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JAS Thriving in an Uncertian Transpacific Market

September 30, 2016

For the past several years, the Trans-Pacific shipping market has been one of the most unpredictable in the world.  Over the years, we have seen strikes, natural disasters, mergers, new regulations, and spikes and lulls in economies, causing a very fluid market situation that changes almost weekly.  The recent Hanjin bankruptcy is the latest in a series of unfortunate events that has caused the market to stand on its head.

During this time period, we have seen a shift in the landscape of relationships among freight forwarders and carriers through several mergers, buyouts, and alliance shifts, in order to grow market share in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Instead of trying to buy market share, JAS has taken a customer-centric approach to develop this market and it has paid off.  With the implementation of the Cargowise One (C1) platform, (beginning with the USA and China in 2014) JAS has been able to use live data to react quickly to the ever changing market conditions and increase efficiency in the process. This is mutually beneficial to both JAS and our customers.

We are taking this a step further by investing in other business intelligence and analytic tools to help customers make better decisions to improve their respective supply chains.  The Trans-Pacific market is highly competitive and transparent in terms of shipping rates. Customers are looking to find other ways to reduce cost and compete through creating consolidations, maintaining visibility, forecasting and steering.

So far in 2016, JAS has added four weekly LCL consolidations to our current Trans-Pacific offering for a total of 17 lane pairs, with the intention of adding two more before year end.  These LCL consolidations cover not only the major markets (Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.) but also regions such as Keelung, Qingdao, Memphis, and Charleston.

Additionally, we have developed our air and FCL product offerings over the years by maintaining a focused approach through our elite carrier programs. By partnering with and maintaining long term support from market leading airlines and steamships that provide best in class service, we can be confident in our ability to provide our customers with a consistent level of service, even during drastic market fluctuations.

A perfect example of this is the current Hanjin financial crisis leading to bankruptcy. The JAS Ocean Services team saw this situation several months ago and began proactively steering cargo elsewhere.  We still have some affected freight, given the interconnected system and global alliances between carriers, but the little disruption that did occur was manageable and easily resolved. In fact, the situation at hand puts JAS in a very unique position in the market. While others scramble and focus internally to minimize the damage caused by Hanjin, JAS is focusing on our customers and has the resources and tools available to help them maximize their supply chain and navigate through the uncertainty of the Trans-Pacific market with confidence.


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Located in the center of southeast Asia, Thailand is the second-biggest economy in ASEAN and a major global tourism destination. This dynamic and consumer-driven market is increasing its demand for imported food and beverages, offering many opportunities for Italian exporters. JAS Thailand is proud to launch a weekly air freight consolidation for perishable goods from Italy, catering to the demanding needs of the most reputable hotels and restaurants of the country. We carry perishable goods such as fresh fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and also ‘super’ fresh cheese (like mozzarella or burrata) and frozen foods to Bangkok.

This JAS AIR Service features the following benefits:

  • Weekly departure on world class carrier
  • Airport to Airport transit time : 11 hours
  • Flexible processes oriented to provide customers tailor-made solutions
  • Integral/integrated : JAS can complement air portion with Origin (pick up/warehouse/consolidation/customs brokerage) value added service solutions to ensure the smoothest release at destination.

Please visit JAS Thailand country website and / or reach out to for more information.

JAS Italy has been active in the alcoholic beverages industry for decades and has demonstrated its ability to deliver superior logistic solutions to exporters and importers during that time.

Overseas market specialists, together with the JAS Florence Wine & Spirits team, along with colleagues deployed at JAS offices in wine producing regions provide dedicated competitive services to suit customers’ demands in Italy and various continents.

JAS offers state of the art airfreight services for wine, dry & reefer buyers consolidations at optimized costs, temperature management expertise, insulation services for air and sea consignments, and JAS' own LCL/LCL containers to selected destinations.

From Veneto, Tuscany, Refosco, Piedmonte, Abruzzo, Calabria…from all producing regions…Prosecco, Chianti, Barolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Aglianico, Fruili, and all other Italian wines are shipped with care for our customers.

JAS Italy together with destination offices colleagues ensure that the Italian flag for Wine & Spirits services solutions is raised on selected markets.

In today’s environment, shippers are faced with numerous challenges, from the immediate need to replenish drastically reduced inventory levels to budgeting logistics costs in a highly unpredictable environment. Blank sailings, carrier solvency, and steadily building port congestion is resulting in increased supply chain risk and lead time fluctuations. Global air cargo capacity has been reduced by over 25% making access to space more constrained due to overall demand and increased dwell time due to testing and customs inspections of PPE goods.

JAS is working closely with our customers to offer solutions that balance planning with responsiveness and agility, while working to provide service options that mitigate the increased costs and risks that exist with current market conditions.

Our Flight Operations solutions address the immediate and urgent needs of our customers. We have scheduled weekly flights from the following areas:

China to the USA with connections to Latin America

Europe to the USA with connections to Latin America

USA to Europe

China to Europe

Additional flights will be added as needed.

JAS SEA-AIR services provide an alternative solution to customers requiring shorter lead times than traditional ocean freight while providing a lower cost option to air freight. We currently offer hubs in Singapore and Korea that connect Asia with the rest of the world.

​For traditional ocean FCL and LCL services, our ocean team aligns our carrier allocations and schedules with our customers’ forecasts. Services such as container and order management offer additional value to our standard ocean freight services.

​While our current priority is to work with your immediate needs, we do not want to lose sight of the need for long-term planning strategies so please contact us at or reach out to your local JAS representative for more information.

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