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May 2019

May 24, 2019

It’s our pleasure to inform you that Mr. Gabriele Gadda has officially been appointed to the position of Finance Director for the APAC Region effective the 16th of April, 2019.

With Gabriele on board so quickly and with his knowledge of our Finance and Accounting Management, we’re able to manage the transition from the previous director more efficiently and smoothly.

Please join us in welcoming Gabriele to our APAC team and we’re sure he’ll be a great asset to our Region.

May 24, 2019

In 2010 JAS Mexico started working with Mexico’s largest hotel and resort companies as their main supplier in the FFWW business. Helping them with the transportation of supplies for the resort and, of course, for the famous Cirque from Canada which is now based and administrated over from Cancun, Mexico.

The new cruise line had 2 stages of development. The first of which took place in the Mediterranean sea (Napoli, Italy) and second stage will take place at the Mazatlan Port in Mexico. JAS is helping them to bring most of the final products such as tiles, carpets, and some furniture mainly from Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Germany in order to finish the 2nd Phase of construction.

The ship will carry up to 298 passengers in its 149 cabins and suites, as well as offer a crew-passenger ratio of 1-1 instead of the usual 1-5 in order to ensure a private and exclusive experience for customers. The company plans to begin offering cruises in the fall mostly for the West Coast and Caribbean.

JAS is proud to be a part of such an grand endeavor and always strides to offer the best to our customers as they work to move their projects forward. At JAS people make the difference!