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Summer Fun and Strawberry Picking

June 3, 2021

Ahhh, the smell of ripe strawberries lingers in the air as one of the most wonderful times of the year has arrived…. SUMMER!  

Consider strawberry picking as a family friendly outdoor activity this year!  Most of us are accustomed to strawberries from the grocery that were shipped in from faraway places and picked perhaps a bit early to ensure smooth travels.   Local strawberries are a totally different experience.  You are selecting each one yourself at the peak of perfection.  They are ripe and red totally through and filled with flavor beyond comparison.

Here are 5 tips to make your strawberry picking experience the best!

  1. Pick on a weekday when strawberry availability is at its peak. Strawberries ripen over time and supplies are best mid-week.
  2. Arrive right when the farm opens on weekends.
  3. Local Berries are Fragile. Eat your strawberries or freeze them within 24 hours of picking.  
  4. Dress for Picking!  You are visiting a working farm so close-toed shoes, sun hat and sunscreen are in order.  
  5. Please pay for your Strawberries before eating them. It is hugely tempting to eat strawberries while picking, but strawberries are sold by the pound at most farms so you will need to weigh and pay before you enjoy.

Enjoy!! Cheers to the summer!


Latest News

European Commission Announces EU Customs Reform Plan

On May 17, the European Commission (EC) unveiled an ambitious reform plan for the EU Customs Union to include the creation of the EU Customs Data Hub to provide a single interface and data repository for all traders to interact with EU Customs. The proposal also includes a “Trust & Check” program for approved traders to import goods without customs intervention, self-monitor for compliance, and pay duties periodically. The de minimis duty exemption of 150 Euro would be eliminated and online platforms would become the “deemed importer” for e-commerce shipments instead of the purchaser.

Customs and Border Protection's Green Trade Strategy

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently announced its Green Trade Strategy to incentivize green trade, strengthen CBP’s environmental enforcement posture, accelerate green innovation, and improve climate resilience and resource efficiency. On July 11, 2023, CBP will host a Green Trade Innovation and Incentives Forum to allow members of the trade industry, academia, and any other interested entities to share ideas and innovations related to this strategy.

CBP Delays Ocean House Bill Release in Ace and Automation of CBP Form 6051D for Detentions

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announed on 05/12/23 an indefinite delay in the deployment of the much anticipated Ocean House Bill of Lading Release in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). A follow-up notice will be issued once a new date is established. Also, the recently announced deloyment date of 05/20/23 for the “Automation of CBP Form 6051D for Detentions Filed in ACE” was changed to “TBD” (To be determined). This was noted on the ACE Deployment Schedule without an official announcement.

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