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JAS U.A.E. Delivers in the Time of COVID-19

Shemeem Ismail
December 7, 2020

In January of this year, prior to the onset of the new COVID-19 era, JAS U.A.E. received a call from a client managing operations for the prestigious Abu Dhabi Marine Equipment and Rodan Sports.

He had a consignment of boats to be home-delivered to Kuwait from Abu Dhabi. However, nature had other plans. By the time the shipments were ready, COVID-19 had struck the world, changing the way we function. The borders to every country were closed, literally bringing the GCC to a lockdown, and this project got held-up.

However, using the extensive JAS Network and our expertise in the logistics and transportation industry, JAS U.A.E carried out daily follow-ups to check the constantly changing COVID rules between the countries whose borders would need to be crossed in order to reach the final destination for this project. Maintaining constant vigilance, JAS maintained high spirits that this project would be allowed to proceed as needed.

Finally, after 9 months of waiting and shifting environments, October offered a chance to allow this project to begin transportation via Road.

Without wasting any time, the JAS U.A.E. team reached out to the Shipper in Abu Dhabi to move the consignment which were to cross the borders of UAE, Saudi, and ultimately Kuwait.

This project presented additional transportation challenges as there were roads that were being tested that had to be traveled over. Therefore our JAS team of experts set out a strategy in order to complete this journey successfully while traversing the test roads while using Concord Transporters.

With a spot-on schedule and constant checks with various Govt. authorities, the project began to move. First, JAS used 12 Tonne trucks in order to transport the boats from the city bound showroom to the trailer yard.

With cooperation and assistance from an Abu Dhabi Police escort, the operation was carried out at night when traffic was at it's lowest and the project could be most safely and efficiently carried out.

Once Loaded & dispatched, on the 10th of November, with everyone's prayers and hopes, and as scheduled, the consignment had to cross four check-posts one by one. Meanwhile, most GCCs were experiencing rising COVID numbers and tensions of border shutdowns were on the cards again. However, with an optimistic outlook, our trailers pulled through the vast desert roads. A 24-hour checklist was prioritized with analytics in case of any contingencies. Plans for a U-Turn too was in place if inflicted with a worst-case scenario. Plan for everything, even if you expect your original plans to work out. JAS top priority is always our client's and therefore having a plan for every possible outcome is a requirement for success.

Clearing Sila on the 11th November, Batha on the 12th, and finally the boats reached Nuwaiseeb on the 13th. Upon handing over the complete set of documents at Sulaibiya, the JAS team had to await clearance. The procedures at borders had by the time become fairly testing. The safety and security measures were exacting, everything must be handled perfectly. On November 15th clearance was received.  The green signal was on, and our consignment rolled through the vast gates of the Sulaibiya border. Within the next few hours, the whole convoy of trailers reached its final destination.

A project that started in the month of January and did not see daylight until the month of October demonstrates the trust and conviction a customer had in JAS. And JAS is honored to have that level of trust and conviction from our customers. At JAS people do truly make the difference, and our clients loyalty and trust reflect that.

Even in these uncertain times, JAS continues to deliver for our clients.

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Short sea shipping provides great environmental, social, and economic advantages and plays a key role in sustainable shipping.

Over time, the volume of goods being transported on European roads has steadily increased, leading to congested roads, delays, and unnecessary costs. As shippers look to avoid these issues, many are considering short sea shipping as a viable solution.

What is short sea shipping?

Short sea shipping is essentially container movement within Europe, but with a short time on the sea. Short sea shipping is an excellent alternative to road freight. However, it is not a matter of dismantling road transport. It is about environmentally smart alternatives that improve existing supply chains.

What are the advantages of short sea shipping?

  • Increased Reliability: One significant benefit of short sea shipping is that shippers receive goods in a reliable, consistent, and timely manner. Unlike road transport, which is prone to delays and irregular logistics flow due to congestion, short sea shipping allows for scheduled departures and arrivals.
  • A Sustainable Choice: Short sea shipping provides great environmental, social, and economic advantages and plays a vital role in sustainable shipping. Moving a significant volume of goods from road freight to short sea will positively impact road congestion, road safety, and noise levels. One feeder vessel carries the equivalent of 500 truckloads. Compared to using trucks only, this solution provides increased both in terms of cost and CO2 emissions.
  • Buy What You Need: The size of a container often determines the quantity purchased, but it is important to buy and transport only what is needed. A short sea solution enables shippers to avoid producing excess merchandise with no demand and risks being destroyed. Short sea shipping affords the opportunity to book smaller quantities resulting in fewer containers being utilized.
  • Cost-Efficient Alternative: Sea freight rates are considerably lower than road freight rates, especially when transporting larger freight volumes and heavier cargo. Transitioning from road freight to short sea allows shippers to circumvent the high freight rates associated with road transport. In the long term, moving large volumes to short sea and away from the roads of Europe would help restore the capacity imbalance in road freight and eventually remove lack-of-capacity surcharges.

For more information about short sea shipping solutions, contact your local sales representative.

Jordy Romeijn, Pharma & Healthcare Customer Experience Director

JAS Worldwide EMEA is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordy Romeijn to the position of  EMEA Pharma & Healthcare Customer Experience Director as of 09 May 2022. Working in this pivotal role from his home base in the Netherlands, together with the region’s Pharma & Healthcare teams Jordy will champion customer experience and operational excellence for the region.  

Jordy has more than 20 years’ experience in the logistics industry, starting when he was just 15 years old, and has hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of freight forwarding, “from warehouse to sales and everything in between.” He joined JAS in  Rotterdam in 2007, and was quickly promoted to Branch Manager. After guiding them through significant growth, in 2017 Jordy relocated to the USA to manage the JAS Chicago branch, which at the time was “fairly small” in the JAS organization. Fast forward five years, under Jordy’s leadership the JAS Chicago branch is now the largest in the US, handling multiple own freighters per week and preparing for the grand opening of a new state-of -the-art 80,000 square foot pharma and healthcare logistics facility in summer 2022.

Of his appointment, Jordy says: “During my years working with JAS I have witnessed the company continuously grow and develop itself – JAS today is vastly different then JAS 16 years ago. My long tenure and experience on both sides of the Atlantic will allow me to contribute toward growing the Pharma & Healthcare vertical, and I am truly looking forward to this exciting new opportunity.”

JAS is delighted to welcome Jordy to this new position and is confident he will play a key role in upholding and continuously improving the service quality provided to our valued clients as we continue to invest in the pharma and healthcare logistics industry.

From left to right: Bjoern Morzineck (Branch Manager), Ellen Rackow (Import Specialist), Isa Melchert (Operations Manager), Danilo Loewe (Business Development Manager).

In line with its current growth strategy, JAS Germany is pleased to announce the opening of its newest branch in Dresden (DRS).

JAS’ established presence throughout Germany, and now in Dresden emphasizes, its commitment to growth while still providing best-in-class service as the global and local freight forwarder of choice.

The newest branch, which began operations on May 2, will provide clients with a full range of air and ocean services as the team works to respond to the needs of the marketplace.

In addition, to the Dresden location, JAS Germany has thirteen additional fully operating strategically located throughout Germany.

About JAS Germany

JAS Germany, headquartered in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, has been present in Germany for more than 40 years. In addition to the global air and sea freight services, handled by a global "one file" IT solution, JAS Germany offers comprehensive solutions such as 3PL service, own warehouse services, and customs clearance services

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