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JAS Thriving in an Uncertian Transpacific Market

September 30, 2016

For the past several years, the Trans-Pacific shipping market has been one of the most unpredictable in the world.  Over the years, we have seen strikes, natural disasters, mergers, new regulations, and spikes and lulls in economies, causing a very fluid market situation that changes almost weekly.  The recent Hanjin bankruptcy is the latest in a series of unfortunate events that has caused the market to stand on its head.

During this time period, we have seen a shift in the landscape of relationships among freight forwarders and carriers through several mergers, buyouts, and alliance shifts, in order to grow market share in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Instead of trying to buy market share, JAS has taken a customer-centric approach to develop this market and it has paid off.  With the implementation of the Cargowise One (C1) platform, (beginning with the USA and China in 2014) JAS has been able to use live data to react quickly to the ever changing market conditions and increase efficiency in the process. This is mutually beneficial to both JAS and our customers.

We are taking this a step further by investing in other business intelligence and analytic tools to help customers make better decisions to improve their respective supply chains.  The Trans-Pacific market is highly competitive and transparent in terms of shipping rates. Customers are looking to find other ways to reduce cost and compete through creating consolidations, maintaining visibility, forecasting and steering.

So far in 2016, JAS has added four weekly LCL consolidations to our current Trans-Pacific offering for a total of 17 lane pairs, with the intention of adding two more before year end.  These LCL consolidations cover not only the major markets (Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.) but also regions such as Keelung, Qingdao, Memphis, and Charleston.

Additionally, we have developed our air and FCL product offerings over the years by maintaining a focused approach through our elite carrier programs. By partnering with and maintaining long term support from market leading airlines and steamships that provide best in class service, we can be confident in our ability to provide our customers with a consistent level of service, even during drastic market fluctuations.

A perfect example of this is the current Hanjin financial crisis leading to bankruptcy. The JAS Ocean Services team saw this situation several months ago and began proactively steering cargo elsewhere.  We still have some affected freight, given the interconnected system and global alliances between carriers, but the little disruption that did occur was manageable and easily resolved. In fact, the situation at hand puts JAS in a very unique position in the market. While others scramble and focus internally to minimize the damage caused by Hanjin, JAS is focusing on our customers and has the resources and tools available to help them maximize their supply chain and navigate through the uncertainty of the Trans-Pacific market with confidence.

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As a part of the larger move towards more sustainable wine production, Greencarrier Freight Services offers short sea shipping services as an innovative transportation alternative to road freight.

Wine has been produced in the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries.

Throughout Portugal, there are fourteen Delimited Wine Regions. Due to unique geography of the area, a variety of quality wines suchas sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, rosé wines, and different kinds of vinegar can be found.

In 2015, Portugal’s Alentejo Region launched its award winning “Alentejo Wine Sustainability Program” (PSVA) in the region’s vineyards, in part, to promote more sustainable wine production environment.

As part of this move towards more sustainable wine production, Greencarrier Freight Services offers short sea shipping services as an innovative transportation alternative to road freight.

The service operates from Porto in Portugal to the Nordic region. Cargo for the Nordic market is consolidated from all over Spain and Portugal, where it is then shipped to Gothenburg for further distribution in the Nordics.

“This sustainable service option is a way for shippers to reduce direct emissions but also mitigate congested roads and shortage of drivers. It is our ambition to make it simple for our clients to switch to sustainable alternatives without having to recreate their entire supply chain, says Ari Malvela, Head of Road Freight.

Less than container load (LCL) allows you to ship smaller quantities more frequently. With weekly departures and fast transit times it is easier than ever to build supply chains that are both efficient and sustainable.

“Can we afford not to become more sustainable? This logistics solution is part of our initiative “Green Solutions” and reduces your environmental footprint up to 80% when compared to using road freight. One feeder vessel carries the equivalent of 500 truckloads, reducing the pressure on congested roads as well as the environment,” says Stefan Larsen, Ocean Freight Manager.

For more information about the Portugal Nordics Short Sea LCL Service, contact your local representative.

Julio Lopez, LATAM Trade Lane Manager, JAS APAC

It is with great pleasure that JAS Asia Pacific introduces and welcomes Julio Lopez to the JAS Asia Pacific (APAC) regional Trade Lane Team.

In past roles working for several large freight forwarders, Julio has worked in Canada, Spain, China, Vietnam, and Thailand in various roles. He brings with him a wealth and knowledge and experience gained from his previous roles, including that of Business Development Manager, where he focused on the development of a perishable inbound program from the Americas and Europe, and more recently, Asia Pacific Trade Lane management program director.

Julio originates from Puebla, Mexico and will be based at the JAS Bangkok office, in Thailand. His hiring came through after full alignment with the Americas region and the JAS Worldwide global team.

Julio will work closely with Vivian Brunialti, Trade Lane Director, JAS Brazil, Stefano Olmi, Vice President Sales & Marketing, JAS APAC, and members of both the commercial and product teams in South America and the APAC regional team, as they work to support and promote further the expansion of the trade in both directions.

JAS Indonesia is pleased to announce the appointment of Krisna Wijaya to the position of Air Freight Manager.

JAS Indonesia is pleased to announce the appointment of Krisna Wijaya to the position of Air Freight Manager as of June 2, 2022.

Krisna brings with him a wealth of experience gained from his more than 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding and aviation industries. In past roles, working for several large global freight forwarders, he has held a wide variety of positions including Airfreight Manager, Procurement Manager, and Assistant Air Freight Director.

JAS is delighted to welcome Krisna to the team and is confident he will play a key role in improving market share while upholding and continuously providing unmatched quality to clients.

About JAS Indonesia

Established in 2006 in Jakarta, JAS Indonesia has dozens of dedicated and experienced team members to support any of your regional and global transportation needs. The team focuses on air and sea (LCL & FCL), imports, exports, domestic services (air, sea, and inland freight), licensed custom house brokerage, and distribution.

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