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News From JAS Worldwide - Americas Focus

JAS Americas HQ

6195 Barfield Road

Atlanta GA, 30328

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JAS North American Trade Lane

October 2, 2017
U.S. - NAFTA Freight value percent change from previous year over the last 24 months
U.S. - NAFTA Freight value percent change from previous year over the last 24 months

In 2016, JAS Worldwide invested in the cross border trade lane between Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  The new trade lane officially started on January 1st, 2017 and has been operationally supported by the JAS Laredo office which opened on the same day.  The goal and strategy is simple: to provide a one-stop solution for all JAS customers with top notch service and visibility via JASTrack, which will set us apart from our competition.

Overall, North American cross-border freight has steadily increased over the last eight months. Canada/USA freight has increased approximately 6% and Mexico/USA freight has increased 9.4% over this period.  

Over the last nine months, our trade lane has experienced a growth of 48% in the number of shipments, and an increase of 141% Gross Profit compared to the same time period in 2016.  

Our main driver for this growth has been the implementation of our pricing and procurement desk based in Laredo, TX. There, Antonio Pastrana, North American Trade Lane Manager, and Tracy Garcia, Import Supervisor, enable JAS to maintain and build effective carrier relationships. Building these sustainable relationships with our carrier partners allows for strategic alignment of JAS goals, our customers’ goals, and the carriers’ goals in order to continue to offer the best options to our shippers; reducing cost and increasing profit.

One question that is often asked by our sales professionals is:
What are cross-border shipments and how can we identify them when we speak with our customers?

Here is a short list of questions for our sales people to get the conversation started and gather pertinent information to further the sales process.

  • What type of products/freight do you handle?
  • What are the Incoterms of your shipments and do you utilize any special trade program?
  • What is the volume on your imports and exports for Canada or Mexico?
  • What Customs ports do you use in your import and export operations?
  • What are the points of origin and destination for your shipments and what modes of transport does your company use for your shipments (land, rail, air or sea)?

JAS is able to take the complexity out of our customers’ cross-border shipping.  We can provide a one-stop solution with industry leading visibility and scalability to fit each customer and ensure that all shipments move through customs and routes with reliability we can all count on. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or customer prospects via the buttons below.

Reuben D Botello, LCB
Trade Lane Director
North American Trade Lane (MX-USA-CA)



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Latest News

JAS Argentina is proud to announce that it has been certified as a "Great Place to Work" for the December 2020 to December 2021 period.

Great Place to Work is an independent research and consulting company that evaluates an organization's company culture and team members' experiences while at work through an annual survey.

The Great Places to Work certification shows that JAS Argentina has a strong commitment to teamwork and is continuing to develop a strong work culture based on values and purpose.

Patricio Pranzetti, managing director of JAS Argentina, said about the certification, "I am very proud to be part of this journey, and we are all looking forward to continuing to grow and contributing to the amazing JAS Americas team."

Congratulations, JAS Argentina!

Atlanta, USA. JAS Worldwide today announced that its subsidiary, JAS Brazil, has acquired 100% of the shares of Sonave Logistica. The acquisition closed on Jan 1st, 2021.

Sonave has been JAS Brazil’s exclusive Agent in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais) and Curitiba (Parana) for the past 10 years, providing freight and logistics services.  The two companies have successfully expanded their global business during the ensuing years. Sonave Logistica, founded in 1983, has been owned and managed by Leonardo Abreu and Ricardo Nunes, both of whom will remain with the company in executive functions.

“Joining JAS Worldwide is the logical outcome of a successful relationship, opening new opportunities for our employees and customers”, said Leonardo Abreu, President of Sonave Logistica.

“The integration into JAS Worldwide, especially as we take advantage of JAS’ strong suite of global IT solutions, will bring better visibility and reporting capabilities for our clients and increase our competitiveness in the market”, said Ricardo Nunes, President of Sonave Logistica.

The two companies have similar values and complement each other in their geographical footprint.  

Of the acquisition, Adrian Emmenegger, Executive Vice President of the Americas at JAS Worldwide said, “We are pleased to welcome the Sonave team to the JAS family and look forward to the growth the combined company will bring - because people do make the difference.”

About JAS Worldwide

JAS was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy. Over the last four decades, JAS has grown from regional roots to a global force. Today, JAS covers 90+ countries with 335+ offices and official agents and has over 4,000 employees globally.

All aspects of 2020 have undoubtedly been different and challenging. Placing an emphasis on the health of those around us became a primary focus and continues to be so, causing changes to traditions and disruptions to annual plans in order to protect those we care about.

At JAS, People have always made the difference and continue to do so. That is why in 2020 JAS made sure to take every precaution to keep our team and our customers safe, while still delivering good cheer. As we are living and learning to navigate this new era; JAS McAllen knew they had to maintain a safe social distance from the recipients of the annual JAS Calendar, but they still wanted to leave customers with a sense of how grateful JAS is to have them be with us for another year. Therefore JAS McAllen decided to make a caravan to deliver calendars in the parking lots of customers where possible.

There will be time to share again, meanwhile we continue to do business at a safe social distance and create new excitement in doing so.

Happy New Year 2021 from the JAS McAllen Team.

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