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March 2016

March 16, 2016
Asia Pacific

Korea is at the heart of Northeast Asia, one of the world’s top three economic regions and a global market leader in IT products, automobiles, chemicals, steel, and shipbuilding.

As of 2014, the Northeast Asian population of 1.5 billion accounted for 21% of the global population and generated 21% of global GDP. Located between China and Japan, the world’s second and third-largest economies, respectively, Korea is within a 3-hour flight of 147 cities with a population of more than 1 million. With a strong and diverse purchasing power of more than 50 million consumers, Korea is an ideal test bed for global markets and a laboratory in which to explore future markets.


JAS Korea was established in 1987 as a company specializing in freight forwarding and is the Korean branch of the JAS Forwarding Worldwide Network. At its initial establishment, JAS Korea dealt exclusively with air freights, which were made in and imported from Italy. They were mostly fashion items such as clothes, bags, and fabrics. Then, it extended its business field into the seaborne trade as well as airborne trade and began including USA and China. The products it handled have been expanded to automobile parts, machinery, and industrial materials. While Italy still covers the majority of the imports by air freight, the import volume from China by ocean freight has increased. The amount of USA imports and exports also increased because of the expansion of the JAS networks within the USA. The core of forwarding is traded volume. As Korea developed into the 8th largest import and export nation in 2014, JAS Korea has grown steadily based on its global logistics network. In the past, 70% of sales were from airborne trade only, but currently the volume of sales by air and ocean are very close in percentage.

JAS Korea built a logistics center in the Free Trade Zone of Incheon International Airport. The logistics center that was opened consists of two stories above ground as storage and four stories above ground as an office, totaling six stories. Its total ground area is 3,401 square meters (around 36,610 sq. ft.). Based on this, JAS Korea plans to strengthen its forwarding and 3PL complex logistics services. On the 1st floor of the logistics center at the Incheon International Airport, forwarding products are dealt with as a bonded warehouse and on the 2nd floor, 3PL products are stored. The 2nd floor was designed to be eight meters high with three level racks (mezzanine racks) to store as much inventory as possible.

Currently, the 3PL contract is complete with a sportswear enterprise handling various sportswear and accessories, and a famous fashion enterprise handling materials and parts for high fashion shops.

By using the complex logistics center, the customer can decrease transfer costs as well as time, because products which come from Incheon International Airport go through a clearance process on the first floor of the logistics center and are moved directly to the second floor for inventory storage.

Recently, business has been diversified with the provision of services such as 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), and BWT (the Bonded Warehouse Transaction). Previously, 3PL for JAS Korea began as a warehouse rented in Osan, South of Seoul in 2007, providing services exclusively for fashion brand enterprises in Italy. At that time, JAS Korea was focused on expanding its business, as competition in the forwarding market was intensifying. Customers asked for a one-stop distribution from customs clearance to distribution and therefore, it served as a winning situation for both JAS Korea and the customers to invest in this office and warehouse complex. Since JAS Korea provides a logistics service for the entire process of shipping from the country of origin to the consumers, it relates to a reduction in costs. Combined provisions of forwarding and 3PL prove to be very advantageous.

Competitiveness in service quality improvements is closely contested in the forwarding business. The strength of JAS Korea is in the education of its employees and the enhancement of their abilities to provide proper service for customers. JAS Korea provides specialized services for customers by reinforcing the business ability of its employees. By having employees with extensive knowledge of the forwarding business, JAS Korea can quickly and accurately cope with any request from customers. JAS Korea has an intensified education program for employees, as they actively send employees to outside education institutes and run various programs such as the regular invitation of guest lecturers. The information system which is adjusted to the specific characteristics of each customer is also a strong point of JAS Korea.

JAS Korea can now provide more information to our customers than ever before with the global roll out of Cargowise One, which is now able to deliver consistent information to our customers through the valuable tools available on our new platform. By doing this, JAS Korea can cope with whatever customers ask instantly and have a system with which customers can track and trace their shipments. Additionally, it makes it possible to improve productivity through the KPI index management.

Furthermore, JAS Korea has earned qualifications for the industry such as the IATA, the FIATA, the ISO9001 and the AEO.

The management and staff members of JAS Korea are dedicated to our worldwide trading partners, through the delivery of perfect service aimed to strengthen our trading partners’ quality, performance, and profitability. With more than 60 employees who are well experienced and educated in all aspects of forwarding and logistics and with flexibility to meet all of the requirements and challenges of the industry.

March 16, 2016

​JAS Projects – Oil & Gas is proud to announce that we will participate in several exhibitions in April and May 2016. We will have exclusive booths at Breakbulk Africa in Johannesburg, OTC in Houston, as well as Breakbulk Europe in Antwerp, where we will also be the official Lanyard Sponsor.

