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January 2022

January 4, 2022

JAS Argentina is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a "Great Place to Work" for the second year in a row.  

Mariano Costa Naum, Human Resources Manager at JAS Argentina, said of the certification, " What makes us most proud is that this year's results confirm the continuous improvement we have made year after year. This also shows the continued team effort continues to make JAS Argentina a better place to work for. We really believe that either we do it together as a team, or we don't do it at all. "  

Great Place to Work is an independent research and consulting company that evaluates an organization's company culture and team members' experiences while at work through an annual survey.  

The Great Places to Work certification shows JAS Argentina's continued strong commitment to teamwork and highlights its success in developing a strong work culture based on values and purpose.  

Congratulations, JAS Argentina!

January 17, 2022
Asia Pacific

The oil and gas and renewable energy sectors in China continue to experience sustained and strong growth moving into 2022. In response to this growing market, the JAS Energy Solutions team innovates end-to-end solutions for clients within these industries.  

As part of its commitment to providing the highest level of customer service, the JAS Energy Solutions team successfully arranged four chartered flights of chemical goods of Xanthan gum on the urgent request of a client. The December 2021 flights originated in Tianjin, China, with a destination of Saudi Arabia. The JAS team was responsible for safely and quickly transporting 384 pallets.  

It was the quick thinking and fast-acting of the JAS China Energy Solution team members that allowed for these flights to advance from a client request to a completed task. Upon notification of the urgent request, the team brainstormed to formulate the best solutions. Careful attention was taken to match the special requirements of the customer with any proposed solution.  

JAS firmly believes it provides the best service to customers – regardless of the level of urgency or difficulty – because of the dedication of its team members. It is the JAS people who make the difference, providing an excellent customer experience with every logistics task handled. Inquiries for our oil and gas and renewable energy sector logistics solutions can be made directly to the JAS Energy Solutions team in your region. We are always here to help.

JAS Motorsport
January 20, 2022

Racing teams worldwide rely on the JAS Worldwide Motorsport team based in Luxembourg to meet the demanding deadlines faced by a championship motorsport organization.

This past December, JAS organized the movement and transport of four RS Q e-tron cars and a bit more than 7 tons of accessories and equipment from Luxembourg to Riyadh for the account of AUDI Sport & Q Motorsport. The high-tech electric prototype vehicles were used as a part of the 2022 Dakar Rallye, which was held in Saudi Arabia from January 1–14, 2022.  

The team is currently in the process of transporting several of the cars back to Luxembourg now that the event is over.

Congratulations to the JAS Motorsport team! People continue to make the difference.

January 25, 2022

The Port of Santos, located in the city of Santos on the coast of Brazil, is the main port in Brazil and the largest container port in Latin America.

The port has substantial economic influence in the local area and comprises over 65% of the GDP and makes up a quarter of the movement within the Brazilian commercial area. As a key player in global trade and a gateway to many markets, the port is the world’s largest exporter of sugar, orange juice and coffee beans in the world. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the port set a record for handling containers in the first nine months of 2021, with TEUs of 3.6 million.

JAS’ Santos branch is a strategic point for monitoring processes, releases, and movements in the port. The Santos branch has a highly trained operational team with the necessary knowledge to coordinate imports and exports across all verticals. The team analyzes the legislation for each product, and coordinates customs compliance, all while providing best-in-class service to our customers.

O porto de Santos, localizado no litoral de São Paulo, é o principal porto do Brasil e o maior complexo portuário da América Latina.

A área de influência econômica do porto concentra aproximadamente 67% do PIB e corresponde a 25% ou um quarto da movimentação da balança comercial brasileira. É o maior porto exportador de açúcar, suco de laranja e café em grãos do mundo. Mesmo em meio ao cenário de pandemia, o porto de Santos bateu recorde de movimentação de contêineres no acumulado dos nove primeiros meses de 2021, com 3,6 milhões de TEU’s.

