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JAS Corporate Compliance is On The Move

April 4, 2017

Leah Ellis, Compliance Specialist at JAS Forwarding USA Inc, was the guest speaker at the Atlanta International Forwarders & Brokers Association Monthly meeting where she presented a training session on Customs ACE Portal. She reviewed how to navigate through the portal and reporting tools available for Importers, Exporters and Brokers. She has also conducted a seminar with the Houston Broker’s Association on the ACE Portal.

Additionally, Laurie Arnold, Regulatory Compliance Offer at JAS Forwarding USA Inc, was invited to be a guest speaker at the Importer Seminar for the Midwest Global Trade Association. She spoke on the hot topic that all customs brokers would desperately love to provide input to “What Can Importer’s Do to help their Customs Broker?” Her presentation and input was well received!

For more information on JAS Compliance and speaking engagements, please contact compliance@jas.com.


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This August, students will begin returning to classes for the 2022-2023 school year. Let's look at some interesting facts about schooling in the US to get those brains back in action!

  • Over 50 million students will be attending public schools in 2022.
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(L to R) Leah Ellis, JAS Compliance Operations Manager, & Laurie Arnold, VP Compliance, stand in front of the World Trade Bridge on their trip to Laredo, Texas

Last month, Laurie Arnold, VP Compliance, and Leah Ellis, Compliance Operations Manager, went on a trip to Laredo, TX to visit our LRD branch. They spent part of their week in the Laredo office, discussing compliance topics and JAS policies on statements, training, auditing, and duty payments with branch Customs Broker Gustavo Aldrete and the import team.

On July 12th, Laurie and Leah braved the record-breaking high temperatures to visit the World Trade International bridge that spans Laredo, TX and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas on the Northern Mexican border. Here they developed a better understanding of the border crossing process and got to watch the cargo trucks as they brought their shipments into and out of the country.

Towards the end of their trip, they celebrated Branch Manager Antonio Pastrana’s birthday and enjoyed some cake with the Laredo team. 

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