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October 2021

JAS Hong Kong transports Gabarron artwork
October 4, 2021

When a world-renowned artist needs safe, secure, and quick transport of 11 fiberglass art sculptures, JAS Spain is the logistics provider of choice. JAS Spain teamed up with JAS Hong Kong to ensure the shipment of delicate art from Spanish artist Cristobal Gabarron reached its destination on time. The pieces are a part of Gabarron's "Might of the Right" collection which is being shown at Fine Art Asia on October 8-11.

Gabarron is best known for his landmark series, "Mille Formes à la Conquête de l'Espace" (A Thousand Shapes to Conquer Space), first shown in Cannes in 2017. The 76-year-old artist has a passion for equality and fairness, which has served as a driving force in his creativity. French art critic and philosopher Pierre Restany once called Gabarron, “a great humanist of color.” His art has been featured in global movements of unity and cooperation, including his large-scale mural, History of the Olympics, which was inaugurated at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Enlightened Universe, a steel globe surrounded by 70 colorful figures holding hands as a symbol of shared humanity was inaugurated by the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, on October 25, 2015, in New York City’s Central Park. The piece was created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the U.N.  

Since the show is an important event that only lasts a few days, the pieces needed to arrive on time. Gabarron provided the packaging and wooden crates he preferred using to ship his delicate pieces. JAS Spain’s team arranged for pick up and delivery as dedicated trucking and booked the shipment with an air-flying option. The artwork had only one transit airport up to its final destination to avoid additional manipulation of the pieces, which would have increased the risk for damage. Special cargo insurance designed for the artwork was provided by JAS Spain’s broker to cover the full value of the goods.  

The cargo was ready for pickup at Gabarron’s warehouse in Valladolid on September 23. JAS Spain’s team ordered expedited same-day delivery to Madrid to avoid manipulation risk. Gabarron’s artwork departed on September 25 and arrived in Hong Kong on September 27. Considering the shipping issues currently facing logistics companies serving the APAC region, the team was considerably pleased with the two-day transport.

JAS Indonesia transports 11 containers of unpolished travertine blocks
October 4, 2021
Asia Pacific

It pays to have strong relationships with manufacturers and importers in the marble, stone, and ceramic tile industry. Since 2017, JAS Indonesia has built a reputation as a premier logistics provider for this vertical market.  

The years of experience and professionalism exhibited by the JAS Indonesia team is unparalleled. Customers requiring the transport of ceramic tiles, marbles, stones, and machinery for processing marble, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, and accessories know they can receive quality service from the JAS team.  

Years of networking and relationship-building within the industry have led to solid connections with suppliers in Italy, Izmir, and Xiamen. As an additional benefit, JAS Indonesia managing director Franceschino Menconi has lived in Carrara, Italy giving him a personal connection to many suppliers. He goes the extra mile to arrange meetings between buyers and suppliers to discuss how JAS Indonesia’s expertise in the industry can benefit them in the future. With offices in Carrara, it is easier for JAS Indonesia to build buyer and supplier trust.  

Recently, the JAS Indonesia team moved 11 containers of unpolished travertine blocks and 4 containers of unpolished marble slabs for a customer. As part of its services, the JAS team:

  • Picks up blocks directly from quarries using heavy equipment with a capacity of up to 30 tons or via drop-deck trucks with a capacity of up to 60 tons.  
  • Handles blocks in the depots using specialized equipment that loads them into shipping containers.  
  • Sends shipping containers to appropriate ports for transport.  

Customers can rely on JAS Indonesia to provide end-to-end logistics services for their ceramic tiles, marbles, and stones that protect the products at all stages.

Left to right: Georg Geiger, Import Specialist; Sarah Slansky, Customer Service; Karl-Heinz Deininger, Business Development Manager; Petra Krause, Export Specialist; Bianca Bachmann, Export Specialist ; Sawas Alessandro Cuscianna, Branch Manager
October 7, 2021

JAS Germany is pleased to announce the opening of its newest branch in Bad Waldsee, to better serve its rapidly growing customer base.

The new branch, located in Southern Germany, is fully operational and offers Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Customs Brokerage services.

Manuel Kiessling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Germany, said, "We are excited about the advantages this will bring to the company network as well as to the JAS client base. With this new branch, JAS Germany continues to pursue its strategy of providing best in class service as the global and local freight forwarder of choice."

