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April 2019

JAS Miami Branch Host Canine Screening Demo
April 5, 2020

In March 2019, JAS Forwarding Miami Branch was very pleased to have MSA Security on site for a live demo of their canine screening process.  The 3PK9 Security Program allows airlines and freight forwarders to utilize private sector canine teams as a primary screening method.  Essentially, reducing time and cost compared to other screening procedures.

Read More on the Live Demo
CBP Redirects Officers From Port of Entry to Border Patrol
April 5, 2020

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will pull around 750 officers off ports of entry and redeploy them to process record numbers of migrant families entering the United States at the Mexico border, the head of the agency said on Wednesday.

The agency is also redirecting service personnel and expanding food, transportation and medical contracts to meet migrants' humanitarian needs while maintaining border security, CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said at a news conference in El Paso, Texas.

"There will be impacts to traffic at the border. There will be a slowdown in the processing of trade," he said.

Read the Full Transcript of the Press Conference with the Commissioner
Section 301 Tariff Updates
June 4, 2019

​The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has extended the deadline of the scheduled increase for List 3 of the Section 301 tariffs. Originally, the tariffs were scheduled to increase from 10% to 25% duty on June 1st. The deadline has now been extended to June 15th.

Please note that this only applies to imports shipped before May 10, 2019. Goods shipped on or after May 10th will continue to face the 25% duty.

Read the Client Advisory
June 4, 2019

Insect Repellent is regulated by EPA and FDA for importations and classified in chapter 3808 of the HTS book.  It can be imported as a cream, spray and other methods such as bracelets.  Some repellents can be applied directly to the skin and other methods can be applied directly to the clothing.

Here are a few ways to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes this summer:

  • Eliminate standing water in containers that could breed mosquitoes.
  • Wear long sleeve clothes and socks to avoid exposing the skin.
  • Replace outdoor lights with yellow bug lights which tend to attract fewer mosquitoes.
  • Follow necessary instructions and labels closely on insect repellents.

Webinars & Events April 2019
April 5, 2019

2019 Census Webinar Series

Date:  April 2019 – June 2019

The U.S. Census Bureau will conduct a series of free data access webinars to all interested data users.  To learn about and to register for the webinars, please visit Census Academy at the link provided.  


​SAVE THE DATE:  BIS Update Conference 2019

Date:  July 9-11, 2019

Location:  Washington, DC

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is preparing for the annual Update Conference on Export Controls and Policy in Washington, D.C.  This major outreach activity draws business and government representatives from around the world to learn and exchange ideas about export control issues.  It is one of the Department’s most notable international trade events.  


​2019 G-TEC Conference

Date:  July 29 – 30, 2019

Location:  New Orleans, LA

The NCBFAA Educational Institute is proud to invite all global logistics professionals to the 5th Annual Global Trade Education Conference (G-TEC).  This two-day event in New Orleans, LA will give customs brokers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, service providers, importers, exporters and all global logistics professionals an opportunity to update themselves on industry developments.  


Tidbits! April 2019
April 5, 2019

It’s Spring Break! Leaving the country with your furry friends?  Do they need a passport?  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!    

​All resident pets leaving the United States must send relevant paperwork required for the destination country to the State USDA office for endorsement prior to leaving the country. Additionally, transiting pets whose permits or health certificates have expired will be required to obtain these documents in the United States and have them endorsed prior to leaving the country.

Pets returning to the United States are subject to the same passport requirements as those entering for the first time. This means that pet owners returning to the United States should have a new health certificate completed by a vet in the country you are visiting if you stay for more than 30 days.

For Country Specific Requirements for Exporting Pets Please See the USDA APHIS Website for More Details
Food Safety Modernization Act Wizard is a FREE Compliance Tool!
April 5, 2019

Did you know that there is a free, online tool designed by Registrar Corp to assist companies in assessing their U.S. FDA compliance issues, possible requirements and deadlines under five Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Rules?

  1. Preventive Controls for Human Foods
  2. Preventive Controls for Animal Food
  3. Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  4. Intentional Adulteration (Food Defense)
  5. Produce Safety

Sign UP for the FSMA Wizard
JAS USA Compliance Holds First of Several Webinar Series
April 5, 2019

On March 27th, JAS USA Compliance conducted or first FREE webinar open to current and potential JAS Import Clients.  During this session, we discussed Section 232 & 301 tariffs and how it affects customs bonds, tariff exclusions and more!  Please find the link below to review all of the questions and answers that were discussed in the webinar session.  More webinars to come throughout the year!

Read the Q&A From the First Webinar
China Tariffs : Section 301 Tariff Exclusions Update
April 5, 2019

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has issued another list of product exclusions on March 25th from Section 301 tariffs on goods from China.  The product exclusions apply retroactively to July 6, 2018 and will remain in effect until one year from the date of the notice in the Federal Register.  The first list of exclusions was issued on December 28, 2018 and will also remain in effect until one year from the date of the notice in the Federal Register.

The Complete List of Exclusions Issued on Dec 28th, 2018 and March 25th, 2019

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