JAS is a firm believer in technology as a tool to enhance the physical services provided by our global network of offices. As the modern supply chain relies more and more on timely and reliable information, JAS continues to invest in our global back office applications to provide a consistent and accurate source of shipment and logistics information made available to our client base through our ORBIS application.

JAS ORBIS is a user-friendly tracking application that provides customers with shipment documentation, door-to-door visibility, and data-extraction capabilities. This Web-based system helps clients manage as much or as little of their supply chains as they choose -- from initial order receipts to final delivery of goods.

ORBIS manages, monitors and reports on all logistics information through interactive real-time inquiries and reports. By integrating our applications with carrier portals, ORBIS is consistently fed with information to supplement the internal process of the JAS Network, which ensures clients receive accurate pictures of the status of their freight -- at all times.

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