As a part of this expansion, Sawas Cuscianna joins as the Bad Waldsee branch manager. Sawas brings with him over 20 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry as well as extensive knowledge of the German logistics market. In past roles, he has held a variety of OPS and sales positions.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services.

Left to right: Tobias Oxenius, Import Specialist; Michael Kunert, Customer Service Supervisor; Manuel Kießling, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Germany; Sanja Nesic, Export Specialist; Niklas Raniszewksi; Martin Kaltschmitt, Branch Manager; Thomas Semmelsberger, Export Supervisor; Rebecca Kaltschmitt, Import Specialist; Simon Friedel; Caroline Bohrmann, Business Development Manager; Christin Scholl; Hanna Berka, Export Specialist; Natascha Wetzel, Customer Service; Sascia Fetzner, Export Specialist
October 7, 2021

JAS Worldwide has announced its expanded presence in Germany with the opening of a fully operational office in Mannheim.

The newest branch, where 15 team members are on staff to serve customers, will handle a full range of supply chain and logistics services, including airfreight, ocean freight, contract logistics, and customs clearance. JAS’ established presence in Germany and now in Mannheim emphasizes its commitment to grow and expand within Germany to serve customers better.  

As a part of this expansion, JAS welcomes Martin Kaltschmitt as the Branch Manager of the Mannheim office. Martin brings with him a wealth of expertise and knowledge about the forwarding industry and the local market. In past roles, he has held a variety of OPS and sales positions at leading companies within the industry.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services.

JAS Japan Nagoya office
October 12, 2021
Asia Pacific

JAS Japan is pleased to announce that it relocated its Nagoya branch to a larger and more modern office space to accommodate its business growth at the end of August.

Established in 2001, the Nagoya office began as a small sales branch. However, by 2014, the Nagoya branch became fully operational. It expanded its services with an office at Nagoya Centrair Airport to offer in-house air freight consolidation and customs clearance services to clients.

With the opening of the new location, the Nagoya branch will be serving as a platform for investment and growth with the addition of a brand-new ocean freight export operations team.

The Nagoya branch also offers a strategic connotation due to its geographic location in the Aichi prefecture, the fourth largest metropolis in Japan. As a manufacturing powerhouse, the city represents just over 11% of Japan’s GDP and is the center of the Japanese automotive, aerospace, and machinery industries.

Please note our new address.

JAS Forwarding Japan Co, Ltd,
Nagoya Branch Office ORE
Nishiki 2-chome Bldg. 5F #
1 2-4-15 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0003
Phone: +81-52-218-5112
Fax : +81-52-218-5115

JAS Hong Kong along with JAS Indonesia and JAS USA, Air Charter Solutions.
October 12, 2021
Asia Pacific

Simultaneously moving charters from Jakarta, Indonesia to Chicago, Illinois (USA) takes solid coordination skills. JAS Hong Kong put its expertise to the test in recent weeks via a collaboration with the logistics teams from JAS Indonesia and JAS USA (Chicago). The task at hand involved moving a tailor-made charter solution for moving ready-made garments between the two countries for a valued client.  

After much consideration on the best way to move the product, the teams decided to transport via a Boeing 777 commercial freighter. A combination of belly and cabin loading was used to optimize the shipment, which included 3,100 cartons of garments. Configuring the load this way helped prevent the cargo from scattering during transport, which was a requirement of the customer.  

Since the start of the pandemic, securing fleets and aircrew for commercial freighters can be challenging. With a little brainstorming and ingenuity from the JAS Hong Kong, Indonesia, and USA teams, they acquired the charter transport needed to provide a smooth move from the APAC region to the US.  

Customers can benefit from the solid coordination demonstrated by the JAS Hong Kong procurement team. The crew will handle two more charter requests before the end of October and looks forward to serving more customers through its solid coordination and cooperation efforts with JAS teams around the globe.

JAS China meets the rapid demand for pharma
October 18, 2021
Asia Pacific

Since the pandemic began, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid growth. As the need for quality pharmaceuticals to treat diseases of all kinds continues to increase, logistics services and solutions also must keep up with the rapid pace. According to market data, China’s temperature-controlled expert increased 16 percent on a year-over-year basis between January and July 2021.  

In partnership with DoKaSch, JAS China has positioned itself to serve pharma’s expanding needs through the launch of a new successful logistic project managing airfreight temperature-controlled containers in Beijing. Thanks to the recent service expansion, JAS China can confidently provide full domestic services. Customers can request warehousing, trucking and container management, and air freight services to cover the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to benefit global consumers.  

