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Pharma & Healthcare

JAS Pharma & Healthcare Team To Publicize Commitment to Customers

Introducing JAS Pharma & Healthcare’s “My Commitment” Poster

David Bang
September 23, 2021

Along with 26 GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificates, “My Commitment” posters are being signed by executives and team members and will visibly be displayed in the lobbies of 26 branches, 17 country headquarters, 4 regional headquarters, and 1 global headquarters.

With short sentences, only 6 bullet points, and plain languages, these statements were birthed from the bottom up, not a top-down corporate mandate, through surveys and interviews with over 100 JAS members all around the world from all levels and functions.

The poster’s first bullet point is about a local and personal connection with JAS’ customers in any location, because JAS is easy to deal with, acting like a good old freight forwarder but performing as a global GDP certified logistics provider.  And the middle part of the poster primarily focuses on people’s knowledge, investment in digital, infrastructure, and vendor management. The last two points sum up precisely why we do what we do, and how JAS will behave.
There are three primary reasons why this simple poster is more than a piece of paper but a powerful foundation for JAS’s Quality Management System (internally also known as JAS Business Management System):

  1. JAS’ vision is to be the best quality logistics provider for pharma and healthcare industry, and this “My Commitment” poster embodies what that means “personally”. That’s why each sentence starts with “I”.
  2. This emphasizes that JAS Pharma & Healthcare is primarily about empowering and investing in its branches and countries.
  3. It also clearly guides what JAS’ priorities are, which helps the organization stay in the zone it will add the most value to its customers.
    The management reviews and corresponding KPI reviews are also aligned with many of these statements on “My Commitment” poster for accountability and continuous improvement.

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