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(A Message from Our CEO)

To Our Loyal and Valued Customers,

The uncertainty of the past several months has left all of us struggling to understand the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on the global economy and our businesses.  As a company whose roots began as a family business, JAS has always felt a tremendous responsibility to our employees and to our customers.  Our immediate priority was to implement precautionary measures to protect our employees and their families, while ensuring we maintain the level of customer service you have come to expect from us.

Part of that service includes keeping you informed of current market conditions and our operational response using the best information and guidance available to us.  The portal we have developed will provide you with the status of our operations in each country and critical market intelligence, along with how we can work together to temper the supply chain disruptions you’re experiencing.  Should you find that you require more information than we’ve provided, I encourage you to reach out to your local representative, or to anyone on our Corporate team.

We will continue to keep you and our team at the heart of our decision making as we navigate through these extraordinary circumstances.  We appreciate your continued support.

Marco Rebuffi
President and CEO ​

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9 April 2020

Dear Valued JAS Customer,

Re: COVID-19 Global Pandemic

First, we want to thank you for your business, especially during these unprecedented and challenging times.

As is well known and widely reported, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel coronavirus (now designated by WHO as COVID-19) a global pandemic, and it has spread to more than 150 countries in less than three months from when it was first identified in China at the end of last year. The staggering loss of human life is tragic, and we all hope that the outbreak can be contained as soon as possible.

Minimizing the impact on our customers is one of our top priorities. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as the virus spreads and governments all around the world are taking sometimes drastic but appropriate measures to slow its spread and save lives. These measures have included travel bans, quarantines, border closures, port closures, and severely restrictive access to airports. Almost all airlines have stopped operating to some extent. JAS has observed significant delays across the globe in all aspects of the supply chain. Unfortunately, this means there will be extended periods of time with cargo being unable to move.

As a result, all elements of the transportation supply chain are currently impossible to predict or control as a result of the prevailing conditions. Further, there is no indication as to how long this situation will last but it is clear that there will be prolonged periods of disruption along with increased expenses.
This situation was unforeseen and outside the reasonable control of JAS. The global pandemic has drastically decreased the availability of all carriers, the predictability of the carriers’ schedules, and the availability of labor throughout the supply chain. As a result, JAS’s ability to perform in accordance with our agreements and meet our contractual commitments is being significantly impacted. As such, our services and prices will be modified, if necessary, to the prevailing conditions resulting from the COVID- 19 pandemic and related governmental actions, as permitted under the provisions of our contracts and applicable law.

JAS reaffirms our dedication to our customers, and this notification should not be interpreted as a breach, repudiation, or cancellation of our contract terms. JAS is committed to make every reasonable effort to provide continued services to you where possible, and we remain available to discuss alternative logistics solutions and possible increased costs and delays that may occur.

We will continuously review this position as the situation is constantly changing for the industry at the moment. As a global organization, we will work with you to minimize disruptions to your transportation needs. We are committed to helping our clients during this difficult period and assure you of our closest attention. 

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