JAS China’s pharmaceutical logistics team received training on temperature-controlled container transport with its partner company. The collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for JAS China’s team to share the new service with potential pharmaceutical customers in need, adding extra value to its customers in the future.  

In addition to the official training from its new partner, JAS China’s staff completed additional training on temperature-controlled cargo to fortify its understanding of the general process involved with transporting temperature-controlled containers. JAS China’s leadership plans to continue professional development to help the team stay abreast of industry trends for temperature-controlled container logistics.  

Pharmaceutical companies interested in learning how JAS China can meet their rapid growth needs can reach out to the team today for more information.

Rodrigo Ruedell, JAS Brazil National Account Manager
October 21, 2021

As JAS continues to expand in the Pharma & Healthcare vertical in Brazil, the team is dedicated to continuous training in order to provide customers with best-in-class service. As a part of this focus on the Pharma & Healthcare industry, JAS Brazil is pleased to announce and welcome Rodrigo Ruedell as National Account Manager. Rodrigo will be using his past experience in the industry to focus on quality standards in the Pharma and Healthcare vertical.  

Rodrigo brings over 20 years of experience in foreign trade, holding past roles in strategic and leadership positions in commercial/sales. He also has extensive knowledge of supply chain, logistics (national and international), international sales management, and financial planning. In addition, he is skilled in managing key accounts, and his international experience will strengthen this growing segment both locally and internationally.

About JAS Brazil

JAS Brazil, a global freight forwarding services provider, has been present in Brazil since 1990. With a GDP-certified facility located in São Paulo, the team can provide customers with pharma and healthcare forwarding, own customs brokerage, and supply chain solutions, all backed by people expertise.

Kids recieve hug rabbits donated by JAS employees
October 28, 2021

In celebration of Children’s Day, JAS Brazil has partnered with Projecto Abracinho. This project helped to provide care and treatment for children and adolescents who are fighting cancer.

The “Hug Rabbit” is the symbol of the project and the money from each purchase of the stuffed bunny is donated to various institutions involved in the fight against cancer. JAS Brazil was able to help build a network of good through these purchases and in March the “Hug Rabbits” were presented to employees’ children up to 14 years old.

JAS Brazil was excited to have the opportunity to celebrate Children’s Day by supporting these pediatric patients facing cancer.  

Check out the photos of some of our employees children with their "Hug Rabbits."

Em comemoração ao Dia das Crianças, a JAS fez uma parceria com o Projeto Abracinho.Este projeto foi criado para garantir um tratamento digno no combate ao câncer, especialmente em crianças e adolescentes. O Simbolo do projeto é o Coelho do Abraço que através de seus braços controí uma rede do bem! O valor da compra do coelhinho é revertido em doação paara Instituições em todo o Brasil de Combate ao Câncer em todo o Brasil O Brinde foi distribuído em marco a comemoração do Dia das Crianças no Brasil, os filhos de nossos colabores de 0 a 14 anos foram presenteados com um Abracinho! Confira algumas fotos! Responsabilidade Social JAS Brasil, unindo Dia das Crianças e uma Campanha de Prevenção ao Câncer.

JAS Rio Team from left to right: Eriene Fonseca, Operations Specialist; Alessandra Klayn, Branch Supervisor; Raquel Tavares,Operations Specialist; Alessandro Guimarães,Commercial Analyst
October 29, 2021

Recent restructuring at JAS Rio facilitated the expansion of its team and refocused efforts to humanize the logistics process for customers in the oil and gas industry. One of the moves designed to provide better service at competitive prices is the addition of a specialized salesperson. The new JAS Rio team member adds value to oil and gas clients by bringing a strategic understanding of Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas.

Sales is not the only area expanding. A new customer service support specialist experienced in ocean export and air import joins the JAS Rio staff. With an emphasis on providing excellent customer service and boosting client confidence, JAS Rio’s team works hard to understand their customers’ needs and find a logistics solution that meets their budgets. Customers can count on JAS Rio as a true partner and not just a service provider. It is the teams' goal to help customers businesses’ grow.

Our promise to customers is simple:

  • We train, prepare, and motivate our team through the quotation, cargo monitoring, arrival at the destination, and release and billing processes.
  • We guarantee high performance in operations delivered by a skilled and well-trained team committed to our customers.

JAS Rio recognizes that customer success comes through investment in workforce development. We know our people make the difference, so we invest in their ongoing training and support. JAS Rio is ready to serve. You can count on them as your logistical partner.