• JAS (pronounced "jaz") was founded in Milan, Italy in 1978 under the leadership of Mr. Biagio Bruni.
  • At its inception, JAS is an Italian airfreight service with a focus on the fashion industry.
  • During the first decade the company focused on the Europe/Far East Trade which resulted in JAS taking a dominant market share in the market from Europe to Japan.
  • 1985 JAS expanded to include ocean freight service in addition to airfreight.
  • By 1988, JAS became the #1 ranked IATA airfreight forwarder in Italy through Mr. Bruni’s efforts in creating a superior service oriented organization.
  • Late 1980s & 1990s Bruni expanded from Italy to the Far East, then Europe and the Americas.  By the start of the new millennium, JAS expanded its reach into the Middle East providing customers with ever-improving freight services.
  • The new millennium sees the consolidation of these two first phases, utilizing the new facilities and emphasizing gateway traffic through major hubs. The company's capabilities are being continually enhanced through increased use of technology based on multi-lingual web based electronic commerce and sophisticated computer applications.
  • 2005 JAS India opens.
  • 2006 Biagio Bruni passed the baton to Marco Rebuffi, his friend and ally who had dedicated himself to the company from the earliest days.
  • 2006 As president and CEO, Marco Rebuffi’s focus is on improving efficiency for customers and expanding into new vertical markets, making JAS a major player in the freight forwarding industry.
  • 2006-2008 JAS has seen further expansion in South America, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States.
  • 2008 JAS celebrates its 30 year anniversary
  • 2009 JAS concluded a massive reorganization, transforming the JAS group of companies into one global organization with its parent company, JAS Worldwide S.a r.l,, located in Luxembourg.

  • 2010 opens new corporate training and administrative campus in Atlanta, USA. 
  • 2010 - 2012 JAS opens 7 new subsidiaries including Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.
  • 2010 - 2011 JAS expands their Oil & Energy and Projects verticals with locations opening on an on-going basis worldwide.
  • 2014 Today JAS continues to innovate, creating smarter tracking technologies, perfecting just-in-time delivery solutions, launching services to new vertical markets, and changing the face of the shipping industry by ensuring a commitment to its customers around the globe.

JAS is represented in 80+ countries with 47 subsidiaries and 35 exclusive agents.





 Administrative Services Campus - Atlanta

The JAS Administrative and Training Services Campus
Atlanta, GA USA

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 Administrative Services Campus - Courtyard

Another view of the Administrative and Training Campus

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