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February 2019

From left to right: Emil De Rosairo - Aitken Spence Shipping Limited, Haider Ali - Swift Shipping, Dirk Ravensteiner - JAS, Katrina Jenners - Jenners Worldwide Freight, Ahmad Omar - wift Shipping, Nalin Sampath - Ace Bangladesh, Brahim Jarmache - JAS, Roedrich Hoffmann - JAS, Rajendra Chhetry - Brisk Forwarding, Jens Grimpe - JAS, Eli Balolong - Inland, Rajesh Kunder - JAS, Tomas Sonntag - JAS, Stefano Olmi - JAS, Bralee Pimolvichayakit - JAS
February 5, 2019
Asia Pacific

JAS Worldwide recently held a workshop for JAS agents in the Asia Pacific region. The meeting was the first of its kind as part of the company’s commitment to expand its global reach. The workshop was an open forum exploring how JAS APAC agents could further elevate JAS metrics for 2019 and the years to come.

Participants came from New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

Joining the gathering from JAS included Asia’s EVP, Asia’s Air VP, Asia’s Sales VP, the Managing Director of JAS Thailand, and JAS Worldwide Management’s VP of Agent Relations.

Special invites to the meeting included Israel’s Reuven Krief who spoke about his valued experience as a JAS agent, India’s National Manager Ocean Freight, who provided valuable information and offered support in the Indian sub-continent, and USA’s Senior Director of Air Freight who presented the USA’s Air Product and solutions.

All participants left the workshop enthusiastic about elevating their game.

February 14, 2019
Asia Pacific

Being the second largest economy and second largest importer and consumer around the globe, China has entered a new development stage during which consumption keeps increasing, indicating an enormous potential for the growth of consumption and import. To boost trade between China and other countries, as well as further open China market to the world, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal Government hosted China International Import Expo (CIIE), the first-ever import-oriented expo in Shanghai China, on November 5th – 10th 2018. The expo is jointly sponsored by the World Trade Organization, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. JAS China is proud to be invited as one of the 2,800 exhibitors in the Shanghai expo, attracting global distributors in inquiring importing service to China.

According to source, China is estimated to import more than 10 trillion US dollars’ worth of products and services to meet the need of its 1.4 billion people in the next five years. It provides a historic opportunity for global companies to enter this massive market. JAS China has developed its business presence along the coastal gateways and major cities in China, and continues to succeed in meeting customers’ expectation of fast and efficient one-stop solution of air freight, ocean freight, rail freight, local trucking, warehousing and logistics services. Customers who sell products to China could entrust their pallets to JAS China with a peace of mind, as the professional team will help customers distribute their products not only in top-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing, but also further into lower-tier cities.

China's huge demand for imported products and services will continue to provide a historic opportunity for global companies to enter its massive market for the long run. During CIIE, JAS China has met a lot of clients, potential clients and suppliers and discussed possible cooperation in and out China.

“JAS has been and will continue to be a strategic and important partner to help clients and suppliers connecting China to the world.”, added Andrea Azzimonti, Sales Director of JAS China and Hong Kong.

From top left to right : Uwe Wicke – Managing Director CANADA Claudio Testa – Managing Director MEXICO Angelo Simpson – Managing Director PANAMA Johnny Delgado – Managing Director PERU Maria Paula Eslava – Managing Director COLOMBIA Patricio Pranzetti – Managing Director ARGENTINA Pablo Melo – Managing Director URUGUAY Michel Farah – Sales Director MEXICO Rogelio Terrones – Global Account Director MEXICO Marcela Gonzalez – Finance Director MEXICO Paula Suarez – Finance Director COLOMBIA Karina Muñiz – Sales Director BRAZIL Frederic Bismark – Operations Director BRAZIL
February 14, 2019

The first edition of the Americas Regional JAS Management Program, Leading Into the Future meeting took place in 2018 and consisted of Managing Directors and Directors from all over the region whose scope of responsibilities within their countries include Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Finance.

Leading into the Future, a JAS Management Program is a highly interactive program which includes online training, individual analysis, and personalized coaching. These processes and tools give individuals the ability to unleash their full, individual, potential as well as gives them the drive to energize their teams and empower others to consistently achieve higher levels of performance.

This higher level of performance allows JAS to deliver better and more consistent results to our customers by focusing on results through four modules. These four modules focus on you as a leader, your team, our organization, and an integrated view of all three.

