are also investing in local procurement to strengthen our relationship with our suppliers and work well in a win-win (situation) that benefits our customers.

JAS Brazil Takes on the Economy

Nine of 10 economic and financial articles in the news have been indicating that Brazil's local economy is not performing within the minimum level to be considered “reasonable.” The scenario for 2016 is predicted to be  worse than the one the country faced in 2015.

Some of the issues Brazil has faced are as follows:
- Intense corruption on different political legends (parties) and Government Companies, being that the top bribery scandals in those Companies were those controlled by the Government
- Low levels of recognition for actual, non-corrupt  Government leaders, inhibiting local and international investment due to lack of confidence by Investors
- High levels of unemployment, reaching record low levels by the end of the year that had not been seen in the last 12 years
- Two digit inflation, deterring consumer power, which during the last years was one of our “locomotives” of GPD growth

Economic statistics and articles show that by the end of 2016, Brazil's economy may be 10% smaller than it was in the 1st quarter of 2014, equating the Brazilian GPD to the same situation of countries such as Greece. Therefore, leading two rating agencies to demote Brazilian financial classifications has not been seen in Brazil for many years. Difficult days have been recently endured in Brazil and lie ahead in the future. It is unfortunate that Brazil must suffer the loss of evident prosperity growth due to the internal politics that have incapacitated the country and left the government in need of assistance.

However, despite these difficulties, Brazil continues to be the 7th largest economy in the world, hitting the population of 200+ million people who are anxious to reach better days. The people of Brazil have been applying their personal efforts and extraordinary creativity, in order to rebuild the economy to its former glory. It is with this spirit that JAS Brazil and their dedicated staff know that the best way to deal with the crisis is to offer the best services with cost savings to customers.

A few months ago, JAS was able to offer cost savings to a global automotive customer when a challenge became evident. They needed to change the logistics of their air cargo from China in order consolidate their shipment in one assembly operation. Since the laws in China would prevent this from happening, JAS found a way to work around the issue that would benefit that customer. JAS Brazil worked with JAS UK in order to bring the cargo over to London from China and prepare all of the consolidation from that point. From there the shipment could proceed as planned. This project required careful strategy and planning in order to ensure the operation was carried out correctly, safely, and on time.

​JAS Brazil did not only handle the customers' needs, but was also able to create significant savings for many clients through customs brokerage, road transport, and all of the taxes they face in Brazil, adding up to considerable savings. This new configuration on the shipment allowed the customer to receive smaller orders, which allowed them to take care of the demand they faced promptly, satisfying their customers and, in turn, satisfying them. This particular company has been an important customer to JAS Brazil, and this operation was the key to opening more doors of opportunity and allowed them to offer JAS services to other divisions within their company.

JAS Brazil knows the importance of satisfying the financial goals of customers and taking into consideration the current state of the organization and its metrics. Therefore, JAS Brazil is doing various analyses to detect the current and future needs of customers and to locate the possibilities of any savings that can be provided for them. With this knowledge, JAS Brazil has started offering customers options to change their road service from Argentina to ocean shipment. This would allow them to save a total of 10% on the economy costs of their logistics expenses.

Despite the doubts for a better scenario in 2016, JAS Brazil knows the importance of working together with customers to better understand their needs. Customer satisfaction cannot be improved simply by delivering on time, but by additional solutions that ensure the processes are fully functional. That is the best way to go through this phase of the current market, and with stronger and more confident relationships with all clients.

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