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JAS Asia Pacific Regional 2018 Sales Meeting

February 19, 2019
Front row ( Left to right): Stefano Redditi, Kevin Ong, Tomas Sonntag, Shane Ravel, Daniele Iussa, Nina Katsuki, Stefano Olmi, Stefano Battan, Isabella Ng, Sareeya Heebtamai, Vivien Ng, Hai Nguyen Back row (Left to right): Franceschino Menconi, Michael Chu, Bob Tan, Oliver Drewniok, John O’Connor, Gary Ferreira, Peter Troy, Jens Grimpe, Yousuk Kim, Andrea Azzimonti, Raymond Phua
Front row ( Left to right): Stefano Redditi, Kevin Ong, Tomas Sonntag, Shane Ravel, Daniele Iussa, Nina Katsuki, Stefano Olmi, Stefano Battan, Isabella Ng, Sareeya Heebtamai, Vivien Ng, Hai Nguyen Back row (Left to right): Franceschino Menconi, Michael Chu, Bob Tan, Oliver Drewniok, John O’Connor, Gary Ferreira, Peter Troy, Jens Grimpe, Yousuk Kim, Andrea Azzimonti, Raymond Phua

Mr. Stefano Olmi, JAS VP Sales & Marketing- APAC, was excited to host his very first APAC Regional Sales Meeting on the 2nd & 3rd of October 2018 in Regent Singapore. Mr. Olmi took this opportunity to share the spirit of the slogan – “Elevate Your Game” into the meeting’s expectations. “In order to increase our chances for success (ELEVATE THE GAME) the company has to have ONE SALES STRATEGY + ONE GOAL = ONE SALES BUDGET “  – Stefano Olmi

During the meeting, the Head of Sales from all APAC country offices were encouraged to share their current setups and actions to improve their local performance and ability to aid their customers. Mr. Tomas Sonntag (EVP – APAC) also shared APAC performance and key issues as well as the current market situation presented by Head of Products. JAS APAC were also pleased to invite special guests -Mr. Stefano Redditi, JAS Worldwide EVP Sales & Marketing, and Mr. John O’Connor JAS Worldwide EVP Strategic Development to share with JAS APAC corporate news and updates, keeping the entire company together on the same page.

It was a fruitful meeting and the takeaways from Mr. Olmi were very valuable to everyone. JAS APAC will elevate their game  continuously and are looking forward to a successful 2019!

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Latest News

The current pandemic has caused shipping disruptions across the globe.  

With a 70% reduction in passenger flights since February 2020, the overall global air freight capacity is down about 25% from this time last year.  Limited space on limited flights means frequent delays and interruptions of supply chains globally.

With the unpredictable availability of cargo space, how do we regain control of air freight to ensure service in such a critical time?  

The traditional air freight model is no longer a realistic option, instead Flight Operations are the key for maintaining a reliable and uninterrupted supply chain by providing door-to-door control of the shipping process. With a Flight Operation, every step of the process - from the time the cargo is picked up to its final delivery - is meticulously managed by the service provider.  

Shipments are processed through facilities controlled by the service provider, both at origin and destination. This system avoids the typical congestion at airport hubs, reduces overall transit time, and increases control.

The aircraft themselves offer unmatched flexibility to meet all cargo needs. Freighters have the capability to move normal and specialized cargo such as dangerous goods, oversized pieces, and shipments requiring refrigeration such as perishable and pharma.  

Lastly, a prime network of delivery options carries the cargo to its ultimate destination.

In early August JAS introduced BLUE WORLD ATLANTIC, a weekend roundtrip Flight Operation between Chicago and Frankfurt, utilizing B 747 – 400 F Nose-Load for optimum loading capabilities. The BLUE WORLD ATLANTIC prime schedule is the best solution for supporting customers in the transatlantic air freight corridor!

If your business could benefit from a regular flight operation in the transatlantic corridor contact a local JAS representative for more information.

We are glad to announce that Ricardo Ortiz has joined the JAS family as Sales & Marketing Director JAS Chile.

Ricardo had more than 16 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry in Chile and the Latam region. He has a strong background on Sales Development, Product and P&L management. During the last 6 years held the role of Country Head of Ocean Freight and previously had several positions on the Sales area.

We are sure that Ricardo will be key to generate a boost on Chile growth.

Please join us in welcoming Ricardo to the JAS family!

Per il terzo anno di fila CONFETRA organizza il prestigioso evento Denominato AGORA’ 2020 e JAS, presente sin dalla prima edizione del 2018, NON potrà mancare con l’ importante partecipazione del nostro Keynote Speaker Mr. Biagio Bruni.

Sarà un momento di confronto importante e sarà l’occasione per fare il punto sulle grandi dinamiche del commercio globale che sta generando mutamenti profondi non solo nel mondo dell’Industria, ma anche nei settori della Logistica e nel Trasporto Internazionale, il tutto fortemente “modificato” anche in conseguenza alle sfide che il “Mondo Post Covid” potrà determinare per l’Italia e per le nostre Imprese.

Infatti a causa dell’emergenza sanitaria causata dal COVID-19, anche il settore dei Trasporti Aerei ha subito dei fortissimi mutamenti sin dai primi giorni di Marzo 2020, causando pesanti contraccolpi sulla continuità della Supply Chain.  

Nonostante questo difficile momento, siamo fieri di affermare che ancora una volta JAS ha avuto una “Market Vision” offrendo servizi JAS CHARTER FLIGHTS in grado di fornire continuità alla Supply Chain della Clientela e di Istituzioni Nazionali ed Internazionali.

JAS ha deciso deciso di continuare con l’investimento effettuato nei mesi precedenti, puntando sull’ organizzazione di vere e proprie «JAS FLIGHT OPERATIONS» su alcune delle Trade Lanes principali.

Il Servizio proposto da JAS  e’ gia’ operativo su uno dei piu’ importanti corridori per il traffico aereo che resta anche uno dei piu’ colpiti dalla cancellazione dei voli passeggeri:


Gli altri corridoi continuano ad essere serviti tramite voli charter organizzati in base alle esigenze del momento.

Per maggiori dettagli in merito allo schedule dei voli contattate l’ ufficio JAS piu’ vicino

For the third year in a row, CONFETRA is organizing AGORA’ 2020.   JAS will be contributing to this important event with the Keynote Speaker Mr. Biagio Bruni.

This is the ideal forum for exchanging ideas and to discuss the current turmoil in the world of commerce which will cause deep changes for all industries and their supply chains, particularly for the international transportation of goods. Everything will be affected, the POST COVID-19 world will be full of challenges and opportunities for Italy and its Industries.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19, greatly affected the whole Air Transportation sector starting from the first few days of March 2020. Supply Chains around the world were completely disrupted.

Despite the very difficult moment, JAS was able to anticipate the market needs quickly establishing a series of JAS CHARTER FLIGHTS to cover any supply chain gap for its clients, as well as Italian and International institutions.

JAS recently decided to expand the investment creating what we now call “JAS FLIGHT OPERATIONS” on the most important Trade-Lanes.

The service is already operational in one of the most important air freight corridors which is also one of the most impacted by the cancellation of many passenger flights:


Other flight corridors will be served with Charter Flights which will be organized depending on the market needs.

For more information and schedule details, please contact your closest JAS office.

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