February 14, 2019

The JAS Aid & Relief Logistic office based in Rome, IT, recently delivered an urgent supply of ebola vaccines to a high profile humanitarian agency in Entebbe, Uganda. This shipment is a fundamental step for the vaccination campaign aimed to defeat ebola in the D.R. Congo and will cover the needs of thousands of people.

The transportation carried 345 pallets for a total of 65,50 tons and 320 CBM. JAS Aid & Relief Logistics had to move the medications from Germany to Uganda in the fastest possible way. This was achieved by reaching Liege airport, Belgium, where a dedicated hired charter B747-400F aircraft was ready to fly directly to Entebbe airport, Uganda.

Vaccines were successfully delivered in less than a couple of days from origin warehouse to destination, providing a punctual service, crucial in these situations.

Front row ( Left to right): Stefano Redditi, Kevin Ong, Tomas Sonntag, Shane Ravel, Daniele Iussa, Nina Katsuki, Stefano Olmi, Stefano Battan, Isabella Ng, Sareeya Heebtamai, Vivien Ng, Hai Nguyen Back row (Left to right): Franceschino Menconi, Michael Chu, Bob Tan, Oliver Drewniok, John O’Connor, Gary Ferreira, Peter Troy, Jens Grimpe, Yousuk Kim, Andrea Azzimonti, Raymond Phua
February 19, 2019
Asia Pacific

Mr. Stefano Olmi, JAS VP Sales & Marketing- APAC, was excited to host his very first APAC Regional Sales Meeting on the 2nd & 3rd of October 2018 in Regent Singapore. Mr. Olmi took this opportunity to share the spirit of the slogan – “Elevate Your Game” into the meeting’s expectations. “In order to increase our chances for success (ELEVATE THE GAME) the company has to have ONE SALES STRATEGY + ONE GOAL = ONE SALES BUDGET “  – Stefano Olmi

During the meeting, the Head of Sales from all APAC country offices were encouraged to share their current setups and actions to improve their local performance and ability to aid their customers. Mr. Tomas Sonntag (EVP – APAC) also shared APAC performance and key issues as well as the current market situation presented by Head of Products. JAS APAC were also pleased to invite special guests -Mr. Stefano Redditi, JAS Worldwide EVP Sales & Marketing, and Mr. John O’Connor JAS Worldwide EVP Strategic Development to share with JAS APAC corporate news and updates, keeping the entire company together on the same page.

It was a fruitful meeting and the takeaways from Mr. Olmi were very valuable to everyone. JAS APAC will elevate their game  continuously and are looking forward to a successful 2019!

February 19, 2019
Asia Pacific

JAS Hong Kong is well known as a freight forwarding service provider and one of the market leaders in fashion logistics. On October 15th, 2018, JAS Hong Kong was honored to provide a half-day session to a group of students majoring in International Fashion Retail from Reutlingen University in Germany, which included a fashion warehouse visit and seminar in the Hong Kong office by the JAS Hong Kong team.

Thanks to JAS Italian heritage, fashion runs through our blood at JAS, and JAS Hong Kong has a strong presence in major luxury and fashion brands as one-stop solution provider from freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, to value-added services, etc. The students from Reutlingen University were invited to the Fashion Centre of Tsing Yi Warehouse, where they saw the flow of hi-end fashion garments importing from Europe via Garment-on-Hanger (GOH) and Flat-Pack consol, and value-added service including pick-and-pack, tagging, quality control and inventory management. In addition, Mr. Alex Chau, Director – Airfreight of Hong Kong & South China, and Ms. Marta Masetto, Head of Trade lane for Italy of Hong Kong & South China, shared their experience on fashion cargo operation, tailor-made GOH consol cargo in both Air Freight and Ocean Freight, as well as the development of China luxury market which is supported by partners like JAS who understand the complexity and unique nature of the country. The students were excited to learn more on the topics and raised questions on both fashion cargo and future prospects of the China luxury market.

“[To] Share our fashion expertise to the future pillars of the industry is an honor for JAS, and at the same time, it is a great opportunity to unravel how logistics & freight forwarding work hand-in-hand with clients to foster the ever-changing fashion industry.” Added Ms. Cissy Ng, General Manager of JAS Hong Kong and South China.