Supply Chain Sustainability Made Easy



Making it easy to make more sustainable choices

Understanding the environmental impact of every decision throughout your entire supply chain can be a real challenge. But it doesn’t always have to be.

We strive to make sustainable choices easily available to our customers, and Green Solutions is our way of identifying and proposing the most sustainable method of transportation for you. Our team members are trained to help you select the most environmentally friendly shipping option while having constrains such as time and market availability in mind.

Making it easy to make more sustainable choices

Green Logistics Solutions


JAS’ rail-based solutions offered throughout Europe and China provide flexibility in both pricing and time, while also being a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

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Biofuels can be used in airplanes, sea vessels, and trucks. Several types of fuels are available, and a combination is needed to reach global sustainability goals. Our team can also look into other options, such as High-Capacity Transports (HCT), to maximize space and electrification.

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Short Sea

JAS’ short sea shipping services are a flexible and cost-effective way to ship goods across Europe while reducing your overall environmental impact and carbon footprint. Combing the best of road and sea transport allows clients to switch to a more sustainable alternative without having to recreate their entire supply chain.

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Combining different transportation methods enables us to find the most sustainable option for each leg of the journey while still maintaining high efficiency.

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Direct Flight

While air transport is the highest in emissions, it is sometimes necessary when working on a deadline. Direct flights are one way to reduce fuel consumption and minimize your carbon footprint when air freight is a must.

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Consolidation Services

Consolidation of goods ensures lower emissions because of fuller containers. By sharing the space and buying and shipping only what is needed, you can save money while reducing empty mileage.

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