Being Top of Mind for Sustainable Logistics



Making it easy to make more sustainable choices

Understanding the environmental impact of every decision throughout your entire supply chain can be a real challenge. But it doesn’t always have to be.

We strive to make sustainable choices easily available to our customers, and Green Solutions is our way of identifying and proposing the most sustainable method of transportation for you. Our team members are trained to help you select the most environmentally friendly shipping option while having constrains such as time and market availability in mind.

Making it easy to make more sustainable choices

How Can We Assist You?

As a logistics service provider our main contribution is to support you reducing your scope 3 emissions related to transport and logistics. Our green portfolio revolves around Consulting, Implementing Green Solutions and Monitoring.

Two office workers at a computer monitor


Two office workers at a computer monitor

Get the full picture

We offer expert advice on logistics solutions that balance your sustainability, costs, and time constraints. By utilizing simulations and scenario analysis, we can support you in making informed decisions according to your business priorities.

Aerial view of a JAS truck driving along side a green field.


Aerial view of a JAS truck driving along side a green field.

We guide you to move from word to action

Our green portfolio includes network optimization as well as insetting solutions to reduce the emissions within your supply chain. We can alternatively provide offsetting options in high-quality climate protection projects.

Person analyzing data and graphs.


Person analyzing data and graphs.

We support you tracking the progress

through our collaboration with EcoTransIT World, we provide you with emissions reports encompassing transportation activity, CO2e, air pollutants, and energy consumption. All calculations are in accordance with ISO14083 and the GLEC Framework.

Green Logistics Solutions

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Sustainable biofuel

At JAS, we offer up to 100% CO2e reduction of your shipment (versus equivalent fossil fuels) by inserting sustainable biofuel. Biofuel is made from 100% certifiable waste and residue streams only, and the biofuel switching process is independently audited to verify both the quality of the biofuel and the carbon accounting process.

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Aerial view of road between forest and water

Network efficiency

Network optimization includes a range of strategies to reduce emissions and enhance efficiency while providing cost-effective solutions. Our solutions include Routing Optimization, Transport Modes Selection, Multimodality, and Load Consolidation.

Aerial view of trees


At JAS, we propose the utilization of insetting as the favored approach due to its direct linkage to emission sources. Nonetheless, we do not dismiss offsetting options, provided they undergo verification and yield tangible results such as climate protecting projects.


JAS’ rail-based solutions offered throughout Europe and China provide flexibility in both pricing and time, while also being a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

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train passing though mountainous ares.

Short Sea

JAS’ short sea shipping services are a flexible and cost-effective way to ship goods across Europe while reducing your overall environmental impact and carbon footprint. Combing the best of road and sea transport allows clients to switch to a more sustainable alternative without having to recreate their entire supply chain.

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Aerial view of cargo ship

Direct Flight

While air transport is the highest in emissions, it is sometimes necessary when working on a deadline. Direct flights are one way to reduce fuel consumption and minimize your carbon footprint when air freight is a must.

Jet over marshy field.
Workers in a warehouse

Consolidation Services

Consolidation of goods ensures lower emissions because of fuller containers. By sharing the space and buying and shipping only what is needed, you can save money while reducing empty mileage.

Stay up to date With sustainability regulations

IMO 2023 Regulation Reduction of GHG Emissions from Vessels

pdf thumbnail

Inclusion of Maritime Emissions in EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)

pdf thumbnail

The EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

pdf thumbnail

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