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News From JAS Worldwide - Americas Focus

JAS Americas HQ

6195 Barfield Road

Atlanta GA, 30328

United States

Country Spotlight : Colombia

December 24, 2015
Blue Colombia map with blue map pin
Blue Colombia map with blue map pin

Colombia is a developing nation of widely diverse geography with one of the richest cultural traditions in Latin America and a high potential for growth and progress. It’s not a coincidence that JAS settled here 15 years ago to secure a presence in some of the most important cities and ports in the country.

JAS supplies several industries that move Colombia’s economy such as construction, food, and automotive. Two multinational companies, Kimberly-Clark and Avery Dennison, have found the appropriate infrastructure and human resources in JAS Colombia to give them the level of management and follow-up business that they need. JAS' goal in the short and long term has been to begin the exporting of perishables such as fruits and flowers, which are notoriously varied and rich in Colombia and would be highly appreciated abroad. JAS is confident that through our continued expertise and dedication, this goal will be achieved with great success.

In 2015, JAS Colombia faced two particular situations that affected several industries in and around Colombia, including the freight forwarding business. First, the rise in the value of the US dollar against the Colombian peso had a negative impact on the country as a whole. It is currently the highest it has been in more than two decades and has negatively affected imports. This has affected many companies because they have had to reduce inventory in order to maintain business against the rising costs. In turn, this should have boosted exports, as it has in many other regions, but Colombia is not a country like most and its economy does not always react as predicted. Colombia has its own idiosyncrasy and way of dealing with crises, so exports have kept steady but have not increased. JAS Colombia hopes to implement this change in the coming months, as Colombia continues to grow in-spite of the issues its economy faces.

The second situation has impacted JAS Colombia positively: the unexpected closing of the frontier between Colombia and Venezuela. In years past, the trade between both countries’ main way of transportation was terrestrial, an industry in which JAS Colombia had no participation. However, with the closing of the territory, imports and exports between the nations were forced to change to maritime. JAS has been instrumental in this change by opening a new window of a business that has boosted our productivity, and benefited the country as a whole by offering a solution to the frontier closing.

JAS Colombia is not a company that only cares about business and productivity. The JAS Colombia management team is well aware of the effects any industry can cause on the environment and communities at work around them. JAS Colombia has vowed to positively contribute to the communities and environment they call home. Until recently there were no real programs to take care of the Colombian environment, but JAS Colombia has stepped up to make the change they want to see in the world.  JAS Colombia only uses recyclable materials that are energy efficient and enforces strict policies in their offices regarding the reuse of materials and paper. Moreover, Colombia is a country that  has many social issues to deal with and JAS Colombia strives to contribute as much as possible to their society, by way of education, early-childhood care, and sports development. These three areas are close to the JAS spirit. JAS Colombia motivates its employees to achieve higher levels of education by financially sponsoring their initiatives. JAS Colombia also donates significant amounts of money to child care institutions that cater to extremely impoverished areas of Colombian society. Finally, JAS Colombia sponsors young athletes to help them receive proper training and areas to play in.

JAS Colombia is a young company in a wonderfully unique country, which contributes to interesting and original work days. JAS is a big part of Colombia’s dynamic economy and contributes to the country's growth, people, and future.

Latest News

JAS Brazil has completed five more air charters successfully. JAS Brazil accomplished this by carrying out a 5-step shipment in record time, carrying more than 200 tons of parts and equipment for the automotive industry/sector.

From the collection at the origin to the final delivery point, it took 5 days of operation, involving JAS specialists and air analysts. In order to distribute the weight correctly the cargo was divided into five aircraft, three Charter Boing 777, one Boing 767-300F, and one Airbus A339-900 for heavy loads. All of which comply with the excellence standards, and have the agility and safety measures in place to assure the deliveries to JAS customers.

Talk to your JAS representative for more information on air charters for Shanghai, Hong Kong and Frankfurt.

Count on JAS to optimize your logistics processes.

Mais 5 Charters finalizados com sucesso!

A JAS Brasil, realizou com tempo recorde um embarque em 5 etapas carregando mais de 200 toneladas de peças e equipamentos do setor Automobilístico. Da coleta na origem ao ponto final de entrega foram 5 dias de operação, envolvendo nossos especialistas e analistas aéreos da JAS. Para distribuir bem esse peso, a carga foi dividia em  cinco aeronaves sendo três Charter Boing 777, um Boing 767-300F e  um Airbus A339-900 próprios para cargas pesadas os quais cumprem com excelência, agilidade e segurança para garantir a entrega ao cliente!

A Equipe JAS Brasil opera com charter semanais  , para as rotas de  Shanghai, Hong Kong e Frankfurt.

