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2019 Q2

JAS Korea is Chosen by Vestas
June 30, 2019

VESTAS is the energy industry’s World Class company on sustainable energy solutions. They design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and with 101 GW of wind turbines in 80 countries, they have installed more wind power than anyone else.

When JAS sought to gain partnership with VESTAS the competition was fierce, but during a presentation given by JAS APAC management, and specifically the JAS Korea Team, in February of 2019 Vestas decided to put their confidence in JAS. Knowing that JAS always puts customers first, and the flexibility of our JAS Korea owned facility and management capabilities were strong influencers in VESTAS final decision to choose JAS.

JAS is now responsible for the housing of all VESTAS Korea's products and handling 3,000 sku's and circa 1,000 cbm at the JAS Korea warehouse per month.

JAS is proud to be chosen by VESTAS to be their supply chain solutions partner and looks forward to ensuring a long and mutually beneficial relationship together.

JAS APAC Headquarters New Office Grand Opening
June 19, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that JAS Asia Pacific have moved headquarters to their brand-new office at TripleOne Somerset, situated in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier business district. JAS APAC has spent the past five years at Mountbatten Road and have made many great memories there. However, they couldn't be more excited about the new office space, where they look forward to making many new memories. The new office has more space to work with, it is more modern and fashionable, and most importantly it allows all the departments to work together in the same office.

After months of renovation, JAS APAC held their Office Grand Opening on the 29th of May 2019. To celebrate the successful move to the brand-new Asia Pacific Headquarters, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony, roasted pig and lion dance performances, these were the must see items on Grand Opening Day. Luncheon were provided for guests and staff after the ceremony.

Mr. Tomas Sonntag, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific hopes all the staff are enjoying working in the new office and together they will achieve all the success the future has to offer. This marks the start of another chapter in JAS WORLDWIDE ASIA’s history.

New office address:
JAS Asia Pacific Headquarters
111 Somerset Road #06-20 TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164

JAS CEO Interviews with Mail International
June 6, 2019
Marco Rebuffi, JAS Worldwide CEO
Marco Rebuffi, JAS Worldwide CEO

To celebrate two decades of operations in the Colombian market, global CEO of JAS Worldwide, Marco Rebuffi, was in the country and sat down to speak with MAIL INTERNATIONAL on the business conditions of agencies in the cargo business and the future of logistics in the world.

What recommendations can you suggest?
One recommendation is to start replicating the good practices of the countries that already have efficiency in this industry, less bureaucracy, greater economic openings, investments in infrastructure and less barriers to foreign investment.

As for your own business, how do you define efficient logistics?
You can talk extensively about efficiency, but the fundamental best practices are presented in terms of moving cargo the best way possible and with the greatest economy from the supplier to the final customer. In addition to that, cost Logistics are essential because its weight percentage is high compared to the final price. We try to be integrator logistics specialists in how we perform. Finally, if each part of the chain is efficient, of course everything throughout  the process will be successful and will result in benefits to everyone.

Will the commercial conflict between China and the United States substantially modify World trade?
These commercial wars are going to be solved at some point is our wish as a global company. In the United States there are some tax rates like those of all countries, however, they are competitive and there are not so many barriers for players who want to have a portion of the import market. In China, however, the conditions are different, there are too many barriers, loads high tariffs, and unless you have direct presence with a logistics partner, doing business is difficult. I think that the governments are acting in a way that is suitable when sitting down and agreeing upon basic rules to get a compromise negotiated and China should agree to some competitive standards.

Do you attract projects like the so-called Silk Road?
For us it is important to be active and recognized in China. Our staff in China exceeds 700 people, we are a well-known company there and we operate with many diverse options of transport available for our clients distribution needs.

What does your company offer to clients that set you apart for the short and long term?
To compete in this market a series of indispensable elements is required. One is the price, ours are competitive, but beyond the traditional methods we have invested in a robust computer platform which is the way we generate value to our customers so that they can track their cargo, traceability, or measure the times of their operations. Although the fundamental thing that truly sets JAS apart is that our people make the difference, JAS staff are thoroughly trained to provide services to our clients according to the highest standards in the world.

Global HR Meeting Engage JAS to Make the Difference
June 3, 2019

The JAS Global HR Meeting, hosted by Aline Quirino, Vice President - Global Human Resources, took place May 27-31, 2019 at the JAS Worldwide Headquarters located in Atlanta, GA, USA. The meeting brought together the global HR heads from Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, Africa & the Middle East (EMEA), and Latin America (LATAM) , along with HR heads from Italy and the United States.  With special JAS guests Tahira Fumo - Global CFO, Nan King - Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, Stefano Redditi - Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Linda Tallent - Executive Vice President IT, and Peter Hoegger - Vice President of Global Process Compliance.

The meeting centered around one main concept, to align individual goals with the JAS corporate strategy while promoting an atmosphere of ongoing communication between leaders and employees, and therefore allowing JAS to better care for customers. Spanning multiple topics, including an improved performance evaluation program, refined employee on-boarding and training, talent management and growth strategies, reviewing the Global HR mission, vision and value statements, discussing the biggest challenges faced in 2018, and evaluating what can be done better in 2019. Several other topics were discussed and evaluated to aid in engagement with company priorities and strategies, ensuring that Global HR has the key processes in place to enable the entire JAS team to be engaged and function at the highest possible standards.

JAS Global HR is making efforts to create an interactive environment that lends itself to open and continuously flowing feedback between employees and leaders.  This type of environment allows for the alignment of company goals at the individual level by clearly communicating the strategic business objectives across the entire company. Having clearly defined goals allows employees to better serve clients and achieve those goals. JAS Global HR also seeks to improve talent management and therefore employee life cycles within the company, giving customers longer relationships with familiar and loyal faces as well as strengthening the bond between company and employee. Having clearly defined goals, in addition to identifying, attracting, & retaining key talents within the company allow JAS to operate on a higher level, giving our customers the best experience possible, every-time.

At JAS people make the difference, and JAS Global HR are the supportive connectors to aid them!

JAS Welcomes New APAC Finance Director
May 24, 2019

It’s our pleasure to inform you that Mr. Gabriele Gadda has officially been appointed to the position of Finance Director for the APAC Region effective the 16th of April, 2019.

With Gabriele on board so quickly and with his knowledge of our Finance and Accounting Management, we’re able to manage the transition from the previous director more efficiently and smoothly.

Please join us in welcoming Gabriele to our APAC team and we’re sure he’ll be a great asset to our Region.

JAS Assists Client with New Cruise Line Launch
May 24, 2019

In 2010 JAS Mexico started working with Mexico’s largest hotel and resort companies as their main supplier in the FFWW business. Helping them with the transportation of supplies for the resort and, of course, for the famous Cirque from Canada which is now based and administrated over from Cancun, Mexico.

The new cruise line had 2 stages of development. The first of which took place in the Mediterranean sea (Napoli, Italy) and second stage will take place at the Mazatlan Port in Mexico. JAS is helping them to bring most of the final products such as tiles, carpets, and some furniture mainly from Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Germany in order to finish the 2nd Phase of construction.

The ship will carry up to 298 passengers in its 149 cabins and suites, as well as offer a crew-passenger ratio of 1-1 instead of the usual 1-5 in order to ensure a private and exclusive experience for customers. The company plans to begin offering cruises in the fall mostly for the West Coast and Caribbean.

JAS is proud to be a part of such an grand endeavor and always strides to offer the best to our customers as they work to move their projects forward. At JAS people make the difference!

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