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September 2021

Christian Jensen, JAS Global Account Director- APAC
September 1, 2021

JAS is always excited to welcome new team members and strives to help them grow and succeed from day one. This is exactly what happened for Christian Jensen when he joined JAS Germany as a Business Development Manager in 2016. In his role, he took advantage of the resources and support found from both local colleagues and the global JAS network. By late 2017 he was effectively managing large accounts and developing worldwide contacts as he worked to help clients meet their goals while providing them with the highest level of service.  

Christian’s success continued as he became a Trade Lane Manager for Southeast Asia. In only three and a half years, his enthusiasm and commitment, combined with support from the JAS team, led to another promotion. As the new National Account Manager/Director he found continued success growing JAS’ presence on the Southeast Asia trade lane.

Recently Christian was presented with the opportunity to join the Asia Pacific team (APAC) as a Global Account Director. He knew this position would allow him to work with some of the most talented and dedicated people in the industry, increase his day-to-day responsibilities and provide continued opportunities for personal development.  With these opportunities in mind, he eagerly accepted the position and moved to Malaysia where he continues to provide the personalized service JAS is known for.

The past five years have moved quickly as he went from a local office to Global Account Director. Looking back, he gives credit to JAS and the people who helped him along the way. “We know JAS is known to our clients as a place where people make the difference, but it holds true within JAS as well. The people here really do make the difference and that kind of environment encourages success for team members and clients alike.”  

JAS can give you the opportunity and support to learn and grow. If you are ready to make a difference like Christian, JAS is the place for you.

Arzu Ilhan, JAS Dusseldorf Branch Manager
September 7, 2021

JAS Germany is pleased to announce the promotion of Arzu Ilhan as the new Branch Manager of the Dusseldorf Office.

Arzu joined JAS in 2020 as the head of the Air Export team in Dusseldorf. Prior to joining the JAS team Arzu worked for more than 15 years at a Swiss based logistics company where she held a variety of Ops and Sales positions.

September 9, 2021

The rapidly evolving pandemic, combined with the continued poor performance of carriers aggravated by growing demand for goods, has highlighted how fragile supply chains are due to globalization and delocalization. In fact, it has brought to the fore the phenomena of Reshoring/Nearshoring. This has accelerated the development of E-Commerce in Italy and has increased the importance of the "Made in Italy"  brand and the positioning of Italy within the global supply chain. (Source: Alsea Report in collaboration with Osservatorio Export Digitale del Politecnico di Milano).

JAS is always looking ahead to prepare for market changes and ways to serve our customers better. As a part of these efforts, JAS recently completed the acquisition of Tigers. With its long-standing expertise in both the Contract Logistics and E-Commerce sectors combined with its sophisticated IT systems, JAS will be able to provide logistical support and communicate digitally with our customers. In addition, these new systems will allow JAS to collaborate with customers to coordinate transit times and transport modes which will help customers' reduce CO2 emissions and the overall environmental impact.

With this objective, JAS has increased its usage of FCL rail service between China and Italy, transporting individual units or organizing block trains reserved entirely for JAS. Eco-sustainable, with low environmental impact, the service offers a competitive transit time when compared with current maritime services. Furthermore, as a part of the efforts to help customers reduce their CO2 emissions, JAS has increased the use of FCL rail services on the CHINA-ITALY section, transporting individual units or coordinating block trains entirely reserved for JAS. Eco-sustainable, with low environmental impact, the service currently offers a competitive transit time compared to current maritime services.

In further news, to better serve our customer's needs in this rapidly changing environment, on July 14, 2021, JAS Italy completed the acquisition of the company Bossi & C. Transiti S.p.A.. Specializing in the maritime field and headquartered in Genoa, branches will operate out of Verona and Vercelli while maintaining a commercial/operational office in Hong Kong.

To stay up to date on the latest market situation and how JAS is responding, follow JAS on social media.

Biagio Bruni parteciperà al forum Confetra AGORA' 2021 e discuterà dell'impatto della pandemia sul nostro business e come JAS ha reagito in questo nuovo scenario

L’esplosione della pandemia e il perdurare delle scarse performance dei

vettori aggravate da continui rincari, ha evidenziato quanto può essere fragile la globalizzazione e la rincorsa alla delocalizzazione della Supply Chain.

Infatti questa situazione ha riportato alla ribalta i fenomeni del Reshoring/Near-Shoring, accelerando anche in Italia lo sviluppo

dell’E-Commerce, ma anche aumentando l’importanza del prodotto e del

Brand «Made in Italy», posizionando l’Italia «nelle catene globali del valore». (Fonte :  report di Alsea in collaborazione con Osservatorio Export Digitale del Politecnico di Milano).

Sempre con spirito lungimirante e cercando d’interpretare in anticipo le necessità dettate dai cambiamenti del mercato, JAS ha risposto con la recente acquisizione di TIGERS, mirando ad una espansione nei settori del Contract Logistics e dell’ E-Commerce, grazie ai quali sarà in grado di fornire supporto logistico, coadiuvato da sofisticati sistemi informatici per comunicare digitalmente con tutti i clienti che collaborano con JAS e armonizzando i tempi di transito con una ridotta immissione di CO2, selezionando modalità di trasporto a ridotto impatto ambientale.

