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September 2017

Aryaka Logo
September 13, 2017

Aryaka®, the leading global SD-WAN provider, announced today that it has presented JAS Worldwide with the Innovation and Business Impact Award. This bi-annual award is given to IT organizations who achieve remarkable business outcomes and excellence in innovation with Aryaka’s private enterprise network solutions.

Using Aryaka’s global SD-WAN capabilities, JAS achieved the following:

  • Significant application performance improvements and consistent high-quality user experience for employees in 240 sites worldwide
  • Deployment for new locations and integration with all applications reduced to days instead of two to three months (with legacy MPLS) globally
  • More than 50 percent cost savings on connectivity and networking technology, when compared to MPLS-based offering
  • Over 70 percent savings in executive and employee travel costs with the ability to conduct high performance video conferencing instead of traveling globally

JAS approached Aryaka in 2012 to help improve the user experience of the freight forwarding company’s mission-critical ERP and video conferencing applications. The objective was to streamline operations and increase productivity among the global employee, partner, and customer bases, along with reducing network costs across JAS’ 240 worldwide offices. The JAS IT Department has done a professional job of implementing the latest technology advancements and is a proven, ongoing asset in expanding JAS’ influence in the freight forwarding industry.

JAS Colombia Strategic Planning Group photo
September 27, 2017

On August 25, 2017 JAS Colombia, with the support of their Managing Director, began their first Strategic Planning event. This event was set up to give JAS Colombia's team the opportunity to share ideas with one another and their core process leaders. The event also allowed JAS Colombia to take a moment to reflect on how things are today, where they want to go as an organization and how they are going to achieve those goals.

They did this by bringing new ideas to this event and working as a team towards a common goal. Thanks to the active participation of all attendees, the event ended with the launch and implementation of a new strategy that JAS Colombia calls JAS Ambassadors. JAS Ambassadors is intended to spread more knowledge and information about the JAS brand to main business centers in Colombia. This will be achieved through commercial missions aimed at a one-on-one relationships with potential customers that will allow JAS Colombia to understand the real needs of the customers located in different areas of Colombia. This will mean that JAS Colombia can offer a customer a proposal with higher value, and allows JAS to generate more business opportunities for businesses of Colombia, as well as growth opportunities for the other countries in the region.

Mcdonnell Douglas MD-11 Freighters - Capacity of 80 tons
September 27, 2017

Bound for Charlotte - North Carolina - United States, both aircrafts carried more than 178 tons of cargo for a large automotive customer.

At the forefront of airfreight and considering Guarulhos Airport is mostly for transient aircraft operations, JAS innovated by offering "Tailor-Made" logistics to the need of one of our major customers. Enabling the fast flow from Guarulhos to South Carolina in the USA, which allowed the best use of available aircraft capacity, which came out with almost 100% of use.

This operation was carried out in partnership with GRU Airport, which during the operation offered JAS all the necessary support throughout the process, quickly enabling the unloading and subsequent delivery of freight to the operator of the Charter.

From the unloading to the palleting, JAS had all the cargo ready for loading in a short time, counting on the GRU Airport know-how.

Brazil Economic Growth Chart
September 27, 2017

Recently-released data indicates that GDP in Brazil grew for the first time in over three years in quarter two (Q2), confirming that the economy has turned a corner.

The economy’s upturn was driven by a rise in consumer spending. Private consumption grew 0.7% annually, the best result since quarter four of 2014.

Also contributing to this growth was the increasing demand and stabilizing commodities prices that were boosted by overseas sales. Exports grew at the rapid pace of 2.5% annually in Quarter two (Q1: +1.9% year over year). Meanwhile, imports dropped 3.3%, reflecting the weakness of the domestic economy and falling investment.

On a quarterly basis, GDP expanded a seasonally-adjusted 0.2%, the second consecutive quarter of growth, meaning the economy exited technical recession (Q1: +1.0% quarter-on-quarter).

