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December 2016

EMU Train Transport facilitated by JAS
December 7, 2016

​JAS Projects – Oil & Gas Bremen / Germany and JAS Projects - Oil & Gas Erie / USA took on the challenge of transporting a six EMU train set from Houston port to Avondale, CO, USA.

The train set was shipped from the factory of CRRC SIFANG Co., Ltd., in China (the world largest railway rolling stock manufacturer) at Qingdao.

After long planning and hard work of all parties, the shipment started at Qingdao in August 2016.

SINOTRANS Shandong Co., Ltd. arranged the transport of the six train units, accessories and lifting tackles from the factory in Qingdao to Houston, Texas.

JAS Projects – Oil & Gas (as partner of SINOTRANS Shandong Co Ltd) scope of work was to find the best way to arrange the transport of the six train units and accessories from Houston port to Avondale, Colorado.

After intensive evaluation of all transport options, JAS Projects – Oil & Gas proposed to arrange the transport of the train units by rail. JAS Projects – Oil & Gas staff attended the railcar loading and lashing operation in the port of Houston and had a third party surveyor attending all operations at origin and destination.

Transportation Engineering has been involved to ensure the highly sensitive cargo reaches its destination in sound condition.

Once all technical railway documents got approved by Transport Engineering, the securing operation started and took about four days. The train units left Houston port in the beginning of November 2016 and reached Avondale, Colorado after 18 days of transit.

This project was implemented and executed successfully by JAS Projects Oil & Gas and their team to the highest standard in quality and satisfaction to the client.

The volume of this project was 322,417 mts / 2.906,342 cbm.