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JAS U.A.E. Delivers in the Time of COVID-19

Shemeem Ismail
December 7, 2020

In January of this year, prior to the onset of the new COVID-19 era, JAS U.A.E. received a call from a client managing operations for the prestigious Abu Dhabi Marine Equipment and Rodan Sports.

He had a consignment of boats to be home-delivered to Kuwait from Abu Dhabi. However, nature had other plans. By the time the shipments were ready, COVID-19 had struck the world, changing the way we function. The borders to every country were closed, literally bringing the GCC to a lockdown, and this project got held-up.

However, using the extensive JAS Network and our expertise in the logistics and transportation industry, JAS U.A.E carried out daily follow-ups to check the constantly changing COVID rules between the countries whose borders would need to be crossed in order to reach the final destination for this project. Maintaining constant vigilance, JAS maintained high spirits that this project would be allowed to proceed as needed.

Finally, after 9 months of waiting and shifting environments, October offered a chance to allow this project to begin transportation via Road.

Without wasting any time, the JAS U.A.E. team reached out to the Shipper in Abu Dhabi to move the consignment which were to cross the borders of UAE, Saudi, and ultimately Kuwait.

This project presented additional transportation challenges as there were roads that were being tested that had to be traveled over. Therefore our JAS team of experts set out a strategy in order to complete this journey successfully while traversing the test roads while using Concord Transporters.

With a spot-on schedule and constant checks with various Govt. authorities, the project began to move. First, JAS used 12 Tonne trucks in order to transport the boats from the city bound showroom to the trailer yard.

With cooperation and assistance from an Abu Dhabi Police escort, the operation was carried out at night when traffic was at it's lowest and the project could be most safely and efficiently carried out.

Once Loaded & dispatched, on the 10th of November, with everyone's prayers and hopes, and as scheduled, the consignment had to cross four check-posts one by one. Meanwhile, most GCCs were experiencing rising COVID numbers and tensions of border shutdowns were on the cards again. However, with an optimistic outlook, our trailers pulled through the vast desert roads. A 24-hour checklist was prioritized with analytics in case of any contingencies. Plans for a U-Turn too was in place if inflicted with a worst-case scenario. Plan for everything, even if you expect your original plans to work out. JAS top priority is always our client's and therefore having a plan for every possible outcome is a requirement for success.

Clearing Sila on the 11th November, Batha on the 12th, and finally the boats reached Nuwaiseeb on the 13th. Upon handing over the complete set of documents at Sulaibiya, the JAS team had to await clearance. The procedures at borders had by the time become fairly testing. The safety and security measures were exacting, everything must be handled perfectly. On November 15th clearance was received.  The green signal was on, and our consignment rolled through the vast gates of the Sulaibiya border. Within the next few hours, the whole convoy of trailers reached its final destination.

A project that started in the month of January and did not see daylight until the month of October demonstrates the trust and conviction a customer had in JAS. And JAS is honored to have that level of trust and conviction from our customers. At JAS people do truly make the difference, and our clients loyalty and trust reflect that.

Even in these uncertain times, JAS continues to deliver for our clients.

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What advice would you give your younger self?

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How have female mentors/role models influenced your career?

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What achievement are you most proud of while working at JAS?

“I began my career at JAS as a Country Operations Manager. Over the years, I found a way to respectfully open doors, and I became the first female Managing Director at JAS. I am proud to be leading my country and making it a successful subsidiary by building a winning team on the local level and helping the company grow within the market.”

Ewa Osowska, Sales Manger, JAS Poland

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What advice would you give your younger self?

Don't change anything. Be stubborn, be ambitious, and be committed. Lessons from failures can be a key to success in the future. Continue keeping your promises because trust builds business relationships that matter.

From the very beginning, I have treated work as a long-term journey. I like to learn and set ambitious goals for myself. I also like being open-minded and innovative. 

