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April 2017

JAS Latin America Sales Meeting Group
April 18, 2017

The JAS Latin America Sales Meeting took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The meeting was headed by the VP of Sales,  Manuele Mazzacurati, and was joined by all of the Sales Managers in the region.

The intense two days of activities have also seen the presence of several visitors from Corporate HQ, the Americas Region, and US top management team including John O’Connor, Stefano Redditi, Matthew Burgees, Tony Romano, and the EVP of Americas Adrian Emmenegger.

The meeting was hosted by the great team at JAS Brazil and was very successful in aligning the sales goals and strategy for 2017 in accordance with the newly born Americas Region.

It was a great time of integration, cooperation, and an incredibly motivating atmosphere; the right kick off for a year of challenging goals in an area of the world that is slowly exiting their recession.

People make the difference, now more than ever!