As an independent business unit of JAS Forwarding, JAS PO&G is providing tailor-made logistics services to EPC and power clients, mining and O&G companies, rig operators, and service and supply companies engaged in drilling and exploration. JAS PO&G offers complete turnkey logistics solutions for plant and infrastructure construction projects of any scale.

Please stop by and visit us at the Breakbulk Africa Exhibition Johannesburg April 6-7, 2016 – Booth No. 307, at the OTC in Houston May 2-5, 2016 – Booth No. 4751 and at the Breakbulk Europe Exhibition in Antwerp May 24-26, 2016 – Booth No. 934H4 for the opportunity to meet our global team.

March 16, 2016
Asia Pacific

As Korea becomes one of the global market leaders, it is very important that JAS is well equipped with proper and quality resources to match and meet the demand of this fast paced market.

Starting with the National Sales Manager, we have appointed Mr. Yousuk Kim in August 2015 to head and lead the JAS Korea Sales team. Yousuk brings us more than 20 years of professional experience working with large international forwarding companies. With his leadership, the sales organization has been re-designed with the main objective on business development directed mainly towards Europe, Intra-Asia, and the USA.

To ensure we serve our customers to its full potential, it is essential to have dedicated resources in place for Key Account Management as well as our Trade-lanes development. With such resources, we are able to work proactively and further develop these areas that eventually bring benefits to our end customers with better service and pricing.

Together with the rest of the team, JAS Korea is specialized in all fields, providing professional logistics services globally as well as locally.

March 16, 2016

JAS USA is proud to co-sponsor the Foreign Trade Zone Seminar in Durham, NC, USA on March 22nd, 2016 with the Triangle J Council of Governments.

During this seminar guests will learn about the benefits that companies can reap from duty elimination, duty reduction, duty deferral, decrease in brokerage and processing fees, and overall improved supply chain efficiencies.

During the seminar the following will be addressed:
- What is a Foreign Trade Zone?
- How does a Foreign Trade Zone Work?
- Who is involved with setting up a Foreign Trade Zone?
- Benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone
- Learn from those who have set up and operate Foreign Trade Zones here in FTZ#93 – Revlon and Cormetech
- Questions and Answers

Where: Triangle J Council of Governments,  4307 Emperor Blvd #110, Durham, NC 27703
When: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 1:30 – 5 pm, with cocktail hour followed afterwards for networking

Bjoern Wiede poses in front of JAS logo
March 16, 2016

Hello JAS colleagues,

My name is Bjoern Wiede and I recently joined JAS USA as the new Trade Lane Director for our focus trade lane in Germany.

Born and raised in Germany, I have now been living stateside for the last 13 years and in the last five years, I have worked primarily in the Germany trade lane for a German based forwarder and was also involved within the Automotive market.

I am excited to join a young and dynamic team here at JAS that pushes healthy growth and is interested in expanding its service offering and customer base, specifically with my homeland.

Germany is more than beer, brats and autobahn, right? Depending on one's priorities, these are the major attributes of the small country in the heart of Europe, spanning a little more than the size of Texas. However, from a business point of view, Germany has so much “more” to offer.

Being one of the top five trading partners for the USA for many years, “Made in Germany” as a seal of quality is highly recognized amongst US companies driving exports and imports between both countries. Most German companies have since long-established a foothold in the US market and are supplying American companies and consumers with their products. Just last year, the USA became the number one trading partner for Germany whose main markets remain but are not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, chemicals and, of course, automotive. Given these attributes, JAS Germany and JAS USA have committed themselves to push the growth on the Germany trade lane and I am excited and happy to be spearheading this initiative in 2016 and going forward.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain


Bjoern Wiede

March 17, 2016
Asia Pacific

An existing customer of JAS Forwarding, a tech-based Shanghainese  firm, approached JAS to handle an out-of-the-norm business situation for one of their most important customers. The shipment commodity being a storage tank which would be filled with Nitrogen gas upon arriving at it's destination, the interior of which must be ensured to be clean and free of liquid and moisture when it arrived at the consignee destination.

Ray Zhao, Senior Sales Executive and his team took up this challenge and began by analyzing the special requirements and handling concerns of this project. After thoroughly understanding the situation, they decided to work with a JAS Projects Oil & GAS office who have similar expertise in handling such commodities and were then able to develop a customized solution for the transportation of the Nitrogen gas.

First, all the shipments are covered with tarp except for the pressure gauge which is on the surface the tank. Careful handling of the tanks is ensured so that no damage is inflicted on the tank which the consignee can identify via the indicator on the pressure gauge. In addition, both bulk cargo vessel and container vessel are offered to the customers so they have more options and flexiblity to meet their customer’s strict delivery date. With such a detailed proposal, JAS stood out from the other forwarders and won the trust and approval to handle the business.

With a good record track, the consignee who is a US-listed chemical corporation now recommends JAS to their vendors and JAS is now receiving new enquiries from them.

​We believe professionalism and dedication to customers will continue to bring us new opportunities, and the success with this customer is just one of those cases.