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JAS EMEA Strengthens Its Structure

June 19, 2017

During the last months, JAS EMEA was delighted to strengthen its structure in our sales and ocean product structures, in order to better support our regional development and our global development.

​On the Sales side, JAS EMEA invited Ms. Hilary Bragg – formally JAS WW Strategic Business Unit Manager, to become our JAS EMEA Regional Tender Manager. Hilary started with us in January and has already brought great added-value to our region, giving new support to all EMEA countries and to the other JAS regions.

To support Hilary’s team, Mr. Alberto Pittaluga arrived a couple of months ago. He is now responsible for all regional air freight tenders and also engages in building very productive automated rating templates.  

​On the ocean freight side, our EMEA ocean product VP, Mr. Volker Beneke, recently structured his import and export ocean lane product management. This will allow JAS to improve our buying power and to better support, in various aspects, the EMEA countries and our network.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Sven Marsand as Regional Procurement Manager Import, and  Jens Appel as Regional Procurement Manager Export. Both have an excellent background in ocean freight procurement, have worked for JAS Germany before and are ideally located to take on the new challenges.

The Regional Import Procurement goes live this month, while the Ocean Export Procurement will be fully operational as from July 2017. See below the new EMEA Regional Ocean Freight Org Chart along with roles & responsibilities.

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JAS is internationally recognized by our customers as a leader in customer service. While JAS leverages some of the most advanced technological solutions in the forwarding and logistics industry, we continuously make sure that the technology is handled by highly skilled and conscientious people dedicated to our customer base.

The current pandemic has caused shipping disruptions across the globe.  

With a 70% reduction in passenger flights since February 2020, the overall global air freight capacity is down about 25% from this time last year.  Limited space on limited flights means frequent delays and interruptions of supply chains globally.

With the unpredictable availability of cargo space, how do we regain control of air freight to ensure service in such a critical time?  

The traditional air freight model is no longer a realistic option, instead Flight Operations are the key for maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted supply chain by providing door-to-door control of the shipping process. With a Flight Operation, every step of the process - from the time the cargo is picked up to its final delivery - is meticulously managed by the service provider.  

Shipments are processed through facilities controlled by the service provider, both at origin and destination. This system avoids the typical congestion at airport hubs, reduces overall transit time, and increases control.

The aircraft themselves offer unmatched flexibility to meet all cargo needs. Freighters have the capability to move normal and specialized cargo such as dangerous goods, oversized pieces, and shipments requiring refrigeration such as perishable and pharma.  

Lastly, a prime network of delivery options carries the cargo to its ultimate destination.

In early August JAS introduced BLUE WORLD ATLANTIC, a weekend roundtrip Flight Operation between Chicago and Frankfurt, utilizing B 747 – 400 F Nose-Load for optimum loading capabilities. The BLUE WORLD ATLANTIC prime schedule is the best solution for supporting customers in the transatlantic air freight corridor!

If your business could benefit from a regular flight operation in the transatlantic corridor contact a local JAS representative for more information.

We are glad to announce that Ricardo Ortiz has joined the JAS family as Sales & Marketing Director JAS Chile.

Ricardo had more than 16 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry in Chile and the Latam region. He has a strong background on Sales Development, Product and P&L management. During the last 6 years held the role of Country Head of Ocean Freight and previously had several positions on the Sales area.

We are sure that Ricardo will be key to generate a boost on Chile growth.

Please join us in welcoming Ricardo to the JAS family!

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