The recovery remains tentative despite the good news, and incoming data for Q3 is patchy: consumer confidence fell to a seven-month low in August, while the manufacturing PMI recovered some lost ground.

On the political front, developments have been mixed. In September, a critical reform to reduce subsidized lending for businesses from government-owned bank BNDES was passed, which faced heavy opposition from industry leaders, but should help correct government finances and improve the effectiveness of monetary policy.

While the reform is a win for the government, austerity measures are still facing an uphill battle, as underscored by the government’s easing of budget targets. Unable to convince legislators to support tax hikes, the government announced it would revise its primary deficit targets for all years through 2020.

JAS Panama team photo
September 28, 2017

Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) is one of three main ports located in Colon, Panamá. The Manzanillo International terminal was the second busiest port in LATAM in 2016, handling 3.258.381 TEUS.

Handling a busy port like this is no easy matter, and that is why in our continuous strive for customer loyalty and a driving strategy of differentiation, JAS Panamá organized a guided visit to MIT with the team of “Distribuidora Trans Pharma” in order to get a deep view of our daily import and export process, as well as to share opinions and knowledge.

JAS continues to put our customers first and keep an open line of communication with them and our ports. JAS knows that People Make the Difference, and we keep that at the forefront of our business practices daily.

Canada to South America Map
September 28, 2017

Recently, JAS Canada put in place a dedicated transportation service from Toronto and Montreal to Miami, to interline with the many air freight consolidations already in place and being managed by JAS Miami.

This simple, yet powerful solution lets our clients enjoy a more cost effective way to ship their North American orders to arrive together.

The advantage to this solution is that most of the product moves via freighter or dedicated capacity to its destination makes the routing more flexible and ultimately faster.

Current destinations served are from Montreal and Toronto to Juan Santamaria CR, Curitiba BR, Sao Paulo BR, Viracopos BR, Ezeiza Ar, Bogota Co, Lima Pe, Mexico City MX, Montevideo UY, Panama City PA, Santiago CL.

Please contact any of our Latin American or Canadian offices for more details.

September 28, 2017

An official commitment has been made for several years now with JAS Peru, JAS Chile, JAS Panama and INTERMAX in order to promote Southbound traffic.  As of May 2017, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay have been added to this commitment, expanding our presence in LATAM, and helping our overseas colleagues grow their internal market with competitive rates, value added services and strong commercial efforts at both ends.  LATAM countries have dedicated sales people and market experts, supported by top management to grow this traffic.

Chile and Peru are now placed among market leaders and we expect Argentina and Colombia to become top players in this important market.

Argentina has started an aggressive AIR campaign, distributed among top accounts, providing competitive rates, space and top of the line customer service to these accounts. Colombia will replicate this excellent initiative in order to take advantage of the potential this market has.

Uruguay will continue to secure top accounts which will allow us to grow.

Panama has recently secured a distribution center for Central America business.

We invite our USA Colleagues to sell LATAM traffic with confidence.  We are here to support your needs with industry knowledge for each of our lanes.  It is a great opportunity to grow your business with confidence and full support!

JAS Mexico Queretaro Office Building
September 28, 2017

JAS Mexico is pleased to announce the expansion of their office in Queretaro. Queretaro is located in Central Park,  a corporate area in the heart of the city. El Bajio and surrounding areas create a strategic location for the automotive industry. JAS is ready and focused on providing efficient and dedicated service for our demanding customers, and always honoring our slogan “people make the difference”.

During the first quarter of 2017, Mexico exported to the U.S. 90% of its auto parts production, which totaled US$ 11.55 billion. That means 40% of U.S. imports in this segment were supplied by its Southern neighbor, according to the Department of Commerce. Mexico remains a top auto parts supplier for the U.S. followed by Canada which provides 12.2% of the components. China and Japan are next with 11.3% and 11.0% shares respectively. Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom and India all together provide less than 20% of the auto parts demanded by the U.S. market.