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News From JAS Worldwide - Americas Focus

JAS Americas HQ

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JAS Argentina Makes Additions to Managing Team

August 9, 2018

​JAS Argentina has faced and overcome many challenges this year, as well as adding many new people into their Managing Team. The new additions have been more than beneficial and made great contributions to the team's growth. Gisela Alamán, the new Sales Team Manager, has helped improve and enlarge the client portfolio through her conscious and active work. Nicolás Rossi, the new Air Freight Manager, has brought with him all of his experience in the field, helping in make JAS' clients confident in the team's reliability. Francisco Mella joined the team as the new Ocean Freight Manager. His drive and innovative ideas have contributed immensely to the team's strength. Lastly, Silvia Santoro, who was previously with JAS, took on the challenge of managing the Operations Department. Her accurate work and diligent search to find solutions has brought the Managing Team closer to fulfilling and exceeding clients' expectations.

This year, JAS Argentina had the opportunity to host two events with their clients to promote the Asia Trade Lane in Argentina. They wanted to build stronger relationships with their clients and make sure they keep in mind what it is that makes JAS Argentina different. JAS Argentina is confident that their team will give their clients the support they need and help them see the value of JAS.

Back in March, JAS Argentina hosted a wine tasting with some of their air freight clients. Stefano Olmi, Vice President of Sales Asia, and Grego Vrhunc, Vice President of Air Freight Americas, were also present. It was a great time to create a closer bond with clients and help them see JAS Argentina's value.

In the beginning of May, JAS Argentina also held a cocktail party with some Ocean Freight clients. Lars Huebecker, Vice President of Ocean Freight Americas, and Gabriel Lopez, Procurement & Trade Lane Manager - South America, Ocean Freight & APAC, were also visiting at the time. It was a priceless opportunity to bring them closer and interact directly with the clients. The Managing Team was able to share their views and prospects for the near future. The team's goal was to help their clients create long-term plans and make informed decisions with first-hand knowledge of what is coming.

The team's aim is to work tirelessly and consistently to become the best. They trust that they are on the right track.

The newly appointed Managing Director, Patricio Pranzetti, shared a brief comment on what his experience has been so far: “So shortly after my journey with JAS had started, the New Year was bringing new and exciting challenges. Seven months have gone by; and at Jas Forwarding de Argentina, we've had the joy of experiencing great growth, consequence of our hard work and dedication.”

Pamela Belard


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Located in the center of southeast Asia, Thailand is the second-biggest economy in ASEAN and a major global tourism destination. This dynamic and consumer-driven market is increasing its demand for imported food and beverages, offering many opportunities for Italian exporters. JAS Thailand is proud to launch a weekly air freight consolidation for perishable goods from Italy, catering to the demanding needs of the most reputable hotels and restaurants of the country. We carry perishable goods such as fresh fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and also ‘super’ fresh cheese (like mozzarella or burrata) and frozen foods to Bangkok.

This JAS AIR Service features the following benefits:

  • Weekly departure on world class carrier
  • Airport to Airport transit time : 11 hours
  • Flexible processes oriented to provide customers tailor-made solutions
  • Integral/integrated : JAS can complement air portion with Origin (pick up/warehouse/consolidation/customs brokerage) value added service solutions to ensure the smoothest release at destination.

Please visit JAS Thailand country website and / or reach out to for more information.

JAS Italy has been active in the alcoholic beverages industry for decades and has demonstrated its ability to deliver superior logistic solutions to exporters and importers during that time.

Overseas market specialists, together with the JAS Florence Wine & Spirits team, along with colleagues deployed at JAS offices in wine producing regions provide dedicated competitive services to suit customers’ demands in Italy and various continents.

JAS offers state of the art airfreight services for wine, dry & reefer buyers consolidations at optimized costs, temperature management expertise, insulation services for air and sea consignments, and JAS' own LCL/LCL containers to selected destinations.

From Veneto, Tuscany, Refosco, Piedmonte, Abruzzo, Calabria…from all producing regions…Prosecco, Chianti, Barolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Aglianico, Fruili, and all other Italian wines are shipped with care for our customers.

JAS Italy together with destination offices colleagues ensure that the Italian flag for Wine & Spirits services solutions is raised on selected markets.

As economies around the world are suffering from the impact of Covid-19, businesses are experiencing losses, workers are without jobs, and many face the challenge of a complete upheaval of lifestyle. However, pharmaceutical companies are taking center stage in the Covid-19 fight, and one of these is a Korean conglomerate, SK Group, is seeing growth on the stock market and a new burst of innovation in the infectious disease landscape as the race for treatment approval for a Covid-19 therapy takes off.

SK Group, the 2nd largest group in Korea after Samsung with an annual revenue of $213.6B in 2018, has two arms of pharmaceutical subsidiaries, SK Pharmteco, the pharmaceutical intermediate, and API manufacturer & SK Biopharmaceuticals, the new drug development.

With support from JAS APAC & JAS Worldwide, JAS Korea has become a contracted freight forwarding business partner for SK Biotek as of last December, then after months of implementation period, JAS has been handling various types of Pharmaceutical export shipments by Air & Ocean to additional International Pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Due to the nature of the cargo, pharmaceutical products, they must be mostly carried by air freight, using special equipment such as dry ice gel/ ice pack, cool/ reefer truck, temperature-controlled storage, and even RKNs which require thorough knowledge and experience to handle such a commodity properly and in a timely manner.

RKN e 1

The RKN e1 is a one pallet size container, based on a second-generation active temperature control system and utilizes compressor cooling and electric heating technology, to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for smaller air shipments.

The RKN e1 container maintains product temperatures in the +2 to +8 °C range, controlled room temperature (+15 to +25 °C) range,  JAS Korea has successfully arranged 11 RKN e1 for its door to door delivery to a Spanish Pharmaceutical consignee with Dap term in March, when the Pandemic was in the peak.

SK Pharmteco’s subsidiary, AMPAC is one of the strategic partners to a U.S. public benefit drug manufacturing corporation, which recently received federal government funding of $354 million for advanced manufacturing of America’s most essential medicines at risk of shortage, including those for the COVID-19 response. With its strategic partners, it has initiated manufacturing chemical precursor ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and finished dosage forms for over a dozen essential medicines to treat hospitalized patients with COVID-19-related illnesses.

SK Biotek will supply pharmaceutical intermediates to AMPAC and has appointed JAS Korea as the logistics provider for this project. The 1st air shipment was exported to AMPAC in California, USA by suing 5 x RKN e 1 in close cooperation with JAS San Francisco on June 15th, all 5 x RKNs were successfully delivered to AMPAC on the next day. After the ingredient’s analysis main orders will be placed shortly and JAS will continue to handle this business. Next opportunity will be export business out of AMPAC to overseas with the finished products.

JAS Korea is continuing to expand their reputation as the perfect solution for the transportation of pharmaceutical products in the market with these continued efforts excellent team-work. We are sure JAS will be leading the market in a near future.

Loading API's into RKNs
RKNs on Truck

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