A JAS possui um filial em Santos como ponto estratégico para acompanhamento dos processos, liberações e movimentações no porto. A filial de Santos conta com uma equipe operacional capacitada que possui a expertise necessária para coordenar qualquer ação no desembaraço aduaneiro analisando a legislação para cada produto e agindo conforme a regulamentação aduaneira vigente dando todo suporte necessário aos nossos clientes em operações de Importação ou exportação.  

Entre em contato conosco, e conheça as pessoas que fazem a Diferença na JAS Santos!

January 31, 2022

JAS Brazil is pleased to announce that effective January 2022, Mr. Fernando Azevedo, previously acting as Business Development Manager at the Sao Jose dos Campos branch, will assume the position of National Account Manager. He will now be responsible for support and relationship with customers in the Aerospace segment.

Fernando graduated with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Foreign Trade. He also holds an MBA in Strategic Business Management and has over 20 years of experience in the market. Fernando began his career at JAS in early 2021. His expertise and professional history contributed to developing the work at the branch in SJK. In this new position, his objective is to better understand the Aerospace segment's needs and offer differentiated solutions to JAS customers.

Brazil is currently among the five most prominent countries in this segment, with the second-largest fleet of helicopters globally and the fourth largest in private planes. These resources combined with JAS’ personalized solutions and global network allow the team to serve clients by importing parts and pieces, turbines, tires, cables, etc.

JAS’ experienced personnel know the aerospace industry's demands and requirements and have the knowledge and training needed to support customers throughout the import, export, and customs clearance processes.

Com satisfação, anunciamos que o Sr. Fernando Azevedo antes atuando como BDM em nossa filial de São José dos Campos assume a partir desde mês Janeiro/2022 a posição de National Account Manager, responsável agora pelo suporte e relacionamento com os clientes do segmento de Aerospace da Jas do Brasil.

Formado em Administração com ênfase em Comercio Exterior,MBA em Gestão Estratégica de Negócios e 22 anos de experiência no mercado,Fernando começou sua trajetória na JAS no início de 2021, sua expertise e histórico profissional contribuíram para desenvolver o trabalho na filial em SJK, trazendo grandes clientes para nossa empresa. E agora nessa nova posição, tem como objetivo é entender melhor as necessidades do segmento Aerospace e oferecer soluções diferenciadas aos clientes da JAS.

Atendimento personalizado para o Segmento de Aerospace.

O Brasil atualmente esta entre os 5 maiores países neste segmento, contanto com a segunda maior frota de helicópteros do mundo e o quarto maior em aviões privados. A somatória de diversos outros pontos nos permite entrar no segmento de importação de partes e peças, turbinas, pneus, cabos etc. Nossa equipe está preparada para entender as necessidades especificas desse segmento e entregar o melhor resultado nos processos de importação, exportação e desembaraço.

Continuamos na JAS Brasil, avançando em nosso projeto de verticalização dos segmentos.

February 1, 2022

The JAS Saudi Arabia team commits to the successful progression of its partnership with petrochemical industry leader SABIC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As part of its dedication to providing the highest level of customer service, the team successfully chartered a flight to transport a turbine rotor from Tokyo, Japan, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  

With support from JAS Japan’s logistics and supply chain management staff, the door-to-door delivery was completed before SABIC’s requested timeline. The quick decision-making skills of the JAS Saudi Arabia team contributed to the success of their requested task.  

SABIC’s promise to build a better tomorrow extends to its collaborations with other companies across the globe. Its ongoing partnership with JAS Saudi Arabia has facilitated its mission and vision by ensuring timely access to the products it needs to achieve its goals.  

JAS Saudi Arabia’s dedicated team of logistics and supply chain experts can meet or exceed any expectations regardless of the level of difficulty or urgency. We look forward to continuing to fulfill our partnership with SABIC and others within the petrochemical industry who rely on our expertise to meet their needs.