When I started in November 2003 as an Airfreight Forwarder Assistant, I didn't know I would stay in the industry for the next 20 years. However, I am very happy with this choice right now. Over the years, I have had a chance to delve into the ins and outs of air freight, as well as ocean, road, and rail freight, and even contract logistics. 

What achievement are you most proud of while working at JAS?

In February 2022, the eyes of the world were watching the dramatic scenes of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Poland, as a country with a direct border to Ukraine, has naturally become one of the major countries on the logistics map for building alternative supply chains for food, medications, medical kits, and all the other important equipment.

Thanks to JAS' global experience in Aid & Relief solutions, the United Nations has asked JAS to help support humanitarian efforts in Poland, a region where JAS recently expanded. Together with my colleague Salvatore Lauro, VP Regional Manager Center and South for Italy, we quickly created dedicated solutions so aid could be delivered despite the challenging situation. As a result, we were able to make food deliveries from the very beginning. I am proud of being part of it because it matters not only to me, not only to the company but to the Ukrainian people. 

How do you #Embrace Equality? 

It is a good question because, at JAS, people make the difference, regardless of gender, skin colour, or origin. I have not even thought about embracing equality, because it is already what I naturally do every day.  

Åsa Andersson, Ocean Export Specialist, JAS Sweden

JAS’ weekly Less-than-Container Load (LCL) service from the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden (GOT) to Charleston, South Carolina, USA (CHS) is up and running. 

With the global maritime market continuing to experience demand vs. capacity challenges, port congestion, and equipment imbalance, LCL services provide an opportunity to optimize your supply chain. These services are designed to provide the flexibility needed to keep your supply chain moving while offering cost savings when compared to air freight. Our dedicated LCL team members have the expertise to support your business while providing the best LCL service solution. 

Please meet our Gothenburg to Charleston LCL service expert, Åsa Andersson, from JAS Sweden in Helsingborg. 

Hello Åsa!

What is your role at JAS Worldwide Sweden? 

For the past five years, I have worked as an Ocean Export Specialist at the Helsingborg branch in Sweden. As an LCL expert, I focus on service from Gothenburg to Charleston. This includes container planning, maintaining contact with the shipping lines, issuing required documents for shipping goods to the US, and keeping in close contact with my JAS Charleston colleagues.

What is the advantage of having LCL service from Gothenburg in Sweden to Charleston in the US? 

The reason why we’ve chosen to ship from Gothenburg port in Sweden is because it is the largest port in the Nordics. There we have a contracted and reliable terminal and it’s well located for goods from both northern and southern Sweden. 

And why do we ship to Charleston in the US? 

JAS in Charleston has its own terminal, which means that we have control over the cargo operations there, and with Charleston is ideally located for moving goods to their final destinations.

What are the benefits of an LCL service between Gothenburg and Charleston? 

With this service not only is JAS able to provide efficient transit times between Gothenburg and Charleston but we also maintain control of the goods from sender to recipient. At the same time we provide a good rate overview because we collect the goods. 

Has shipping goods from the Nordics to the US changed after the Pandemic and if so, how? 

I feel the interest in shipping goods to the US has increased since the Pandemic as we are seeing more demand for shipping services. 

What challenges have you experienced after the Pandemic? 

The after effect of the Pandemic and the concern that prevails globally at the moment means that there is still a risk of shipping line changing sailing schedules with short notice.

What is important to think about when shipping goods to the US? 

Since the US has special requirements for sending goods there, it is important that you, as an exporter, have extra control over delivery conditions, what broker you choose, and who does the ISF filing. Everything must be in place before the goods are shipped; otherwise, there may be hefty fines at the destination, which could have been avoided.

What do you like about your job, and what do you find most rewarding?

No day is alike – that's something I find attractive about my job. I have been in the business for 35 years now. I love what I do and enjoy working with my nice colleagues across Sweden and the US.

It is gratifying to find the best solutions for our customers and to experience that the customer is satisfied.  

Thank you, Åsa!

For more information about our Gothenburg to Charleston LCL service, reach out to your local sales representative or download the flyer below.

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