Con tale obiettivo, JAS ha sviluppato ed incrementato sulla tratta CINA-ITALIA l’utilizzo dell’efficace servizio su ferro ed utilizzando le polizze Blue World Line, garantiamo servizi Groupage e servizi FCL con elevati standard di servizio. Ecosostenibile, con bassissimo impatto ambientale, il servizio offre ad oggi un Transit Time molto competitivo rispetto gli attuali servizi marittimi.

In data 14 luglio 2021, JAS Italia ha completato l’acquisizione della società Bossi & C. Transiti S.p.A. specializzata nel campo marittimo, con sede a Genova e filiali a Verona, Vercelli, oltre che un ufficio commerciale/operativo ad Hong Kong.

E le novità non finiscono qui …

Marco Civardi, JAS China CEO
September 21, 2021

JAS Worldwide is pleased to welcome our new JAS China CEO, Marco Civardi. An experienced executive, Marco hails innovation and leads with a dynamic approach.    

Marco began his career in international supply chain industry back in 1997. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, he successfully transitioned from working with a leading UK cargo airline to performing a sales role in Milano for a Swiss multinational logistics firm. In addition, he reached an intermediate level of proficiency in the Japanese language while performing in Japan first as Business Development Manager and, subsequently, as Country Head of Sales & Marketing.  

Marco’s professional background is centered in the Asia Pacific region, where he has held several leadership roles with global logistics firms driving results in mature economies and emerging markets.     

Motivated by his continuous improvement mindset, Marco studied for his MBA in Australia and became an Accredited Certified Coach in Singapore. In terms of leadership style, one of Marco’s key focuses is on nurturing local talents so that the newly acquired coaching skills are relevant to support the ‘’people make the difference’’ core value of JAS.  

His most recent assignment was in the capacity of Area Managing Director for a Danish logistic firm. After an initial accountability for Vietnam and Cambodia, Marco’s responsibility broadened as Myanmar and Laos were also added.  In 2019, after an internal strategic realignment, Marco was selected to lead the newly integrated division of the Danish firm with responsibilities over a team of 2,100 people, logistics footprint of 240,000 square meters and annual revenues in excess of USD $1.3 billion in 2020.   

Marco’s versatility and extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region make him ideal to lead JAS China. “I am confident we have found the right person to lead the China Group through the current market difficulties, but more so to transform and prepare the China Group to master the challenges of the years to come,” said Tomas Sonntag, Executive Vice President of JAS APAC. “With 23 years working in very different markets and organizations across Asia, Marco is a well-rounded leader who aims for excellence by pursuing new paths.”

JAS India new headquarters.
September 27, 2021
Asia Pacific

In keeping with its mission and momentum for growth, JAS India recently announced a move for its corporate office. Investing in a modern workspace at a prime location, JAS India continues to provide team members with access to collaborative work environments with reliable infrastructure.  The new building’s unique architecture, color and design represent the true spirit of JAS India.  

The move to its new location marks the beginning of another chapter in JAS India’s history. A soft opening for the new corporate office location happened on August 20. Tomas Sonntag, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific, Sonal Singhal, Managing Director of JAS India, and Stefano Olmi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Asia Pacific, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  

To celebrate the move to its brand-new India headquarters, JAS India also launched its JAS India Reload Program. This innovative program represents the changed culture and identity of the subsidiary and sets the platform for its ambitious growth plans in India.

It is a pleasure to be a part of JAS India's rebirth, this is what I would like to call it[a rebirth]since the ultimate intention really was to bring the JAS global corporate culture to India too, culture that really never existed before in JAS India. It was definitely a tough endeavor, it is a tough endeavor to change the DNA of a company, [to change]at all how it functions, because naturally every human being is not really so comfortable with change, therefore sometimes Sonal and I had to face some really tough decisions. But the outcome of these decisions ultimately is the results you see today in this organization. This new office with it's unique architecture, colors, and spirit really represents cutting away from the past, it shows the true colors of JAS India, it shows its new identity, and you should be proud of it. You should feel really a part of it because people are the ones who ultimately make the difference. " Stefano Olmi JAS VP Sales & Market, Asia Pacific

L – R:

  Sitting: Rachita Rawat, Counsel; Sonal Singhal, Managing Director; Jai Banerji, Branch Manager; Minal Rawat, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER

  Standing: Mandeep Sahani, IT Manager; Nitin Alag, Country Process Owner; Ajitabh Rathor, Branch Manager; Mithun Badola, System Administrator; Anurag Satyam, Ocean Freight Manager; Pramod Sharma, Air Freight Manager; Deepak Kumar Gupta, Financial Controller; Rajesh Kunder, Ocean Freight Manager; Radha Krishnan Nair, Administrative Assistant; Sankalp Shrivastava, Air Freight Manager; Mansingh Naruka, Accounting Manager;

            Ankur Bhardwaj, Sales Manager; Sarvar Bharti, Air Freight Director; Anisha Das, Human Resources Manager

L – R:  

Standing: Mandeep Sahani, IT Manager; Ajitabh Rathor, Branch Manager; Rajesh Kunder, Ocean Freight Manager; Sonal Singhal, Managing Director; Shane E. Ravel, Global Account Director; Anisha Das, Human Resources Manager; Jai Banerji, Branch Manager; Deepak Kumar Gupta, Financial Controller; Sarvar Bharti, Air Freight Director