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April 2023

JAS truck carries humanitarian aid bound for Ukraine.
April 6, 2023

As the conflict in Ukraine enters into its second year, the humanitarian needs remain as many people struggle to find basic necessities such as food and medical care.

In response to these needs, JAS Worldwide and the Bruni Foundation "Charity Across Borders" have come forward to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. JAS has helped provide humanitarian relief to those in the greatest need since the start of the conflict, sending its first shipment of relief items in March 2022 and a second in May 2022. With the help of individual contributions, the team has now sent its third shipment of humanitarian assistance to Odesa, Ukraine.

The latest shipment contains essential items such as food, medical supplies, and other necessities that can help those in need. The aid will arrive just in time for the Orthodox Easter, a holiday that holds significant importance for many Ukrainian families.

The compassionate response of our team members over the past year reflects the company's commitment to the global community and the fact that at JAS, people really do make the difference.

JAS Team Members Across the Globe Take Action for a More Sustainable Future.
April 28, 2023

JAS is committed to a sustainable future, and as part of this commitment, JAS team members all across the globe participated in local sustainability initiatives. As part of our Earth Day initiative employees were encouraged to take action and make a positive impact in their communities.  

In Mexico, team members spearheaded a recycling initiative in partnership with ECOCE, collecting PET bottles and cans. The recycled materials were exchanged for an electronic voucher, which was donated to a local public institution in exchange for food that could be distributed to the community. Similarly, in Guangzhou, China, JAS held a clothing recycling collection to reduce their environmental impact.

JAS team members and their families also participated in coastal clean-up events across the globe, collecting hundreds of kilograms of plastic debris, litter, and other waste. By preventing these materials from polluting oceans, rivers, and lakes, the team is helping to preserve animal life and the beauty of our planet. For example, in Qingdao, China, over 20 team members cleaned up 16,000 square meters of public space and removed 20 kgs of garbage.

Andrea Goeman, SVP of Sustainability at JAS, emphasized JAS’ proactive approach to sustainability and its dedication to environmental initiatives. "We believe in taking a proactive and approach to sustainability and creating a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. This Earth Day, we are proud of everyone’s efforts to create a sustainable future for all," she said.

These global initiatives are just a few examples of JAS' commitment to sustainability and our efforts to make a positive difference in their communities. Together we are creating a greener and cleaner tomorrow!