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Pharma & Healthcare

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Pharma & Healthcare Training Program in the Making

Training program faculty have a combined 150+ years of industry experiences in all aspects of logistics and pharma and healthcare manufacturing and R&D

David Bang
September 23, 2021

The JAS Pharma & Healthcare training program has now 15 courses and will be adding 5 more courses by the end of the year, covering everything from core compliance courses to practical desk and floor level knowledge.  So far, nearly 200 JAS employees have taken the courses and many of them have achieved “Pharma & Healthcare Catalyst” certification meaning they’ve now demonstrated sufficient and broad-enough knowledge on the key pharma and healthcare topics related to their responsible area.

These individuals are from all key functions at JAS: sales, product, operation, quality, process, HR, finance, etc.  

The lineup of faculty members is impressive too.  With more than a combined 150 years of industry experiences in all aspects of logistics and pharma and healthcare manufacturing and R&D, these coaches are not just teaching knowledge but are contagious with passion. Most importantly, the training program is designed to promote constant learning instead of simply a one-time annual thing to be checked off to remain compliant.

Since these training courses are so relevant and useful even to pharma and healthcare customers, there is a plan to bring this learning to pharma and healthcare customers and partners.

Some of the unique characteristics of the JAS Pharma & Healthcare training program are:

  • Each training session is no more than 45 minutes.
  • Each topic has a knowledge check list that can be used as a personal reminder day-to-day (the typical adult retains 20% or less of what they learned after 48 hours).
  • Knowledge test via an LMS (Learning Management System).
  • Those trainings should be linked to Skills and Competences of Personal Career Profiles in HR system – tied to job profiles, talent management, and career paths
  • Training effectiveness and continuous improvement cycle.
  • Make the learning experience fun!

Next steps

  • Multi-languages: Spanish version of some of the training courses were introduced and we will work on many other languages.
  • Free trainings will be available via a common learning platform like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn to pharma and healthcare customers (logistics, supply chain, quality, procurement professionals and executives) and partners.

“I believe I will be able to help my customers with the best service for their specific products, combining accuracy, transparency, and proactive intervention at the same time offering cost efficiency.”, said Ashley Barron, Trade Manager Ocean Services of USA, a Catalyst of pharma & healthcare logistics industry.

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