Conte com a JAS para otimizar os seus processos logísticos!

The JAS RIO Branch, located in the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro, has been improving its processes every day. They are doing this by expanding the team and structure, and qualifying to serve with excellence on all levels of the logistics chain. JAS RIO have a trained and experienced team for air, sea, and road freight operations. One of the distinguishing features of the JAS RIO Branch is their expertise in, and ability to serve the oil and gas industry segment. In addition to being AEO certified, the JAS RIO Customs Brokerage team specializes in Repetro-Sped (special customs and tax systems related to the oil and gas sector), which guarantees JAS more assertiveness in the process, optimizing time and costs for customers.

A further strength of the JAS Rio team is the in-depth know-how to serve the pharma industry with extensive knowledge of the processes and specific industry certifications required providing high performance in operations. JAS Brazil believes that a qualified team who is committed to the customers leads to success.

Here people make the difference! The RIO Branch is ready to assist you, count on JAS as your international logistics partner.

A Filial JAS RIO localizada no coração da cidade do Rio de Janeiro vem melhorando a cada dia seus processos, ampliando a equipe e estrutura e se qualificando para atender com excelência todos os níveis da cadeia logística. Temos uma equipe capacitada e com expertise para as operações de frete aéreo, marítimo e rodoviário.

Um dos diferencias do nosso atendimento são as nossas especializações para atender com empenho o Segmento de Óleo e Gás. Além de sermos OEA, nossa equipe de Desembaraço se especializou em Repetro-Sped (regimes aduaneiros e tributários especiais relativos ao setor de Óleo e Gás), o que nos garante mais assertividade no processo, otimizando tempo e custo para os clientes. Outro ponto forte do nosso time é o grande know-how para atender a Industria de farmacêutico, com largo conhecimento nas particularidades do processo e Certificações Especificas do setor que nos garante alta performance nas operações.

A JAS Brasil, acredita que uma equipe treinada, capacitada e comprometida com o cliente nos leva ao sucesso, aqui as pessoas fazem a diferença! A Filial do RIO está pronta para te atender, conte com a JAS como seu parceiro logístico!

Over the course of the past few years, JAS Chicago has been one of the fastest growing and top performing branches within the global JAS organization. Then, in March 2020, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting disruptions threatened to derail the results and momentum: the culmination of many years of hard work.  Business continuity, especially consistency in high levels of customer service, was always goal number one, but shifting an entire office staff to a virtual work environment overnight while ensuring the safety of essential warehouse personnel was an incredible challenge.

While the immediate challenge was met head on, and successfully so, by the entire JAS organization, anxiety regarding the lingering economic impacts of the pandemic was ever-present. The challenge was now how does JAS adapt to a global industry that had essentially changed overnight.  Based on the feedback of customers, JAS invested immediately into an own-controlled flight network with additional adhoc charter space to inject much needed air capacity on key trade lanes.  Due to its strategic geographic location, warehouse, and airport infrastructure, Chicago became the US hub for both the trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic flight operations.

In one month’s time, the uncertainty had begun to fade and the excitement about a new direction was taking hold.  By the end of April 2020, the Chicago branch had transformed from a successful large local branch into a key strategic global gateway servicing the entire JAS network.  This held its own challenges and many lessons were learned from issues that arose, but every challenge was met with hard work, determination, and an eye towards the future.  

Over the following months, a continual drive to find efficiencies and improve the process and structure around the flight operations was a central focus.  The JAS Chicago team knew that this would ultimately bring value to their customers while offering a differentiator in the market for future growth.  Efficiencies in the warehouse were implemented in order to accommodate incredible volume growth in a limited space.  Warehouse efficiencies resulted in faster turn-around times from flight arrival to final-mile delivery. High performing staff were given opportunities to grow into newly created gateway leadership roles, while no less than six other promotions within the branch were executed.  New high-level talent was recruited and on-boarded that will one day grow into the future leaders within the Chicago branch and beyond.

In March of 2021, the annual USA Executive/Branch Manager meeting was held virtually.  As a result of their incredible performance and impact to the JAS global network over the course of a most challenging year, it was announced that Chicago was named the JAS USA Branch of the Year for 2020.  In the same meeting, it was announced that JAS Chicago would be expanding its footprint with plans to acquire additional warehouse space in the Chicago area in the very near future.  These two announcements illustrate what has made JAS Chicago a true success story: utilizing the success of the past to invest in the future.    

In the face of all challenges, thanks to the continued dedication and innovation of team members, JAS Chicago is able meet the needs of their customers.  Especially over the last year, it is more apparent than ever, at JAS, people make the difference!

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